Weekend Box-Office: 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' Cuts Down 'The Hobbit' as Does 'Django'

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D PosterWell, 2013 is off to a bit of a surprise as Texas Chainsaw 3D takes down The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, stopping the fantasy flick from taking the #1 spot four weekends in a row.

Led by rapper Trey Songz, Texas Chainsaw scored $23 million, which, however, is still shy of The Devil Inside's January horror movie opening record of a whopping $33.7 million. Chainsaw only scored a "C+" CinemaScore, however, so I don't expect a repeat next weekend against Gangster Squad and the expanding Zero Dark Thirty.

As far as predictions go, Laremy had Hobbit #1 and Chainsaw only pulling in $15 million as he didn't count on what is being reported as 33% of moviegoers heading to see the film due to Trey Songz's involvement. Looking through the reader predictions, most followed Laremy's lead with a lot of love for Django, but a few went against the grain, with Joie delivering an on-the-nose $23 million prediction. Excellent work.

The Hobbit wasn't even able to score second place as it was topped by Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, which brought in $20 million from 3,010 theaters and has now crossed the $100 million domestic mark, totaling a $106.4 million cume.

We find Peter Jackson's Hobbitses in third with $17.5 million with the pic crossing $263.8 million domestically.

Another film crossing the $100 million mark along with Django was Best Picture contender Les Miserables, which brought in $16.1 million this weekend and has now grossed $103.6 million domestically.

After a limited opening last week, Gus Van Sant's Matt Damon-led Promised Land expanded to 1,676 theaters, but couldn't manage a top ten finish, bringing in $4.3 million. Just enough to take that #10 spot.

Additionally, Zero Dark Thirty expanded from five to 60 theaters this weekend and brought in $2.7 million for a per theater average of a whopping $45,833. The film will go nationwide next weekend, January 11.

Silver Linings Playbook fell just outside the top ten with $3.6 million, raising its cume to $34.6 million as some are expecting the Harvey Oscar machine to kick in soon and put that Silver Linings on the Best Picture top line (I don't see it, but would welcome it). And The Impossible added 15 more theaters and is now up to 572 and managed $2.7 million this weekend.

Next weekend will see the release of Gangster Squad and A Haunted House, but my money is on Zero Dark Thirty expanding nationwide after it's nominated for Best Picture on Thursday and taking the top spot. What do you think?

Weekend Box-Office Top Ten for January 4 - January 6, 2013

  1. Texas Chainsaw 3D was #1 at the box-office
  2. Django Unchained () - $20 million ($106.3m cume)
    From 3,010 theaters ($6,645 avg.) / $100 million budget / 88%
  3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey () - $17.5 million ($263.8m cume)
    From 3,755 theaters ($4,660 avg.) / 65%
  4. Les Miserables () - $16 million ($103.5m cume)
    From 2,904 theaters ($5,510 avg.) / $61 million budget
  5. Parental Guidance () - $9.7 million ($52.3m cume)
    From 3,368 theaters ($2,880 avg.) / $25 million budget / 19%
  6. Jack Reacher () - $9.1 million ($64.6m cume)
    From 3,288 theaters ($2,768 avg.) / $60 million budget / 62%
  7. This is 40 () - $8.3 million ($54.2m cume)
    From 2,931 theaters ($2,832 avg.) / $35 million budget / 51%
  8. Lincoln () - $5.4 million ($144.0m cume)
    From 1,901 theaters ($2,841 avg.) / $65 million budget / 89%
  9. The Guilt Trip () - $4.4 million ($31.1m cume)
    From 2,312 theaters ($1,903 avg.) / $40 million budget / 37%
  10. Promised Land () - $4 million ($4.3m cume)
    From 1,676 theaters ($2,387 avg.) / 50%
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    Even though I won't see Texas Chainsaw 3-D, I am sort of glad to see it did well. It's quite unusual for a film like that to do so well on it's opening weekend. But next week, it won't stand a chance against Zero Dark Thirty and Gangster Squad.

  • Casper12

    Zero Dark Thirty tops next weekend with 19 million $

  • Eric

    Zero Dark Thirty can be hit or miss. But I get the feeling the controversy surrounding the film will hurt more than help. I'm thinking $12 million.

