Superman is On Fire in New 'Man of Steel' Trailer

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel
Henry Cavill in Man of Steel
Photo: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for Zack Snyder's Superman movie, Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill in the title role and Michael Shannon as the film's evil nemesis General Zod. Just skimming through it I can tell you are getting a good look at a lot of what the film has to offer in terms of action and supporting characters as Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and Amy Adams all get some screen time along with alien spaceships and Superman's suit.

The trailer is set to play in front of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey this Friday and Man of Steel will be released on June 14, 2013. Watch the trailer below.

  • Rayzr

    I forgot Amy Adams was in this, yay! Looks like a fun time to me.

  • Good Grief

    Thankfully, this seems less Zack Snydery than his other films.

  • G-Man

    I like what I see. Get a very "Batman Begins" type of feel with this.

  • adu

    Nothing spells iconic like Supes!

  • Jack

    Looks amazing! Malick mixed with Nolan.

  • Ron Oneal Fresh

    This trailer is OK. I don't know. I was somewhat underwhelmed, still not interested in seeing Man of Steel.

  • adu

    I'm gonna take a chance and say this will be better than Green Lantern.

    • MajorFilmFan

      ANYTHING Would be better than Green Lantern! :P If The Dark Knight took a shit, and that piece of shit took a piece of shit and that piece of shit took a piece of shit, and THAT piece of shit made a movie, you'd have Green Lantern...

      • adu


      • Jake17

        Nah, that's still better than Green Lantern.

      • Sean Fast

        lol #GoodComments contender?

      • Andrew

        If this comment took a shit and that shit made a movie, it would be The Godfather.

  • maja

    Amazing trailer. The only problem is that all of Zack Snyder's movies have incredible marketing yet so many of them have turned out so poorly. I am rooting for this one.

  • Kessler

    I only skimmed through it, but I liked what I saw. Really looking forward to seeing this.

    • John Wood

      Wait a minute - you skimmed a trailer?

  • Paul

    Have to say this trailer is pretty impressive. The part with him being young and the bus might be the best part of the movie, but it seems to be a pivotal moment of just what he should do with his power. He also seems to go through a rough patch B4 going Superman, and questioning and showing a more realistic look on how the world would handle him. One might imagine they would try to kill him, or arrest him (though this may be framing over what General Zod is doing, maybe he doesn't move into the white house like in Superman II). Zack Synder is also responsible for some pretty intense suggestions about super-heroes, having made Watchmen. I have great expections for this.

    • Arturo

      Exactly the bus scene does seem very pivotal to his decision and asks the question of how the world would react to someone like him and would they fear him, which seems to be Jonathan Kent's ultimate fear as a father. Pretty cool realistic take on it imo. I think what will ultimately make him embrace himself will be the defense of the world from Zod who will be opposite of him and him finding the message from Jor-el "You will give the people an ideal to strive towards, etc," as opposed to fear. Overcoming fear for the overall good of the world even if it means putting your safety on the line, pretty inspiring imo.

  • Arturo

    I didn't expect much of man of steel, but based on teaser, bootleg comic con trailer, and this trailer my expectations have really increased. Hope it meets it

  • AJ

    I don't know... I'm usually down for a superhero flick, but that was overly somber and reverent for my tastes. I'm looking to have a good time, not attend a church service.

    • jay bob

      Yeah they're going heavy with the religious symbolism and what sounds like church music. Looks underwhelming.

      • Sean Fast

        Just because it's choral doesn't mean it's "church music". Tons of trailers use choral music to emphasize an epic feel and gravitas.

  • The Jackal

    That was fantastic. Only a few trailers have given me goose bumps: Episode I, Fellowship of the Ring, The Dark Knight, Avatar) and now I can add Man of Steel to that list. Hopefully it won't disappoint like Phantom Menace; however, that film was still a great ride and experience at the theater. I'm definitely looking forward to this. Zach Snyder looks like he's finally coming into his own, though I'm sure working with Chris Nolan has helped immensely. Amazing trailer, great marketing, top-notch casting, this film is going to place Superman back where he belongs.

