Watch the Original Ending to 'Paranormal Activity'

Over the past month one of the most read articles on the site has been my article detailing the original ending to the breakthrough supernatural thriller hit Paranormal Activity and wouldn't you know a watchful reader has made me aware of the availability of said original ending on YouTube.

I have no idea if this is a bootleg or what, but it is excellent quality so perhaps Paramount is leaking it out there to get folks interested... Either way, here it is, at least for now.

I will say this, watching it on a computer is extremely uneventful and not at all indicative of the theatrical experience. On top of that, this ending is nowhere near as effective as the one in theaters.

This is one of the few films I particularly enjoyed watching with a crowd. My audience was on pins and needles and outside of a random joke or two from a male audience member trying to make up for the fact he was more scared than he'd care to admit, I would say it was some of the most fun I have ever had at a movie... at least since seeing Friday at a dollar theater back in 1995.

Paranormal Activity is still in theaters and is now prepping to head overseas as on Halloween night it will begin showing in the U.K. with midnight screenings to help build buzz, much like Paramount did during the first October frame in the States. Icon is planning to go wide in Blighty in mid-November. For more on that read the full report at Variety.

  • Bri-Man

    I am glad they went with the other ending in theaters, I just don't think this one is as powerful.

  • Tyler C.

    I viewed the original version of Paranormal Activity today and I must say I found the theatrical version was much better. There was alot in the original version that was cut out and justifiably so….except the video Mikah found showing what happened to Diane. They should have defiantly included that in the new version. The original ending completely drained all the intensity that the new version left the viewer as they walked out of the theater. The original was still a good movie but the new theatrical cut was great. My skin hasn't crawled like that since the Blair Witch Project. That home video concept gives it so much more realism than your everyday typical horror film.

  • Jamie

    This is the ending that was in the theatrical version for me? I didn't see the one where she disappeared an was apparently still possessed? WTF, I would have rather of seen that one instead of this one in theaters.

    • Heidi

      yeah. the original ending had me holding my breath and gaping. She slaughtered him! how much beeter of an ending can you get?

      BTW: This was a real documentary done by them. no one else in the house, and no camera men. How else can you explain the mechanics of her being dragged from bed and down the hall? there is no way a cord could pull her one direction off of the bed, and then another direction down the hall? if it were cords, then the angle from the door to the hall would have made her run in to the railing on the stairs. You all were just scared and want an excuse to make up for it.

  • mikeyaz17

    have not seen the movie. interested i guess. but, dang.. this was BORING, staged and forced

    less interested in the movie now

  • Tim P.

    I put on my headphones and got as close to my monitor as possible to get as near the theater experience as possible. I did find it really chilling when you can hear the sounds of the answering machine and sister (?) coming in downstairs. I almost wish this was a little longer, because it was just starting to make me really uncomfortable right when the cops started up the stairs. It would have been nice for that effect to really take hold.

    I do think the shooting part was kind of a cop-out (pardon the pun) to end it. If they had not shown Micah getting thrown in the previews, I think the theatrical ending would have been more powerful than it is.

    The article on Horror squad mentions multiple alternate endings, including one where Katie slashes her own throat. Now that would be interesting to see.

    • kimberly

      If you by the dvd that is on the disk as an alternate ending

  • connor

    this ending would have been a lot better. u know paramount is going to delete this from you tube

  • salverde

    A woman's body rocking back and forth for five minutes: O my God, this movie is scary?????

    I was once taken by the then biggest hype a the movie, The Blair Witch project. Never again!

  • Marc Richardson

    Agreed. The theatrical ending is more powerful. Though creepy, atmospheric, and in tune with the film itself this ending is a little too long and zaps energy from the film as a whole. I also agree that the shooting is contrived. Most officers would have subdued her without the use of lethal force.

    @Tyler C. What is this video you are talking about involving Diane. I am interested in hearing about this or seeing it. Any help would be great.

