'Twilight' Series Halted, Read Stephenie Meyer's 'Midnight Sun' Draft

I read the first book in the "Twilight" series of books, but have since decided not to read the rest of the books after hearing nothing that gives me any reason to continue and it seems author Stephenie Meyer has also decide to halt work on the series, but for entirely different reasons.

Posted on her official site we learn the following about her planned novel, "Midnight Sun," which would retell the "Twilight" stories only this time from the perspective of Edward. However, her draft found its way online (really? I didn't know) and she has decided to stop working on the story indefinitely:

As some of you may have heard, my partial draft of Midnight Sun was illegally posted on the Internet and has since been virally distributed without my knowledge or permission or the knowledge or permission of my publisher.

I did not want my readers to experience Midnight Sun before it was completed, edited and published. I think it is important for everybody to understand that what happened was a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being. As the author of the Twilight Saga, I control the copyright and it is up to the owner of the copyright to decide when the books should be made public; this is the same for musicians and filmmakers. Just because someone buys a book or movie or song, or gets a download off the Internet, doesn't mean that they own the right to reproduce and distribute it. Unfortunately, with the Internet, it is easy for people to obtain and share items that do not legally belong to them. No matter how this is done, it is still dishonest. This has been a very upsetting experience for me, but I hope it will at least leave my fans with a better understanding of copyright and the importance of artistic control.

So where does this leave Midnight Sun? My first feeling was that there was no way to continue. Writing isn't like math; in math, two plus two always equals four no matter what your mood is like. With writing, the way you feel changes everything. If I tried to write Midnight Sun now, in my current frame of mind, James would probably win and all the Cullens would die, which wouldn't dovetail too well with the original story. In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely.

Meyer goes on to say the draft is incomplete, "the writing is messy and flawed and full of mistakes". Strangely, I thought that was her M.O. What gives?

Either way, you can head on over and read all 264 pages of her unfinished, un-edited, messy and mistake-ridden draft right here [PDF].

The film adaptation of book one in the series will be seen when Twilight hits theaters in November starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Meyer caught a bit of a drumming over her final installment in the book series upon the release of "Breaking Dawn", but I am sure that won't stop the die-hards from continuing the lovefest.

  • MylesMan

    you've spelled "for" wrong in the 1st paragraph, last line just thought you'd wanna know :)

  • flerk

    I have never read the books. I didn't even know anything about the series a little before comic-con so I don't care for the stories, but for a writer who spends months and years on a project this must be enraging. I can understand how the author just gives up after a incident like this.

    • Irene kinnell

      i know how stephanie must feel when i was writing a book and everyone started reading it before it was finished i got so angry that i stoped writing stories. so i feel sorry for her and hope it doesnt reck her career but i dont think it will

      • WhO?

        But iT doesn't mean you have to quit so easily!
        Like when you get a "0" in your test.. would you just say "Who cares i quit!" and not try???

      • W3R3w0lF3

        I agree if yu quit how will yu know if you're gonna succeed? mayby she should write the book mayby it will make it better mayby not...But who knows...

    • Jennifer

      Honestly, I wasn't too interested in the books when they came out. They were touted as being "teen" novels. I assumed they would hold no appeal for me. I ended up seeing the Twilight movie with my niece for her birthday. The story line of course is one every female loves. Really, who doesn't desire what they cannot have?

      It tweaked my interest enough to get me to read the books. I will admit that although I loved the story Stephenie is very wordy. There were parts that literally bored me. I love Edward, but I don't think I needed to read over and over how his body/lips were like marble. However, My love for the characters and story line kept me reading.

      I found the draft Meyer has on her website and read it. I think it is by far the best book she has written, even considering it is the rough draft. Edward and his family are more interesting characters than Bella and father/friends. His perspective help my point of view much more easily than Bella's. Having been drawn in (this is the first one which really drew me) I am sorely disappointed that it will not be published.

      I would like to see her rewrite all of the books from Edwards perspective. I think possibly her writing is getting better. We all know that when she began writing she was a novice, unseasoned, and practice makes perfect. I also would like to see her do a few more books to the series.

      I did not like the way she ended Breaking Dawn. It seemed as if she really didn't know how to end it. There are so many unanswered questions; i.e. Jacob & Renesmee, the Volturi, that another book set about the time Renesmee becomes full grown could answer and wrap up.

      • Me

        Thank you!!

        I am a fan of Stephanie's books and I am happy to read your intelligent and interesting opinion.

        I would also enjoy reading all the books from Edwards perspective.

        Stephanie has obviously touched a lot of people with her writing and I for one hope that she continues to write and grow as an author.

      • i love taylor lautner

        i agree! i didnt really like the way she ended the series! i wish she would come up with a book besides midnight sun to conclude the series better! i dont think she will though. plus, it would make her more money because she would have another movie coming out. (im so smart ^.^)

    • Ciera

      I don't think that's fair. You haven't read any of the books so why comment? this is about the book. Also we the fans didn't leak the story, so why are we being punished for what some jerk did? And what is that telling the kids who read the books "oh something doesn't go your way just give up." I understand feeling crappy, its a messed up thing, but it happens to everyone. She should really just get over it. In a way its better that it was leaked...It just makes everyone want to read it more. Unintentional publicity. At least she didn't lose out on anything with her leak... There have been Million dollar movies leaked onto the internet that made companies, directors, and actors take a hit on opening night. If you want to be in this industry you have to roll with the punches.

  • dalfiuss


    That is far worse than pirates distributing unfinished work, she was actually planning on swindling people out of money to read something they had already read, just with a different title.

    Anyone that has read the books knows that Meyers characters are written and developed at the elementary school level, so there couldn't possibly be any difference in viewing the events from one empty husk of a person as from another.

    • WhO?

      I for 1 support "Midnight Sun"! Because her fans WANT to know what's going on in Edwards life too...
      And i'm sure others do too!
      I'm sure Edwards point of view is more interesting than Bella's.. I just REALLY-REALLy hope that she continue..
      Please Stephenie...
      So if you don't like it! Then BUSS OFF!

      • someone

        yeah i think so. it`s really intresting than bella`s... and i really hope that finish this story. i dont agree with someone who thinks it`s just for money... if u dont want to read then just dont read. but dont say any bad words of here

    • AQHA1708

      I understand that we are all intitled to our openions but, I find your comment to be completely rude. Yes, she was writing Twilight again but, it became a completely different story when you look at it as Edward saw it. If you haven't already, maybe you should take the time to sit down and read the books. They are amazing! If you don't like them then keep your comments to yourself. I truly hope Mrs. Meyers dosn't let this bump in the road stop her from finishing her story. She is an amazing writer!

    • Kaity_Bear

      actually i think its brilliant. so what shes using the same story. it fills in all of those gaps that everyone wants to know about Edward. Now if she does the same thing for jacob them that will suck cause noone likes jacob hes a jerk and his mind is so generic that its a waste of paper. but if u dont like the books then dont be a looser and go around posting on blogs about ur dislike for them. really dude get a life.

  • toxickiss

    This is honestly really, really depressing. I'm just about finished Breaking Dawn and would've absolutely ADORED reading any of the books from Edwards perspective. Kind of like...we've seen Bella's and Jacobs...but? It would be amazing to finally see Edwards thoughts. If she ever completed it, I would still buy it.

    No one can blame her for her choice; to think anyone would do such a thing is just so horrible. This is an example of what one person can do just to ruin it for everyone else.

    • Marsha

      I think you are right I love the books. My friends and I at work talk about the books everyday. We have passed them around so all can read. Some of us are Jacob fans an the others are Edward. We are all in our fiftys and love these books Fixing to have womens night out to watch all movies.
      Would love to read Edwards side of it Most of us don't have access to computers. Wish she would write the book anyway.

  • Kitty

    I agree that it is depressing, and I think that Stephenie should have reacted better. I mean, this was her fault just as much as anyone else's. She was the one who distributed the copies in the first place, and she should have given more thought to who she was giving it to. (Or not given any copies out at all) If she wanted it to be experienced edited and completed, why did she give anyone copies?

    Anyways, since she promised that she would publish Midnight sun, she should keep that promise and finish it!

    I really hope that she decides to finish it, but she should think of her fans for a minute, I mean, think about the millions of dedicated people you will be disappointing if you don't, Stephenie! Then again, this most likely is just a huge publicity stunt meant to get everyone in an uproar. If this is the case though, Stephenie, focus on writing! You keep telling everyone that we're putting to much pressure on you, but most of it is put on by yourself!

    • Lacey

      hi i am a major twilight fan but all your guys comments just make me mad! "Just think about the fans"! You should think about the author if it wasn't for her there wouldn't even be a twilight series! i bet you have broke a promise, sure i'm upset to but i'm not blaming the author she has a right to be upset! if i was going to blame anybody i would blame the people who spilt the book out to public! you should think about whats going on better because this is none of her fault.

      • W3R3w0lF3

        I understand what youre triying to say but still imagine if she douse publish it mayby it can make evrything better its not like she just hast to like not do it just because of some idiots that did something iligell mayby if she publishes it it will cure everything..

  • Haldirah

    For all of the fans who LOVE the "Twilight" series we have a right to be upset about the postponment of "Midnight Sun". I have read the beginning of it on Stephenie's website and contrary to some peoples OPINIONS...telling it from Edward's point of view is VERY different. These books are written for enjoyment plain and simple. Isn't that what books are there for? If we (the foolish, silly, wasteful and duped) fans want to spend (or waste according to some posts here) our money on her books, then it is our right. Don't be such a grouchy puss and find something better to gripe about.

  • Pixiedust148

    So its enraging yes, that people actually put her draft on the internet but its even more confusing when this website prints her remarks on the matter (which are completely understandable and true) and then posts a link to read the illegal draft! Wow great support for the authors guys....

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com bradbrevet

    Pixiedust148 said: So its enraging yes, that people actually put her draft on the internet but its even more confusing when this website prints her remarks on the matter (which are completely understandable and true) and then posts a link to read the illegal draft! Wow great support for the authors guys....

    That link is to the official draft she put online genius. Way to read and comprehend words.

    • WhO?

      No.. it's this website posted the link to the post on Stephenie's Web Page.. So basically.. she's the one who posted and had given permission to her fans to read it.

  • xXbellaXx

    I wanted to read Midnight Sun soooo much!
    Screw the people who posted illegal stuff on the internet!
    Stephenie Meyer has all the frickin rights in the flippin world to be enraged and stop her novel but omg i wanted to buy Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and Midnight Sun at the same flippin time man!
    Now I have to wait *_*
    Curse you people who posted Stephenie's stuff
    I will now curse you*_* you will be cursed to have supernatural nightmares= = you must apologize to Stephenie Meyer OR ELSE!!!!

    • W3R3w0lF3

      I read the book after i saw the movie cause i hadent heard of theme but when i found out that just cause of some idiots shes not doing d book i got so pissed if she keeps saying that shes not doing it cause she wanted the fans to read the book all fineshed then she should publish it dont yu think??

  • Dana Stanley

    I can't believe someone would do that to Stephenie!! She is the coolest author ever!!! I jsut hope that she still finished Midnight Sun and that the idiotic person didn't spoil it all for the rest of us Twilight luvers!!!

  • ~Lizzer~

    it makes me really sad thats she not goin to finish it i told my self i wasnt goin to read the copy of midnight sun that was out but when i saw she had put it on her page i said ok why not if shes not goin to finish i wanted to see what it was goin to be like and i loved it i think it might be my fav at of all 4 of the twilight books you learn so much more about everyone in the book i so wish she would not only finish but write them all from his view

  • xxx

    ok seriously, the books are magical, and im dying to read midnight sun. but if she really wants to suspent midnight sun, shes losing fans, and she wont make the millions upon millions of dollars she would make if whe published the book. as much as i am hoping she will publish the book, its her loss.

  • sunny

    im soooooooo sad she didnt finish midnight sun. i want to read soo bad omg why cant people wait to read it legally, why did they have to post it on the internet and ruin it for everyone else?! please, stephenie, publish the book, billions of fans are encouraging you, please finish the book!!!

  • miki

    stephanie meyer needs to get over it!!!! she has a multi-million dollar movie and a best-selling nationwide book!!!!! boo hoo NOT!!sure it wasnt nice for somebody to screw her over but stuff happens so get over it and finish the book! stop being selfish and think of your fans......thats wat a REAL author would do

  • Taylor

    Hello :D
    I was pretty pissed also when i heard Minnight Sun wasen't going to be puplished. Not at stephanie meyer but at the person who puplished it.
    on her offical website she said she was going to continue it but a timeline hasent been set
    *leaps for joy* :D

  • xoEDWARDxo

    I REALLY REALLY hope she does publish Midnight Sun! and soon!!! I have read all the other books in the saga and my friends and I agree we need more Twilight!!! The end of Breaking Dawn was too good but it leaves you "thirsting" for more!

  • ng2010

    TWILIGHT was one of the best books i've easly read..(What a hot vampire) NEW MOON was kool in its own way (made me cry!!!!).ECLIPSE was intense how can bella love jacob???(YOUR A WEREWOLF DON'T MATTER I STILL LOVE YOU ) okay so their bff's so what doesn't mean they should love each other BUT THE BOOK WAS STILL AWESOME STILL LOVE IT ... BREAKING DAWN was just totally the cherry on top of the saga i can admit that but what with the ending ("FOREVER AND EVER") what so they were in love awesome they stayed together forever nice for them i'm happy!!!!

