There Will Not be a Director's Cut of 'Wolf of Wall Street' on Blu-ray

wolf-of-wall-streetA story started making the rounds yesterday via the Daily Mail quoting The Wolf of Wall Street producers Joey McFarland and Riza Aziz, founders of Red Granite Pictures, saying Martin Scorsese's much-talked-about four hour director's cut of the film would find its way onto the Blu-ray once released. The story sounded a little fishy to me so before posting I reached out to representatives for Paramount Home Entertainment and received the following reply:

Red Granite Pictures has confirmed that there is not a director's cut version of the film for home entertainment and the film will be released as seen in theaters.

There still isn't a release date for the DVD and Blu-ray release, but once it's announced don't expect anything more than the 180-minute theatrical cut. Sorry.

  • Kessler

    Scorsese isn't really a huge of Director's Cuts, so this doesn't come as a huge shock. As much as I loved the film, three hours is long enough.

  • Ian

    If anything a different cut should be somewhat shorter.

  • Chris

    This sucks. I was hoping to see his 4 hour cut. The Wolf of Wall Street is a film that I couldn't get enough and would love more. Not that I wanted more drugs and sex, but maybe more to Kyle Chandler's character, Margot Robbie's involvement, etc. Rumors were that Scorsese really loved his extended cut so hopefully some time down the road we will see it.

  • Shaun Heenan

    I had been hoping to see that 4 hour cut, but the movie does work incredibly well at 3 hours.

  • Adu

    Thanks for ruining my day Brad! Stop reporting the truth!

  • Fox

    I find it wild that someone would want to watch four hours of this. Four hours of pretty much anything is too much, let alone watching an asshat.

  • maja

    It's the Daily Mail..nothing they write is ever true.

  • Newbourne

    Worst news of the year.

  • chris

    because Marty has already cut it! his cut is the directors cut!
    but you can be sure there will be an EXTENDED CUT one day,
    maybe 10 year anniversary or 30 year etc..(of course 30 year will mean marty will be dead) but then again he doesnt own this film. paramount does I think. so once their executives get their hands on it and they want Blur ray sales 10 years from now, you can expect the extended cut!

  • Avatar

    Funny how the "Wolf of Wall Street director's cut" story was resolved by someone asking Paramount if the rumor was true. Journalism!