Watch: 'Dallas Buyers Club' Trailer and Poster are Here

Dallas Buyers Club trailer
Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club
Photo: Focus Features

Focus Features has premiered the first Dallas Buyers Club trailer featuring Matthew McConaughey in a role many people are pegging as a potential Oscar contender including myself.

Set to make its world premiere at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival, McConaughey plays real-life Texas electrician Ron Woodroof, an ordinary man who found himself in a life-or-death battle with the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies. In 1986, Ron was blindsided by being diagnosed as HIV-positive and given 30 days to live. With the U.S. still internally divided over how to combat the virus and restricting medications, Ron grabbed hold of non-toxic alternative treatments from all over the world by means both legal and illegal. Seeking to avoid government sanctions against selling non-approved medicines and supplements, he established a "buyers club," which fellow HIV-positive people could join for access to his supplies.

Along with McConaughey the film stars Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto and Steve Zahn and following its Toronto premiere it will hit theaters beginning on November 1.

Check out the trailer and poster below and stay tuned as I will be reviewing the film out of Toronto next month.

MORE: Check out six brand new pictures from the film right here as well.

Dallas Buyers Club poster
  • Gautam Anand

    Hey Brad, Dallas Buyers Club has now been moved to November 1 release from Dec 6th.

  • Travis

    Looks better than I thought, but I think it'll still be overlooked or snubbed come Oscars

  • Winchester

    This should probably get him onto the awards circuit for the season - not necessarily from the trailer, but merely the subject matter of the film and the feel that there's a sense perhaps within Hollywood that it's time to give him something for his recent efforts.

    It's an OK trailer but this one isn't specially on my radar. See what happens when it reaches the UK.

  • andyluvsfilms

    I love the trailer and McConaughey looks fantastic in the role, I think he's a dead cert for a nom personally.

    • Jimmy Diamies


  • bosrove17

    Hey Brad, are you sure Gael Garcia Bernal is in this movie? I think Jared Leto replaced him.

    • Brad Brevet

      You're right, my fault.

  • Liam Fogarty

    Yeah sign McConaughey up for the nomination line right now, I have no doubt he'll get his nomination.

    The main thing at question now is what nomination will it get outside of that, Best Screenplay sounds like a safe bet but will it get a Best Picture or Best Director nod? If the noise is loud enough I think this'll be a safe bet.

    • Hello Kitty

      I was thinking about the chances for Vallee and DBC to get noms. There are reasons the Academy might bypass him. He's French Canadian. Not a lot of people in America are familiar with his work. I happened to love how The Young Victoria was constructed, and for his first ever costume drama I was impressed. If anyone wants to check out his earlier work I would recommend seeing C.R.A.Z.Y. Great family drama.

  • Hello Kitty

    According to IMBd, Gael Garcia Bernal was thinking about being in the movie, but ended up not doing it.

  • Ben Kelly

    I'm so excited for this movie. I can definetly see Matthew McConaughey getting an nomination and I hope Jared Leto does as well

  • G-Man

    Looking forward to this. McConaughey looks like he's crushing it

  • Chris

    Yikes, I think I'll have to take back what I said about McConaughey not getting nominated for this.

  • SmartFilm

    This will be very hard to watch, most certainly.

  • m1

    This is clearly McConaughey's show, but I wonder if Garner and Leto could score nominations too.

    • Art

      I was especially surprised with Leto, hope he does as well.

  • Michael M.

    I can still see Matt, under all of that self-induced starvation. Leto look's like he steals the show, def. inhabits his character better.

  • Matt Taylor

    Looks excellent- McConaughey and Leto both look fantastic. I can see this being a much bigger Oscar contender than I originally predicted.

  • maja

    The trailer is too long and gives way too much away - I had to stop it halfway through. McConaughey looks excellent though.

  • Art

    McConaughey looks great in this. Not healthy, but an incredible physical transformation. I have become a fan of his work recently, hope he gets his first Oscar nomination.

  • The Jackal

    Holy shit! How much weight did Matthew McConaughey lose for this role? This film looks great, definitely an Oscar contender. Jennifer Garner looks strangely out of place in this film. What a year McConaughey is having!

    Thems the facts

  • Alexi Demetriadi

    Loving the look of this!

  • Corbin

    That looks really good.

  • kevinb

    I am getting the same feeling watching this trailer of Matthew McConaughey as I did seeing the first trailer of Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine - WOW ! I am moving McConaughey to the number one position in my Best Actor predictions, with Robert Redford a close second ...

  • Gautam Anand

    While everyone might be thinking that McConaughey is lock for Best Actor, I believe it's Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner, who are more guaranteed for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress nominations respectively, especially considering it's easier to get into Supporting fields this year in comparison to lead.

    • Connie Munoz

      I don't think anything is a lock at this point, but I agree with you that Jared Leto seems incredible in the few scenes so far... it will be interesting to see if he is able to pull of a character that is both fragile and a fighter, but I think he will because some of those scenes are reminiscent of the characters he played in Requiem for a Dream and Lord of War which both had the same contradiction.

  • Ryguy815

    This looks fantastic. McConaughey is definitely a best actor contender.

  • Aleonardis

    I bet Leto wins the whole sha-bang. So then Oscar winner Jared Leto goes back to shitty music maker Jared Leto. God I'm bitter... I've made a dig at his music on EVERY SINGLE article Brad has put up about this movie...

    • Connie Munoz

      It's hard to tell at this point as this is only a trailer, but based on his previous roles I'm sure his performance will spot on. So I agree with you on that point.... but as for his music, I don't see what that has to do with DBC or this forum for that matter.... by the way, music like film, paintings, or any other art form by its very nature points to the simple reality that it is impossible for anything to resonate with everyone... not everyone is going to respond to a film, music or a painting the same way. If you don't like his music that's fine, if people out there do that's fine too. I think making it a point to put in a "dig" about his music on ever single article about a film he's in is not only immature but are a turn off for those who come here to talk about films. Grow up.

      • Aleonardis

        I'm not being immature, I always tend to come off that way because I notice I write in a very nonchalant and douchey way to be honest. Me personally, I feel as if, with his talent, he's better suited as an actor than he is a musician.

        • Connie Munoz

          Yes, I agree, he really should do more film not only as an actor but I suspect also as a filmmaker based on his background in filmschool/as a visual artist/work done. The amount of talent not channeled into this medium is such a shame! But I was referring to you stating how you make it a point to put in a dig about his music because you don't like it whenever there is an article about the movie - that's what is immature and not a contribution to the forum...not how you write. I would never criticize how someone writes, it's okay to be nonchalant, just focus it on the films/performances/etc, that's what I want to hear and what we're all here to talk about.