  • ng2010


  • Cree

    Your entitled to your opinion and all, but you must be out of your mind. "Developed at the elementary school level...", really?! Did you read the book? Yeah, its not rocket science, and you dont have to have a degree to understand it, but to say that must means your smoking crack. What happened to her was horribe, an invasion of her rights as an author.

    And another thing, something that you really should just get slapped for saying, her characters are not just "one empty husk of a person as from another." Yeah, I've read the Twilight series, so I dont know what your talking about. Her characters are well rounded and interesting individuals that come alive in the book, thanks to her.

    She isnt swindling anyone, we know what we'er buying and its DEFINATELY worth the price she's asking for. I cant wait for that book to come out, I've read the leaked version and its amazing. I cant imagine how good the finished version will be like, if she publishes it. And if you've read the book, you'd know or you wouldnt be ignorant enough to say that its the same thing with a different title. Edward couldnt be more different that Bella, but thats what just makes their relationship so interesting to read.

    So really, you must be talking about the wrong book.

  • tina

    I'm so sad, why does she want to quit because of some bad apples showing her book? the least she could do it finish the rough draft :( does ny 1 know her e-mail adress???

  • nicole

    Stephanie is a great author! I think she made a good choice. It was rightfully hers! Am I a little depressed? HECK YA!!!! I wanted her to do it from Edward's POV. Its her decision people so let her be!

  • ne ne

    @dalfiuss: That was so un called 4 dalfiuss, its OUR money were spending. Why don't you read the books , YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ADOUT!!!!!

  • Morgan

    I think that yall need to shut up ok. it is stephanies book so let her worry about it. if you guys want it so bad then why don't u write it yourself. and then you could feel how much pressure would be put on u. so give stephanie a break ok. i am a twilight saga fan to . don't get me rong but if i have to wait then u do to.so mabe if people would stock giving stephanie a hard time then maybe she would be able to get the book done.

  • Morgan Bodell

    we have to find a way to get stephanie to finish midnight sun. i meen everyone wants it badly. and she is the one who inspired me to read. i never ever wanted to read but then my whole school started talking about twilight so i got my ma to by me the whole series.so we have to do something if we all want to read the book.

  • gladys

    cheer up stephenie....
    i absolutely understand why you chose to stop making the novel....
    although i personally upset too....
    i mean,,,,
    ouwhhhh,,,,it must be really awesome if we could read from edward's POV...
    still......the choice is in author's hands.....
    we readers could only accept...

    keep up your good work stephenie.....
    i'll always on your side.....

  • ne ne

    @gladys: I feel the same way, every one should let up on her a little, though it is slightly her fault.... in a way and she made us all a promise so i'm still hopeful that she'll finish and publish the book. Besides it would and should be a crime to leave it unfinished.
    See ya!!!
    ne ne

    P.S. Can you stop using ............... so much, it get's kind of annoying. Like i'm not saying stop it altogether but just keep your finger off the button so much, OK. Bye

  • Mickey

    i actually heard that stephenis meyers is going to write it now.

  • tina

    @Mickey: if she was going to qrite it she would have put it on her website http://www.stepheniemeyer.com

  • MMT

    @dalfiuss: Do you understand the books at all? do you know how totally and completely amazing they are. and reading it from edwards view is astonishing. Get your facts staight read the books and go to hell.

  • MMT

    oh and I meant for my other comment to be directed to the person in reply # three.

  • crista

    that is so messed for someone to mess up her work!!!! this very disturbing!!!!!!!!! It's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashley

    what?? she's gonna write it?!?! anyone who has info on her writing it again, PLEASE post it up on here!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mari-Anne

    stephanie knows who had posted her chapters on the web site illegally and i agree with her that at the time she should not write. yes, i wish (and you have no idea how much) that she would still write. she said on her website that she is going to finish writing in a matter of two years. she should take her time. the person who did this to her did not make the right choice and is making her fans wait. hope thier proud of themselves!!!!!

  • Mari-Anne

    @ashley: go to stepheniemeyer.com and read what she wrote. okay? she said she was holding off writing because she was angry with the the people posting her story illegally and that she will finish in two years.

    • WhO?

      The cool author say what now??

  • http://www.evilgreenbunny.spaces.live.com jessie

    dear stephenie meyer author of the worlds beloved twilight, i was hoping to read midnight sun cause i had thought YOU had actulley published it ..as a book. but then one of my best friends allison had told me that it was PUBLISHED ILLEAGALLY! and i do feel that almost all of your rights were violated.as an author, but i do not however think that it was A GOOD idea to keep YOUR fans waiting for you to finish it! and now i feel even worse reading it on the internet. i read twilight in 12 hours and then i read the most intrigueging little artical in the "vancouver sun newspaper" that said you had drempt up the book! when i read "TWILIGHT" again after reading your article. i thought that it must of been one HELL OF A DREAM CAUSE IT WAS SURE IS STILL ONE HECK OF A BOOK - with love jessie hutchinson of smithers b.c canada 5:36 pm dec 10th 2008 EMAIL ME AT jessiehut@hotmail.com to tell me what the heck are you thinking!

  • http://www.evilgreenbunny.spaces.live.com jessie

    STEPHENIE MEYER , those jerks that published midnight sun should give you your dignit back as a person cause its not fair edwards point of view should not be silenced!!!

    does anyone know if she actuleey reads our whiny..but true comments and objection! if you stephenie my alltime favourite author is reading this so called comment please let us know i have dreams about reading MIDNIGHT SUN evry FREAKIN night for cryin out loud being a fan is not about obsession its about compassion- quoted on by me -

  • love

    this is madness she needs to finish midnight sun. her fans a very disappointed in her. Why in the world would she give it out in the first place. I know that i would not have like ppl reading my unfinished works................I'm a huge twiligher and i'm begging her to finish

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/article/twilight_series_halted_read_stephenie_meyers_midnight_sun_draft amber lee

    i think that she should deffinately finish the book i read the series about three times and i loved the books. and yes it would be nice to read a book form edwards perspective like bella and jacobs..... when i read the series the first time i was in love with it and i kept on reading the series, and i adored new moon and breaking dawn was deffinately my favorite one. if she finishes midnight sun i would deffinately buy it in a heart beat..........

  • Katlyn

    Stephanie better publish Midnight Sun, Edwards point of view matters just as much as
    Jacobs or Bellas. Im sure everyone wants to know what happens between Jacob and Renesmee (if you've read the books) , it would break my heart if she stops at Breaking Dawn. So don't leave me hanging Stephanie!!!

  • turtlelishes

    I think she should finish Midnight Sun i would really like to read a book from edwards point of view. and find out how AWSOME renesmee turns out cause momma bella is funny and daddy edward is cool and if she really does like jacob dun dun dunnnnn.... how cool would it be if renesmee and jacob had a kid.... it would be like a half vampire half warewolf that would be awsomeness... if renesmee can have kids... eclipse and breaking dawn are my favs. and i think Midnight Sun will probably be the bomb, exspecialy if its from edwards point of view... and i think it would be a tragedy if she didn't finish the freaking series... i will cry my self to sleep every night and then wake up and cry again.. THINK ABOUT THAT STEPHANIE THINK ABOUT IT!

  • Sarah

    Whoever leaked the book is going to die! I was looking forward to it!

  • pink icee panda

    @dalfiuss: ugh u kno there is a HUGE diffenence between the 2 books!! DUH

  • clay

    to say that midnight sun was mistake-ridden, that's absolutely unfair. and besides, IT IS A DRAFT. meaning: unedited.

  • Jayne

    Man, Stephanie, wake up and smell the decaf. You were lucky enough to catch lightning in a bottle and fortunate enough to win over generous fans by devising a good idea for a paranormal juvenile romance - but you're blowing it. Leaks happen. The trick is not to become a control freak, but to handle glitches with good grace and learn from your mistakes... and this was YOUR mistake by being naive about the literary/business world. Smarten up. People who like the TWILIGHT series and who have HONORED YOU and made you a success by spending their money in your direction both at the book store and box office don't deserve or appreciate your supercilious, condescending, petulant lectures about rights or your galling threats to ditch MIDNIGHT SUN altogether in retaliation against ONE PERSON. How does it help, really, by punishing those who didn't leak the thing in the first place? Are you a professional writer or not? If so, then stop barfing over spilled milk and realize you came off as intensely churlish in your public flip-out, meltdown. Talk about an over-reaction. Or maybe you are just being attention-grabby to trigger all the current ego-stroking fervor amidst your fans so they'll all BEG you, like the poor folks in many comments above, to PLEASE OH PLEASE finish MIDNIGHT SUN. Well, knock that off, too. It's as irritating as the way Edward chuckles and/or rolls his eyes in every other line of the entire TWILIGHT saga. Also, you might want to distinguish between us liking the world and characters you created as opposed to liking you personally - we don't even know you, stop being so presumptuous. We just buy your books and go see the movies and make you rich and successful. It seems that all the attention has just gone to your head and you've mistaken authorship for some kind of actual power, apparently. Yeah, if you deign to finish MIDNIGHT SUN I'd read it, but I vow that after that I'm NEVER reading one more thing by Stephanie Meyer, not ever. Not HOST, no, not even your interview in a magazine, because you've tried to use your creation to THREATEN your readers. That's worse than leaking something which, face it, gave you more publicity and probably more interest than the whole thing warrants. You created a product and have immensely benefited from that fact that so many have embraced it - but you are forgetting that you need us far more than we need you. If fans want more TWILIGHT stories, the fans themselves can create them without you via fan fiction. We'll keep ourselves entertained, without your hysterics, thank you very much. Or we'll just turn to the next writer who comes along with a good idea and fine marketing team.

    • JMcD

      STANDING freaking OVATION!!! Yours has to be one of...if not THE most intelligent and point on realistic comment I've read! I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion regarding Stephanie Myer's self absorbed delusion that she rather than her product is focal point of the "Twilight" interest. It truly is a pity that college educated does not always warrant a refined intellect.

  • Gaby

    Firs I want to say that Stephanie Meyer is I would say the best writer ive known about.... I am a good reader and it took me little more than 2 weeks to read all four books ... so when I find out that she was making Midnight Sun I olmust start looking for it averywere thats how i fing out about the idiot who got us all into a very long waiting list for this book.... I really understand her feelings for the book right now and i give her credit for that... But i still cant control miself to wait for her to finish the book... this books have become my life i just cant get enogh of them... if she as to keep writing more books about bella i would one of the first people to celebrate that... and if she writes all of the books from Edwars poit of view also all read them to... I cant wait!!! Stephanie Meyer you are awesome and your books are so too!!!!

  • Tina

    @Gaby: it tooks you 2 weeks? Ha. i read them all in 4 days.

  • Harry

    How come just one little leak could stop midnight sun coming out? I have been waiting for this book for ages! So have thr rest of my class at school (thats 23 of us!) Stephanie its quite plain than millions of readers everywhere want you to finish this book as eveyone has great faith that its going to be the best book ever! even as good as the other books! How could you do this to your readers leaving us in such suspence! PLEASE FINISH WRITING IT! you know you want to!

  • coolade

    Meyers is an excellent writer. yes we all love her books and yes we would love for her to finish it. but she needs time. i am publisher of stephinie and we are great friends we know who leaked this book out on the internet and this person shall punished. Meyers has invited me to a twilight get together. i support her. you should too. she needs us. think about what shoes she is in.she needs time.if she is the person we thought she was from reading her books then she will continue to write Midnight Sun. thank you for your time.
    i love "twilight" series.almost as i love you.


  • twilightrocks1928381

    Okay coolade, first of all i know you are not a publisher or friend of Stephanie. Whose chain are you trying to pull? You guys are all making a huge deal about this whole thing. Get off Stephanie's back. By the way coolade, I don't know what your smoking, but I suggest you get off of it. Anyways, Meyer's books are incredible and I know you all love reading them and want to continue reading them. But stop crying about "Midnight Sun" hopefully if that book doesnt come out Stephanie will come out with one even better.

  • Jennifer

    HOW can you judge? Those of you who HAVE published works know that a bit of your soul goes into each piece! Those of you whom have not, your opinion frankly doesn't count. Walk a mile in Meyer's shoes and you'll know why, when a labor of love is trampled upon, it takes a bit to recapture the passion.

    That being said, I've read the entire saga, Twilight twice, seen the movie more than a few times and I can assure all skeptics, fans are DYING to know Edward's perspective. It's an entirely different novel for he can never experience Bella's saga, nor can she ever full understand his. Love grows when two individuals, seperate people come together. I simply cannot WAIT until Midnight sun is published and I get to savor who Edward was before and at the beginning of his love affair.

    Stephanie (may I call you that?) PLEASE continue your craft. We eagerly, impatiently and profoundly implore you to continue! I am aching for the release of Midnight Sun.

  • Bailee

    I am appauled that someone would post her story. Sadly, I can't download Adobe Flash Reader so I can't read it. I imagine it would be great though. I'm sorry Stephenie!! :|..

  • Tina

    @Bailee: Don't read it >__< so stop trying

  • Mara

    OMG! The books are good anyone who likes them would LOVE to read them in Edward's veiw because nobody EVER knows what he is thinking. The charaters are not written and developed at an elementary school level.

  • Mara

    I would have loved to read Midnight Sun screw what everyone said keep writting it . Everyone would love to see what Edward was thinking.

  • Tina

    God damnit >_< if she doesn't write it I WILL! i hope it doesn't come to that cause i suck at writing stuff...

