Watch First Teaser Trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Only God Forgives'

Only God Forgives TeaserA short, 20-second teaser trailer has premiered for Only God Forgives, Nicolas Winding Refn's latest outing with his Drive star Ryan Gosling. The film will hit theaters this year, but at the moment Radius-TWC hasn't yet set a release date, though at this point I can only assume it will premiere at Cannes, just as Drive did a couple years ago.

The film finds Gosling playing Julian, a former kickboxer and gangster living in Bangkok. When his brother is murdered by a ruthless Thai police lieutenant, Julian is urged by his mother (Kristen Scott Thomas) to seek vengeance or risk his own death.

Check out the brief teaser below.

  • Ron Oneal Fresh

    Looks stylish.

  • David Gaillardetz

    I'm on board.

  • Art


  • Chris

    I was one of the lone few who didn't find Drive to be the masterpiece everyone was calling it. That said, I still thought the film was beautifully shot which gives me a lot of interest in this one. I love Refn's style and can't wait to see him team-up with Gosling, who I actually thought was incredible in Drive.

  • midnight marauder

    Pretty Cool !! Can't wait to see the final film !

  • Yaz

    Meh... Too short to get anything from. Looks pretty, but most films do these days. Technology isn't the issue, it's all the other elements that inhabit the film. We'll see. Hoping it's better than Drive.

  • AS

    My most anticipated film of the year. Lovin it!

    • Yaz

      Did this year teach you nothing? Way to jinx it! :P

      • AS

        lol, you're right, what was I thinking....

  • Criterion10

    Can't wait for this one...

  • RagingTaxiDriver

    Can't say it looks incredible yet because there's not enough to review, but this is highly anticipated for me.

  • Randall P McMurphy

    Wow, looks pretty cool.

  • IngmarTheBergman

    If it's even remotely like Drive, it will be great.

  • Disco Paco


    I know your stance on trailers is to never watch them but you have a movie website to run. If you never watch them you can inadvertently upload some garbage. For example, this teaser. The video quality is god awful. It's like 240p or something. I'm not trolling or trying to #goodcomment myself here. Maybe you could get a Movie Trailer contributor to post and review trailers? At the very least, that person would find the best quality video out there. I only bring this up because RoS has slowly become my go-to film site and I'd like to click on a trailer post knowing that it has been vetted.

    Big fan of the Rope of Silicon franchise,


    • Brad Brevet

      I would have posted a better quality version if there was one. I always look for the best quality version. I don't need to watch the trailer to determine the quality.

      • Disco Paco

        Thanks, Brad. Your level of commitment to interact with your site visitors is dope. I'm a big fan of your work. RoS is an oasis in a sea of fan boy movie news sites.