Watch and Vote for the Best 2013 Oscar Nominated, Animated Short Film

Watch All Five of the 2013 Oscar Nominated, Animated Short Films
Adam and Dog

All five of 2013's Oscar-nominated animated short films have found their way online for you to enjoy and I have included them all directly below for you to watch and then vote on your favorite.

Among the five, Disney's Paperman is the favorite to win, but Minkyu Lee's Adam and Dog has certainly gained a lot of attention since it came online. The story of the latter is just as you'd expect, a story of Adam in the Garden of Eden and the birth of the idea "man's best friend".

In addition to those two you have Fresh Guacamole by PES, Timothy Reckart and Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly's Head Over Heels and David Silverman's Maggie Simpson in "The Longest Daycare".

Paperman remains my favorite of the bunch while Adam and Dog is quite good and the Maggie Simpson short is quite fun. I wasn't particularly a fan of either Fresh Guacamole or Head Over Heels, but why don't you give them a watch and see what you think.

I've included two polls at the bottom of the post, one for you to vote on your favorite and a second to vote on which one you think will win the Oscar.

Which of the 2013 Animated Short Films is Your Favorite?

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Which 2013 Animated Short Film will Win the Oscar?

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  • Lenny Feder

    Love the Maggie one! It's great to see The Simpsons with a nomination after the odd snub in 07'.

  • David Gaillardetz

    For me, my favorites are as follows:
    1. Head Over Heels
    2. Paperman
    3. Adam and Dog
    4. The Longest Daycare
    5. Fresh Guacamole

    I think Paperman will likely win since it is the most whimsical and sweet, with the most accessible animation. I would put Head Over Heels as second most likely to win, but these categories can be so hard to predict.

    • marlonwallace

      I agree with how you rank them. 'Head Over Heels' reminds me of Pixar's 'Up' if the wife had lived.

  • Xarnis

    Personally, I liked Adam and Dog the best but I think Paperman will win the Oscar.

  • Elijah

    The Longest Daycare embed isn't working on my computer, the rest of the films I really enjoyed so I can't say I'm favoring one over the other. Paperman's a safe bet but I could see Head over Heels winning it. Adam and Dog was adorable and Fresh Guacamole looked gorgeous, I'm a sucker for the animated shorts every year,

  • Jordan B.

    Loving "Fresh Guacamole", but I also love "Paperman." I'd e happy with either winning, but I'd give the edge to "Paperman" come Oscar night.

  • Steve Stager

    I really enjoyed "Adam and Dog". That and "Paperman" are by far my two favorite ones. They both conjured up some tears from this guy.

    Oscar-wise, I feel Paperman has to be the favorite, but I wouldn't be upset if either won.