What a Disney, Pixar and Marvel Future Could Look Like

Photo: Victor Hugo

The interesting thing about the photo above is the question brought to life by JoBlo's Alejandro Stepenberg who saw the image, which was created by 25 year-old Brazilian 3D artist Victor Hugo, and wondered if this was what the future could possibly hold should Disney's purchase of Marvel lead to a Pixar animated film featuring Marvel's world of superheroes. It's an interesting idea and a fantastic piece of CG imagery so I figured I'd give it some space.

Over on Hugo's blog he writes about the process of creating the image saying:

So, I can't believe that I’ve finished this one! hahaha! The original idea was to reproduce one of the "Armor Wars" cover, but it looks that I've changed a little my mind during the project. This one was a awesome challenge, because I've never modeled a car and neither an Iron Man armor (ok, I didn't modeled exactly the movie armor, but something, ahn... "between"). Another good challenge was to give some tries on 3ds max Hair and Fur -- and damn, it is quite impressive!

Not being a comic book guy myself I personally would be interested in seeing what a Pixar adaptation of the material would look like, but Pixar is primarily known for their original features, not for adapting other works of fiction into a film so I'll bring the question to you...

Would you like to see a Pixar film bringing Marvel's characters to life? Perhaps as the inspiration for some of their future short films, or would you like to see an entire feature film?

  • bzzd

    Marvel has been waaay behind DC in animation since Bruce Timm first introduced Batman: The Animated Series. Marvel needs Pixar level love for their characters, just probably not Pixar itself. Too cuddly.

    • Mike

      Other than the recent Batman movies, DC has been way behind Marvel in quality of live action movies, which seems to be where you want to be better at.

      • http://them0vieblog.com Darren

        Not necessarily. Mask of the Phantasm is a little-scene gem and one of the best American animated features of the nineties. I'd rank it against virtually any superhero film save Nolan's two Batman films and (maybe) Burton's Batman Returns.

        Besides, Pixar have been producing some of the best films of the past decade, and the fact they're animated doesn't discount that.

      • bzzd

        I would credit DC's animated shows when I was younger,(not that I don't watch them now) for actually getting me to read some comics from them again. Comics are where all of it begins after all. Being good at both animation and film is the goal.

        Marvel has invested a lot more into film and overall it's paid off. DC really does need to get going on some properties and take a lesson from Marvel which is; you don't have to fit all your characters convoluted origin and enemies into one film GREEN LANTERN.

  • John W

    Absolutely! Casting would no longer be an issue. The colorful costumes would no longer have to be toned down because they wouldn't translate on the screen. Special effects would no longer be an issue either. You could actually have two super powered individuals duke it out and decimate a city in the process. Finally, there's no world to distant or outlandish to bring to the screen. Imagine a Dr Strange movie by Pixar where Dr Strange dukes it out with the Dreaded Dormammu in the Dark Dimension surrounded by the Mindless Ones.

    • http://them0vieblog.com Darren

      It would be awesome, but I tend to think that studios worry about scaring off nerds by suggesting these qualities are in anyway juvenile. Hence the emphasis on darker and edgier and so forth. I don't agree, but that seems to be the thinking.

      In fairness, the last theatrical animated superhero film, Mask of the Phantasm, was a critical hit but a commercial flop.

  • Feedback

    Pixar always did original features every 2 or so years, but it is getting so big now that they have multiple projects lined up at the same time so adapting other works could be quite possible.

    They would need to choose one of their light-hearted superheroes which is safe for kids to watch. SONY has film rights for Spiderman, but does that include animated features? It would
    be nice to be able to see the fine print on those contracts.

    But with Spiderman out of the way, I think the best pick would be to do "Iceman" or "Havok", or maybe a lesser-known hero that Pixar can make mainstream. This could very well work.

  • http://topyxyz.wordpress.com Topy

    I'd like to see them do it once, for a challenge. But not all the time.