Weinstein Co. Delays 'Grace of Monaco' to 2014

Grace of Monaco trailer
Nicole Kidman in Grace of Monaco
Photo: The Weinstein Co.

Time to update any Oscar predictions you may have had for this year that included Grace of Monaco among your nominees as the Weinstein Co. has decided to delay the Olivier Dahan (La Vie en Rose) directed feature starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. A teaser trailer for the flick only dropped one week ago today and it would appear the reaction wasn't what the brothers 'stein were hoping for.

The Hollywood Reporter delivers the news saying the delay to Spring 2014 is to give Dahan more time to complete the film, but I think we can all see through that as they clearly just didn't want to spend the money for an Oscar campaign when they have so many other films vying for awards attention including August: Osage County, Philomena, Lee Daniels' The Butler, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and Fruitvale Station.

Grace of Monaco was always looking like nothing more than a vehicle for a Kidman nomination or maybe a costume nod so the move isn't all that surprising. And with Naomi Watts' Diana fading quietly it would appear the two major princesses of this Oscar race won't be heard from.

I've already updated the Best Picture and Best Actress Oscar predictions to reflect this news.

Grace of Monaco begins as Kelly has already spent six years as the monarch of a European nation when the retired starlet was called upon to save Monaco from an escalating situation regarding its standing as a tax haven, with French leader Charles de Gaulle giving her husband, Monaco's Prince Rainier III (Tim Roth), six months to reform its tax laws. Frank Langella, Derek Jacobi, Paz Vega, Parker Posey and Milo Ventimiglia co-star.

Watch the teaser below.

  • Damien Warjri

    Hi Brad,

    I think you're underestimating this movie. A five minute clip doesn't decide the fate of the rest of the movie. I'm guessing this could surprise us. Besides being huge Kidman fan, i think it be more than just her movie. Let's wait and watch and not decide from 5 mins of content.

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Hudsucker/ Hudsucker

      Goodbye, Oscar chance. Also, @Damien Warjiri, it's excepted now that if a film is released in spring, it's Oscar chances are zilch (save for the upcoming NOAH, which only has an early release because of Easter)

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/kieran/ Kieran

      Technically it was only a one minute clip. And considering a lot of these biopic movies tend to be in the same vain, I think it's fair to make assumptions until we see something a little more convincing.

      That being said, I am interested to see this and Kidman is a great actress who's been picking some interesting roles lately, so I have much more hope for this than something like Diana.

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Brennan/ Brennan F

      I will never understand the Kidman and Watts super fans (and hell, throw in the Winslet ones, too) that will defend every single performance no matter how good or bad as if they are the single greatest acting performances yet. They will comment on every single article and mention of their beloveds no matter how big or small the site. It's fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

      I'm glad all three won't be nominated this year because I'd rather see more deserving performances acknowledged.

      • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/lalecture/ lalecture

        Yes but isn't it just as true that most of us have artists we tend to back and root for?

  • http://couchpotatodigest.blogspot.com Matt Taylor

    I wasn't particularly excited to see this, and now I have one less movie to pay for during these crowded Oscar season. So it's a win-win situation for me.

  • http://www.cinemaconfessions.com/ Gautam Anand

    Though Kidman was never really in thick of the race, but she at least had an outside shot at being nominated. With this news, and Naomi Watts already out, Best Actress race is getting thinner and thinner. Basically it has boiled down to 5 seen performances - Streep, Blanchett, Bullock, Dench, Adele E and 2 unseen - Adams and Thompson. By the time, we reach closer to nomination day, I think this race will become easiest to figure out. A race which only a month back was looking like very competitive, is now turning out to be a whimper. Reason - three major names, Watts, Kidman and Winslet are out of contention.

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/andyluvsfilms/ andyluvsfilms

      my money literally is on Dench, 33/1 odds was way too generous to ignore.

      • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/andyluvsfilms/ andyluvsfilms

        oh crap those odds were for Best Film :-) Dench's odd are 8/1 which is still pretty good, especially on a Weinstein backed film.

        • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/lalecture/ lalecture

          Are these Vegas? Or Andyluvsfilms private bookie odds?!
          Gold derby has odds but I have started to wonder if those are more political.

          • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/andyluvsfilms/ andyluvsfilms

            They're from paddypower.com which is an Irish bookie, i'd jump on the Philomena 33/1 for Best Film if i were you before they shorten.

            • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/lalecture/ lalecture

              Ha ha! Perfect name for an Irish bookie! I'll be checking it out.

            • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/lalecture/ lalecture

              Ha, finally checked into paddypower.com. Dench is still at 8:.
              This is a serious betting site!

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Corbin/ Corbin

    Buh-bye, Oscar chances.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/andyluvsfilms/ andyluvsfilms

    I wonder if they just want more distance from the viciously reviewed Diana, would definitely make sense if that was the case, the English press have really destroyed it.

  • Blake Dew

    Wonder who Weinstein's Best Actress contender will be, there still really isn't an outright favourite like Chiwetel Ejiofor for actor, even though its still very early.

    Wonder if Eleanor Rigby could be dropped into a late Dec release date, with a BIG push for Chastain as best leading actress out of DOER: Her??

    Its interesting, August:OC was their big best pic contender, Idris in Mandela was their big male actor and Kidman their big female actor push, but all three of them seemed to have been canned.

    You would think they would try and move some films up that they bought out of TIFF like Railway Man which has already been touted as there 2014 Best Picture film and Eleanor Rigby which was touted as their 2014 leading male and female actors for McAvoy and Chastain.

  • kane kruger

    I think this makes Kidman one of the favorites for best actress in 2014

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/lalecture/ lalecture

    No surprise here. I never had much hope for this to be a great film.
    And as others have said, I've not really ever been that impressed with Kidman.
    Grace Kelly is an icon but in the states she is known mostly as an actress. Her life as princess is much more well known in Europe. I have always had a sincere admiration for her.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Winchester/ Winchester

    I've always felt Kidman is at her best when she plays characters that are brittle or troubled or hard to like (or who you aren't meant to like always). She plays non warm characters much better most of the time. It's whenever she tries to be cute or likeable she seems out of place.

    Anyway, as noted I think all that can be said just now is.........one Oscar contender down. Who'll be next?

  • Damien Warjri

    Kidman has good movies coming in 2014. She might sweep one nomination. I feel she has been very overlooked in Stoker. It's supporting, yes, but she was darn creepy and it was a brave role to play, considering she's a mother. You know, how Kidman gets so emotionally challenged when she plays sensitive roles. But, I hope she has a shot. My big shot for her is Stoker. Hope someone recognises her like they did for The Paperboy.