Top Ten Worst Movies of 2011 - Part Two: The List

Top Ten Worst Movies of 2011


Let's pile on one last time and let that be the end of it as I now present my personal top ten list of the Worst Movies of 2011.

As I noted in Part One yesterday, I didn't see all of the films many are calling the worst of the year, films such as Jack and Jill, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, I Don't Know How She Does It, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, Beastly and Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star. I did, however, see my fair share of duds and of those I saw, these are the ten that top that list.

If you missed Part One, that's where I essentially list my Dishonorable Mentions and I will link to it again at the end of this piece. For now, let's dive into the sewer and see what we find amidst the sludge.

Hobo with a Shotgun

Rutger Hauer in Hobo with a Shotgun
Photo: Magnet Releasing

I debated whether this one would make the top ten or not. Not because I didn't like it. In fact, I hated it. But because it's clearly not a film for me, yet I can respect the fact it may have fans out there. However, that respect aside, I loathed this movie. I didn't see any reason for it to exist and I didn't find any of the rampant violence funny or even remotely fun.

Review Pull Quote: "Hobo with a Shotgun is terrible..."

Read my review of Hobo with a Shotgun here.


Nicolas Cage in Trespass
Photo: Nu Image/Millenium Films

This one and the next entry are two films that deserve "Mystery Science Theater" installments as both are terrible films, but can be enjoyed immensely if viewed while also mocking them. The opening paragraph from my review for this one pretty much says it all:

To tell you Trespass is terrible feels a bit disingenuous. On the one hand it's much worse than that, but on the other it could be looked at as being so bad it's brilliant. I guess it's best to say it's all a matter of perspective, but I can definitely imagine watching this trash again with a group of friends, having a few beers and loving every minute of it. But you can rest assured I will never watch this mess on my own ever again.

You can read my full review of Trespass here.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
Photo: Summit Entertainment

It feels like piling on any time I talk about how bad the Twilight films are. It feels as if I'm just part of a group think where it's become safe territory to slam something that only a few people seem to enjoy. Yet, there seems to be an understanding among those that aren't hardcore fans of the franchise and those that are. That understanding is: The Twilight movies truly are crap.

I had a conversation with a fan of the Twilight movies over the holidays and she agreed, this is a terrible movie, but that won't stop her from watching it again and/or watching Part 2 on November 16, 2012. There's something reassuring in the knowledge that people are able to separate quality from crap and at the same time admit they don't mind how bad it is, just as long as their favorite characters are on the screen. I can understand that. It's still a truly awful movie, but I can understand.

Review Pull Quote: "Audiences should be urged to poke fun at what they see on screen to make the passing time more enjoyable."

Read my full review of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 here

And now, here is a little something someone sent to me recently that I got a kick out of.

  • Justin

    So uh... what about Green Lantern?! WHAT ABOUT THAT PIECE OF SH*T?

    • frank

      haha agreed, my number 1 awful film, but i didnt see any of these ten, yay!

    • Robert

      Personally I liked Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds was great. It's Green Hornet that was absolutely horrible.

  • Garrett Says…

    I'm proud to say I have yet to see the majority of these and chances are things will stay that way, although I am one of the fans of Sucker Punch (but am not oblivious to it's faults, trust me).

    Also, the screen caps were incredible. Well done indeed.

    • Steve J

      Agreed with Sucker Punch. The action dream sequences where entertaining, the rest was very flawed.

  • maja

    I've only seen three out of Brads top 10 - Trespass, Sucker Punch and One Day. I really wouldn't argue your opinion on any of these as these are all awful.

    My worst films of 2011 are:
    - The Dilemma - the film that tried to be both a comedy and a drama and was awful on both counts.
    - Bad Teacher
    - Paul
    - Trespass - so bad it's almost good.

  • Joe

    Abduction was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

  • gaga

    no Beastly is one of the worst ..followed closely by Hangover 2

    • Robert

      Beastly was not awful. Alex Pettyfer was good. The story was a bit weak.

