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Watch the Trailer for the Excellent 'Laurence Anyways'

Hiting theaters in June

Laurence Anyways posterOne of the better films I saw last year, but I left it off my top ten list because it still hadn't hit theaters, was Xavier Dolan's Laurence Anyways. I made sure to give it a special mention because I didn't want to forget it, and come June I'll have a chance to see it again as Breaking Glass Pictures picked up the rights and will be bringing it to theaters.

Starring Melvil Poupaud and Suzanne Clement, the late-'80s set drama centers on Laurence Alia (Poupaud) as he celebrates his 30th birthday at which time he tells his girlfriend, Fred (Clement), he wants to become a woman.

I go into greater detail in my review from Cannes, but if that's enough to get you hooked, I'd recommend just giving the trailer a peek if you need anymore convincing and I also posted a clip showcasing Clement previously, which you can watch right here.

This film served as my introduction to Dolan and I've been meaning to explore his previous films ever since seeing it, but this one I will most certainly watch again.

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  • marlonwallace

    In your review for this movie, you say, "So often in a film like this a writer will forget to tell the story of the people a decision like this affects beyond the person making the decision."

    I assume when you say "in a film like this," you mean films about transsexuals or transgendered people. What other films like this have you seen, that you would recommend?

  • David Gaillardetz

    Wow, this looks great. Looking forward to this one!

  • Aleonardis

    LOVE Dolan. Ecstatic for this. His first two movies I'm in love with so theres no doubt I'll love this one just as much. His style is just irresistible.

  • Yaz

    Very excited for the film. It's a shame the trailer makes it so unaccessible. Had I not seen the clip you posted last year, or heard the buzz for the film, I would not at all be interested based on the trailer. Still, Dolan puts out interesting work and I look forward to checking out Laurence.