  • Benji

    i Would pay 100 bucks for the book if she would write it. :(

  • EdwardCullenLuver

    @dalfiuss: That is wrong! Stephenie writes her books with such compassion that you can actually picture what's going on that moment in the book as your reading in your mine and I have never seen an elementary school student be able to do that unless they were some kind of genuis child or something. Plus if you have not read the books as you say you have, how do you know that she is not a good writer your probably just jealous that you cannot write as good as her. If you don't like Twilight what was the point of you even clicking the link to this page no one put a gun to your head and forced you to come here now did they. In my own personal opinion I think she continue to put her own passion and thoughts into the Twilight Saga as she continues to write them. The leak shouldn't have stopped her, I mean whats waiting going to do? It was nice for the readers to get a preview of what Midnight Sun would be about in Edward's point of view. I mean don't we all want to know what he was thinking as he first laid eyes on innocent Bella and wanted to immeadently suck her blood or what he was thinking as he saved her from Tyler's van crushing her to death at that very moment, it will be a wonderful experience as she continues the wonderful Twilight Saga but even if she does rewrite the books in Edward's point of view, I wish to know what is going to happen to Renesmee I mean I wish to see how she grows up, how her and Jacob get along since he imprinted on her. I'm sure that all Twilight fans will be shocked and surprised at Edward's point of view so please continue to read the wonderful series and who ever leaked the story must pay for what they did, causing the book to have to be rewritten! I hope they certainly are pleased with themselves, whoever you were why don't you reveal yourself so all the fans can thank you for stopping the book from being written and making us wait any longer than nessacary! GO TWILIGHT! I LOVE YOU EDWARD, BELLA, RENESMEE, ALICE, JASPER, ESME, CARSLIE, EMMET, AND ROSALIE! DON'T WORRY I'M JUST HERE WITH THE VAMPIRES

  • alley

    @dalfiuss: maybe you should shut up because you don't know what your talking about. First off Stephenie's writing is not at an elementary school level. Perhaps yours is, but deffinately not hers. I've yet to see you come up with a novel nor saga as she has. So you have no right to say anything.

    Plus being that it is a totally different point of view or shall i say perspective, then it is totally different story that is to be told. Yes being that it is based on the same occurances in the first book. Some parts may be similar or alike. But it is just like someones thoughts and opinions are different. Like our take on this fifth book, we don't see eye to eye there so we have different stories to tell, or arguments to share.

    So in conclusion the author is not ripping people off, because of the difference in perspectives. It is a whole and total different story in entire.

  • Becky


    This is not her falt at all she intrusted the copies to thoes that she knew. She trusted them with a passion and they betrayed her. This dishonisty has ruined her train of thought and has cost us all.
    This is like intrusting a best friend with the biggest secreat of your life and you done expect them to go over and tell the entire world.
    I do feel that she should go ahead and finish the midnight sun just to prove that even such betrail can not endanger her incrediable creative spark and i feel that she may one day do so but till then we must all wait.

  • Michael Wolff

    Hi i loved the twilight series ive read all 4 books and i also went to her site and read the draft and I LOVED IT i was laughing me head off it was damn funny i would love to see her write all 4 books from Edward’s point of view i would buy them in a heart beat... Stephenie Meyer if you read this PLEASE WRITE THE 4 BOOKS FROM EDWARDS POINT OF VIEW.... WE NEED TO KNOW.... you dont know how these books have affected some of us and now we have gotten a taste of edwards point of view we need to know the rest up to the end.... Ive READ EXACTLY 12 BOOKS IN MY ENTIRE LIFE AND 4 2/4 of them were yours... and i want more... PLEASE... PLEASE WRITE THEM....

  • Claudia

    Ugh. That's what I have to say on the subject. Stephenie Meyer needs to get over herself and write the book. Personally, I believe we should get the book we were promised. So what it got leaked on the internet? Happens to a lot of people every day! Do they sit and cry about it? No! They finish what they started. I don't care if this is a publicity stunt, or if she's honestly upset. Who cares. All I want is the book. Oh, and those of you who say buying the book is a "waste", there's this thing called a library. Look it up. And another thing, Meyer's complaints that the draft was crappy are quite frankly, pathetic. She's not exactly the best author in the world and her writing in isn't what I would call "masterful". It is purely for entertainment that is, I must say, a bit shallow. She is no where near good enough to be getting all high-and-mighty. Money and good reviews have obviously gone to her head.

  • alley

    @Claudia: Although i agree that Stephenie is not the best and greatest author or symbol of literature in the world. She still does a good job, and i would think that writing about 4 great series or saga's gives her the earnings of some bragging rights. So what if her success has gone to her head she's only human, nd she's done great for us.

    I also think that it's a little harsh to not sympathize for her at the least. I mean she was writing something for the fans to enjoy. She doesn't have to. She has enough money by now to carry her through life in luxury. So yes she deserves to whine a little because her rights as an author were taken advantage of and abused. I'm sure you would feel the same if you were in her shoes.

  • Sydney


    You have said the exact word processing through my mind. She needs to get over herself, it's not her we want so badly. I'ts the story and the plot line. I admit she is a very talented writer, but she wants to wait for "everyone to forget" about Midnight Sun and continue writing in 2 years. I do not exactly want to forget, but when i do, and most other people will likely follow, no one will be left to read her little book. She is commiting a huge error and the book will not sell as well in 2 yeaars as it would now. Frankly, I am tired of her complaining and leaving other coments begging for her to continue. In Edwards word, "I'll just have to endure" and forget about tis hopless situation.

  • Claudia

    @alley: Look, I do sympathize with her. I'm an amateur writer myself, and I'm sure I would be upset, were I in her situation. The point is, life goes on. I just wish she would take this whole thing in stride and write the book. I've learned that once authors get cocky, their writing suffers. Writing shouldn't be about publicity or money, it should be about imagination and creativity. In her own way, shes a good writer, and I enjoy the books, but she owes all her success to her fans. It's simply unacceptable to let them down like this .

  • llavish1

    It's really hard to convey what a sense of loss I felt when I discovered the draft of "Midnight Sun" on Stephenie Meyer's website and discovered it stopped before the all important "meadow scene". It's really a good thing that Stephenie did not "out" the person who posted the draft. Seriously, I would have felt compelled to find them. Then I got to thinking about it...who did she give the draft to? After all of the interviews, I have begun to wonder if she had given it to Rob Pattinson to read, who then sent it to a production assistant or something of that nature, who then leaked it. It's one of the few ways I can explain to myself why she didn't sue the pants off whomever leaked the draft. After all, she couldn't ruin the reputation of the star of her upcoming movie. Though I can imagine she would have been pretty damn mad about it. Well, it's just a theory...I guess I have needed to come up with something since I don't have anything "Twilight" related to read. Besides, I need for her to complete "Midnight Sun" so she can write the next books. I have been formulating a plot (again, because I have nothing "Twilight" related to read) from Renesmee's perspective (showdown between Jacob and Nahuel) and then another from Carlisle's perspective (his complete history, the thoughts and feelings behind each addition to his "family") and a final showdown with the Volturi. Let's hope she finishes her "Host" sequel/s quickly so we can see where she will take the "Twilight" saga next!

    • Gary Roop

      Oh my. You have many of the same opinions, that I have. She could Twilight, all over again. Just in different terms, still in future reference though. Using practically the same exact title, and moral, behind each new book. I would love to hear back from you. Like yourself. I have nothing "Twilight," to read. So maybe, you have some information that I don't.

  • sanah

    can anyone else no get onto the midnight sun webpage? has it been removed or something?
    i was reading it yesterday, but when i went back onto it today, the page that came up just said that it may be temp unavailable or may have been removed.
    soo basically have they taken it off for copyright reasons then?

  • alley

    @llavish1: Hmmm yes i guess i agree with you, after finishing all the books i couldn't help but wonder the different scenerios that could be in her next book of the twilight saga. Although i expected her to not write furthur more about the twilight saga. I always wondered or imagined how it would be if she continued and wrote a book through Renesme's pov discussing Jacob and Nahuel's show down or battle for her heart. Of course in the end she'd have to pick Jacob, only because she was meant entirely for him. Also because it be messed up if the authour took away his only happy ending and gave it to a lesser character. But still i would have liked to see the conflict between the two.

  • alley

    @sanah: uhhh i"m not sure but you could probabaly go to the stephenie Meyer webpage, and the draft would likely be there in a link.

  • Dann

    No body asked people to buy the book. But the option, will hopefully be there for us. So NO body can say that its stupid of her to write it. Ive read the first couple chapters of Midnight Sun, and it has totally changed my thought on the beginning of Twilight.. Knowning his thoughts, and feelings. It was not illegally read- it was in the back of one of the Twilight Sagas..

    But to read about how much pain Edward actually had to go thru, come on! It may just top Twilight itself. The books have got to be the greatest thing written. Its got everybody hooked- even a 27 yr old married dad at my work. The picture is in your head.. Its so clear! Ive read all four books in the past month, with working full time, and a social life, and Christmas and new years. I havent read a book in about 6 years.. This has to say something!

    I say.. BRING IT ON! && every book that is linked to it, I will continue to buy, and read until the pages are falling out.

  • alley

    @Dann: good for you

  • dann

    @alley: was that meant to be sarcastic?

  • alley

    @dann: Haha at first it was, because i thought you were just rambling on about how your able to do all kind of stuff and still be able to read your book. But then as i read it over i realized how many ppl get lost in their books and don't find the time to do with you do. So sorry if my sincereity was taken as sarcasm. But no i really mean it. Good for you.

    Plus i agree with you that Midnight sun may be even better than twilight the original.
    just a random thought =]

  • dann

    In no way was I bragging about what I can and cant do. Theres people saying they read the 4 books in four days. So mine was hardly a brag.

    But I just finished reading Breaking Dawn.. && it was like a giant relief of my shoulders, knowing that every spare minute wont be spent in bed reading these books. Sad though, knowing Ive read them all.. For now..

    Speaking about that.. Anyone know when Midnight Sun is due to be realised IF it is being realised? Im picturing what the shops are going to be like now.. Maybe I'll have to become a vampire just to move fast enough to be able to buy a copy?

    && is there anything else linked to the Twilight Saga?

    Addicted? Yes.

  • Reader

    Just to add a comment, I really was touched by the 4 Twilight Novels. I do believe that it is a violation what has happened to the partial draft of Midnight Sun, but I am also hoping that Stephanie decides to continue with her work. There has not been very many Novels that have touched me the way that the Twilight Series has and I am 34 years old. It looks like, as of today the partial draft has been pulled from her website. Maybe this is a good thing. One, it was very tempting to read, and I have been contemplating it over the past few days, but today when I went to pull it up.. Just for a peek, of course. It is no longer available. This could be a good thing. Who wants the first 12 chapters of a book that is going to be published anytime soon to be available for the public to read.. Hopefully this is a sign that we will be hearing more about a release date of the 5th book in the series.

  • Claudia

    All I can say is that Midnight Sun really ought to be published. I read the partial draft (couldn't stop myself) and it ended JUST before the meadow scene! Talk about infuriating! :-)

  • emmet lover

    i think stephenie should finish the book cause i want 2 no wat happens and it will proably be a bigger hit then twilight but twilight still rocks

  • emmet lover

    @Claudia: i so agree wit u it stops at the best part

  • grisela

    i really really really want stephenie meyer to finish the book because i'm really into the books and so are lots of people and it will be a humongus hit plzzzzzz finish the book

  • Moonluv3220

    The twilight books are amazing!!! i always have one with me cause if im bored or finished with an assignment in class then i can take it out and have my mind far away. Her writing is amazingly good and i feel like im there in the book watching it happen. i read it like im watching a movie! plez take your time to finish Midnight Sun. plezzzz do finish it though i dont care if it comes out next year as long as it comes out! =)

  • mariah

    I really think that even though SOMEONE found Midnight Sun, it doesnt mean everbody has seen it. I mean, I havent even seen it and I was really looking foreward to reading Midnight Sun. I was really dissapointed when I found this out.

  • jessie

    i think this is stupid. you dont go back on your word.
    i understand its upsetting that some one stole it. but the sad thing is by doing all of this your giving them what they want, to tear you down.
    if she finished the book it would be a HUGE hit still! no matter how many people read the beginning part, it would just make them want to read it more. (kinda like and addiction) the more informed you become of something the more you want it.
    this is so sad that she did this. she thinks that this is the right thing to do.
    but in the long run she's just hurting, disapointing, and putting down her fans that have suported her through out the HOLE saga its so disapointing to see a good thing be givin up apon.

  • Claudia

    @jessie: I so totally agree times infinity. lol.

  • alley

    @Claudia: Thank you ^^ now i know someone agrees with me =]

  • alley

    @jessie: I agree but i also disagree, i mean yes it is rude to just cut off her fans from something they helped make successful. But it's also injust and wrong to violate her rights and all. Butt anyways i heard she's gonna make it anyway. She doesn't want to let down her fans, so she said she's gonna write it. I think that she's gonna pro long it though. Just to teach us a lesson and all.

  • Kandy Hoover

    I want to thank Stephanie Meyers for writting. I enjoyed the Twilight series. After the first book I wasn't sure if I would continue reading. One of the main attractions to the Twilight series was Edward. I wanted to know why Edward left and took everything that he had given to Bella to try to forget him. I wanted to know what was going on in Edwards mind. I hope that Meyers writes the book because I would like to know Edward better.
    I have not gotten into reading a series so much since the Lord of the Rings. I liked the books better than Harry Potter.
    I am a Middle school teacher and everyday I see several students reading the book. Our school even had a Twilight party and had a huge turnout.
    I can understand Meyers being so upset about her writing leaking. It is probably very personal to her. I have a Nephew who is a writer and he doesn't even like family member read his writing before it is finished. Give her a break!!! If you see this Stephanie Meyers please keep writing. I would love to read a book from Edward prespective. Have a wonderful day!