  • Tiago SN

    Always more tricky then the Top Ten Best lists...

  • Mason Williamson

    My list:

    1. Sucker Punch
    2. Don't be Afraid of the Dark
    3. The Green Lantern
    4. Bad Teacher
    5. Bridesmaids
    6. Friends With Benefits
    7. The Adventures of Tintin
    8. Captain America: The First Avenger
    9. Insidious
    10. Thor

    I know there's a lot of films on here that plenty of people liked (Bridesmaids, Friends With Benefits, Captain America, Thor), and I can completely understand and respect that - to each their own. I'd say most of these movies have at least SOMETHING to offer -- with the exception of the top three -- and none of them really filled up much rage in me; that is with the exception of Sucker Punch, which is one of only two movies I have ever seen that actually offended me, for the same reasons Brad mentioned.

    As well, I too didn't subject myself to most of the movies that are being called the worst of the year, which includes the majority of the films Brad mentioned.

    • Darth Agnan

      The Adventures of Tintin???

      That's one of the BEST films of the year!!!

      • Mason Williamson

        To each their own, and I can completely understand why someone would like that film, but I really couldn't stand it; I found it mercilessly boring, and I got this impression that Spielberg thought everyone in the audience had read the comic books upon which the film was based, and was thus familiar with Tintin as a character. I was not, and so I had no idea what was going on, nor could I possibly care, seeing as they made no effort to introduce or explain him at all.

        I've always had a particular disdain for filmmakers who assume we're all familiar with the source material they're adapting, for the same reason that I hate it when people discount a film on the grounds that 'it was nothing like the book', or something along those lines. The fact of the matter is that an adaptation of something and the source material from which it was adapted are two completely different entities, and should therefore exist independent of one another. For those who are familiar with the Tintin comics, I'm sure the film was great - for me, it was an ordeal.

        There's my long-winded explanation.

  • chriscarmichael

    Worst 2011 releases I had the dishonor of watching
    1. Immortals ( I hate this abomination with a passion and I love Tarsems the Fall)
    2.Cars 2 (boring garbage)
    4. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
    5.Jane Eyre
    6. The Thing
    7.The Dilemma
    8. Hangover 2
    9. The Help
    10.Green Lantern

    • m1

      Why Jane Eyre?

      • chriscarmichael

        It was amongst the modt boring things I have viewed in years. Could not make it all the way through. I admit I am very prejudicial toward many English Costume drama period pieces. (My idea of Hell is the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice on loop. Ugh)
        But Jane Eyre was truly insufferable and boring.. And this is coming from someone whose Top 5 films of the year include Tree of Life and Melancholia.

        • carrie

          i totally agree on BBC's Pride&Prejudice as hell (with Sex and the city 2)

        • Curler

          ooooohhhhhh tree of life and melancholia??? you are sooooo deeeeep!

    • James

      Why The Help?

  • Wolfgang Hamilton

    Twilight was awful. Especially the part where I jizzed in my pants.

    • gaga

      I'm surprised you even watched it..aren't all guys against Pattinson, because he is sex on legs..yummy

  • Rach

    1.Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
    2.Pirates of the Carribean 4
    3.Waiting for forever
    4.Transformers 3
    5.Green Lantern
    6.In Time

  • Chris138

    Those pictures of Nicolas Cage and Anne Hathaway are pretty hilarious.

    The worst movies I saw in 2011 (in no order):

    Season of the Witch - Not quite the complete train wreck I had expected it to be, but it was still a pretty bad movie.

    The Green Hornet - An absolute mess from beginning to end. I couldn't believe a movie could be so bad.

    Your Highness - Another film that was not quite as bad as the previews suggested, but still bad nonetheless. It also had some pretty tasteless and annoying humor thrown in there.

    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - This movie took forever to end. I really hope this is the last one. This franchise got old years ago.

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon - A mind numbing experience that I couldn't wait to end. Everyone was awful and 5 times more annoying than before. It also had some the most laughably bad dialogue I'd heard in recent years. In fact, if I had to rank any of these, I'd probably name this my #1 choice for the worst of the year.

