Yahoo Unveils the Top Ten Most-Viewed Trailers of 2009

Yahoo did this last year (get the list here) and it makes for a pretty good look back as well as shows just how powerful the Internet has become in terms of movie promotion.

Last year's #1 most viewed trailer was The Dark Knight, which is none-too-surprising. Again, this year's films aren't exactly all that surprising, but their places on the list may be. I laughed a little when I saw #8 and the trailer that took the #1 slot this year may surprise a few folks. According to Yahoo, the two most popular videos each nabbed over 20 million views. Can you guess which ones they were?

With that question in mind, all of the trailers on Yahoo's list have been included across the next four pages… Enjoy!

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

  • John-PT

    WTF? New Moon in first, omg... This piece of crap wins everything.

  • kerrysjoos

    I know people are not going to agree with me on this but by far, the best movie of 2009 had to be #8, mega shark vs. octupus. Effects that made you cry, literally and physically.

    but out of the other films trailers represented, "Up" was a close #2

  • Aerin

    I laughed aloud at #8... And threw up in my mouth a little at #1. Christ, I can't wait for that franchise to be over "Saga" my ass.

  • Alex

    @John-PT: How are you surprised that New Moon is number 1? The franchise is insanely popular, get over it.

  • Colin

    @Alex: Does it deserve to be popular? No, not really.

  • Eric

    @Colin: Agreed. This is an aside, but I don't understand why girls defend it so much. It conveys a bad message about abusive relationships. Not love or whatever.

  • JImbo

    Effects that made you cry, literally and physically.

    You are a master of the english language sir

  • Leo

    @Eric: So what does this tell you about the average mindset of a girl, in this generation that loves the Twilight franchise so much? You may not like what you see, but there it is, they want a man like Edward. Don't ask youself ever again, "why is she with that guy when she can have a nice guy like me?" You don't understand Colin, and that's why...

  • Leo

    According to the obsession that women have with Edward (soccer moms especially), this should tell you (rose colored sun glasses or not), that women want a man who is strong, protective, defensive, demanding at times, knows what is best, and can back up all of his Sht, and is not just putting up a front because of low self esteem, or insecurity...Men and Women are two different kinds of creatures, no matter how hard they try they will always be opposites. Women are wonderful the way that they are, and deserve respect, they don't want a push over for a man, or abuse...balance is key.

  • LouAnn

    LOL LOL Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus??? How did I miss this? Or should I say, glad that I missed this. As far as New Moon being #1, I can see that. In fact, my obsessive viewing (once the wolf scenes were introduced) and my need to share said trailer with everyone I know, played a small part in making it number one.

    Oh, and thank you Leo for your insight, you pretty much nailed it for Edward fans. I'm attracted to Edward for all the reasons you stated, but....I can't wrap my mind around the cold dead, hard as a rock crap. So that's why I'm team Jacob.

  • Eric

    @Leo: I think you hit the nail on the head and the truth os that the end result is pathetic, I feel sorry for the younger, impressionable girls who read the texts and can't interpret that it is a bad relationship, but still, it's not my problem.

    @LouAnn: I understand why you like Edward and your preference for Jacob, but nobody has given me a comprehensive answer why they pick either one--other than the "but he's so sexy" bit. Could you supply one?

  • mfan

    @Eric: Maybe it's because neither one puts Bella down for her opinions or preferences. Think about it.

    I've been thinking that loyalty has been a big factor in some recent hits. Juno in particular was all about loyalty, I think. It's quirky humor was just a, perhaps necessary, add on. Loyalty as a subtext may also explain why The Hangover was such a hit. Perhaps it could help explain Twilight, too.

  • Colin

    @Leo: Leo, calm your self down okay buddy. You can have someone in your life who is strong without having to rape you or have emotional problems or lead you into an unhealthy relationship. Twilight offers nothing more than a laughable, in-plauseable idea and a wholy unrealistic idea of what a relationship is and is about the worst thing in films right now. In terms, of quality, artisitry, storytelling, and craftsmanship, the film does not deserve it's status in popular culture, and it makes it all the more the depressing because of what Eric said...the end result is indeed pathetic.

  • Gophers Attack!

    New Moon and Transformers top this list?

    People are so stupid.

  • LouAnn


    Personally, Eric, I wouldn't pick either one, but while reading the series it's difficult to remain neutral. But if I had to make a choice of all the male characters I've gotten to know over the years, the clear winner would be 'James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser' , Jamie for short. LOL Sorry, couldn't resist rattling off his full name. Jamie is a 18th century Highlander in Diana Gabaldon's 'Outlander' series. And if you think Edward is abusive....da'amn, honey, you ain't seen nothin'.

    As far as answering your question about what women see in Edward. It's simple, he's interested in Bella, totally and completely short, he listens. He may not be able to read her mind, but knows her, because WANTS to know her and makes the effort to do so.

  • Seiko

    Sorry but who cares about New Moon this much? Revenge Of The Fallen should've been #1 because it was the best movie to be released in years.

  • Leo

    @Eric: @Colin: I don't question that the film and story is rather patheic, the story is flawed in many ways, and rather simple story telling. I am simply speaking the truth on why women love Edward's character, and Louann confirmed my opinion.

    It seems like to me that most people are either one extreme or the other, instead of being balanced...I don't recall where rape was an issue in anything I said, or in the story for that matter.

    I agree with Eric too, when he says, "about what women see in Edward. It's simple, he's interested in Bella, totally and completely there…in short, he listens. He may not be able to read her mind, but knows her, because he WANTS to know her and makes the effort to do so."

    The idea that someone fights against their nature for the one they love, excites females. Self control, and unselfish love, they may see this in Edward as well.

    I do not like the story, but psychology intrigues me, so I have been examining the films and books in this light.

  • Leo

    @Leo: I am so sorry! Louann said this, "in short, he listens. He may not be able to read her mind, but knows her, because he WANTS to know her and makes the effort to do so."

    Hey guys, if we want to understand women better, why don't we ask them about what intrigues them when it comes to this Twilight series, instead of just judging them...I think there is much to be learned here.

    I for one have changed my view on the understanding of women's feelings for the fictional Edward, and I think Louann hit the nail on the head.

  • Leo

    @Leo: Edward is possessive and controlling, and hence he is abusive in that sense (but he is not a man, he's a vampire.) The women don't focus on his potentially abusive behavior, because of reasons we have already listed, in reference to the qualities/values that they see in him, the qualities that overshadow the negative in him. The fact that he is already struggling so hard to control his hunger and his lust for Bella, this justifies to many females Edward's short comings.

    This is a fantasy for crying out loud, and when a vampire has an attitude with his girl friend, but has a sense of self control, hence obvious love for her, the females don't see him as abusive. Now when a normal man, in everyday life acts the way that Edward acts towards Bella, a female should not even attempt to justify his actions.

    The problem is that some people may not differentiate the two.

  • Leo

    @Seiko: Revenge of the Fallen may have been more entertaining, (like watching fireworks), but surely neither film should be considered great.

  • vegasmom

    Loved New Moon. It's a movie for the fans of the books. Period. It's an excellent book series and I'll be the first in line to see the next movie in June.
    Men hate it because they are jealous. Get over it.