  • Dasha

    I personnally have not read the draft however I just finished "Breaking Dawn" and I have a real appreciation for the series. I would have loved to heard the story from Edwards point of view. I always wondered what he was thinking.

  • erica

    btw did anyone else get peeved off when Edward left? i mean i started crying and i was crying so hard i started hyperventilating in the middle of class and when my teacher asked whats wrong i yelled he left! when he asked who i through the book at him hit him in the face and said Edward did... then i started hitting my head off my desk and saying 'its my fault! its my fault he left' the called the school nurse and a psychologist...

  • erica

    @EdwardCullenLuver: hey did you know that you look like nick jonas on your thing for 1 and 2 i know im so peeved at the person who did that to her i mean were all human here... maybe...

  • Christine Williams

    I do believe she had a right to be upset, but I think that she needs to get over herself and realize that her fans made her who she is, and that they can just as easily leave her. I didn't read the books until my teenage daughter got me involved, but I thought they were exceptional. I am disappointed that the next book is being delayed, particuklarly since I read the first 4 chapters, and loved it!

  • Lynn Hall


    I read her books because my 9 yo daughter was looking for something at her reading level (high school) that did not have content beyond her age level. She absolutely fell in *love* with the series and is avidly reading, finally. I have a JD and PhD and love to read. I found Ms. Meyer's writing style compelling. Even though I was able to read an entire book in a little over 4 hours, I still found that the characters were well developed, and the writing was appropriate to the content. I had to travel recently so I downloaded her incomplete Midnight Sun to my computer for something to read on the plane. Despite what one comment stated - that she would be ripping people off by selling them something they had already read - the story from Edward's point of view, while the same, is incredibly unique. It has value in it's own sense, and should she choose to continue the book despite this sad betrayal, I will be certain to pre-order this book. Likewise, I would do the same if she wrote New Moon from Edward's (or Jacob's) point of view. Of course, I would love to see what torment Edward was feeling at leaving Bella for so many months, and his pursuit of Victoria throughout the US. Neither of these would be the same book, and they would be well worth their price (at about $22 for a hardcover). As I said, I would be happy to preorder if this was the path she chose to pursue.

    To Ms. Meyer - your books are wonderful. I understand that writing them is an emotional experience and I respect your feelings with regard to Midnight Sun, but on behalf of many of your readers, I am personally requesting that you find the strength to complete this book. It is marvelous, something that young readers need to experience. Not only would it be a wonderful book, but also a learning experience for many of them - that there are always different sides to the same story. Best of luck!

  • wesley

    first of all Ms. Meyer has every right to postpone her book due to the ignorance of the morons who leaked her book midnight sun... i read her draft after i heard it wasn't going to be published because her books are addictive to read.. i have never had an entire book hold my attention until her writings were discovered and i know im just like everyone else writing their complaints, but i can not believe a person would put her beautiful writings on the internet without discussing it with her first.. IT IS not right to put someones thought on the internet with even the faintest chance of her not rusuming her writing.. her books inspire people to read, to live to the fullest, and to have hope that their is someone for them to live for.. so for that person who leaked her version, i am highly upset that you would even think of such a thing as to make her stop writing her insperational words to world just because you think your doin others a FAVOR!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenny

    Mrs. Meyer,
    With all due respect, i'de like to say that you should finish writing the midnight sun, even if it took you ten years. not finishing it would be so devastating. But i do respect your words and your admiration. You have inspired so many people, espically me. i never new such a book like yours can ever exist. The way the it was, i felt like i was part of it or watcjing the film in my mind. i've always wanted to be a writer, i love to fantasies in my head about heros, villians, every emotion there is, but can't seem to put in words on paper... like you. You've inspired me to go for the goal and make a score. Your characters are one in a million! God has given you a beautiful gift and i hoped you use that gift to write more wonderful different stories. Your kids are lucky to have a mother like you.
    Wish you luck and happyness and keep up the good works!!!

    Yours truely,

  • samantha

    Mrs. Meyer,
    i am a great fan of yours i am reading breaking dawn and i cant put it down, and i only have 300 pages left. I'm trying not finish it because i do not want it to end. I was so shocked of what happened to bella after her birth to renesmee im at the part when she is going to go hunt for the very first time.Cant wait to read it. Im sry about people ruining you writing the Midnight Sun book. i really hope you finish this book i was looking so forward to read this book. i even got a job to get your whole series(im 15 i shouldve got a job anyways haha). You are one of the BEST authors i ever read!!! i really hope you make more books about this series. I know you are sad about people ruining ur dreams to write the ending of this book, but i think you should just ignore them thats what my mom tells me she tells me to ignore people when they are being mean to me or making rude comments of what i am doing. I know it is hard but just set ur mind and ur goals to it and u can do it.
    Thanks for making these series!!!
    Your number one Fan,

  • Team Stephanie =D

    stephanie not to be mean or sound rude but i mean get over it . i know you are hurt or mad but don't take it aganist us (Twilight fans). I know that if i were you i would be hell to the mad and i would sue anyone that came NEAR Me!!! but i , WE all want to have Midnight Sun in our hands.

  • Sierra

    I am a huge fan of the Twilight saga.
    I mean I'm not such a fan of the movie to the book because I though Edward was not very cute in the movie. But In the books you can imagine what he looks like at it's what you want. I think that I fell in love with Edward by the end of Breaking Dawn. I finish the WHOLE series in like a week max. I loved those book. It just makes me sad that I have no more to read about them. So to whoever who put the draft up ILLEAGALY!!
    I hate you because that is my only way to read more about this love Relationship. I think what they did was worng not to just Stephanie Meyre but to alll of the Twilight fans.
    And in Breaking Dawn I thought it was amazing that when I read the physical damage to Bella after their first time having sex. The picture that it put in my head of Edward with extreme carfullness trying his hardest not to hurt her. If only other guys could be like that or even if Vampired could exsitis I think that would be great!!
    If you would like to talk or chat about anything especialy the Twilight books It would be great:]
    Contact me at


    Okay, I think all of you who are bashing Stephanie Meyer need to seriously get a life. She's doing what she is doing because it is how she feels. I think your seriously being immature if your going to talk about how much you don't like the books. If you don't like them, than don't read them. We don't all need to hear your opinions. I for one think The Twilight Saga is one of the best series out there. Stephanie is a amazing writer and any of you who say she's not is just jealous of her. And whoever put up the draft of Midnight Sun is completely stupid and I hate you. I was looking forward to it. AND IT IS DEFFINTELY NOT THE SAME AS TWILIGHT!!!!!! The whole point of making it was to see what Edward was thinking while he feel in love with Bella. I have not read the draft only to wait for it to be even better if Stephanie does decided to publish it. So stop being rude, Okay !? Thanks :)

  • Nathalie

    I am obsessed with the Twilight Saga, definitely can't get enought of it and can't get it out of my head. I was so excited when I heard about Midnight Sun and have read what Stephanie has posted on her website. I have decided to wait for her to publish it (come on we have to stay positive) something to look forward to.

  • colin mofawking chappell

    i truely think that the twilight series waqs the best saga around i am very displeased with who ever put it out on the internet and ruined it for all of her fans i belive it was truely wron of someone to take this womans hard work and put it out there like its nothing but a peice of trash. i for one was truely was looking forward to its relese and many more books to come after. but i do think that series should have contiued of of the book breaking dawn altho i was very pleased already. who ever ruined the relese of midnight sun dose not deserve to be a fan of this author. i feel it was the most inconcederable thing they could have done to stephenie meyer the took her work and ruined it. i really hope she decides to continue despite what sum people have done to her i truely think that her books are worth the $25 a book here in canada and that they truely are the best series and story line i have ever read i am hurt by the person that ruined it for all her fans how can you take some ones elses work and plagerize it like that like who are you to take her book and hurt her and all her fans i truely think that who ever did it needs to go fuck themselfs

  • http://www.youtube.com anna

    i can't believe she's not publishing the book. i was looking forward to it and i think it's childish of her to be mad so she's going to be stubborn and make everyone mad at her. So technically she's lying because she said she would then someone gets in her path and she turns right around. i think that is rather pitiful. i mean she's a grown woman! I'm a huge fan of her books i have every book, hardcover, i only need one more twilight shirt and i'll own every twilight shirt that was made for girls and i have one hoodie, i feel i need more of those. I'm not hating on her but i do think its rude of her to have done that to everyone else who has and will continue to wait patiently for MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com anna UR MOTHER FUCKING LOVER


  • Claudia

    Honestly, I am so tired of all this non-sense. For goodness sake Stephanie Meyer! Just hurry up and write the book! This "I'm feeling too sorry for myself to write" is utterly ludicrous! My respect for Ms. Meyer has significantly dropped due to this extremely "drama queen" like behavior. Twilight is a wonderful book, but come on, its no Romeo and Juliet. It's not as if Stephanie Meyer is the next Shakespeare. She is no where near that good. Quite frankly, she needs to get off her high horse and give her fans, the reason that she has a career in the first place, what they want! Besides, did she honestly not expect this sort of thing? If she's going to be naive enough to hand out copies of the partial draft and expect everyone to be honest and trustworthy, then she defiantly needs a reality check. All actions have consequences. She needs to accept them and move on! I mean no offense to anyone, but I am a Twilight fan, not a Stephanie Meyer fan. Just the fact that we're all here writing "please finish the book" comments, and Meyer continues to do NOTHING and simply leave use waiting with baited breath, is enough to show that she's either soaking up the publicity and being a jerk, or is being childish to the extreme.

    • W3R3w0lF3

      That is so very true and I think the same thing either she shouldent have to save all the regret or she should and shut up!

  • Foxy

    you are totally right i love all the books poor stephenie....i also curse that assanine person who posted that draft!

  • natasha

    Ok... 1. If u read all for books in 4 days, then ur not enjoying it. Ur rushing thru it and what's the point of rushing when its something u love? I took my time with each book and it was worth it. I love these books so much. I started reading twilight as soon as it came out. Before the hype. And I could see it being made into a movie immediately. I want midnight sun to come out so bad...but the whole twilight thing will be over as soon as the last movie comes out. So I think she needs to get on with it and keep writing. Stephanie is a great writer and everything she writes will be a success.

  • Heather

    I relate to the comment that the mom posted here on the discussion thread. I am a licensed social worker and I read what my kids read beforehand to check for content. Apart from a few sections (Breaking Dawn would be hard for a preteen or early teen to relate to) I have been open with the idea that my 12 year old can read the books as she feels comfortable and we can ask questions. I believe the books are excellent writing/compelling to read. Even my 12 year old asks if we will ever find out more about Edward- she had heard from friends that a book might come out. I akin Ms. Meyer's response as to how someone would feel if they caught someone cheating, plagiarizing her material, etc. Look at it this way- would you want to have someone go out and post your diary out for everyone to see? Much of the contents of a diary are private and written in an emotional state. The writing would be rough, and perhaps you would end up with exposure to your thoughts you never intended to share with anyone. A writer is a professional, and "bootlegging" a version of a rough draft would be like turning in a Thesis half completed and not spell-checked. Give Ms. Meyer some time to figure out how she can recreate where she was at. When you are writing you get "into a zone". Throwing something like this out there is bound to create feelings that would alter the book in a way that the author did not intend. Let the mom spend time being "mom" and wife. She has likely spent much less time with them as she has been fighting deadlines, press deals, promotions for the books and movie(s). She deserves a well-earned break and it is selfish of anyone to "push her" into something she feels she can't get into now.

    By the way, while you are waiting for something to be resolved, read or buy the audiobook "The Host". Definitely one of the most interesting sci-fi/fantasies I have read. Kudos, Ms. Meyer! Wonderful book!

  • Noel

    I am a mom of 3 ages 12-8 and three of them love the Twilight Movie and the 12 year old who hates to read books is picking all four of them up. Mrs.Meyers did a wonderful job on these books. I do hope she changes her mind on Midnight Sun. I also think it would be great for her to write New Moon in Jabobs thoughts instead of Bella's. It is hard to believe that a 29 year old woman would love the books and movies as much as I do. I am counting down the days till Twilight in on DVD and the others are out also. Please Mrs.Meyers change your mind.

  • kaylee thinks your wrong

    you are totally wrong! the world needs to know what Edward thinks about all this there are mysteries about how edward reacts! don't you want to know the truth about edward's bizarre mood swings and how he thinks about bella and why he goes away and how the rest of the family handle this???

  • Colleen

    Someone please tell Stephenie to continue the book! I didn't even read any of it! I just read that she was planning to not write it, but I've been waiting for soooo long for it! Stephenie, if you are reading this, please, don't stop writing Twilight books! My life is Twilight! When I read Twilight, I am in a different world away from this madness people call Earth. Please continue writing. My life is never the same without Twilight.

