Wilde about Liz Taylor

So yes, Lindsay Lohan will be playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie no one will watch titled "Liz & Dick". That can't be helped, but considering no one will take it all that seriously no harm no foul.

However, I might be persuaded to look forward to a feature film adaptation of Liz's story with Olivia Wilde in the lead if this faux movie poster from Pascal Witaszek (via Movielicious) is any indication of how well Wilde may fit into the role. Though she would definitely need to put on a little weight. Liz wasn't fat by any means, but she also wasn't a stick figure like today's actresses.

You tell me, the poster below or this?

Oliva Wilde Liz fake movie poster
  • Alex L.

    I like the "Directed by Steven Daldry" aspect lol

  • Avery brooks

    i love the poster, i also love love the steven daldry aspect as well.
    who is russell crowe supposed to be though? Richard burton? I think not.

    if they do make it i vote for Liam Neeson to play Richard Burton

    • Sefa

      Russell Crowe was actually meant to play Richard Burton in Ron Howard's latest movie Rush to Wilde's Suzy Miller, but the part was cut.

  • Khaira

    As hard as it seems to be trying ( even though its fake), Ms Wilde looks nowhere near the sheer gorgeousness that was Liz Taylor....they need to put more effort for this to work....

  • Jeff

    I take it Lohan will be playing Liz in her later years?

  • Winchester

    Plus Wilde is not a particularly good actress anyway.

  • Buddy

    That poster is actually quite good. And i could see the resemblance of wilde to liz than lohan.

  • Ilirsito

    This would have been a good movie, and I agree - love the "Directed by: Stephen Daldry" touch.

  • http://thenoirzone.blogspot.ca/ Andrew Davies

    I think people will probably watch the Lindsey Lohan movie. You don't have to be so condscending about it.

    • Sefa

      When has anyone watched a Lohan movie in the past few years for any other reason than to watch that train wreck?

  • MWHollywood85

    "A Myth"??? Come on, she was an actress for f***s sake!!
    There is nothing mythological about her at all. She was born, worked in the film industry, made an ass-load of money selling perfume then died (not that long ago either). Odysseus was a myth, not Liz Taylor.
    Don't get me wrong, I love the movies and am an admirer of Taylor's films but sometimes Hollywood's over-inflated sense of self worth and importance takes it too far.

    • HowieGreen13

      Hollywood loves to mythologize itself. See: The OSCARS.

  • HowieGreen13

    Very impressive and convincing work, but it would be a hell of a trick casting Peter Boyle in this.

  • Feedback

    I bet this movie will be breaking the record for lowest-rated Best Picture nominee. After all, Daldry has broken that record twice already with The Reader and EL&IC.

    The Reader did 61%
    EL and IC did 47%
    So I'm guessing Liz will do 33% and STILL get an Oscar nomination!

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      It's not a real movie.