Watch: New 'Cloud Atlas' Trailer

I am sitting in a theater in Toronto as the new trailer for Cloud Atlas has arrived online. So I forgive the rather generic content of this post, but it's all I can do for now. Give it a watch and let me know what you think.

  • Irf

    While the final verdict has to be reserved for when the movie is seen, these trailers point to something uncommon to this era of unthinking entertainment. It seems to be an expensively esoteric drama for adults, not kids, with established movie stars, not elevated television actors, working on intelligent themes and ideas studios were more comfortable making in the '70s than they are nowadays.

    This will either be a great film or a terrible one. There will be no middle ground.

    • Christopher Robin Meade

      i'm sorry if this post dosen't relateto the dicussion at hand here,but i reallyreally hate posts like these i mean granted there are a lot of atrocious films out there nowadays but man i despise nostalgic posts like this one

  • Jamie

    the only thing that i fear for it's box office chances, is that even just from the just know you are in for a lot of work watching these films.

    now, that may appeal to many of us, but i can almost see my dad saying, "i think i'd rather kick back and relax at the dentist, instead".

    • Yaz

      I love films but this is what worries me too. I don't mind thinking during a film, but I have to be in a certain mindset to do that. So with that said, I too think the box office could be effected by that. Then again, at least they aren't marketing it as something it's not.

  • SP1234

    Wait, it's playing in IMAX??!! YES!

  • Foggy

    I don't think the thing that's hard to sell is the fact it seems smarter than your average film, it's the fact that it has alienating components towards everyone. The fans of period drama and normal drama will be thrown off from the heavy anime science fiction elements. And sci-fi fans will be turned off from the stuffy nosed concept of the film being part period drama. I don't know if anyone will be able to overlook an element of the film over another, since the science fiction is very science fiction looking, and the period drama is very period drama looking.

    The only real chance the film has at the box office is by being immensely good, and I mean Oscar competitor good...

    • Arturo

      Good point it will be a tough task to attract both of those genre fans together. Luckily I personally am a fan of both more so drama pieces, but do appreciate a science fiction film when it has some art to it. Hope it turns out to be a goop piece that can bring them together to something they can both enjoy

  • Ilir Hyseni

    Brad, I think this will be a movie that will never forget...

  • Shloggs

    I really love the work of all involved, but nothing about the aesthetic (at least what's presented in the trailers) or the bombastic, everything-is-connected-so-let's-all-break-down-in-oceans-of-communal-tears-as-the-orchestra-swells tone is grabbing me. I'm sure it will be an impressive film when all is said and done. It just doesn't look like something I actually want to sit through.

  • Winchester

    I'm in for seeing it - but I do think it's going to struggle commercially based on that trailer and it may well be a case of 'all or nothing' type success artistically as well. I tend to have the feel there will not be an inbetween on it as well.

  • GregDinskisk

    Still looks fantastic. Great shots. I get shivers down my spine every time I see that shot of Halle Berry's car getting knocked off that bridge... Her name is Louisa Rey, right?

  • Ian

    If nothing else, this is definitely one of the most ambitious-looking films I can recall. Whether or not it delivers is another story of course, and I'm particularly worried that the Wachowskis have a tendency to get in over their own heads sometimes (see The Matrix 2). Ultimately I agree with a couple others above that there won't be any middle ground on this will either be great or terrible.

    Also, I must have missed the mention in the MPAA bulletins, because I definitely didn't expect an R rating. Whatever it ends up being, at least they didn't censor it.

  • Arturo

    Can't wait for this, hope it delivers. It does look a bit crammed up or like there is too much going on for one film, like someone from here mentioned it might have been better as a miniseries, but it still looks like it could be a good film.

  • Sandy

    This trailer gives me the impression that the film will be faithful to the novel which was
    original and brilliant. It depicted time as an interconnected labyrinth and the plot spanned not centuries but millennia. Usually, I like a book better than its film adaptation; I hope this film will be as cerebral and innovative as the novel. The trailer
    reminds me how much I admired Cloud Atlas.

  • Birgitta

    Litle confusing at first seconds (trailer), but going better after couple twinkling of an eye.

    Intresting, maybe tells a story about arise from re-