  • Colleen

    How about you guys stop yelling at Stephenie! It is not nice and it probably makes her think about not writing it at all. It said INDEFINITELY, which means NOT DEFINITE. Put yourself in her shoes! She worked hard on her book only to find most of it ILLEGALLY posted! What if that happened to you? 1. someone stole from you 2. you worked hard on it 3. you wanted it to be a surprise 4. most things are worth the wait 5. people keep yelling at you for your decision to wait a little longer 6. what if she wanted to take some time to cool down and not put her anger in the book? Do you want a horrible book? If you keep yelling at her either a) there will be no book or b) the book would be horrible. If you guys stop it would probably be just like one of the awesome books she has already written. Which one do you want?

  • Claudia

    Actually, indefinite can also mean continuously, forever, endlessly, etc. Which I am sure is what she meant by indefinitely. Oh and f.y.i., she did not mean for it to be a surprise, else it would not have been posted on her website for the past few years. Quite frankly, I think she has had enough time to think and wallow in self-pity. And how hard can it be to re-write a book that you have already written, about a story and character you have lived and breathed for the past few years? Ugh. I don't care anymore, I'm going to go read a book by a REAL author! You hear that Stephenie Meyer?? You just lost a fan due to this whole ridiculous affair! Just write the book for goodness sake! Besides, all this obsession with Twilight is starting to get old and a little pathetic. I've seen everything from Twilight coffee to a Twilight board game! Really people? Really? It is a BOOK, not a religion. Don't get me wrong, I still want to read the book and if Meyer FINALLY writes it, I will get it, but she is sooo off my favorite author list until further notice. :-p

  • JS

    @Kitty: I agree with you on her part in what happened...I also believe that she is throwing a tantrum about it getting released and readers who do like her books are the ones paying the price...Anoter person commented that we should pretty much suck up to her...Why? it's her fan's that made her who she is...She was a no name author until twilight and the fans gave her fame and success. Instead of sucking it up for the fans, She is choosing not to finish it...I really lost a lot of respect for her..A lot of authors have had this happen to them and i don't see them refusing to finish their novels....

  • http://twilightmovie.ciom anonymous

    i love twilight and i think stephanie meyer should write a better version of midnight sun to publish so that the ppl who posted it on the internet will feel horrible about it and youll be known as a way better author than she already is! we all love twilight and never wanna see it leave. the books are way better and who doesnt love excitement and a forbidden romance!!! come on stephanie dont let down your fans!!!

  • Melissa

    I really enjoyed reading Stephenie Meyer's books. I hated going to the library just to check them out, and reread them. So, I decided to download the PDF files so that I wouldn't have to. That's when I noticed the Midnight Sun, it never said it was incomplete, or a draft. I thought maybe the library didn't have it, and I never checked search to see if it was an actually book. I read it all and noticed it wasn't all the way through...It never dawned on me to skim down and see if it wasn't finished. So why is she blaming people for reading it. When we didn't know at the time? It's not our fault. I never found out till I was at the end of the draft. I honest think that she should continue writing, and finish it, it was really good. I read the entire thing in less then a day. I couldn't take my eyes off the computer screen. It kept me reading, and I enjoyed it. I got anxious while I reading it, and kept wondering what was going to happen next. Then to find out that's it? I was mirserable to found out that I'm not going to be able to get to finish something I started? That's cracked up, I hope she changes her mind. I don't blame her being upset, but I think she should continue with Midnight Sun. I honestly enjoyed it from his point, as much as I did from Bella's.

  • alley

    Oh my gosh, people are still commenting this???
    Give it a rest! You know she's gonna write Edwards point of view! And what's up with the people saying that Twilight "is going away"??? Uhh neggative even if she doesn't write Edwards p.o.v, that doesn't mean you're gonna lose Twilight! What's the matter, c'mon this is all old news! End of discussion already! Stephenie said she was dissapointed that her story leaked before she had time to finish, correct, and edit. But she also said that she'll probably write the next book because she doesn't wanna let her fans down!So shaddawp! And stop your bitchin. She's gonna write so chill...

  • Twilightluver1000000000

    I really hope that steph can cheer up about this whole thing and continue writeing, I love her books and she can't stop now :( I don't know why, but after discovering that the stars of the twilight movie were given the very drafts of midnight sun that was leaked at about the same time, I've had a nagging suspision that one of them did it. I think it was Pattinson, one of the many reasons I don't like him. Also, he is ugly and I find it insulting that they let him play Edward in the movie. I have spocken

  • Sophie

    arr i really want to read the rough draft but it wont work :(

    I LOVE twilight it's just AMAZING!!!! :)

    I've even pre-ordered it on DVD, im kind of obssesed :)

  • Angel

    please finish your novel, after reading these books it leaves me wanting more. im 30 yrs old and have only read one novel my entire life when i was 13 and i read your in 8 days. i am truly intrigue by the idea of seeing thru edwards eyes. he is still such a mystery and im sure im not the only one who feels this way. take it into consideration please thank you. and to all of you who are being stupid about this give it a rest becuz this woman poured her heart and soul into these books so yes its violating to say the very least. we all aim for perfection and to have it ripped off you is ludicrious. thanks

  • Tiffani

    I have read all 4 books. I like the Twilight Saga a lot. I can see where Stephenie is coming from though. My best friend is righting a book too and so am I, and it would be horrible if they were posted on the internet without our knowlege. I feel sorry for Stephenie. I really wish she would continue the Twilight Saga, because a lot of people like it. If she doesn't I hope she had a good time writing the Twilight Saga, but a lot of us will always wonder what Edward's point of view was in the books. We should also thank her for writing the books she has, because they are wonderful books. Thanks

  • Colleen

    @Claudia: I know, what I meant was she wanted the contents in the book to be a surprise (DUH) and actually, indefinite does mean not definite, I looked it up in the dictionary (Double DUH) duh, duh, duh

  • cherie1980

    @Claudia: Seriously - to all of you saying that Stephenie Meyer just needs to "get over it" and give the fans what they want. Are you a writer? A musician? An artist of any sort? If you are you would know that emotions affect the final outcome. I LOVE the Twilight Saga and I really hope that Stephenie does finish and publish Midnight Sun. She needs to be allowed to to it on her own time though. She needs to be able to find the mental place she was in when she wrote the other books. If she can't do that, then Midnight Sun is not going to flow well with the other books and fans will be disappointed. Just back off and be patient.

    • VL

      Sorry cherie1980 but I do not agree with you here.
      yes I am not a writer or a musician or an artist, so I can not in all my truthfulness say that I fully comprehend the emotional impact of this situation.
      However( or should I just say BUT) in this particular case there is no excuse for this behavior. Ms. Meyer is not writing a new book per say.
      she is rewriting a story from a different perspective, yes but it is still the same story. So what that a sample have been given to the public? a good writers more often then none release a teaser to the public either by it self or as a part of the published book, to engage the public, to make readers want more.
      and if the original work is good, it works very well.
      That is why movie studios release trailers before movie come out as well. to make audience salivate over the possibility, bring up the anticipation.

      I understand that she is(was) angry when the draft was leaked, but it is still not an excuse. WE already know the story, we already know the plot and the flow. we know and expect all the key scenes to play out the same as it was in the first book.
      we just want to know it from the other perspective. and it should not be that difficult to produce it no matter how angry you are.
      so stop sulking, lash out at the person at fault with a gage order and a lawsuit, take a deep breath, and finish the book.

      this is your work.
      I do not get to have excuse not do do my work when I feel blue or wronged at my job, neither should anyone else IMHO.
      you don't do your job -- you do not get paid!
      if Ms. Meyer feels she has enough money not to continue with her work... good for her. but she should not expect that all her fans (that btw. help her get there) will be there indefinitely. She is not that good of an author after all.

  • Hannah

    I think it was a good idea for her to write this series in Edward's view, we have so much that we didn't know what he was thinking or feeling. It would have been a great book so we could know what was going on in his head also. It was wrong that someone would post this on the internet, it was her own privacy and it was taken away. When she was done with it and everything was to her liking she would have put it out just like the rest of her books. Why would someone even think of hurting someone in that way, it is not right and hopefully they will learn from this and not do it again. I was one of the many people wanting to read her new series and am very upset that I will not get to read it until she wants to continue it. In some ways I wish she will not continue because that was HER book and it was put into the hands of people she trusted and dispersed onto the internet.

  • Micah Cullen PLEASE READ!!!

    you dont know how much we've cried (your fans) because you haven't finished Midnight Sun. I know that I have cried almost everytime I think about it. I completely understand where you're coming from, but you are breaking millions of fans hearts. I pray every night that you change your mind. I love Edward, and the whole Twilight Saga. I think every fan out there will agree with me when I say what I say now. We love you. We all want you to finish your books. Please, don't put it on hold indefinatly! Write it later. Not write now or anything, because I know you dont want to, but PLEASE finish it within the next year or two. And please write the rest of the books. PLEASE! I relize what this person has put you through. But just think about all the fans' hearts your breaking. I love you and your books. Think about how many fans you will lose. I will cry, but also keep hoping and praying that you will change your mind. For your fans. Peace, love, and Twilight forever. :) Love ur books 4ever.

  • Claudia

    @cherie1980: Actually yes, yes I am. But I don't let my emotions take total control. We humans have this thing called logic. It's quite useful actually.

  • Claudia

    @Colleen: I know that. Notice I said it also means, which would imply more than one meaning. Context clues implied that Meyer was referring to the meaning I stated. She's probably going to end up writing the book anyway. Writers always cave to their fan's demands.

  • http://TheShadowGallery Marla Hensley

    I read Midnight Sun. It was an appetizer for me, so now I want the main course. I loved learning this side of Edward. He is a learning experience that had me falling into his vampire personality. Whoever your betrayor, Mrs Myers, they took a most precious bite off your apple-please don't lay it down. Eat the rest of it, and let your fans know how it tasted by telling us about our Edward in Midnight Sun!

  • http://www.stepheniemeyer.com Javin the awesome one(lol)

    it IS awesome. ya got to read it, but ya have to read it on ya computer and it took me...*thinks for awile*hmmm*think some more*...I don't remember, but under 5 days. IT IS WORTH IT. I hated the movie though. if you didn't see it already, then here some fyi(for yo info)don't see it. very disopointing....*sigh*

  • tina

    I did enjoy reading them... very much :) and i read them in 4 days how? I didn't come out of my room... I re read them later to... just not all at once... i could read for a week straight, but that would piss my mom off

  • Aissa Paul

    I hate that the person has ruined the opportunity for Stephenie Meyers to release another great book. I think that it was totally wrong and malacious of him to do so. But i think that it is un-fair to her fans that she has stopped writing. I also know that she has feelings and has the right to do whatever she wants...but i mean like i own the books and adore them. I really wanted the Twilight sagas to go farther then Breaking Dawn.

    To Stephenie Meyer: I hope that you take into consideration to re-do Midnight Sun for your fans. You are an inspiration and you are the reason i read so many books each day. You made me love reading. I really reallly deeply believe you should go on and make Midnight Sun and make it bigger and better then what that guy posted. Please :)

    To the illegally posting things bastard: Don't post peoples things without their permission and i hope the cops get YOU!!!!!!

    (i know it may sound corny to whoever reads this but this is how i feel..... keep going Ms. Meyer)

    -Aissa Paul

  • !!Jacob Black Lover!!

    i soooo think she should keep on writing! wat happens to jacob and renessme? i mean i know she thinks her rights were violated but she'll let down thousands of fans! it woulb be totally wrong for her to leave us hanging like this.

    KEEP WRITING STEPHANIE! (and i know that sounded corny)

    ps. i love jacob black!

  • Jenna

    please Stephenie Meyer there are a lot of fans that want you to finish Midnight Sun. So i'm asking you to please finish the book(:

  • Amanda :}

    Stephenie. i feel that u have a right to not continue midnight sun. although i really want u to, it is ur choice. i am terribly sorry that someone decided to hurt u like this by posting mid night sun on the internet illegally.by the way. i loveeee the twilight saga (: pleaseee finish midnight sun when u stop hurting

  • nani

    okay i understand that she is upset about the leak but really 2 years also if you think about it,what would her publisher say about this. we are going based off her thoughts and nothing else. and why would you support the leak by posting the draft on your personal site? it doesn't seem right to me but then again this is my opinion. and i do hope she finish midnight sun soon.....

  • celest

    @MylesMan: she did spel l it right ok! just thought you should no that bye

  • tom

    The first book was a good idea, i just think it should have been written by someone else. Some of the things 'Meyer' writes is really compelling, however its very repetetive. She is also letting alot of people down and acting a little spoilt by putting her new book on hold because of a leak. She should be stronger than this, its showing the weak side to her personality and writing ability.

  • shaene

    i love all her books somtimes me and my friends pretend to be vamps lol i just wish the movie was as good as the book i mean i wouldv sat there 4 3 hole hours if i had
    to i hope new moon (the movie) is as good as looks

  • Carla van den berg

    I have read the 264 pages of Midnight Sun. I am addicted. I have read all the other books and watched the movie 4times already. It is amazing how the movie seems different once you have read it from Edwards eyes. I could not stop reading. I really hope the book will be finished and we have the opportunity to finish it.

  • Marleigh REED

    Can someone talk to Mrs.Meyer? Or is her heart set on NO. I as a dedicated Twilight reader will be extremely saddend if the serious is not continued, this whole deal saddens me to a point of depression... I NEED MY EDWARD.

  • bloop

    i think that if she wants to take a brake or stop writing, she should.
    although it will kill me to wait or not have it.....
    it was published illegally and if i were her i would be more mad then she is now.
    she can take her time on the book if she wants to finish it

  • bloop

    and those of u ppl who ruined it for the rest of us... lets just say it wont be a happy ending for u.......