  • JN Films

    Zero Dark Thirty 20 mill

  • Chris Etrata

    Zero Dark Thirty: 32.3 million
    Gangster Squad: 19.3 million
    Haunted House: Not sure.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Ian/ Ian

    A bit surprising to see a slasher film do so well, but I guess starved horror audiences will eat up anything right now. I wonder if this will become a tradition for the first weekend of the year with two horror films doing so well two years in a row.

    Nice hold for Django (I nailed the dollar amount though I had it in 1st), and a bit of a steeper drop for The Hobbit than I expected. It should crawl its way to $300 million while Django should manage $150 million.

    Next weekend I think the buzz around ZDT will carry it to the win...I'm thinking a solid $20 million or so. Don't know about Gangster Squad. WB is marketing the hell out of it, but people who pay attention will likely just remember it for its connection to the Aurora tragedy...honestly that's probably all it will ever be remembered for. I think low teens seems likely. It's been a while since a full on parody movie, but the last few did pretty terribly as I recall. So I don't know what to make of A Haunted House.

  • http://www.twitter.com/marlonwallace marlonwallace

    the TV ads for TCM-3D were all about the shirtless Trey Songz, looks like those ads worked.

    the latest talk I've heard from people at my job has been all about ZD30. people want to see it. with the Oscar nominations coming out on Thursday and with it doing so well in limited release, I foresee it taking #1.

    i'll go $25 million.

  • Winchester

    I think the buzz around ZDT should give it the edge to take top spot. I think the estimates in the $20 million range seems right as does somewhere in the mid to high teens for Gangster Squad.

    The Hobbit should get to $300 million now (as should Skyfall very soon) and Django and Les Mis are on course for good finals. Also Lincoln is holding in well and it should go well past $150 million if it can also get an Oscar bump.

    Interesting thing about Life of Pi per Box Office Mojo is it is now over $300 million foreign so that domestic performance being a bit low for the size of budget will be more than offset by total global.

  • theo

    Decent numbers for Texas Chainsaw 3D, although it's probably going to flat line end up with less than 40mil.

    Does anyone remember Friday the 13th (2009), 40million opening and just over 65m overall.

  • http://www.rabidpictures.com Yaz

    I can't say I'm surprised. I think most of the people who really wanted to see Django, Les Mis and Hobbit have already seen it. That opens up a lot of seats for Texas. I hear it's horrible, but I'm glad to see the film business having a good weekend in general.

  • chriscarmichael

    I am just proud that I never heard of Trey Songz until now. Hopefully I never hear of him again.
    Django deserved the win. Still it is a huge hit so it is ok.

  • adam

    Why are people saying Texas Chainaw is a huge success? If you ask me it's kind of diappointing for such a popular horror franchise. Much like Scream 4 in 2011, which only made $19 million opening weekend. I get that Scream was more disappointing because it was a higher grossing franchise but still. I don't consider Texas Chainsaw's numbers to be that great. Horror movies have lost steam recently.

  • Mark

    Next week

    1) Zero Dark Thirty-$24.6 Million
    2) Gangster Squard-$15 Million
    3) Django Unchained-$14 Million
    4) Les Miserables-$12 Million
    5) The Hobbit-$10 Million
    6) Texas Chain Saw- $9 Million

  • anthony caban

    Gangster Squad is 100% going to win next weekend.

  • anthony caban

    Next Weekend
    1.Gangster Squad - $34 million
    2.Zero Dark Thirty - $25 million
    3.Django Unchained - $15 million
    4.A Haunted House - $10 million


    I think we can all agree that A Haunted House will bomb next weekend for sure.

  • chriscarmichael

    Next Weekend
    .Next Weekend
    1.Zero Dark Thirty - $26.8 million
    2.Gangster Squad - $17 million ( we will not see this in my household because of the horrible reactionary decision by WB to butcher the film and censor the original version. So, they wont see our money now.)
    3.Django Unchained - $14.6 million
    A Haunted House - $4 million

    • anthony caban

      gangster squad looks more cooler and zero dark thirty is not gonna win so Gangster squad is gonna win at box office.