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Trailer and Pics from Jessica Biel's 'Easy Virtue'

A rom-com period piece in and of the period

Jessica Biel in Easy Virtue

The first trailer and a handful of pics have just arrived from Easy Virtue, a film that debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival starring Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ben Barnes. Stephan Elliott, who directed the Oscar winning Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, helmed the pic which is an adaptation of the Noel Coward play. In the film Biel plays an American divorcee, Larita Huntington, who travels to the South of France and marries young wealthy Englishman John Whittaker (Barnes) on the spur of the moment. The couple return to England to face his unapproving family, including his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Whittaker (Firth and Scott Thomas).

Coming out of TIFF the film received moderate reviews but didn't obtain any kind of distribution.

Eugene Novikov at Cinematical called it "a droll and witty delight, a superb showcase for its cast, and a return to fine form for Stephan Elliott," while Steven Zeitchik at The Hollywood Reporter was shocked someone would make "a movie that could have been made a half century ago." He goes on to say, "It's all an amazing and impressie exercise in creating something no one tries to create anymore. Still, one has to ask why there was a need for a movie like this when things like Netflix subscriptions exist -- or, for that matter, when a trip to the library would satisfy the cravings of even most ardent comedy-of-manners junkie."

Nevertheless, the film is here along with the pics and the trailer. You can watch the trailer below and for the pics simply click here.

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  • Rita Fast

    I saw this film in Toronto and it was a blast - funny, tender, sexy. The audience I was with gave a thunderous standing ovation. I saw one review around the festival which described Jessica Beil as a 'revelation'... Another described the whole as a 'secret indulgence in a serious festival'... In fact - the only bad review I've seen is this one here - and I'm guessing you haven't seen the film yet. Also, if it hasn't sold anywhere, then my guess is that buyers are patronising the 'hockey mums' of America again - thinking that they can't deal with a story which is morally complex and emotionally satisfying - because we all want comic book heroes, huh?

  • bradbrevet

    Bad review? Where did I attempt to review the film in the article above? You really seem to be confused. What do hockey moms have to do with anything?