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/article/twilight_series_halted_read_stephenie_meyers_midnight_sun_draft Avie

    NO please complete the midnight sun and pls don't make all the cullens die! I know it was sad 4 u.... ubt i guesss i agreee if u r angry/sad then take ur time on the bookk, but I LOVE all the books espically the 4th one... i read the draft, and tht was awesome also. Almost everyone in my class (mostly the girls) love the books there inlove with it. So i dun think she should stop writing halsf of my school would go crazzzy! She just take her time though. But i hope the endidng isn't that alll the cullens die

  • Claudia

    @tom: I so agree. Meyer needs to just get over herself and finish the book! Yes, her rights were violated, yes she has a right to stop writing, and yes she should be angry. But honestly! Enough is enough! Boo-hoo for you Stephenie! You shouldn't have handed out that partial draft if you wanted it to be safe. And FYI this is entirely YOUR fault! Your poor decision making should not cause us (loyal Twilight fans) to be punished. This whole thing is utter selfishness.

  • taylor

    OMG how can his be happening its so gay!!!!!

    i have just finished breaking dawn and it finished up all good but then my friend ntified me there was another one and i got all hyped and stuff but then i got told that stephenie had stopped writin it and i got really depressed so PLZ PLZ steph if u read this dont punish us for the wrong doing of other people!

  • Shawn

    I would like to know who the person was that did it! and what happened to them! Thats really messed up!

  • debbie

    I completely dissagree. I have read what was written of "Midnight Sun"( sorry Steph, I couldn't help myself). I absolutely loved it and really hope she does all 4 books in that manner. I can't wait to see what happens. It will be extremely difficult to wait for New Moon" to come out in Nov..

  • Scion

    I agree with you (dalfiuss) on your assessment of the characters, and I wish that Stephanie had put more depth to them. However, I disagree on your opinion of the story in Edwards POV. Edward, in my opinion, is a deeper character than Bella and has to go through a lot more than she does. Especially in Twilight. I read the rough draft of Midnight Sun, and the fact that there are about as many pages in it as there is in Twilight while not even half-way done is testimony to that. Edward's view is far more mature than Bella's, and the story is much different.

  • Scion


    I AGREE! The meadow scene is my favorite in the book, and the rough draft had to end there! I really want Stephanie to finish it, I know it would be my favorite in the series.

  • Shawn

    @taylor: i sooo agree with you. i havent read midnight sun. its hard not to. but still im not. PLEASE KEEP GOING AND PUBLISH IT STEPHINIE. we would really apprechiate it if you did!

  • bella

    @tina: wats her email address?

  • seriously my name is Bella

    @Morgan: i totally agree


  • Cinderella

    I read the first 12 chapters...and it definetly would have been worth the money... it was an absolutely amazing book( as were they all). and its not the same book... it would have been longer, and its showing u the things from edwards head...ur seeing the things he did...its WAYYYY different acually. i just wish she would finish it =[

  • ashley

    stepanie,you should not pospone midnight sun!i am so exited to read it.ilove all the twilight series.almoast.im on the last one.i have probaly .........5 chapters left.so far they are so great!!! PLEASE DONT POSPONE MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!!!

  • http://www.freewebs.com/bnbp Brooke

    i agree with you completely...
    you shouldnt post your new book on the internet...
    i have read all your books and i appesolutely LOVE all your books!!!! they are soooo good, that i just cannt put it down!!!!
    i read New Moon in just about one week!!!! haha i never put it down! lol
    i am considering reading the whole series again, but i have to waite until my bff returns twilight to me, since i let her borrow it... haha plz respond!

    ~ Brooke <3

  • http://www.freewebs.com/bnbp Brooke

    @Shawn: yes u are right....
    it is really hard for me to not read it either.... i want to read it sooooooo bad!!!!
    stephenie! please keep writing!!!!!! please please please!!
    i must might die if you dont!!!!!!!!

  • Celina

    OMG soooo many comments. I've read a few and I can understand the many different points of view there are. Although I find some of the responses to Stephenie's threat of just quiting midnightsun more intresting than the books themselves, I think I remember reading somewhere that she wanted to continue midnightsun in 2 years or something. I think she said that she wanted to do it when everyone has already forgot about it because she only likes to write when she feels alone. So apparently she doesnt feel alone when everyone is talking about it. When I read that I really had a wtf? moment. I mean, i get where she's coming from (if that was even really her words- the website said it was from her interview?) But u know, I was kinda ed. I don't want to wait 2 years to read something that i'm excited about now. I mean, i like the twilight series but i'm not obsessed with it. Her books are fun to read but I know they aren't classics. I wish she would continue it and hopefully get over the whole issue but if she doesn't, well, there are plenty of vampire books in the world. And like some said, many people will be satisfied with fanfictions. I would personaly prefer to read the real thing or not at all but that's just me. What I do definetly agree with and dislike about Stephenie Meyer is that she was naive to just hand out copies of her draft to people she barely knew. I know she gave at least one to that director of the twilight movie and Robert Pattinson. I guess I don't know if she spent loads of time with them or not but even if they weren't the ones who leaked it ( since she gave out others too but only she knows which one was leaked and who leaked it and she wont tell who that was) it still seems she was a little too trustworthy. Well, i guess she doesnt care about us that much. She's ed at the people who read her thing ileagally and shes ed at the rest of us for presuring her too much. I'm was angry at the people who read it too and started this crap but honestly if i had found her draft (before she put it "legally" on her site) I would have read it too. So now I put blame on the person who leaked it in the first place. But apparently it doesnt matter since she ignores all of the people who put up desperate pleas for her to finish it -_-. So I feel less respect for her. Regardless of anything else it IS her responseibilty to finish that book. For the sake of the fans, her title as an author, and for her characters. Maybe i'm getting a little too noble here but i wanna read the rest damn it! But guess she just has to get over it and hopefully she will either finish it or at least make a definite anouncement that she wont and not just keep dragging people along panting for it.

  • Claudia

    Here here! *raises fist in air* I so agree!

  • Maureen van Staden

    Ive read all 4 books and it was great.I watch twilight the movie every day.im a huge fan of twilight and cant wait to see the 3 next movies. I would really love to get the book midnight sun and read it.I just hope at the end of the story that bella and edwart will be together forever because they make a great couple in the movie and personally. So please finish the book midnight sun that I can buy the book.I read all 4 books in one week.at work the whole day in the evenings until about 2 in the mornings.Great work Stephenie.

  • Celina

    @Claudia: I completely agree. Every estrogen filled teenager in my school is literally OBSESSED. They never stopped talking about it. And apparently all of them are going to marry Robert Pattinson, the Jacob guy, the Emmett guy, and the Jonas brothers -_-. So they basically want a reverse harem.
    I even overheard one girl saying she prays to Stephenie Meyer to finish Midnightsun. Not to god for Meyer to finish it. She prays TO Stephenie Meyer! o.O sometimes I worry people will start a religion. Is it true that some girls cut there throats with their nails when they saw Robert Pattinson come out somewhere!? Well they'll commit suicide when they find out he's doing a move called "little ashes" which is rated R for the gay scene that happens between him and some other guy while they're naked in a lake.

  • gabby

    I really want Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun. I havent read the draft posted on the internet, trying to stay loyal to Stephanie Meyer, but I want to read the book so much. I think she should finish the book for all her fans, and try to move on from the leak. I know a book is always better in its last version, and that Stephanie didnt want people to read Midnight Sun before it was published, but she could start the book over, change it a lot, and make as great as all the other books. But it is her choice, and whatever her choice is, is the one i want to respect

  • Holli

    I agree, it is pretty depressing about Midnight sun and I would so love her to start writing it again. This was my first time reading the partial draft via her website and I love reading it from Edward's perspective.

  • montgomeryk

    Same here! 4 days to read it. My husband and children were considering locking me up in the funny farm. They did not understand the obsession and I did not realize they could not function without my attention for longer than 15 minutes.

  • Shay

    All of the boos were AWESOME! Twilight, was good, but it was also just the begining, so it wasnt the best to me, but it was enough to get me to read the othr books. New Moon, was... different, it was good, and made mekeep turning pages, I loved it. Eclipse, it seemed like it didnt realy have a meaning to me 'cause nothing super big happened in it but it did tell you how things wre going to be between Bella and Jake, so otherwise it was fantisitc, oh and it showed who Bella was goig to be with (Edward)!!!!! Now, Breakin Dawn, it was above all the best book I have ever read, it told what Bellas human life was like being married to Edward was liike and then Jake told how much pain he was in while Bella was carrying Renesmee, he thought tha he was loseing everything he wasnted, then, Bella tells her story again about what it is like to be a vampire, mother, and a wife. then after her first hunt she finds out that Jake the boy who used to love her only love her because Renesmee was part of her even befor Bella got pregnat , Bella got mad and hated Jake but then later found out that Renesmee was untouchable because Jake had imprinted on her.
    Again, all of the books were great. I hope thatStephaine Meyer will fiish Midnight Sun, and then wrtes the other books from Edwards point of view.

    To Stephine: Please finish writing Midnght Sun, Then if you can please write the other books in Edwards perspective. We (your fans) love your books and hope and plea that you will finsh the best novels tha has ever been writen about vampires. We NEED and WANT those books. Please please please please please pleasssssse finish those books??????????????????

    Whoever posted Midnight Sun on the internet without Stephines aprovle is a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!! bitch! bitch! bitch! bitch! bitch!

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/article/twilight_series_halted_read_stephenie_meyers_midnight_sun_draft Avieee

    I agree i mean why would any 1 wannna post up stephanies draft wiithout permission, it was just a draft, but i must say the draft was awesome!!!!!!! I just hope that stephenie cools down and decides to make the boook...If she dosent then the person who put the draft on wrecked it for allll of us who wants to read it...

  • -Sydddd`

    @miki: wow..ur rite...i mean...shit happens n wen it duz..u gotta get over it!! shes bein a baby....ppl get screwed over..get over it Stephanie...

  • Victoria

    Let's say she dosent finish it. I think personally that would be selfish of her because she has billions and billions and BILLIONS of fans (I'm a fan myself) but she kinda needs to get over it becasue millions of her fans watn to read midnight sun and she said all this stuff how she dosen't feel the same writing it. Then why did she tell people she was writing a perspective of edwards view I mean yeah shes telling people about her new book. But she probable forgotten her fans that WANT to read it. I mean millions of movies get pirated and songs get taken without rights. How would those singers feel or the movie producer feel when they get there sstuff taken with out rights!

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/article/twilight_series_halted_read_stephenie_meyers_midnight_sun_draft Aviee

    i totally agree with that!

  • hannah lappin

    please stephanie write midnight sun.people have really grown to love edward and bella.you have to write it.

  • hannah lappin

    it would be an amazing book looking at it from edwards pointview.it would just make people love the story even more ........................................please write it ...... but im not forcing you to its your choice :D

  • momof3boys

    This is the only time were the movie is better than the book. After seeing "Twilight" I ran out and got the other three books and read them. I have never been so disappointed. I hope she is done writing. Thank god she had nothing to do w/ the screen play.

  • jennifer

    Stephanie Meyer is old enough to know that no matter how much you think you can trust someone, it doesn't always hold true. She gave out copies of the draft, she took a chance. I don't believe that just because 1 person put midnight sun on the internet her MILLIONS of fans should be denied the chance to read the book in it's entirety. I'm truly sorry this happened to her, I think it is very wrong. However, Now that all her fans have had a chance to read the partial draft, I don't think it's right to hold it back. Edward is a character that has become very dear to people. We've been told of this book being told in his perspective. We've read just enough to get our hopes up. If she refuses to finish it, she will be letting a lot of people down when it was only 1 person in the beginning who let her down.

  • Luvey

    Dalfiuss, Midnight Sun IS Twilight indeed, but written from a different sight.
    Its not stealing money from everyone that buys it.
    Everyone is free to buy, or not buy that book ( if it would be published ).

    But, since Edward is away from Bella most of the time ( or so she thinks ), he has a totally different story.
    It really is different.
    At the end, its the same.
    Just another telling.

    Lots of people get Edward wrong, stephenie said.
    She wanted to explain him.
    Tháts why she wrote te book.
    No other reasons involded I believe.

    And Shay, i don't agree with the.. ''breaking dawn best book ever''
    I mean.. all it goes about is Bella, getting pregnant. and then its about The Volturi.
    They all belive they're going to die.
    All the 4 books we're heading this way, to the big fight with the Volturi.
    And all that ever happends is a conversation.

    I found that very dissapointing.

    I'm writing a 5th book myself. Just for me, to really end it :)

    and for so far... i hope Stephenie will find the will to complete the book.
    I'd love to read it <3

  • Isabelle

    @Taylor: Not true... The comment that says this was actually posted before everything happened :( it was actually posted in june 2008 she would write it... and in august that the illegal copy was on the net.. (or is there an even newer post?) I really hope she continues writing it too, Edward is more interesting than Bella ^^ and actually all the books could change completely from his view, he just does so many strange things...

