Weekend Box Office

Weekend Box Office: '300' Tops 'Peabody' and '12 Years a Slave' Finds the Top Ten

Just how big a bump is that Oscar bump?

One story for the weekend is obviously Warner's seven-years-later-sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire topping fellow family friendly newcomer Mr. Peabody & Sherman, but I'm also wondering if a film has ever had a week like 12 Years a Slave. Not only did it take home Oscar's Best Picture on Sunday night, but it was then released on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday and yet still managed to find its way into the top ten this weekend. Now that is an Oscar bump.

First for the top of the box office where 300 brought in an estimated $45 million from 3,470 theaters, $6.8m of that from IMAX screens. With only a "B" CinemaScore I don't expect it to hang around too long, but it should manage to make up for that $100 million budget soon enough as I expect overseas returns to also be quite nice. However, putting things into perspective, the 2007 release managed $70.9 million its opening weekend and didn't need 3-D to pad its results (63% of Rise of an Empire's total came from 3-D).

In second was Fox and Dreamworks' animated Mr. Peabody & Sherman, which headed into 3,934 theaters with a $145 million budget and came away with a disappointing $32.5 million to go along with an "A-" CinemaScore. This result isn't a huge surprise to me considering we're coming off the success of The Lego Movie and it's just too much money for families to continue to spend at the movies. However, with a CinemaScore like that it may be able to hold on nicely week-to-week.

Looking at the carryovers, last week's #1, Non-Stop dipped 46.7% for an estimated $15.3 million, which is a really good hold for the $50 million budgeted feature proving that "A-" CinemaScore did deliver some solid word of mouth.

Fox's Son of God wasn't so lucky in its second weekend, dropping 63% and bringing in $9.5 million. However, since I assume most of the money this film is making is gravy I don't think we'll be hearing any complaints as the shortened down version of the television miniseries, "The Bible", has now managed $41 million in ten days.

Other big news begins with Disney's Oscar-winning animated feature Frozen, which has now spent 15 consecutive weeks in the top ten. Of course, it's not like this hasn't been accomplished before, but it is tied with 2001's A Beautiful Mind with the longest streak since My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Chicago managed 18 weeks and 16 weeks respectively in 2002. We'll see if Frozen can keep the streak alive next weekend, but I don't think it will have the legs to match the 35 consecutive weekends E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial racked up beginning in 1982.

Next is Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, which opened in only four theaters this weekend where it brought in $800,000 for a $200,000 per theater average, a record for a live-action movie on more than one screen and falling just behind Kevin Smith's Red State, which managed $204,000 from one screen, though I think the ticket prices on that one were inflated because Smith also provided an introduction before each, making it more of an event.

Finally, 12 Years a Slave saw a 146% Oscar bump this weekend as Fox Searchlight added 654 theaters from which the film managed $2.4 million in total. I wonder if a movie has ever been released on DVD and Blu-ray the same weekend it also found itself adding more than 654 theaters. The Best Picture winner is now up to $53.3 million domestically.

This coming weekend sees the release of Need for Speed, Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club, Veronica Mars: The Movie and a limited release of Enemy. Any winners in that lot?

