Weisz and Farrell Get Buried in 'Dirt'

Phillip Noyce last directed the critically loved yet poor performing Catch a Fire centered on apartheid in South Africa. His next film is a drama based on Tim Winton's novel "Dirt Music" and will star Rachel Weisz and Colin Farrell.

Dirt Music is set in the Outback and is already slated to begin filming in August in Noyce's native country North Western Australia.

The story is set against the extreme landscape of the Northern Territories, it's a love story about a woman (Weisz) struggling with isolation and loneliness in a remote community, whose passion for life is rekindled by a mysterious drifter (Farrell).

  • Steber

    It's hard to know what's what and nhard to be enthusiastic when it comes to movies that are made, or are to be made, in Australia.
    Dirt music, to have been filmed in Perth and northern Western Australia, should have been completed and released by now, but no.
    Heath Ledger (a Perth actor) quits, then dies.
    Colin Farrell wants more money and may not show after all.
    Rachel Weisz wants something bigger and more important.
    I would not be suprised if Phillip Noyce just gave up and took on an easier project.
    Now there is talk of Russell Crowe being involved and also Steve Innes (another Perth actor, but no replacement for Weisz, should she walk.
    Steve Innes is/was also slated to be in Temper Blood Fury, also to be filmed in perth and northern Western Australia, with Vinnie Jones and Andy McDowell.
    TBF should have been completed and realeased by now, but no, it has not even been confirmed as a starter, given the dwindling interest of Jones and Mcdowell, who have waited over a year to begin and have other projects to fullfil and Paul Verhoeven (director) reluctant to commit to a project as unsteady as this.
    Who is responsible for shooting the film industry over there in the foot?

  • Janzy

    Wow this original item is so full of innacuracies. The story is not set in the Northern Territories but in Western Australia. It is not the "outback" but a coastal fishing town. Lu Fox is not a drifter, he is a disaffected native of the town.
    It's a pity we don't rely more on home grown actors rather than feel the need to import. Rachel Weiz, while a great actress, is not right to play Georgie Jutland. Then again, neither is Nicole Kidman who apparantly originally wanted the role.
    Australian film is in a slump with disinterested audiences, but then, when we get over-the-top revisionist history offerings like Baz Lurhmann's "Australia" is it any wonder we are deserting in droves!