Trailer for 'Bully' Debuts as the Weinstein Co. Appeals the Film's R-Rating

Bully posterThe trailer for the upcoming documentary Bully has arrived courtesy of The Huffington Post and The Weinstein Co. has also revealed they will be appealing the film's R-rating with the MPAA.

Bully comes from director Lee Hirsch and takes a look at the bullying crisis affecting America, and in a just issued press release the Weinstein Co. notes that the R-rating "restricts children under 17 from seeing the film unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. As a result, Bully could not be screened in U.S. middle and high schools, where it might otherwise reach a mass national audience of students and be used as a tool to stop an epidemic of physical, psychological and emotional violence."

Hirsch was quoted in the release saying, "I made Bully for kids to see – the bullies as well as the bullied. We have to change hearts and minds in order to stop this epidemic, which has scarred countless lives and driven many children to suicide. To capture the stark reality of bullying, we had to capture the way kids act and speak in their everyday lives – and the fact is that kids use profanity. It is heartbreaking that the MPAA, in adhering to a strict limit on certain words, would end up keeping this film from those who need to see it most. No one could make this case more powerfully than Alex Libby, and I am so proud and honored that he is stepping forward to make a personal appeal."

The trailer can be viewed directly below. The film will hit theaters on March 30.

  • Ooze33

    What was it rated R for?

    • Brad Brevet

      For "some language."

  • jbig802

    Bullying has been around forever. I used to get beat up on a daily basis never cried to anybody about it. Brushed myself off and kept on going. Todays kids are just pussified.

    • Wolfgang Hamilton

      How can I put this lightly?? This shit gets so intense that children kill themselves over it. And yes, bullying has been around forever, but now people are actually starting to do something about it.

      This doc looks great.

      • Feedback

        How weak-minded could you be to cut yourself or kill yourself because of a bully? I was bullied my whole childhood, to the point where I got home with black eyes and empty wallets. Never once did I think about cutting or killing myself. School last only about 12 years (1st grade-12th grade), kids just have to suck it up and stop complaining abut everything.

        Yeah there's a lot of kids that are bullied everyday, well guess what, there are thousands of men almost getting blown to pieces at war. Little kids have to wake up, see the bigger picture, and notice that their minimal problems are nothing compared to the world. Just because I got my lunch money stolen almost every day, doesn't mean I was going to throw myself off a cliff. Imagine when these kids hit the REAL world where they'll face discrimination, offenses, and all sorts of bullying. Are they going to complain then as well?

        Yeah, bullies suck, but they're part of life. Bullying doesn't end in high school.

        • Danny

          Kids don't watch the news and think about the "bigger picture" involving the world and military members being killed in war. ... I'm not saying there aren't kids out there that don't, but it's not normal... a kids world consists of school and home life... once they get out of school, then they take on the real world and there are plenty of socially awkward adults in the world today and you could probably trace that back to bullying when they were kids. You managed to grow out of your situation and that is great... but to suggest that kids think outside of their own "minimal problems" (which to them is BIG problem)that they face everyday... as far as these kids being weak minded... that is to be taken on a case by case basis... what would you do if you had an 11 year old child who killed himself because he wanted to escape the bullying... "Kids need to stop complaining"... the problem is a lot of these kids might not say anything to anyone about the bullies because they are scared too or if they do say something, it is either looked at as an overreaction by the kid or pushed aside because bullies are rarely caught in the act....

        • Kob

          What on earth does war have to do with bullying?

          Kids don't see the bigger picture - unless as a child you were having conversations on macro economics - then I really don't see how that's possible. As a kid all that exists are the things you know and bullying, it would seem, forms a huge part of some kid's upbringing. Bullying shouldn't be accepted in any walk of life.

          Based on your comments, should we accept racial and sexual discrimination because "they're a part of life"?

    • Danny

      Todays kids aren't "pussified" as you put it... with logic like that, it seems you were bullied and are possibly now a bully, not trying to insult you, but if you look at your statement from an outsiders view point, that what it seems like. Bullying is a real issue, it was one of the things that lead to the Columbine school shooting as well as many kids committing suicide over many different generations (even the classic James Dean movie Rebel Without a Cause dealt with teenage bullying with the Sal Mineo character) and even in this documentary it seems an 11 year old took his own life because of bullying. Yes kids will be kids, the big problem is parents and teachers don't see the bullying as much, because the bullies know how to act when they were around... The old adage of just standing up to a bully and they will stop doesn't always work when there are multiple bullies and the kid being bullied is out numbered. I have only been in two physical fights in my life and both were in elementary school, One was me standing up to bullies and the other was because my friends little brother was being bullied by kids our age and we stepped in because we knew he was smaller and couldn't defend himself as well... I hope this movie is able to bee seen by kids, I know I want to see it as heart-wrenching as it looks, I hope they win the appeal and get down graded from an "R" rating... or just release it unrated with a disclaimer....

      • Drew

        I absolutely agree--bullying is a severe issue in schools and has let to violent, self-destructive tendencies in children and teens...but Columbine was NOT caused by bullying.

        • Danny

          Not trying to get into an argument as we both seem to be on the same page as far bullying goes... But bullying was one or believed to be one of the MANY factors in the Columbine massacre... I never said it was the sole cause in that nightmarish day back in 1999... It's the first thing in the "Search for Rationale" area

          • Drew

            Word. Not the place for this kind of convo, anyway. I'm excited for the movie.

  • Danny

    Cool, I am excited for this movie as well.


    it really pisses me off the mpaa.. the way they rate films in the USA is absolutely stupid (and they know it - they themselves act like bullies sometimes it seems).. still can't get over the "R" rated Kings Speech (that kind of said it all about them).. it was PG in Ontario, Canada with a mild warning of "Language may offend younger viewers" the US had to edit the shit out of it to get a PG rating (Sad really).. they're old, old school (not in a good way) and need to relax...period. This is just another example of taking something that yes would likely be something kids should see and do you really think that the poor children who are being bullied aren't being called worse or hear words much worse than what's in the film in daily life.. get your heads into 2012 and realize this isn't your era times have changed.. and being over 60 at the MPAA and thinking 1950 doesn't work today.. realize it, change it.. move on....