    Green Lantern - One of the worst superhero movies I've seen, and that is even more disappointing coming from Martin Campbell. The plot made practically no sense whatsoever, and the character Ryan Reynolds played wasn't interesting at all. A very big misfire.

    The Hangover Part II - Another incredibly annoying movie that I was unfortunately subjected to sitting through. I figured even before seeing this movie that it would follow the exact same formula as the first, but I was taken to this anyway... and I was right about it all. One of the most unoriginal sequels I've seen that takes everything that was annoying from the first film and makes it even worse.

  • m1

    Okay, now that your full list is up, here's mine (so far):

    1. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
    2. Red Riding Hood
    3. The Rite
    4. No Strings Attached
    5. Green Lantern
    6. I Am Number Four
    7. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
    8. Limitless

    Personally, I think that the graphic, extremely well-done childbirth sequence at the end of Breaking Dawn really added some tension to the movie. But that's just me.

    I've only seen one bad T.V. movie this year, so I will mention it. Mean Girls 2 was a huge slap in the face of the charm and wit of the original.

    • MKing

      Just a question but what did you find in Limitless that was bad? I found very original and intriguing. Just a topic up for discussion.

      • m1

        I thought it was really silly with many cheap visuals. There were also too many storylines.

        • MKing

          Understandable. Thanks for the reply.

  • Bustray

    I am glad to say that I saw none of these films except for Sucker Punch. That does not at all mean I am glad to say that I saw Sucker Punch. What a piece of crap.

  • denis24

    My Top 10 Worst Movies i've seen this year
    1.The Dilemma
    2.Green Lantern
    3.The Zookeeper
    5.Abduction (Taylor Lautner was very awful)
    6.Kung Fu Panda 2
    7.Bad Teacher
    8.New Year's Eve
    9.Red Riding Hood
    10.Shark Night 3D

    Happy New Year!!

  • Mikey Sylwer

    Great list, here's my first ever attempt at compiling a 'Worst of' list

  • Winchester

    I contributed yesterday to my list of what were meant to be fringe candidates but it occurred to me that some of them might have made an entry on any actual list because I left myself somewhat short.

    I considered putting Thor in, because it was laughably bad but then I figured overall worst of the year itself was a bit much. It's definitely a hugely mediocre film but in all honesty that is now what I have come to expect from the Marvel adaptions pre The Avengers. When you are slapping stuff down on a production line, your not going to get anything particularly worth the end of the process and that's what Thor falls into.

    Anyway, I (sounds like luckily) haven't seen most of the films on Brad's list but I have a complete and unalterable option for personal worst film of the year.

    'Battle: Los Angeles'.

    I have rarely had such a complete and violent instant loathing of a film as it. Absolutely dire 'film-making' on every level scraping the barrel to the very limit in every capacity. An obnoxious assault on the senses not even tempered with any attempts at characterisation (not massively expected for the genre anyway, I appreciate, but even at this everyone in the film insults even 1D characters in others) and directed by someone who quite possibly didn't even look through the camera once to see what was being captured while on set but left it to the caterer to decide. When you WANT the alien invaders to obliterate everyone your supposed to be rooting for, something is wrong.

    Total garbage that still pisses me off that I didn't walk out of it.

    There are a lot of other films that I felt didn't work this year for lots of reasons but none that I had such an immediate allergic response to than this one.

    • mfan

      This is the only film I rented this year that I couldn't watch all the way to the end. I just gave up on it.

    • James

      I thankfully avoided this one, though I was still offended by its presence when I heard someone say they thought it did "visceral battle" better than District 9, and someone else who, right after saying they didn't at all enjoy Juno, sang Battle: LA's praises (apples and oranges, I know, but still)...general principle.

  • Khaira

    Hangover part II

    The Green Lantern

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon

    Your Highness

    I didnt have to face Brad's top ten thankfully...except Sucker Punch....which i didnt care for...but it didnt revolt me as much as the above mentioned ones....

