TOP TEN: Break-Up Movies

Top Ten Break-Up Movies

In honor of this week's release of Forgetting Sarah Marshall I have decided to count down the top ten break-up movies, and I am sure I have more than one movie that will surprise you as well as I am sure I have a few movies that you already assume will be on the list.

My hope is that you will check out the movies that surprise you and look at them from a "break-up" perspective rather than the way you traditionally may watch them and also check out the ones you may not be familiar with. Because I can say that all ten of these movies are good, if not very good, and definitely worth your time. However, placing them in an order as far as best break-up movies go was very, very hard. At least for me it was.

Just as a note, this list takes into consideration both quality of movie and its "break-up" factor. This means some movies rank higher because they are more of a break-up film than the others and vice versa. That said, let's begin...

  • BeautifulM

    I still haven't seen High Fidelity. The sad part is, some of it was filmed at my high school, while I was

  • RaTTleR_NL

    Hmmm, I think I know about three of these so it's hard to comment. I'm not sure if i'd call Mallrats just because it begins with one. It's more about getting back together. Depends on your point of view.
    Now Chasing Amy, thats a break-up movie. And what a movie, allthough I am quite partial to Kevin Smith movies.
    I guess its time for me to dig up Heat again.

    Looking at the chosen flicks you could allso consider Kill Bill, talk about finalizing a break up.
    Or what about The War of the Roses?

  • sameasy0urs

    I know it's impossible to include every great break-up movie, but I think I'd have to throw in the Before Sunrise/Before Sunset movies. What a great discetion of what it means to be in a relationship and, more than that, most of their discussions revolve around love and losing it! Plus, it was a movie that made me feel better after a few of my own break-ups, so that should count for something.

  • bradbrevet

    Hey sameasy0urs, I absolutely love both of those movies. Honestly, they are two of my favs of all-time. I just don't see them as break-up movies. But if anyone hasn't seen them, they really should, because they are great.

  • Ziemer90

    Brad im very glad you put Heat on this list because it really does make sense. In most of Manns films its about relationships and listening to him talk about it is really something amazing because he really seems to understand it. Like in heat when they are in the diner and they just open up to each other about many things but one of them being about their relationships and how that these "tough" guys care for who they are with and love them but know at the same time that Hannah is hurting the one he loves and Neil is going too (leave her 30 seconds flat). Mann also does this in miami vice when it comes to relationships that just CANT work (at the end). But yes another long rant but when it comes to Heat and Mr. Mann i can talk all day. Great list and heres a line for you..........your so money and you dont even know baby

  • SaraMichelle

    How in the name of everything good and holy can you not have The War of the Roses on this list? If ever there was a truly brilliant black comedy about break-ups, than that one is it.

    Otherwise, I can't really say anything one way or the other. Well, I guess I can add that I think Sliding Doors is one of the biggest piles dog-doo the good Ms. Paltrow has ever been in. I hated it when it first came out, hated it when I let someone talk me into giving it a second chance and hated it even more when I ran across part of it on cable a few months back. The film is truly heinous.

    On the plus side, Heat is a brilliant call. I'd be tempted to also add The Truman Show from the same year. But Michael Mann's opus? Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Good add on that one.

  • Romin2003

    I love your list, specialty High Fidelity and Gone with the Wind, but Lordee, Lordee...

    Casablanca? (The MOTHER of all breakups)
    Splendor in the Grass?
    The Way We Were?
    The Wedding Singer?
    Kramer vs. Kramer?
    Say anything...?
    Living Out Loud..?
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind..?

    Sorry, I can't make a list on this particular subject. I'm a total schmuck when it comes to breaking up in movies.

  • bradbrevet

    Yeah, I considered Casablanca, Eternal Sunshine and Sideways. But I felt if I also included all my honorable mentions it wouldn't give you guys anything to chat about or bash me on. :)

    Yup, I love the bashing as much as the praise. I also like seeing what other people recommend. As a matter of fact I have Three Kings here at the house after someone told me I should revisit it in a comment. See, I listen!! :)

    The one thing I am happiest about is that none of you brought up the Vince Vaughn/Jen Aniston movie The Break-Up... yay!

  • Romin2003

    No bashing Brad. It's fun to discuss movies and see everyone's points of view. Thank Goodness, we don't all like the same ones...but i agree with the Jen/Van mess. No chemistry there whatsoever, and no one to root for. But...Casablanca and "we'll always have Paris?" Talk about a difficult thing to do, let go the love of your life because it was the "honorable" thing to do, when all you had to do was snap your fingers and she would have been yours. That's a breakup my friend. It's easy to send a dirtback packing, but to renounce to the real thing? i don't think so.

  • sar77

    Great list! Definitely a great mix of movies I didn't expect to see.

  • JoeMcFly

    Beside "Eternal Sunhine..." I miss "The Last Kiss". More the italian original, than the remake, but anyway. Still a great list!