  • Abigail

    Well, for my perspective... I think Stephenie Meyer should continue with "Midnight Sun" and stop felling sorry for herself! Its ridiculous... So her story got leak... She should take that as an inducement for her to try harder! And if she doesn't want to continue... She could go along with the sequences of "Breaking Dawn" because for my perspective I think it's not finish... She could see this in "twilight saga" website (it's something like "friendster" or "facebook") at the discussion of "Twilight Novel" that lots of people think that it's still not finish.
    So. Stephenie, move on and continue with the sequences of "Breaking Dawn" then if you've got to the last book (The Happily Ever After) then continue with "Midnight Sun"... :)
    Coz, as I said... "Breaking Dawn" isn't finish yet... :)

  • Abigail

    @Isabelle: Very true... :)

  • JMDon Ald

    No wonder Bella is written as such a drama queen...no mystery there. I wish Stephanie Meyers would just finish the book and end the histrionics. It's regrettable that someone trespassed on her rights and took control of her property...but she can't seriously think she's an exclusive victim to this type of piracy. At least it's still her work and the credit remains hers. Besides the exposure only gained a larger fan base for the book...Twilight fan appetites for the book have been whetted...it seems the thief only managed to provide
    free advertisment for her product. The work may have been rough draft, but surely she
    doesn't consider readers clueless enough to not know that most works are created from rough drafts...who pens a finished product at first attempt? It seems a little pompous and ingracious to penalize your readers and fans who have been faithful to your work and made
    her family wealthy. How about a little appreciation and consideration for that base and a little less dramatics. Get over it....protect your future work more closely and finish the book. I know I for certain will not spend another dime or minute reading anything else written by an author who has so much contempt and so little consideration for her readers. Until this book is finished I will not read any thing else written by Stephanie Meyers

  • Chelsea

    I cant believe that she quit writing the book just because it leaked on the internet. It happens all the time. Its not as big of a deal as she makes it seem. Sure, I can understand taking a few days or weeks off to cool down about it and then finish writing. She is going to loose fans quick. Unless she finishes writing, She is going to loose several fans and the respect of the people who trusted her to be loyal to her books. I dont mean this as direspectful in anyway. Its just an opinion of what I think.Please dont take it the wrong way.I feel bad that someone did that to her.If I where her it would hurt my self-esteem if someone did that to me. So I can understand how bad it would hurt her. I feel as if I need to read more. I think its a good Idea to put the first few chapters before it comes out so people can get a good sense of what is coming. It will help readers want to read it more.I absolutely love the twilight Series and I really wish she would finish it.Her mistake was trusting someone that was not fit to be trusted. So I am asking,no begging Stephanie Meyer to finish the last book! Please.Thanks for listening.

  • Meghan Hillier

    Stephanie I Know You Are Very Upset With Those People And I Would Be To,But I Haven't Read Midnight Sun Yet But I Really Hope That You Will Continue Writing Me And My Friend's LOVE Your Writing Your A Genuis !My Life Hasen't Been A Bucket Of Roses Either Latley !But That Doesn't Mean That Im Going To Give And I Hope You Won't Either !=)

  • Rose


    In June of 2008 she said it was her next project but no timeline was set, then in august of 2008 she announced the illegal distribution of the partial draft and said she is not going to finish it. So with no updates on the matter since August of 2008, we're all still led to believe that she will not be finishing the book, which is very depressing. I read the partial draft (the legal way) on her website and it is amazing. I really hope she has a change of heart and finishes the book.

  • Claudia

    Good God, she's STILL moping about and refusing to write the book? How pathetic and childish. I doubt I'll even read it though; I'm bored with Twilight anyway.

  • Jessica

    I think that she should still write the book all the way and release for those who are still interested in it. If you have no more desire to read this book than I think you should keep your comments to yourself and try not to ruin it for the rest of who are still hoping it will come out.

    So Stephanie please finish your book(:

  • Princess Tink

    i wanted to know if she will let us read the book midnight sun on the internet

  • CeLeste

    PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO THE READERS AND THE WRITERS YOU HAVE INSPIRED I NEVER THOUGHT OF BEING A WRITER TELL AFTER THE FIRST BOOK SHE WROTE WAS AMAZING, THEN MY HEART WENT HISTATIC WHEN I FOUND OUT THERE WAS A WHOLE SAGA. PLEASE FINISH THE BOOK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia Rebis

    I love your books so much!The person who published your book must have something wrong with him or her!His or her life will be ruined whenever everyone finds out who did it!I am not reading the book online cause i want to read the hole thing in one because oncei finish one of the twilight books i almost go deprest.I love the book so much!

  • Maja

    I am sorry that the book was stolen, but i do hope that ypu will continue writing since i am a big fan of your work :)

  • Rebecca

    I can't believe ppl are so selfish and rude she will not lose fans or respect! Stephenie Meyer just got her shit she been working on for ages put on the internet to be viewed by billions as if like this person owns it and wrote it themselves!! This book are for her fans this woman has money she dosen't have to write any more but she is cuz she loves it and does it for ppl like me who reads them as an escape of my own real life. WTF is with ppl threatening she OWES it to her fan 2 finish the book! Don't get me wrong 'I hope you do finish it cuz ur a damn good writer and I read your work to my 3 month old baby' but this woman owes us nothing it's her time spent away from her kids be glad that she gave you the chance to experience/taste her work! shame on you Stephen King I think Meyer is a great writer love the way she writes it and how easy it is to actually have your personal movie in your head while your reading it feel like a child using my imaginations again!! English is my second language and this girl got me hooked!! Itching to read the copy of Midnight Sun but got 2much respect for Meyer so will wait until this artist dazzle me and the whole world with the legal copy! Can't believe this website put

  • charlie

    who ever put the copy on the internet have not only ruined things for stephenie myer but they have ruined it for the fans yes i have glanced at the copy of midnight sun but it pains my heart to much to read

  • Claudia

    Wow, reading these comments is so entertaining. Really people? Go read something else. Stephenie Meyer obviously doesn't give a damn about her fans, seeing as she is ignoring your pleas. This talk of her work being "inspiring" and "a master piece" is ridiculous. This Twilight mania is a phase. It will pass. Twilight is simply a shallow, predictable, and over done romance. Boy meets girl, girl and boy fall in love, love is forbidden, boy and girl end up together anyway. Yes, truly masterful.

  • Catt

    i agree with the depression and with her decision i mean come on whoever posted that up really why couldn't you let her finish or at least ask. and if they didn't post it up, then it probably wouldn be selling

  • Rachel

    Dey wnt out and spoiled it 4 da rest of us and 2 me its not fare to evry one who actually enjoys her books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pissed 2 da fullest extent rite now and some body better hope dat MIDNIGHT SUN pulls through or its gon b sum hell!!!!!!!!!!!
    And to you, Stephenie, f*** doze hatrz and thnk bout yo fanz in fact im scared 2 even read Breaking Dawn cuz I aint gon kno wat 2 do after datz finished too!!!!!! And I will neva get over it if I cant read any more Twilight books!!!!!!!!

  • twinerds

    thank god it been stop. it a horrid series, with horrid plots, edward point of view? please i know well enough the fuck a pixie and sparkle....i'll burn all the copies if i was rich enough...retards.

  • emily

    u knw what twinerds u are a stupid ass hole the twilight series is the best goddam series sence harry potter and i hope that step finishes the book and keeps writing

  • robbiesmom

    cant believe ppl can be so selfish with stuff that doesnt belong to them. This author trusted each and everyone of you with something that was so important to her and now she will have to stop writing something that she has spent so long working on because stupid fuckin ppl dont know how to be trusted and thanks to the ass holes who did it ruined for everyone that actually likes the twilight series. Hopefully STEPHENIE can overcome this and finish the series because i would love to read it.

  • Kasey

    I really think this is bull. I think the person who published her rough draft is really out of place. I love all the books and I adore the characters. Twilight has been an escape for alot of tragic going on in my life and now that its come to an end i cant help but be extremely dissapointed. I hope she changes her mind and decides to write the book. Edward is my fav and I would love to see what goes on in his mind as we've got to see in Bellas and Jacobs. Twilight is a great saga and I hope the person who did this pays.

  • Waverly Lam

    I dont' blame stephenie, but this is REALLY REALLY depressing.I can't believe that person posted on the web! This just really really sucks. But I can see steph's point, you can't write if your'e not in the mood. *sigh* I wish she would

  • nikki

    @Jayne: Its not that shes using her power over us or making us wait on purpose she is upset and angry at the people who stole something that was legally hers she is making a point that if piracy the way it is carrys on then these authors will be put out of business and wont be able to carry on writing shes not being a bad person shes trying to stop or influence her fans to stop something that could ruin the future publishing industry is that so bad? if we all have to wait a little bit longer for her to make a point to the world then im behind her all the way she said in her statement that she was bringing it to peoples attention this is just the only way maybe that people will realise how wroung piracy is and how upsetting and career destroying this can be!!!

  • http://chad-green.blogspot.com chad green

    i just heard about the midnite sun incedent who gives a crap it was only the 1st 12 chapters its not like they stole the whole book or anything stepinie if u were smart u would hurry up and write the book there are people like me who are "hungry" for more edward and bella romances people are "thirsting" for more twilight books and also back to the incedent you are not the only author who has had this problem also sorry to say


  • beth

    look i just found out why she wont finish midnight sun and im dieing to hear edwards version (not just his version of twilight but all 4 ).. i would LOVE to hear it i am a HUGE twilight fan ... :) PLEASE FINISH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo becca

    oi was so loking forward to read midnight sun i was really excited to hear it in edwards version.


    PLEASE FINISH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephie

    I honestly feel for her, as I feel for the fans. For all you eager fans out there consider the fact that yes, it may be a part of everyday life for us to be screwed over by others, but what if it was your pride and joy?! Something that you considered your baby in life. How would you feel? I have been most helplessly waiting, and feverishly doing research at least once a month, for the last year or so, in anticipation. If you pull up the goverments copyright website, you'll see that the book is to be completed by 8/24/10 and published by 8/24/11. That is not an extension she has asked for, but the alloted time given to her. That doesn't mean that she can't extend deadline, but it also doesn't mean that she can't complete it sooner. There is also rumored to be that she is working on Full Moon...Jacob's prespective to New Moon. I would much rather have the completion of Edward's side first, but we can't all be choosy. However, I must insist that this is rumor due to the fact that she hasn't copyrighted that specific title yet. Also, another rumor floating around is that she is waiting for the completion of the movies to further more feed into the fans interest, and then at that point, the release date will be announced for Midnight Sun. Again that one I believe a little more as the release date for Breaking Dawn, the movie, is supposively the spring of 2011. I guess we will have to wait and see. Oh and last thing, if you search you tube...there is a supposvie video showing that Midnight Sun is completed and just waiting to be released. Not to add fuel to the fire, but hope to the wary.

  • Claudia

    New Moon from Jake's perspective? Boring. Looks like Meyer is milking this series for all it's got. The mark of a good writer is knowing when to end a story. Apparently, Meyer didn't get that memo. If Midnight Sun is actually finished and Meyer is just holding on to it to let the desire for it build, then she's either stupid or mean. Stupid, because people will tire of the Twilight series eventually and the movies suck and will only lessen Twilight enthusiasm. Mean, because all you obsessed fans are waiting with baited breath and she's just looking to make a bigger profit. Oh and by the way, some of you need to learn English. "Da", "dey", "dat", and "neva" are not words. Please stop slaughtering the English language Miss Rachel.

  • sidonie


    Okay, i was given the first two books as christmas presents, once I opened them i completed the series in a matter of 4 days. I have bought Host (also brilliant work) and will start reading that as soon as i have finished another series. I heard about Midnight Sun and was a bit interested but felt utter betrayal of the fact that someone spoiled it for everyone else (so we are lead to believe). AND honestly, she is a great author I like the draft because his view point is captivating and scary all at the same time. I hope wish and pray that she continues with the novel because her fans would not give two craps about reading the partial...we are waiting for its entirety.


    Stephanie Meyer please oh god dont torture your fans like this!!!! Please carry on writing the twilight saga dont just end it like this. Your fans want. . .no actually they NEED more. Please. A story as powerful as the twilight saga cant just end! It doesnt feel right and im aching for the story to go on. Please, do it for your fans.

  • bkb

    Although a moot point now, I understand the sentiment. So...how many of those posting here have music on your iPods or computer that you didn't pay for? Just curious.

  • http://myspace.com Jasmyne

    Personally I like Edward in the book and Jacob in the movie although I hate him with long hair it just looks wrong

  • http://yahoo.com morgalilli

    i love you're books, i hope you publish midnight sun!!!

    • lovintwilightsaga

      If any of you would look up the info on the internet. You would find out that this year is pretty big for the Twilight Saga. In March the movie "New Moon" comes out on DVD. "Eclipse" is to released to theaters in June and the 5th book "Midnight Sun" is supposed to hit the shelves in August (let's cross our fingers to that thought). I am so excited and anxious to read it. If you guys are anything like me then you can not get enough! So keep them coming Stephenie. :)

      • Tasha

        Where did you get the info about Midnight Sun? I haven't found anything. I'm sooooo looking forward to Stephenie finishing it.

  • megan

    hi, when twilight first came out on film i watched it and loved it so then i started to read the books and i became obsessed like but i knew it was a fantasy i just loved the romantic feel of the story. so now i hear that you were writing a book on edwards side i couldnt wait to red it i love edward and bella as a couple and would love to read edwards thoughts be inside his head for a change. then i heard someone stole it without permission i was outraged there are people out there including me excited to go out and by ths book 'midnight sun' so i hope for all the fans Stephenie Meyer does not give up and pleases us who do care and want to read this book. thankyou. :]

  • http://www.rishugupta@gmail.com EMMA

    hey mam plz tell me are you going to write all the twilight saga again (in edward verson). if yes plz tell me when you are going to publish it . iam dying for them

  • niki

    i just finish the last book of twilight and i want to read more!!