    And yes, I did find " Drive " to be hugely overrated...but that obviously doesent make it one of the worst of the year..

    • Khaira

      And yeah...the above comment reminded me...Battle : Los Angeles was Mind-numbingly bad....and terribly disappointing after that great first trailer...

    • MKing

      How exactly is Sucker Punch better than Transformers 3?

      • Khaira

        A personal opinion...however much people would like to interpret subtexts in that movie, i considered it purely on visuals alone and didn't care much for the deep philosophy behind it all, even though Snyder was aiming for that.....and for me, it wasn't such an assault on senses ....i'm not saying i liked it though but i didnt hate it as much as the others mentioned..

        Transformers, on the other hand, was just noise ... a bloated mess...and i don't mind Michael Bay ...even the outrageous plot didn't turn me off...but the whole movie was stretched beyond the point of tolerance & i was totally disinterested in the action happening onscreen...not to mention the total lack of emotional investment in any of the characters....

        Like i said ,thats a personal opinion....i saw someone mention KungFu Panda 2 as one of the worst ones....for me, dat was one of the best times i had this year...i can understand someone not liking it...but saying it was one of the worst movies of the entire year is a bit too much according to me...heh....

        • MKing

          I definitely respect your opinion. I am a little biased because I'm a fanboy of Transformers. What are your thoughts about the 2nd one directed toward the 3rd? Do you think its better?

          • Khaira

            For me The only Transformers movie i care about is the First one.....It has the novelty, characters i'm interested in, not much by way of silly sub-plots.....The second & Third have not done much for me....and if i must compare two bad movies, yes, the third one is better than the second...but thats not saying much about its quality...

          • James

            Words cannot describe how bad I thought Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was. I was literally offended (I don't know if it was the racist twin robots or the giant robot with balls) and damn near walked out of the movie, which would have been a first. So I basically boycotted Transformers: Dark of the Moon in theaters.

            However, after going home for Christmas I saw it on Blu Ray because I was in the mood for mindless special effects and explosions...and I must say that I didn't find 3 nearly as bad as 2. Granted, I still thought it was a bad movie, but more because it was overdone in almost everything: length, personality, explosions. Sure Transformers 1 was about the same length but it never felt like it. I stopped caring about the characters here by about the 70 minute mark and that wasn't even halfway. Out of ten, I'd say Dark of the Moon is probably a 4...which is more than Revenge of the Fallen's 1 (at best) or the original's 7.

        • youbetternotwastemytime

          i disagree with you saying that there was no emotional investment between the characters in transformers 3. I was reluctant to watch it at first because i'd already seen the first 2 and my fave had always been the first 1 cos it was the beginning and shia and megan's relationship was still fresh and that was when i was starting to get to know bumblebee as well as he's my favourite autobot aside from optimus. I know the 3rd was a stretch but the emotional connection was still revived between sam and bumblebee, esp when (spoiler) bumblee was about to be annihilated by the decepticons and they made that eye contact- made me tear up a bit. And not to mention he;s the cutest of the autobots!

          • Khaira

            I can understand ur affection towards bumblebee....he's one of my favs too and a character who is far better developed than any of the other autobots or decepticons, except only optimus...but aside from his track, there was nothin in the third movie for me...

            If there was any connection which could be made, it was totally ruined by the pathetic humor of the parents sub-plot and the gradual transition of Shia's character from a genuine everyman hero in the first one to an irritating whiner in this latest entry.....IMHO..

  • Nery Paez

    I love Breaking Dawn, you critics can't create anything and are jealous of the exit they have. Go and make a movie to see how well you do.

    • Brad Brevet

      Glad you stopped by, as a matter of fact, I made another top ten list just for you... Click here to read it.

      • James


        And Nery...correct me if I'm wrong, but by that logic wouldn't that mean if any critic can't create movies, they're obligated to love everything they see that's better than a middle school class project? That's a problem.

