Trailer for Charles Ferguson's 'Inside Job'

For those that were reading my Cannes Film Festival coverage I talked briefly about Charles Ferguson's upcoming documentary Inside Job, which I tried to watch and was able to last an hour, but I could not keep my eyes open any longer and had to bail. It would seem that was a decision that will not hurt me in the end because from what I have heard Ferguson is still editing this film in an effort to make it as timely as possible once it hits theaters on October 8th. Of course, it recently secured a PG-13 rating so I will assume he's pretty much done with it, barring some massive economic turnaround or increased downfall.

Inside Job will be showing again at the Toronto International Film Festival so I may try and catch it there or just wait until I get back depending on my schedule.

The main goal of the film is to bring to light the truth behind the 2008 economic crisis and it is filled with information and Ferguson does his absolute best to explain all of the financial terminology you've heard on CNN and perhaps tilted your head in bewilderment. Basically, think Michael Moore's Capitalism, only think of this film as useful instead of slanted.

Apple has debuted the trailer and I have added it directly below, but you can head over there if you want to watch it in HD.

  • Marcia

    Greedy bankers. Makes me so mad considering I just lost my job today. God bless the Bank of Mom and Dad!

  • Colin

    God, I'm excited for this.

  • Ma-dah-in

    The movie might be narrated by Matt Damon but the trailer certainly is not.

  • da ha

    this is what needs to be dealt with in the future, by the realisation that pension fund money belongs to the employee subscribers and not any government or company. A pension contribution is part of the employees wage deferred until a later age. The company or government making a contribution to the employees fund is making a contribution as part of the employees wage and no longer belongs to the company or government.
    my generation has seen the pension funds robbed, be they state pension, government employee, or company employee. this has left a lot of the elderly with inadequate provision for their retirement years, and consequently some have to rely on pension credit benefits, charity or help from their family and children.
    to be put in such a position when in the early years, one made what was promised to be the right outcome for each individuals retirement, is demeaning (and goes against the principle of what I understand as being human community (rights))
    what has also seemed to have happened during my generations working life, is the lack of understanding of the Charitable status of the state pension (so called). for the mechanism of the state pension was to spread the contributions over the working population so that those whom hit disasters in their life could receive at least a two thirds of average wage in the elderly years, which would give them the ability and dignity to look after themselves.
    this was promised in the early years of my working life by the then Harold Wilson prime minister, who promised that the elderly would receive a two thirds of average wage state pension, with those whom during their working life could contribute more receive a graduated increase from part of that extra contribution, the balance being set to support those in our community whom had missed out through some lifetime hardship.
    in the 80's and 90's, the treasury and others saw a wonderful pot of gold, called the state pension fund (and I include private pension funds), and they could not keep their sticky hands off it. yes I am angry, and I believe so are a lot of other elderly people.

  • da ha

    Justice and charity following the banking crisis

    There are non so bold than those in safe houses.
    put you in desperate needs and your voice would be different.
    most borrowers were probably seduced by the moment.
    it is only the banking elite whom have been saved by the quantitative easing.
    the borrowers in the main, and the savers are the looser's
    think of Northern Rock and peoples cash just disappearing, think of company share values and the fall in value of peoples retirement income, think of peoples homes and again the fall in value.
    tell me who are the worst hit, then think of people feeling the pain and their wish for justice and charity.
    think on and you will see that this is a very dangerous time for the elite, as people will in the end want retribution, and although I am a loser it worries me.