  • The Rake

    I have to just say, watching Friday in an almost identical circumstance years ago was also one of the most fun experiences I have had at the movies. The whole crowd singing the lyrics to Dre's "Keep Your Head Ringin'" still rates as one of my best theatrical-going moments.
    The Rake

  • James

    OK, while the throwing of Micah in the theatrical version is startling, her face changing into the demon with computer effects was CHEESETASTIC and contradictory to what we knew about the demon. The demon would possess people to kill them for trying to exorcise it. If it wanted to, it could've walked off with Diane's body, but it killed her, so why wouldn't it kill Katie? I think the perfect ending would've been Micah thrown at the camera, followed by Katie slitting her throat in front of the camera. Then you get your bang and your unsettling whimper.

  • Matt

    I couldn't see how this would be any scarier in theaters. Other people screaming takes me out of the movie all together, and the other endings (yes there are more than one in the theater) sound about as ridiculous as the ring, another movie that wasn't scary. If you are easily frightened by "spooky ghosts" than this movie is for you.

  • dan

    james... exactly. i hated the theatrical ending for two reasons. 1) (and not really a fault of the movie itself) why put the movie's only "money shot" in the trailers? Goddammit. 2) The demon face/eating the camera. Super cheesy and totally effed up my final impression.

    throwing him at the camera is not necessary and actually detracts from the awesome off-screen yelling. for all we know, she is disemboweling him or tearing his head off... the imagination has already done all the work. no need to show that he's just been stabbed... boring.

    this original ending is awesome, because of the demon's involvement to the end. notice he turns off the light right before the cops come up the stairs? it has left her body. and right before the cop shoots her, the demon startles him by slamming the door. GLORIOUS.

    slitting the throat would've also been effective and totally awesome, if just to scar those annoying girls in the audience for life.

  • gumby

    when i read this ending, i thought they were going to do that fast forward thing they did where it's just like 12 hours straight of her rocking, which would've been super creepy, but this one just dragged on and just kept fading to black. If they had incorporated the rocking into the theatrical ending and then she gets up and leaves i feel like that would've been pretty good.

  • Tyler C.

    @Marc Richardson: He found a video on the internet of the exorcism of Diane and what happened to her. Pretty crazy stuff honestly. A major piece that they left out of the theatrical version. While she was strapped down and completly possessed she ate her arm off pretty much to free herself from the strap and eventually bleed to death. The video showed it happen.

  • Tyler C.

    I feel the reason why Micah was thrown into the camera at the ending of the theatrical version is because thats what was pissing the demon off...Micah and his camera. If the camera would have never come along then they might have all been just fine.

    As for the original ending goes I never noticed the door slamming shut behind the cops. I noticed the light and my first thought was that the demon had left her body and she was still rocking back and forth on the floor and didn't snap out of it until the cops came up the stairs so that is contradicting. I found the shooting to not be how it would have really went down until I saw the door slamming shut. I always thought it was two shots I heard but it was just one shot by a shaky cop!

    For as simple and basic as this movie is it is actually a really deep movie.

  • HannahmOntana

    I saw this movie but with a different ending, the ending i saw was not katie slitting her throat, and not mika flying into the camera, and not the one with the cops shooting her either. I saw the movie in Japan, and the ending was Katie getting all fucked up in the head and she wakes up in the middle of the night and she stands there and stares at Mika. Suddenly she throws him against the wall and cut him open with her nails. His viscera falls out on the floor and she starts to lick the blood and eats all the viscera. GROWS! And then their friend finds them upstairs and screams. I CANT SLEEP AT NIGHT AFTER WATICHING THAT!!!!!

  • Matt

    Heh, I found the "audience experience" of Paranormal Activity to be the most detrimental thing to my enjoyment of the film. Idiots laughing at inappropriate moments, shouting out stupid crap at the screen, etc. just made for an entirely unfrightening horror film that was only slightly still enjoyable thanks to the fact that it was actually a pretty decent movie. That said the theatrical ending, while anti-climactic, is definitely better than the original. It's too bad there aren't any screeners online with the theatrical ending, then everyone could enjoy it the best possible way: in the dark, by themselves, with the sound turned way up.

