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Yet another Solid Ben Lyons Recommendation

Who's listening?

Have an opinion on E! film critic Ben Lyons? Were you confused after he called I am Legend "one of the greatest movies ever made"? Well he has a new recommendation for you and your homies which was found at the Daily Beast via Hollywood Elsewhere.

I recommend Scene It? Box Office Smash for Xbox. It helps me improve my movie knowledge, and it's a lot of fun to play either alone or with some of the homies when they come over. With Xbox Live it downloads new questions all the time over the Internet, so no matter how many times I play it, it always has new puzzles and questions. The material is sometimes really challenging, even for someone like me who watches about 300 films a year. Even if you're not as big a fan of movies as I am, the anagrams and games within the game are a lot of fun. I challenge anybody who dares to step into The Lyons Den to a game of Scene It? on Xbox... Let's get it on!

Ben Lyons is also one of the hosts of "At the Movies."

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  • M@

    That guy gets paid a significant amount of money. Awesome.

  • Garrett

    Oi vey... sometimes I just wanna smash this guy's face with a chair. Talk about trying too hard. He's more annoying than Uwe Boll.

  • Phil

    homies...LOL..Is he a secretly black gangsta rapper???

  • Phobia

    Doesn't he come from critic royalty? He better be getting paid good money if he reccomended I Am Legend like that... It wasn't a horrible movie, but it was far from groundbreaking. I only hope that one day, I can make so much money that it is perfectly acceptable to lie through my teeth. He needs a video game to improve his movie knowledge? And he's a Movie Critic?

  • Jack

    Its no secret, Phil


  • Sebastian

    Heyy! I have that game!! It's really cool and fun to play with the family. It's like mario party just that for moviess. If you like movies you should really buy it!

  • Molly

    He is an awful critic

  • Garrett

    @Phobia: I wouldn't exactly call Jeffrey Lyons "movie critic royalty".

  • Patricia

    This guy is nothing more than a shill. Sad part is that I'll bet he sees nothing wrong in his behavior or attitude. As for him being challenged by this game when he is supposed to be a movie critic, I'm not surprised. He's that kind of "movie critic," which is hardly at all.

  • Tyler C

    Ben Lyons is not a film critic. He just gets paid to say what they want him to say

    • urbandrum1

      I totally agree with Tyler. Ben and papa jeffery lyons are both on Disney's payroll. . .disney/touchstone/hollywood pictures could make a movie about a turd that rolled down hill, and those two "critics" would say things like "superb", "a cinematic master piece", "the greatest film ever made". Anyone that knows this has already written those to bozos off!