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Vaughn and Wilson Get Jobs at Google in Trailer for 'The Internship'

Google sure knows how to market themselves

The Internship movie trailer
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in The Internship
Photo: 20th Century Fox

I can't tell if it's Google or Fox that premiered this new trailer for The Internship, but since it was released by Google Play as part of a Google+ hangout I have to assume the entire film is one big piece of marketing for Google rather than an actual movie.

As for what this feature-length commercial is all about, Wedding Crashers stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson reteam to play a couple of old school salesmen who, finding themselves suddenly unemployed and passed-by in the digital world, try to reinvent themselves by land internships at Google.

The film hits theaters on June 7 and you can check the trailer out directly below.

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  • Kessler

    It looks okay. I like both Vaughn and Wilson so it could be funny, but I didn't really laugh during the trailer. There is a lot of Google in it so Brad may be right about the marketing.

  • G-Man

    Looks ok. My level of excitement could jump tremendously if this is Rated R.

  • Borjatdl

    I canĀ“t stand Vince Vaughn as a comedian, I remember liking him when he did some serious work. I find him annoying as hell in this type of role. Wilson is ok doing always the same.

    But the worst thing about this trailer is not the main duo but the confirmation that the huge talent of Rose Byrne will be wasted again in a forgettable movie. Fire your agent or simply reject this baby, you are above of this material.

  • Arthur Carlson

    It seriously looks like its assuming people in their 30s and 40s are pop culture morons. I'm 38, and I know who Charles Xavier is. I hope it doesn't do the 40 somethings don't get the modern culture, because, they do.

    • Shloggs

      No kidding. My parents are in their late 60's and seem to be more pop culture and computer savvy than these two. What a bunch of lazy, obvious jokes to prop up a 100 minute commercial for Google.

      This trailer feels like it's being beamed in from an alternate 2002.

  • JN Films

    I hate vee vee (Vince Vaughn). He ruins movies for me, just tired of his same persona in every movie

  • Dranderz

    Meh. If it's rated R, I'll give it a chance. The only time I actually laughed out loud was a slight chuckle at, " you get high?"

  • Ryguy815

    Personally I think that this movie looks pretty hilarious. It looks funnier than Wedding Crashers in fact. Also, just judging from this trailer, I don't think it will be PG-13, it looks like an R to me.

  • Chris

    I remember one of the young cast members said he believed it would be PG-13. Hopefully that's wrong, but I hopeful. This trailer was pretty rough besides the high joke but nothing else was just okay.

  • theJackal

    I would love it if Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson had managed to bottle lightening twice after their lively and hilarious turn in The Wedding Crashers. Somehow, even after seeing it a hundred times, that film still finds ways to make me laugh. Based on this trailer, it looks like they have failed. I didn't laugh once. It seemed like two aging actors trying a little too hard. Oh well. Here's hoping the film manages to impress.

    Thems the facts

  • Elizabeth

    I think to call this a Google commercial is a bit ridiculous considering it's the main search engine in the world and isn't exactly losing it's popularity. If it were a film about Bing then of course, it would be a blatant advertisement but come on, the trailer clearly shows it's not about Google.