  • http://ropeofsilicon Juror eight

    Sorry, but i haven`t seen any of these.The older i get the fewer movies i go to see. I`m either getting more selective, or more likely, there`s less and less out there that i want to see. But, to be fair 2011 looked poor from the start, let`s hope 2012 is better. It surely can`t be worse. Can it.

    • youbetternotwastemytime

      i think it just might. But who knows?? i gave up on going to the cinema about 2 years ago, not just because the tickets are expensive but that most of the movies are either stretching a franchise or just unimaginative generic boring shit. As a result it's better to stay in and watch movies with friends and family over some microwaved popcorn and cold drinks and hot dogs or something. Old movies are the best.

  • Bren

    I can't believe no one has mentioned Drive Angry yet! That movie was incredibly bad and insultingly vulgar, past the point of it being funny or interesting. I'm a fan of Cage's terrible movies (I kinda liked Season of the Witch as bad as it was) just because he seems perfect for them but this one seemed phoned in even more so. Truly one of the worst movies of the year and maybe last 10 years.

  • cinejab

    I don't tend to see movies that get bad reviews, so when I looked through a list of movies I saw this year, there were only 5 movies that I legitimately did not like.
    5. pirates of the caribbean
    4. twilight
    3. everything must go
    2. green lantern
    1. limitless

  • al3xrob

    I definitely watch way too many movies as the only one of these I haven't seen is Twilight. Surprisingly, perhaps, only a few of them also make my top ten:

    10. Season Of the Witch - Not Nic Cage's worst of the year but that's not saying a lot. Awful special effects.
    9. Larry Crowne - Tom Hanks should stick solely to acting.
    8. Shark Knight 3D - No gore in a killer shark film? Who thought that was a good idea?
    7. The Rite - You know the film's really bad when Hopkins phones in the ham.
    6. Trespass - Cage will clearly take any job but Nicole Kidman must have owed someone a favour here.
    5. The Roommate - Junior single white female, nearly so bad it's good but sadly just terrible.
    4. Zookeeper -Kevin James isn't funny any more (if he ever was).
    3. The Resident - Cliched, boring and un-original.
    2. Something Borrowed - Edges out One Day for worst Romantic film of the year. Simply dire.
    1. Sanctum - An absolutely woeful film on all levels, acting, direction and script.

    • Winchester

      Was The Resident a 2011 film? If so................then it totally would get added to my worst list as well.

    • m1

      Is One Day really worse than No Strings Attached? If so, yikes.

    • Satu

      I was just going to write The Roommate. It seems that I've been able to avoid most of the truly horrible films this year (I didn't even see Twilight part. blaaaaah because the third part was already that muscjh suffering) but that one really sucked. I love Leighton Meester but why this one?
      Other bad ones I saw this year:
      - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (it was so hard to keep awake)
      - Something Borrowed (as a female I can see the point of trying to do different kind of characters than normally but kinda failed attempt)
      -The Thing (I'm not a fan of the original one and this one didn't even scare me a bit...)

  • markymark

    Great to see an Aussie film at the top. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

  • Robert

    Thank you for telling people to stay home. Crap is as crap does and the added $3+ for 3D glasses only coats someone's pocket and makes you stay home when good movies deserve to be seen. I have seen none of your Ten and am proud of it. Great list! Gems I might add to a longer list include "The Rite" "The Roommate" "Country Strong" and "The Green Hornet." These are B (and below) movies who used to be confined to dollar houses and before that, drive-ins. Yet we had to pay the same price for these barkers that we did for the good ones. Tell Hollywood you're mad as hell and not taking it anymore. There's a Depression on! (Oops sorry for the "D" word).

  • jake_w

    My worst of the year

    The Green Hornet - Not funny. Normally I liked Seth Rogen's movies, but he was really annoying in this. Christoph Waltz's talents were completely wasted in this.

    30 Minutes Or Less - Not funny at all.

    Sucker Punch - It's like a video game that your parents wouldnt let you play, and so you decide to go to your friends house to play it but your friend ends up playing it the entire time you're there. A confusing narrative and just a terrible experience.