    Thems the facts

  • Ian

    Looks impressive, though as mentioned above most of Snyder's films have been marketed really well only to end up being turds. And I still can't get behind Superman as a character.

    I still find it funny that people are putting so much stock in Nolan's involvement...sure he came up with the story, but people are acting like he co-directed it, or at least shadowed Snyder the whole time. But while Snyder was filming this, Nolan was doing post production on The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Scott

    How did he shave his beard? (What, not a fair question?)

    I'm wondering if there will be a uniformity mandate for all DC movies to lean toward a serious, solemn tone, both to follow the Batman movies, and to separate themselves from Marvel's more light-hearted touch.

    • Jimmy Diamies

      I hope that's exactly what they are doing. I don't necessarily think it's better that way but certainly better having a change of pace. Let Marvel stay somewhat light and DC go the darker Batman route and everyone wins imo.

    • Darren

      He shaves with laser vision and a mirror? No?

  • JunJunm3

    I like what I'm seeing so far. Has a very epic feel to it. I'm a fan of bright, fun, and light-hearted superhero films, but I'd go crazy if they were all of the same vein. I'm just glad that alongside those like the Avengers and such, we have the likes of Nolan's Batman's as well

  • JunJunm3

    I like what I'm seeing so far. Has a very epic feel to it. I'm a fan of bright, fun, and light-hearted superhero films, but I'd go crazy if they were all of the same vein. I'm just glad that alongside those like the Avengers and such, we have the likes of Nolan's Batman's as well.

  • Sean Fast

    Overall I enjoyed it. Sounds like Lisa Gerrard in the beginning singing vocals.

    They forego the typical mistake of giving so much away in the trailer, and choose not to include any long cuts of major setpieces/scenes. They include just enough dialogue and cuts to get you intrigued without giving away entire plotlines or scenes.

    Safe to say Brad, that you and Laremy would probably be able to watch this without getting anything really spoiled for you. I know you two like to avoid trailers.

    The only thing I have to worry about is Snyder. Past dictates the guy knows how to put out a kick-ass trailer and not follow through. See Sucker Punch, Watchmen, etc.

    • SeanJ8

      But Snyder didn't write Man of Steel, unlike that awful Sucker Punch film he wrote. Glad that David S. Goyer was given the script duties.

      • V

        Goyer is terribly cheesy as a writer. More so than Snyder.

        • Yaz

          Agreed... Goyer is a comicbook writer first and foremost. That's not a knock, I love comics, but it's clear to see some of his writing is quite cheesy.

  • SeanJ8

    The trailer is pretty incredible considering they're putting such a strong emphasis on character and story, which especially makes or breaks superhero movies these days. But I will say that I wish they would've shown some dialogue with Michael Shannon's General Zod though. Maybe Warner Brothers has a great DC superhero movie on their hands that DOES NOT involve Batman.

    Also, the cinematography looks astounding. Especially the shot of Superman's fist on the ground as rubble around him shakes before he takes flight.

  • rvastar

    Fantastic! And either Nolan or Goyer are fans of Smallville because there are several scenes just in this trailer that are eerily reminiscent of the show - e.g., the bus in the water...young Clark having trouble controlling his enhanced hearing...Jonathan Kent's over-protectiveness. Hell, I'm even pretty sure that the voice of the woman talking about her son on the bus is Annette O'Toole, who played Martha Kent on the show!

    And in no way am I saying this as a knock against the movie. I think it shows that they're really going to try to focus on the character of Clark Kent as he BECOMES Superman, just as Smallville did...thus the title "Man of Steel" as opposed to something with "Superman" in the title.

    Can't wait!

  • Newbourne

    No offense, but you have a very shitty video player.

  • Yaz

    Hm... It's got a different vibe going for it, that's for sure. Still, I think it's so silly that they bring in a guy who can do kick ass action and have him direct an 'artistic' superhero film... I'm just never going to see Supes fight on film... Sigh.