  • Todd

    ok i just saw this movie last night with my wife. I never saw the trailer. i just heard about it. So going in was new to me. lol I thought it was great, and having the video camera as the camera for the movie really makes it real. NOt sure where all these other versions are coming from but we saw the theatrical version that ended up by him waking up with her screaming he runs down stairs, he screams then just silence. ha i get goose bumps just typing this. then you hear the demons foot step coming up stairs. then seeing him fly across the room hitting the camera. she comes up sniffs him then she goes after camera with the demon face/teeth. I agree should of had her just maybe smile at the camera then kill herself or just smile and maybe have her eyes turn black or something. The demon didnt show face the whole movie so why at the end. Thats hollywood for ya. I would love to see all the other ending that everyone is talking about.

  • Chris


    Matt, you laid out my EXACT feelings to the point that I dont even need to type it b/c you said it better than i would have.

  • DarkKnightFAN12

    I totally agree with this! I actually loved the movie. I thought every second of it was great until the very last one where her face changed. Completely out of sync with the mood and look of the film and, more importantly, totally unnecessary. That being said I still loved the movie.

  • Chet

    @Marc Richardson: The scene of which tyler is speaking of refers to the weadgy board thing with the goodbye Dianna and all that..he looks her up and he realizes everything that ever happened to Katie happened to Dianna in the 60's. Micah tells Katie that trying to get and Exorsist can cause worse damage to whom ever the demon is haunting. They then proceed to watch the video of Dianna's Exorcism where you see Dianna literally go from this pretty innocent looking girl to a demon who is attacking her own face and making it bleed and all that. They tie her down and continue to try the Exorcism which leads to the possessed Dianna freaking out more. They then show Dianna biting at her arm and taking chunks out...then cut to Dianna dead in the bed from blood loss, and you notice that she had literally bitten her arm clean off....

  • S

    This is quite possibly the worst movie ever made. There was absolutely nothing scarey about it. Scariere thing happen in my own house every day. All this boring boring build up to a fist full of nothing.

  • Joost

    Paranormal Activity - First European Screening Amsterdam >> MUST SEE

  • stephanie

    just wonderin if anyone has found out anymore info on diane, dianne.. the girl from the exorcisim.. ive tried lookin it up and i cant find anything on her... if you have found it ..please let me know where i can look it up.. anyone can hit me up on just put exorcisim in the subject line.. thanks

  • Jeff

    I was confused reading these at first. I saw the film bootlegged on some international site. Thinking it was the theatrical version, I watched it, but it is actually the version with the cops coming in at the end. I think the cops didn't shoot her. The cops said something along the lines of "unknown shot fired" or something about not knowing the source. Wouldn't we see a gun flash if they fired? (then again this is all a hoax to begin with, so no one really fired) But I think they were trying to hint that the demon "affixed" a shot into katie. I don't really understand what was really intended, but the version I saw sounds like it would have been better than the theatrical micah throwing and "face morphing" I'm reading about. Good way to procrastinate for 100min though.

  • lAstajaia

    I confused my ending had some of everybodys ending in it as you no she got out of bed stood their went down stairs screamed mika got up ran down stairs she came back up with a bloody knif rocked their then the phone ring then her friend came called their name i guess she saw mikas body because three seconds later the cops came came up the stairs she was still rocking once she saw them she got up and rain towards them screamin mika they told her to stand back or sumthing like that they shot her she feel on the floor and then the cop stood their the screen went black the rip or dedication for mika and katie came up and that was the end of the movie so where did the rest of the stuff everybody else is talkin about fit in please inform me because i am so confused which one did i see the theater verson or the 2nd one and was i suppose to see more than just that

  • britt143

    @Tyler C.: hi. i have been searching for info about Dianna/Dianne from the movie paranormal activity. i havent found anything. im just wondering if it is real. i know the movie isnt but im interested. please reply. thank s:)

  • merissa

    grrrrrrrrr.... i'm too late!

  • BRett

    It was ok but im glad we went with the other one it was better

  • ghost5199

    has anybody found the site about Dianna would like to know

  • leanne moss

    this film was rubbish I have had moree of a fright looking at my mum in a morning i really don't no wot all the raving was about

  • becky


    this is exactly the version i saw. it was on my computer.. and i have missed some bits from the theatrical version. i think we saw the actuall footage and the theature had added bits into it for more effect..

