Your Box Office Predictions for 'Monsters University', 'Man of Steel' and 'World War Z'

your-predictions-6-21Yesterday I launched the new RopeofSilicon Box Office Challenge feature, which allows you to finally add your box office predictions to the site without having to merely leave them in the comments to be sorted through and 111 of you posted predictions, more than we've ever had contribute in the comments alone. And just wait until you see your names in lights on the leaderboard... You're going to want that Box Office champion crown!

The great thing is not only can we use this information to run our competition, but we can average it all out and see how close the RopeofSilicon community as a whole can come to predicting the eventual box-office.

Compared to Laremy's predictions, the reader predictions all average lower, but would still support the idea of three movies making more than $50 million this weekend, something that has never happened.

Personally, had I been posting predictions I would have gone somewhere around the $60-70 million range for Monsters University and I see World War Z doing around $35 million worth of business. There are only small fragments of information coming out right now so I have nothing to share by way of how things may shape out, but Paramount is predicting a $40+ million result for WWZ, which is most often a conservative bet.

Nevertheless, here are how the reader predictions compare to Laremy's predictions. You can see the full list of all of the predictions right here and I will be back here on Sunday morning with the weekend wrap-up and the preliminary results of the Box Office Challenge... remember, results won't be final until Monday afternoon once actual numbers are in.

Your Predictions

  • Monsters University - $84.45 million
  • Man of Steel - $58.54 million (49.7% drop)
  • World War Z - $53.38 million
  • The Bling Ring - $3.94 million

Laremy's Predictions

  • Monsters University - $91.2 million
  • Man of Steel - $65.3 million (43.9% drop)
  • World War Z - $63 million
  • The Bling Ring - $4.6 million

In the comments if you have any suggestions for the Box Office Challenge let me know. The feature is brand new and I'm open to hearing your thoughts, what you like and what you don't. If you haven't yet read all the rules, regulations and scoring details for the competition you can do so right here.

  • The Jackal

    I didn't get my predictions for this weekend's box office in the challenge, so I'll just post them here.

    1. Monster's University - $80.9 million
    2. Man of Steel - $59.2 million
    3. World War Z - $41.9 million
    ?. The Bling Ring - $3.7 million

    Thems the facts

  • EPayneDDS

    MU $82 m
    Man of Steel $57 m
    World War Z $45 m

  • Adam James

    I don't see any way that "Man of Steel" can avoid a +50% drop, despite the majority and Laremy's opinions. It had the benefit of $9m in midnight showings, as well as a surprisingly strong Father's Day bump on opening weekend, both of which won't be in play this weekend.

    Laremy compared it to the first Spider-Man flick, but that film had an outstanding hold at the box office. It also was early in the Superhero film craze, was the first time the character had been done in big budget live action, and benefitted from strong weekends due to an early season release when kids were still in school and had to wait until the weekend to catch it. Oh, and it had rave reviews, whereas Man of Steel doesn't.

    But now the fun part... Waiting to see how we all did and whose theories pan out.

    • The Jackal

      Your opinion is fairly accurate; however, I'm still very impressed with the overall performance of Man of Steel so far. Considering that Superman Returns (2006) couldn't even make back its budget at the domestic box office, the fact that Man of Steel will be only $10-12 million away from recouping it's budget ($225 million) domestically after only 10 days bodes well for this film. I wouldn't be surprised if we only saw a 50% or 49% drop.

      Thems the facts

      • The Jackal

        *As of Wednesday, Man of Steel has made $161 million domestically. By Friday, it will have made $170 million; therefore, after this weekend, it's 10-day total may actually be slightly over $225 million.

        • Adam James

          I don't know... looking at the weekday returns, I honestly think I went high with my $48.2m estimate now.

  • Winchester

    Based on midnights being reported by Deadline, my mid 30's estimate might end up a skoosh low for World War Z but my other two estimates might be 'decent' enough.

    Be interested to see how the new feature pans out over the coming weeks.

    But, 'Man of Steel' (even if we assume the stories of promotional tie ins earning it $160 million before box office is earned) still has a ways to go to break even yet, and it will take a few weeks yet to get there.

    • Adam James

      I had thought that $160m was in participation, rather than cash, or at least a combination thereof... As in partners spending that much on commercials and contests and such that promote the film. Although I admit I don't fully understand how that side of the business works.

      • Winchester

        Ditto really.

        It was in an article I read online a week or so ago. It was mentioned in the article because it said 'MoS' had set a new record for it. But since it wouldn't be reported as part of box office (unlike I think film tax incentives used to trim reported budget estimates) and given Hollywood Accounting where it would show up on the film's balance sheet (if it even would) I don't know either.

  • Paige

    I went way below the bar with my Monsters U prediction (70-80 mil). After seeing the business at my theater today, I wouldn't be surprised if it got close to 100 mil.

  • Alex Thomas

    I'm still uncertain, the first week of the new box office predictions hasn't started yet has it? Will that come into play next week? :)

  • topyxyz

    Aww shucks. Missed the first one and this one's probably a great start with everything across the board.

  • lawhs89

    Wow, did Man of Steel get hammered Friday.