    Cars 2 - Pixar's worst.

    Gnomeo & Juliet - Kids would like it, but I was writhing in agony and wanting it to end.

  • Alex Roggio

    I have my own top 10:

    10. (tie) Paranormal Activity 3 / The Hangover Part II

    They were both terrible sequels that poorly copied the films that preceded them. They were mindnumbingly boring and I hope to never see them again.

    09. Cedar Rapids

    This had some mild critical acclaim. But guess what, I watched it and it was terribly boring. I have no idea how it was acclaimed at all. Completely unfunny and uninteresting as well. Just a total bore.

    08. Killer Elite

    I was definitely surprised this wasn't on Brad's list. This was such a bad movie from top-to-bottom from the bad script, the dumb action sequences to Clive Owen's pedophile mustache. One of the worse action films I've ever seen.

    07. New Year's Eve

    Valentine's Day... but WORSE. Enough said.

    06. The Dilemma

    I agree that Channing Tatum was the best part of the film. But the whole film was just so bad I keep questioning how Ron Howard had anything to do with it.

    05. Zookeeper

    The US military should torture terrorist prisoners by forcing them to watch this film at Guantanamo Bay.

    04. Battle: Los Angeles

    It was as if War of the Worlds and The Hurt Locker had a deformed love child. I don't know how this film had even one good review.

    03. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1


    02. Big Momma's House: Like Father, Like Son

    Another movie where a famous African-American comedian dresses up like a woman for some laughs. I don't know what's going on in Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy and Tyler Perry's heads, but no one wants to see them in drag. This was probably one of the worse """""comedies""""" I've seen in my life and that's saying something.

    01. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

    I am not a Transformers hater. I actually enjoyed the first film. I did not particularly like the second one, but it was enjoyable for what it was. This third one was NOT enjoyable. It was a catastrophic clusterf**k of a film that should never have seen the light of day. I dreaded every single moment in the theater with my younger brother and wanted to run out the door every second. "You betrayed yourself" Optimus said in one of the closing lines. Well, that's how I felt when I let myself watch this film. Hopefully this marks the end to one of the worse trilogies of all time.

  • Brett McNeill

    Can't even begin to tell you how funny I found that screen cap of Robert Pattinson.

    Also I have to agree with you Brad on "Hobo". And I am one of those people who would supposedly like it. It's just too mean, if that's a good enough excuse. That scene you mention in your review about the bus full of kids...yeah too far and DEFINITELY NOT FUN OR FUNNY! Slightly ashamed it came out of Canada.

  • Abe M

    I have only seen one of the films on this list and it happens to be in the number 10 spot. I hated Hobo as well and I tend to like campy grindhouse throwbacks. I think the reason I managed to avoid most of these films is thanks to your reviews. Really appreciate the suffering you've undergone because if Hobo is only number 10, then who knows how angry I would have gotten at the cinemas this year.

  • Curler

    Great screen captures, Brad. Especially the Twilight one.

  • Nick

    Perfect Sense, The Rum Diary, Green Lantern, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

  • Nilay

    Wheres Friends With Benefits on this list?

    • Brad Brevet


  • Rachel

    I actually haven't seen a lot of movies in your top ten list, which I'm glad for, but the worst movie that's come out of this year for me, and maybe out of the last ten years would be:

    Don't Know How She Does It

    I can't describe to you how terrible that movie was. When Zack Morris (Saved by the Bell) pauses time to talk to the audience, it's cute. When Ferris Bueller does it it's also enjoyable. But when SJP pauses time to talk to the audience with the most simplistic of sentences revealing absolutely nothing that we didn't already know, my heart rate goes up. I really don't know how this got made.

    Another notable mention that I have seen from your list:

    One Day

    Truly pointless.

