Watch the 'Skyfall' Opening Credit Sequence

Skyfall opening credits
Photo: Columbia Pictures / MGM

What did you think of the opening credit sequence in Skyfall? Personally I was a little disappointed (which doesn't mean I hated it, so calm down). I love Adele's title track, but the credits themselves seemed a little cluttered to me.

Recent Bond credits I really liked included Casino Royale and, even though it's a terrible movie, the oily credits to The World is Not Enough were quite great.

Well, the opening sequence for Skyfall is now online, the only difference being there are no actual credits. Give it a look below and share your thoughts on your favorite credit sequences in the franchise in the comments. The sequence was designed by Daniel Kleinman who, consequently, also designed the titles for Casino Royale and The World Is Not Enough as well as Die Another Day, Tomorrow Never Dies and GoldenEye.

  • Scott

    As a kid in the 80's, the fun of a Bond movie intro was peeling your eyes for a glimpse of a boobie. If only the artistic shadows and lighting didn't ruin the fun most of the time.

    But for artistic quality and design, I have to go with Casino Royale.

  • DaveS

    Casino Royale is my favorite so far, song and all. Haven't seen Skyfall yet so I'm not going to watch the video for it.

  • Criterion10

    I thought the Skyfall opening was excellent, though I must admit I didn't care for the theme song of Casino Royale. The sequence design was rather good, but I felt it needed a better song. If I had to chose some other favorites, I always liked Live and Let Die, Goldfinger, and Octopussy.

  • Josh P.

    Cluttered is the right word. You're also right in that the Skyfall credit sequence isn't bad, but a fair amount of it is saved by the Adele song. It would certainly fall behind Casino Royale and GoldenEye as the better Kleinmann title sequences, with the latter probably being my favorite of his work. I've also had affection for the titles of The Spy Who Loved Me, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and A View to a Kill, though that last one is another example of the sequence being saved by the song.

    • goodfella676

      The Spy Who Loved Me is great, one of my favorite themes

  • Aleonardis

    I'm conflicted on the Skyfall opening credits. I like the way it outlines the plot for us. The starting point I think is genius. The way we ease into the credits felt organic and relevant plot wise. The way the hand manipulates Bond and pulls him under without hesitation. The same way M has been manipulating him throughout their career together. But after that, each different, vignette I guess, felt like they were designed by a different person every time. It didn't feel cohesive even though it patched together the films narrative.

    I did like Adele's song matched with the visuals. The beats were timed well and the words echoed the images on screen I feel. I just felt there were too many visual styles and it felt manic when the movie is anything but. Since everybody else used the word, I'll just say that cluttered is the right word. I do love the film itself I should say.

  • kash

    For a split second there, this is what i read: "Recent Bond credits I really liked included Casino Royale and even though it's a terrible movie,...." I was about to unleash hell and give you sh*t for calling Casino Royale a terrible movie...thank God for properly placed punctuation. LMFAO! Casino Royale still remains my favorite movie of the entire bond franchise (yes, even better than Skyfall!!), and its opening credits may be one of the best of any movie, ever.

  • Yaz

    I actually quite liked them... Very beautiful to take in. I can't quite remember the text placement and all that, but I was engaged.

    For me though, Goldfinger is where it's at. Classic. So good.

  • Marc R.

    Love love love the title credits for Casino Royale, and the song is also good. I'll admit there might be too much going on in Skyfall's credits, but I still enjoyed them. The song on the other hand doesn't do it for me. Don't like the lyrics or the chorus, though Adele is a more than capable singer. Gotta love the Goldfinger credits and song, and I actually liked Quantum of Solace's as well. Diamonds are Forever is another fav of mine.

  • Winchester

    I thought the Skyfall credits were OK but I think the Adele song is being over-rated by people. I think it sounds like it's consciously trying to ape the big classic themes and doesn't quite succeed. And the lyrics are a bit flat as well.

  • goodfella676

    I'm a massive Bond fan and thought the opening sequence was excellent, the visuals were beautiful and the theme was very powerful, good job Adele!

  • Ducard

    I'll echo goodfella676 here. The Skyfall credit opener is 1 of the 5 of the Bond's. It could've been a bit more risque (God, has religious conservatism invaded the UK?). It is very "trippy" & Adele's singing makes the song one of my top 5 Bond tunes.