Your Box Office Predictions for 'White House Down', 'The Heat', 'Monsters University' and 'World War Z'

Your Box Office PredictionsLast weekend there was a much larger disparity between Laremy's box office predictions and the average of the reader predictions. This week it's going to be a close race as the readers have gone just a little higher than Laremy's predictions on all but one title.

The difference between predictions on Monsters University is a tiny $300,000. The difference between predictions on The Heat is only $400,000 and the difference between predictions on World War Z's second weekend is $700,000.

The widest margin of difference is on White House Down where the average reader prediction is $33.2 million versus Laremy's $30.4 million.

What's interesting is everyone seems to agree The Heat is the stronger newcomer this week and ticket sales on Fandango support that theory as the ticket seller reported last night that the Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, R-rated comedy was selling 50% more advance tickets on Fandango than the company sold at the same time in the sales cycle for director Paul Feig's previous hit, Bridesmaids and McCarthy's Identity Thief, which was released earlier this year and brought in $134.5 million domestically. Best news for Fox is Identity Thief was not well-received by critics (20% on RottenTomatoes) while The Heat is carrying a 64% rating at RottenTomatoes. I wonder, can The Heat go even higher?

Identity Thief opened at $34.5 million, is $45 million out of the question for The Heat?

This week saw a growth in reader predictions from 111 to 136 and all of them can be seen right here. The current leaderboard can be seen right here and if you're unsure of what all of this is click here for a rundown of the RopeofSilicon Box Office Challenge.

Your Predictions

  • Monsters University - $44 million (46.6% drop)
  • The Heat - $36.8 million
  • White House Down - $33.2 million
  • World War Z - $27.8 million (58.1% drop)

Laremy's Predictions

  • Monsters University - $43.7 million (46.9% drop)
  • The Heat - $37.2 million
  • White House Down - $30.4 million
  • World War Z - $28.5 million (57% drop)
  • Arthur Carlson

    I think The Heat does have the potential to make $45 million, I believe I predicted around $42 million in my predictions and that could be low as well.

  • Hudsucker

    I'm in a really bad time zone for this currently. It seems to begin after I fall asleep and stop before I wake up. Can you extend the time a little?

    • Brad Brevet

      How long are you sleeping? It was open for nearly 15 hours yesterday.