Weekend Box-Office Top Ten for March 7 - March 9, 2014

  1. 300: Rise of an Empire was #1 at the box-office
  2. Mr. Peabody & Sherman () - $32.2 million
    From 3,934 theaters ($8,185 avg.) / $145 million budget / 79%
  3. Non-Stop () - $15.8 million ($52.5m cume)
    From 3,113 theaters ($5,075 avg.) / $50 million budget / 59%
  4. The Lego Movie () - $10.9 million ($224.8m cume)
    From 3,290 theaters ($3,313 avg.) / $60 million budget / 96%
  5. Son of God () - $10.3 million ($41.8m cume)
    From 3,271 theaters ($3,149 avg.) / 22%
  6. The Monuments Men (, ) - $3.07 million ($70.5m cume)
    From 2,001 theaters ($1,534 avg.) / $70 million budget / 33%
  7. 3 Days to Kill () - $3 million ($25.5m cume)
    From 2,348 theaters ($1,278 avg.) / $28 million budget / 32%
  8. Frozen () - $2.9 million ($392.9m cume)
    From 1,660 theaters ($1,747 avg.) / $150 million budget / 89%
  9. 12 Years a Slave () - $2.1 million ($53.0m cume)
    From 1,065 theaters ($1,972 avg.) / $20 million budget / 96%
  10. Ride Along () - $2 million ($129.9m cume)
    From 1,323 theaters ($1,512 avg.) / $25 million budget / 18%
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These are the actual weekend results and the weekend's winners are now final.
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300: Rise of an Empire
  1. 300: Rise of an Empire
  2. ACTUAL: $45.0 million
  3. Alan Smithee
    $45 million prediction / Exactly Right!
  4. Cordia
    $45.1 million prediction / $0.1 million off
  5. Daniel Prinn
    $44.7 million prediction / $0.3 million off
  6. Peete
    $45.5 million prediction / $0.5 million off
  7. Vaus
    $44.44 million prediction / $0.56 million off
Mr. Peabody & Sherman
  1. Mr. Peabody & Sherman
  2. ACTUAL: $32.2 million
  3. Phoxhunter
    $32.1 million prediction / $0.1 million off
  4. G-Man
    $32.0 million prediction / $0.2 million off
  5. Exxdee13
    $32.4 million prediction / $0.2 million off
  6. J T
    $31.9 million prediction / $0.3 million off
  7. zm
    $31.8 million prediction / $0.4 million off
  1. Non-Stop
  2. ACTUAL: $15.8 million
  3. Peter Bandrowsky
    $15.7 million prediction / $0.1 million off
  4. Andrew13
    $15.7 million prediction / $0.1 million off
  5. Matt P
    $15.9 million prediction / $0.1 million off
  6. Daniel Prinn
    $15.68 million prediction / $0.12 million off
  7. tonypdl
    $15.65 million prediction / $0.15 million off
Son of God
  1. Son of God
  2. ACTUAL: $10.3 million
  3. Davey Peppers
    $10 million prediction / $0.3 million off
  4. cargosatthemovies
    $10 million prediction / $0.3 million off
  5. GoodMan
    $10 million prediction / $0.3 million off
  6. Jack Tyler
    $10 million prediction / $0.3 million off
  7. Alan Smithee
    $10.9 million prediction / $0.6 million off

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  • Bazellis

    I give up!

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/Winchester/ Winchester

    I think actually that's probably not too shabby an opening for '300: Rise of An Empire' purely because coming 7 years after the first film, minus it's original leading man I can't see it would have been expected to outdo the first when the performance of the first wasn't even expected at the time.

    Overall, it should (unless it falls hard next weekend in the face of 'Need for Speed' which is it's only competition it could even repeat) get past $100 million easily enough and if the foreign is as strong as the last film then it shouldn't end up a money loser for the studio even if it has no chance of getting past the $210 million the last film made.

    Excellent PTA for 'Budapest' that gives them good headlines, but having seen the film, I'm not sure it has the ultimate potential to do a lot more than the normal range of a Wes Anderson feature. It could play well in foreign territories though but I have no info on the budget etc.

    I guess Disney will keep 'Frozen' around long enough to pass $400 million which it should within the next coupe of weeks, but it's certainly been a long time since any film had that kind of traction in the market.

    Next weekend is probably a question of whether '300' holds on, or 'Need for Speed' has the pull to break out. I don't really know any better than anyone else and haven't heard much word reviews wise yet on it.

  • disqus_eClptFS30L

    You have to think the makers of 300 are trying to come up with a movie with both Eva Green and Gerald Butler.

  • junjunm3

    I think that's good for 300:RoaE given the time in between movies and the fact that it doesn't have the star of the original for obvious reasons. Also, that's a pretty damn good hold for Non-Stop. I've always liked Liam Neeson even before "Taken" took his career to another level, and I'm thrilled for his newfound success/fame. He has become a bankable action star that audiences really gravitate to. it's also amazing how Frozen hung around to the tune of 3mil (-17%) in what is now its' 4th month of release. This beast withstood Nut Job, Lego Movie, and now Peabody. It seems 400mil domestic is well within reach even with the DVD already set for release in 2 wks.

  • James g

    Good grief ,so 300 here we go again has pulled in $10 mil short of the best picture winner after just one week .........and we,re moaning that a lot of the academy didn't watch it.......perspective put into .
    It's all a joke

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/azjoker1/ azjoker1

    I think 300's opening was very impressive, especially after the first one came out 7 years ago. The foreign numbers are very impressive and I think it will end up being a hit. I hope they make a third one and hopefully more people will see it by good word of mouth. Mr. Peabody had an OK opening but it was troublesome due to the budget of the movie. I hope Need For Speed succeeds but I feel like it could be a flop or a hit. It could definitely go either way.

  • RBBrittain

    Veronica Mars might have done better *IF* (a) it went into wide release instead of the small number of Kickstarter-funded showings at ONE chain (which doesn't even operate where I live), and (b) it was NOT being released via download the same day it hits theaters. Hello WB, Kristen Bell's last movie (a little number named, uh, Frozen) is STILL in the top ten!