  • Sandy

    Stephanie - I hope you or your team read this thread.

    I am a major fan of the Twilight series and after reading the draft copy of Midnight Sun I am truly hoping that, like all fans, you do complete Midnight Sun. It is amazing to us to have some hint of how Edward was feeling and, for those of us who have read the draft, it gives us better understanding of Edward's character and actions in Twilight.

    Stephanie - I know that a lot of hard work and a lot of your soul went into writing Midnight Sun and I can understand why it feels you can not write it. It is very painful to put your trust in someone only to be betrayed. Midnight Sun may feel like a reminder of this.

    That being said though I do feel that you should finish it as if there are already so many fans over the DRAFT of Midnight Sun - think of how incredible the published version would be.

    Please remember Stephanie - that this was a draft copy - not the finished version. I am an amateur writer - never been published, although hoping to at some point - I know how many rewrites you can do when you feel something is not quite right with what you have written. I won't pretend to know how I would feel if this had happened to me, but I do hope I would have the strength of character to finish what I had started if for no other reason than for my fans. You can be published but it is the fans who make you a best-selling author.

    Also, it wasn't your fans who betrayed you and we shouldn't be punished when we still have your back. It's unfair to let us have access to the draft and then deny us the final copy. So I'm, along with so many other fans, asking you to PLEASE FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN!!!

    • Jolyne

      I have to say that I agree with you 110% I truly hope that she will come around and finish Edwards side of the story. Not to mention it would be great if she continues the Twilight Saga, starting in Renesmee's world. And allow us to see her grow up and how the wolves and vampires become family.... Just know Stephanie that we love what you do!

  • http://hotmail.com victoria whitnack

    in love with the twilight books i love you jacob black

  • Davina

    Stephanie please continue midnight sun.but also would you think of possibly a book about leah[she wolf] and who she might fall in love with possibly nahul? or another vampire? as it seems she hates vampires and needs to get over ben.

  • Lacey

    ok i have something to say. if your blaming stephenie meyer for all this KNOCK IT OFF! its not her fault and if you can't deal with it your apparently spioled rotten and dont realise what her feelings are. so if u blame stephenie meyer don't even become a fan of the twilight series cuz' without her there wouldn't even be a series. so stop talkin bad about all of it!

    • WhO?

      And Lacey..
      Fans have a big role in this too.. Without fans.. Her book wouldn't have been her best selling book..!

  • WhO?

    Ok... if you read closely.. LOTs are not blaming Stephenie for this.. They just said that.. it's a stupid thing to do because lots of other authors get their story leak.. But they still went on.. It's not like it's the end of her story just because it leak.. This is the boulders in life that test your faith.. Not because that 1 person your ready to quit??

  • Cha-Rene

    I think that Stephanie has every right to hold her book.
    I think if some douche face published half of a book I wrote I wouldn't enev finish it, but I don't think you should do that Stphanie, I would cry.
    I haven't even read the midnigh Sun I was going to from your website but i'm not allowed to download anything.....
    So i'll just wait for you to publish Midnight Sun, I'm so EXCITED to read it when it comes out. Twilight has forever made me love Vampire books, I highly sugest you read Vampire Diaries and the House of Night Novels, Burned comes out April 27th, I'll be waiting at Wal*Mart, haha.
    YThanks for caring enough to read this!

  • http://www.facebook.com Kallie

    OK, I completly understand Stephines anger for these rude people and

  • Royal Amethyst

    I want to know if Jacob will be with Renesmee. That's all

  • :)

    i know i've just writen on this but dont you all think you are a tiny bit sad i mean you are arguing over an unfinished book that may or may not be finished

  • KB

    Yeesh, what a sense of entitlement some of you have. Whether Ms. Meyer finishes the book or not is between her and her publishers. Yes, it would be regrettable if this incident killed her desire to finish the book, but don't act like she owes you anything, just because you bought her previous books. Be grateful that she finished the series. There are plenty of fantasy writers who stretch their stories out endlessly with no satisfactory resolution.

    Writing is hard. Writing when your heart isn't in it is damn near impossible. I completely understand where she's coming from, but I suspect that when she wrote that blog entry, 20 months ago now, she was still feeling betrayed and angry. Give her time. If the book needs to be written, she'll write it. You can't contain a story that wants to be told.

    As for blaming her for the leaked manuscript, unless it was a publicity stunt, it's not her fault. Giving drafts to trusted individuals is standard procedure for writers. You need a fresh pair of eyes to see the things that you can't see because you are too close to it.

  • JMDon Ald

    Yeesh, what a sense of entitlement some of you have. Whether Ms. Meyer finishes the book or not is between her and her publishers. Yes, it would be regrettable if this incident killed her desire to finish the book, but don't act like she owes you anything, just because you bought her previous books. Be grateful that she finished the series. blah blah blah........

    Oh sthu! She should finish the damm story and stop ego trippin...R U her agent of damage control? Right to opinion is not yours to decide....write the damm book SM! As promised I have not spent another dime on your material, boycott will continue, still waiting for MS.

  • amanda

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!! did you hear that the thinking of replacing alice and emmet in the movie!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jolyne

      That soo better not be the case.... Alice and Emmett are a important characters that we all come to love... so if they drop them the rest of the movies just won't be the same!

  • amanda

    stephanie, i no shes hurting about the hole mess but, many of the readers are heart broken. they would love if she wrote all the twilight books in edwards perspective.

    • crazy bout twilight

      i so agree with that

  • Ezmerelda Marley

    Wow... A Question for Stephanie Meyer: Have any ideas for when Midnight sun will come out? I refuse to read even the slightest tad till the book is out! I only learned of it today! Je t'aime (parce'que vous est mon amour!)! ...Et JE VEUT LE SOL DE MINUIT!!!

    • Jolyne

      I am in the same boat with you... hopefully that will help inspire her to finish the book for all of us! I am so dying to read it but I won't until I can read it all.

    • Hello

      Bonjour, Je m'appelle Sophie. Ca va? Mon prof est un femme. Baha. Ciao.

  • anonymous

    hi :) im a huge fan of stephanie meyer's books..... i have read all the twilght saga : series and i think in my opinion she should finish midnight sun and publish it. yeah namy people read the draft in a website but it wasnt finished and many people would love to buy it to know what will happen ........... i REALLY hope that stephanie meyer would finish the book and publish it but if she really feels upset about someone posting it online then its ok we should all understand that . its her choice :|

  • love~twilight

    i cant read twelve chapters of midnight sun on stefine myere's webstite (for some reason that i dont understand)
    so if anyone knows were to do read the first twelve chapters of midnight sun without going on to stefine myere's website, please let me know... im dying to read it! :(

  • crazy bout twilight

    Hey guys

    I have no idea where or how to find out if Stephanie has changed her mind on completing MIDNIGHTSUN... It's driving me mad... If anyone knows anythings please let us know.

  • mrr

    she could wright a lot of books with the twilight theme. like maybe jasper's and alice's journy to the cullens. maybe someone in the voltori like jane or alec.

  • Morbid

    "what happened was a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being"

    Gee Meyer, I thought you were anti-human?

    To me, she sounds like she's a 5 year old having a tantrum. JK Rowling got her stuff leaked, did she whine and tell everyone "Oh im not in the mood to write bla bla bla"? No. She continued writing.

    Personally I do not like the Twilight 'saga', but Smeyer has fans out there who are waiting for these books. Just because some people leak her books gives her no right to disappoint her loving fans.

  • JMDonald

    What she sounds like is a personality challenged egotist. I read a comment she made stating that Midnight Sun felt like a homework assignment she simply did not feel like doing. She went further to ssy that she was the type of person who would rebel at being told what she should do and probably wouldn't complete Midnight Sun while there was such a clamor for her to finish it. She claims vampire burnout although she just recently wrote and finished a "novelette" on a vampire character that originally only had a 5 minute presence in her twilight story about what?...vampires. So it would seem that her vampire burnout is purely selective and as self serving as she is.

  • puppydog

    i think she should publish it my mother is in love with edward and so am i,I am currently reading eclipse and seen the movie today and i love reading her books so i hope that she will keep writing the books

  • Jolyne

    Dear Stephaine, I am so sorry to hear about the jerk that published your rough draft of Midnight Sun. I have not read it yet, hoping that you will finish it and publish it for all of your fans. I love your work, and when I say this I know many others will agree that we would love to hear more from the Cullens and see what happens with the Wolves. Not to mention we all are dying to hear what happens with Jacob and Renesmee. Well, keep up the good work and just know that we all love what you do. Thank you for letting us enter your world. Take care and God bless.

  • Amber Corbett

    Dear Stephenie,
    Please keep writing these series. I know that what the person that took the story without your permission did was wrong, but it should not penalize all of your other fans. I have read the draft and it is amazing, so please keep writing the series. Thanks!
    Amber Corbett

    • Hello

      Hi, Amber, I think what you said was very wise. I agree. Thanks

  • W3R3w0lF3

    Why should all of Stephanies real fans have to sufer because of wat some jerk did?? i think she should forget about all that and publish the book... plzz!! Stephanie plzz!!! :(

  • kristin

    personally,i feel edwards veiw on the book had more passion and insite full veiws..i love the books,anyone who feels this much compassion for the books she writes and her characters should not give up because someone slipped a copy out,yes it must be very upsetting for some to mis use her trust...but its a very good novel so far and i would love to read the rest,dont get me wrong ive read all the books in the twilight saga but i still feel that the 9 chapters of midnightun was the best so far....

  • Twilightfan

    are you all so stupid? "writing a book is like doing your homework" its more like having sex, your not in the mood u cant force yourself to do it... and if shes not enjoying writing the book anymore, whats the point to do it?

  • http://yahoo.com katelynn

    I am really dissapointed that she would do that to all her fans. I wish she would just write the book I mean no ones stopping her and everyone wants it done. I'v read the first four and I was looking forward to reading Midnight Sun. She has a right to be mad, but things like that happen to people in the real world.

  • lauren larson

    i sure hope that stepanie meyers continues to write Midnight Sun, I sure love edwards character and I love stef. Fans are waiting with baited breath, hope she knows this and how much we love her and her books and movies....

  • yvonne joyce fountain

    please please get the book midnight sun published soon as I have cancer and would like to read it before anything prevents me from doing so. PLEASE

  • crystal

    Get over Edward and bella already they are mean and selfish, poor jacob keeps being a sucker, Where is happy ending I would love to see his story finished.

  • sharna

    Please, please finish writing Midnight Sun, the part you posted on your website was amazing. To be honest i have always bought my books from the charity shop, but after borrowing the first off my mum i begged my fiance to get me them all for a pre-wedding present. I couldn’t get into any other books and i’m a very big reader. My fiance bought them me all and them we set a date(yay). The twilight saga is great, and i’m a huge fan! Please finish writing Midnight Sun! Please!

  • http://ROS sharon dale

    I would love to speak directly to Stephanie, to tell her what a wonderful,story,she has told. A love story to rival the greats, full of passion, adversity,self sacrifice, overcoming each obstacle trying to keep them apart. I absolutely love the depth she has given each character, and the actors have been perfectly cast for the movies. I first read Midnight Sun after she agreed to put in on her own site. I fell in love all over again. Edwards version is so much more enthralling, maybe it could be targeted towards a more mature audience. If I could ask her myself, I would request she finish the story in Edwards voice, from his perspective, and maybe complete the saga with Jacob and Renesme. I dont think I am your typical Twihard, I am a 55 yr. old grandmother of 3, also a professional in the health care industry. I am an avid reader. I live only 10 miles from the small town of Kalama Wa. (where the High school scenes were shot)
    As an author, I can understand how she may want to move on after such a time consuming endeaver, but she has tickled our tastebuds, and we neeeeeeed desert! MORE PLEASE..............


  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com HONEY

    i am a big fan of her novels i will daily read these books although i had already read them hundreds of times i just cannot resist readng them i will go into twilight world of fantasy edward you are my heart-throb!!!!!!!!

  • Sarri Lyn

    For EVERYONE who can't wait for the offical book to come out, Just go to fanfictiondotnet and read some of the amiture work. Some of it is very good and the different twists some of them do are quite entertaining. Be careful though some are twisted. But when you find a good one it helps feed the addiction and helps time pass until the real stuff comes out. Peace

  • whatever

    ok, just chill people she'll either continue, or not continue writing it,just appreciate what she already gave you.Also whoever posted her valuable work on the internet...remember carmas a bitch,and that person will end up gettin it real bad,and if she does decide to write it,because its taking this long,just imagine how even more better it'll be,because she took sooo much time on it.you'll never know if she'll even end up haveing a Part 1,Part 2 book's =3

  • http://7jighj Katie

    OKAY! whov ever did that! Im so mad, because you ruined it for all of us! I like edward

  • Shelina

    Dear Mrs Meyer,

    The Twilight books are the most outstanding story I've ever read till now. I do understand that you have been betrayed by the release of Midnight Sun but what about your fans. Do we have to pay the sin of someone else betrayal? Don't you care for your fans? What will it cost you to continue the story? You know, I admire the Twilight story. It would be great just to forgive and continue the writing. For a woman who gets support from her family, how can you not finish the story where there's strong family ties? Don't me mean. Let your pen guide you.Don't let anyone discourage you. May you get the inspirations to continue Midnight Sun coz the story will be complete as soon as you write the feelings about Edward and other members of his family. Let your story be two-sided. May God Bless You.