  • -bj

    the version here in our land, is the one with Katie throwing Micah and then she sniffs him or something, and then she looks at the camera (that, was not so necessary for a real demon to do!! i think..). And the other one, the one with the cops. I haven't seen that version or that real ending yet, but I'm going to borrow a DVD of it..

  • Makayla M.

    the video is deleted, but i watched the real movie, it ws boring as hell, i thought it was going to be scary and interesting,i almost fell asleep, it was so staged and fake, i lafed at most parts because of the fakness, even my 4 yr old cusion thought it was lame. ive been watching horror movies since i was born, and this was probly the most boring staged movie ive seen, down of the dead is scarier then this movie, to the director of this, you need to find a better hobbie because this on isnt working out.

  • Prasad

    The movie really did scare the shit outta me... I saw the one with the cop ending. Great movie that gives me the creeps at nights. Man i watched this alone with the head phones on... I guess i shouldnt have done that. A must watch movie for everyone, ALONE.

  • ricado

    This movie was alright it had some creepy parts like wen mika told her to lets leave &nd she was laying in the bed saying she wanted to stay then wen mika said w.e to her she gave a little smurk of pleasure or summing ...that's wen you can tell the bitch is possessd but that shit with dianna fucking crazy she tore her whole arm off that's some demon shit real talk buut the ending came from somebodys ass...cus it was SHIT !! Wtf is that

  • gAh

    Is katie and micah already died???how???because there's no note saying that they already died when I watched it..i want for assurance..tnx...

  • gAh

    why are the parents of Katie didn't help them???where she abandoned??

  • just seen this

    Spoilers, yo!!!

    @gAh: Micah died. Katie disappeared and her whereabouts were unknown.

    I really liked the movie. Only thing I thought would be better is if Katie had cut her eyes out at the end, because I thought that I seen Diane laying there with her eyes cut out after the exorcism.

    You really didn't get a clear look at Katie's eyes until after she checked out Micah, so if she would have looked at the camera with no eyes and blood streaming down her face, that would have been pretty golden.

  • Michelle

    I've seen this movie twice and the second time was the scariest of the two. Had all the lights turned off and the house was completely quiet, have to admit that we couldn't finish it cuz the eerie darkness was playing tricks on us. I liked both endings to be honest, but the Katie slicing her throat one was better since it was true to the Diane story. It just seemed to go right along with the pattern of the demon killing whoever they posses.

    The ending with the cops was kinda hard for me to really watch since it was just on my little netbook (Volume doesn't go all that loud). When Katie took so long to snap out of the trance after the demon left is similar to when she was out on the swing, she didn't really snap out of that one until Micah shined the light on her then too. Did anyone notice that when the friend starts to scream that Katie stops rocking and looks out the door like she/demon halfway expects the friend to come up stairs? After the friend leaves Katie just goes back to rocking...creepy.

  • lisa

    @connor: it wasnt five minutes u doosh if u watched properly u would have seen the clock on the right hand side it was for a total of 19 hours that she rocked!!! god! so dum

  • Brenno

    Did enjoy the movie but there were so many options available for a better ending.Very chilling at times!

  • joana

    eu ainda n tive a possibilidade de ver o filme ate ao fim mas gostaria de saber sobre a diane.
    a rapariga q o micah ve na net,a q tava possuida.
    eu pesquisei mas n encontrei nada.
    ele encontrou akilo na net ou e falso?
    aguardo resposta please

  • Cian

    Can anyone give me links of alt. endings coz i saw the orinigal (cops shoot Katie) and not that scary thanks

  • maddie

    im gettin mad i need a working vedeo that shows me the cop ending on my dvd there is were she throws him at the camera and were she slits her throught but not the cop 1 dose any1 have a working video

  • big jake

    Are you all serious? What are yor ages? 6? 7? Your grammar is risdiculous. You're either all retarded or too young to see the movie anyhow. Go back to school.

    • LOL

      LOL... big jake... and that comes from someone who spelled wrong the word "ridiculous"?!.