    • joe

      agree with hobo with a shotgun, absolutely bad. what about battle los angeles? that movie really sucked. and red riding hood? people are forgetting the worst of the worst seriously. personally, i liked sucker punch. i went to the movies the day i saw it not expecting much of a story. the visuals clouded the story so it was nearly impossible to understand. i put that behind me and watched it purely for the visuals. so i enjoyed it. also twilight sucked, and cowboys & aliens. really people? putting captain america, bridesmaids and thor on your lists but not red riding hood or cowboys & aliens?

  • adu

    Brad, in Suker Punch she is clearly dancing in front of the crowd when those dream/action sequences do yo deduce that she was being raped?...I must have missed that.

    • Brad Brevet

      The dance is in a fake world, the action is in a fake world, neither are reality. In reality the girls are being mistreated by the orderlies. These dream sequences are where her mind goes to hide from the reality of the abuse she is suffering.

      • Kob

        That's not the reading I took from those sequences mainly because while it's suggested (selling the girls to wealthy benefactors like the guy with the cigar, i forget who he was) I'm not sure how that would work.

        Perhaps I'm being dense but I simply didn't make that connection. The reality of the first "fake" world was heightened for sure but i didn't see it as a fake reality, just Babydoll's perception of that world, the action scenes a sign of Babydoll wrestling back control.

        Still, a rather disappointing film

      • youbetternotwastemytime

        They said the movie is about mind control (MK ULTRA)so you pretty much summed it up correctly. Her mind was trying to escape the abuse she was going through by escaping into some dream fantasy world to make it more bearable.

  • Grissom

    A little off topic, but Brad, have you ever thought of doing something like a retro review, where you review a film from your past and give it your honest thoughts? I know you have that "What I Watched, What You Watched" thing, but it would be cool to see your opinions of films like "Field of Dreams" or "Die Hard" or even "Plan 9 From Outer Space".

  • Austin

    I agree the script for sanctum was really bad. Although the filming of it was done nicely. That movie isn't going to ruin anybody career except for the script writers. Sucker punch was a good movie if you didn't focus completely on the fact that the entire movie is a world created by baby doll. It's this that made the movie what it was, nobody would have watched it if they had everything being shown in the real world aswell. It's this world she created with her mind that made the movie sucker punch. Definitely not the worst movie of 2011. I respect that everybody has their own opinion but mine is that it was one of the better movies. Also just to say, green lantern definitely should have been one of the top 10 worst for the 21st century. I could not watch it and would never watch it again.

  • Austin

    And although in sucker punch there were some aspects that definitely could have used some explanation, such as who told babydoll the list of 5 items to retrieve. It would have been good to know who that was aswell as when she danced in her dream world, what she actually did to distract the orderlies to get the map and other items.

  • frankie

    Let's not start this Sucker Punch debate again. The film is a visual masterpiece and undoubtably a film better appreciated in time. Yes, I'm comparing it to the likes of Fight Club and Blade Runner in that respect. Just wait and see.

    P.S. Slow-mo potatatoes is a lot more entertaining than an action scene incomprehensible by a cut every half second and shaky-cam nonsense on top of that. Zack is the premier action director of his generation.

    • James


      True, Fight Club and Blade Runner were controversial, but at least some reviewers (if not most) greatly appreciated them at the time. I know review aggregators aren't perfect, but they're still valuable to see what people think of a film. From Rotten Tomatoes:

      Sucker Punch: 23% (Audience: 48%)
      Fight Club: 81% (Audience: 95%)
      Blade Runner: 92% (Audience: 89%)

      Not even half of the (traditionally much more forgiving, especially to visual movies like Sucker Punch) audience liked it.

      And as for Snyder...ugh. I'll grant 300 as a visual experience and entertaining movie. But Watchmen was painful and Sucker Punch far worse.

      "Premier action director of his generation"? How about Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception). Or J.J. Abrams (Mission: Impossible 3, Star Trek, Super 8). Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission: Impossible 4)? Paul Greengrass (Bourne Trilogy)? All have directed multiple action movies with far better style (not just forced slo-mo and overdone effects) that were actually, you know, good movies too.

