Watch the Chilling First Official 'Foxcatcher' Trailer

Foxcatcher movie trailer
Steve Carell in Foxcatcher
Photo: Sony Pictures Classics

Sony Classics finally gives us our first official look at Bennett Miller's long-awaited Foxcatcher starring Steve Carell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo and I couldn't help but watch it myself and boy does it look dark.

Based on the true story of Olympic Wrestling Champion brothers Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo), Foxcatcher tells of their relationship with the eccentric John du Pont (Steve Carell), heir to the du Pont Chemical fortune, a story that leads down some dark alleys as this trailer is clear to point out. Vanessa Redgrave, Sienna Miller and Anthony Michael Hall co-star.

Foxcatcher is set to open the 2013 AFI Festival on November 8, more than a month before its December 20, and you better believe a lot of people are going to be champing at the bit to be the first to see it.

Watch the trailer directly below.

  • The Movie Guru

    Wow. That looks really, really dark.

  • Verbal

    Wow. This looks outstanding

  • Ron Oneal Fresh

    That disturbing vibe was what I loved about Capote and that's what makes me very interested in this film.

  • Liam Fogarty

    Looked great, although I would of preferred more subtle music over the blaring thuds that broke the tension over adding to it.

  • Matt Taylor

    Excellent teaser, very effective and creepy. Carell looks great and I'm happy to see Channing Tatum in another serious role.

  • G-Man

    Definitely looks like it has potential to be pretty good.

  • Nick

    Goddamn, Carell looks seriously good. Even in those few shots where he just stands still and stares, he looks positively chilling. And the way the teaser is put together makes the film look less like a conventional based-on-real-events drama (something you'd expect from Miller after his first two movies) and more like an eerie, tense, disturbing thriller.

  • themoviewatcher

    Wow. Looks dark and intense.

  • Ryguy815

    This looks pretty good. Steve Carell looks fantastic, I think he'll get a nom for this.

  • Nathan

    Just found it on another site that hasn't taken it down yet. It looks incredible.

  • G-Man

    I don't understand why studios would ever request for a trailer / marketing to be removed.

    • themoviewatcher

      They probably don't want the trailer released yet.

      • The Movie Guru

        But the question is, why would you take down something that you will only release a few days from now?

        • Ryguy815

          Who knows? Just another weird thing about the studio system I guess.

        • themoviewatcher

          They might want to re-edit it and make it longer.

      • G-Man

        Well that's the obvious answer.

        I'm no marketing or audience psychology expert, but wouldn't they want people buzzing about the movie and its trailer? Is there really that much of a difference in the audiences perception from seeing it now vs. a few days from now that it will make a difference in them buying a ticket?

        The only exception I might think could be that they have an agreement to attach it to a movie being released tonight/tomorrow and it needs to appear there first officially before online. Seems like a long shot to me though.

        • Bertram J. Krogh

          Not many have seen the trailer as of now, as it has been taken down again. So the buzz about the trailer has already started. I think it's a smart movie, if this is what's going on.

    • Brad Brevet

      They probably have an exclusive with a company and with it accidentally leaking online early they risk upsetting that outlet.

      • G-Man

        Thanks, Brad.

  • lonelytourist

    I don't know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it.

    I'm excited.

  • Xarnis

    Damn I missed it. Maybe I can find it elsewhere, but I'm really looking forward to this film.

    • lonelytourist

      There's a copy still up on YouTube.

  • bcf26

    I'm just gonna say I LOVE the trailer.

  • Austin Gorski

    Watch out guys. I really think that this could be the dark horse of the Oscar race this year. Carell looks amazing in this, by the way.

    • TheLastEquivocationofBrist

      Gotta get them horses!

  • Michael M.

    Holy fuck that was effectual. Very ambivalent and ominous tonality. Can't wait looks amazing. Carrell look's amazing.

  • Gautam Anand

    Always persisted with Foxcatcher in my Oscar Predictions. And boy, does it look good. Carrell looks fantastic. Is this the film which is going to challenge 12 Years A Slave's might ? It very well could, with a zeitgeist story to back it up. Bennett Miller can't go wrong. Can he ?

    • Jake17

      I think American Hustle and this are the only real threats to 12 Years. At the very least, Carell will pose a very serious threat to Ejiofor in the Best Actor category.

  • Corbin

    Wow. I think Carell has that Oscar nod.

    • Corbin

      Aaand it's in 2014!

  • Michael

    You give me 3 actors that I love, you give me Bennett Miller directing behind the camera, i'll give you my money (guess which movie i'm referencing a movie I really loved but I put in my way, it should very easy). Wow, this looks amazing. Steve Carell will easily get that Oscar nod no doubt.

  • TheLastEquivocationofBrist

    Yeah, this does look amazing, I don't think it was even in my top ten most anticipated when I ranked them a few weeks ago, but it's in my top five now.

  • Hudsucker

    Looks incredible.

  • Smarojit Chakravarty

    Why has it been removed?

  • Chris

    Looks incredible. Miller is such an underrated filmmaker and can't wait to see what he does with this one.

  • Patrick

    And just like that, Foxcatcher's been pushed back to 2014.

  • ViralVora

    damn! now i know the most anticipated 2014 movie is gonna be! the trailer looked fantastic.

  • andyluvsfilms

    Just watched the trailer, yeps, it looks amazing.

  • Bertram J. Krogh

    Carell is almost unrecognizable. He actually scared me. Very dark tone, can't wait to see it next year.