      But I guess "I just don't get it", huh?

  • Lewis

    Friends with Benefits, Bad Teacher, In Time, Vanishing on 7th Street were also pretty damn awful. Notice 3 of these starred Justin Timberlake.

  • youbetternotwastemytime

    lets see ..hmm the last movie i saw at the cinema was harry potter deathly hallows 2 and that was last year june..
    and 2010 - twilight eclipse
    2009- New moon, final destination 4, SAW 6 and transformers 2
    2008- twilight
    2007- transformers
    ..phew apart from that i can't remember when else i went to the cinema to see..i think it was in 2006 when i went to see final destination 3 and Da vinci code then before that god knows..
    One word of advice- only go to the movies if you're prepared to spend £10 on a movie that you're probably going to regret seeing. That's how much they cost where i live. Last year most movies looked rubbish but i heard Rio was good and Insiduous and sucker punch weren't that bad and Paul was really good. And no-one said anything about Rango...I haven't seen that many movies from last year so can't really make a "terrible movies" list. Why don't you guys try movies outside the US market??
    ..seems we need more inspiration in cinema going, as things have become rather over-done and franchises stretched beyond their limit. Everything is too transparent, and wearing thin, even the humour in movies. Horror movies no longer scare me..which is very bad...i found grave encounters hilarious whilst my mate pissed himself.
    I used to be an avid lover of going to movies but now i just download and watch on my laptop and save the effort.
    oh 2009 was probably one of the best years for movie going.

  • Alex Roggio

    I just came back from watching The Adventures of Tintin. A incredibly stupid movie. I know people give much more leeway for animated movies to do whatever they want, but this one was just ridiculous.

    Tintin shoots down a plane, dove underwater with a gun, swam up right in front of the pilot, pointed the gun to his head and stole the plane. Not only did the pilot have a pistol of his own, but he just witnessed Tintin drowning his own gun underwater and rendering it useless. There was no reason for him to give up his plane.

    Not only that, but when Tintin shot down the plane, it crash-landed into the water with a broken engine. Smoke was even fuming out of it. But after Tintin stole the plane, it was magically in perfect condition. Except it didn't have any gas.... but don't worry, Tintin's partner burped into the gas tank and made sure it had enough gas to land.

    What a dumb**s movie. It constantly insults the audience's intelligence and hopes we just go along with it. It's definitely creeping way too close to my top 10 worst films of the year.

    • greenNpurple

      "Tintin shoots down a plane, dove underwater with a gun, swam up right in front of the pilot, pointed the gun to his head and stole the plane. Not only did the pilot have a pistol of his own, but he just witnessed Tintin drowning his own gun underwater and rendering it useless. There was no reason for him to give up his plane."

      I don't think any of that matters, he said


      As for the rest of it

      >You in charge of paying attention

  • Shelby

    Back to the topic of Sucker Punch (not because I'm trying to drag on a dead subject, just because I watched this movie a couple minutes ago and feel I should add in a comment of my own..)
    I loved this movie. I admit to the fact that it left much to be explained, but quite a bit was also pretty decipherable after watching it a few times and paying what may seem to be an overextensive amount of attention to it. Yeah, having your eyes and ears glued to the movie will seem tedious at first, but eventually key plot threads will intertwine and the movie will be a ton less confusing. Plus, it must be realized that much of the story is left to the viewer's perception of what happened. Yeah, this makes the Snyder look lazy, squirming his way out of having to making a solid story, but in some ways it makes the movie even better, allowing it to fit to each individual person's unique view of what should be. Take for eample the subtle argument above about what exactly happens when Babydoll is dancing. Both are potentially valid because there is no right answer in this movie. I've heard of people considering that Babydoll killed her sister in the beginning with the missed gunshot, which could further explain how her lobotomy was a perfect victory and why she answered "All the time'' to Rocket's queston about if Babydoll ever wanted to take an action back. Some people argue that the lightbulb above Babydoll's little sister exploding was symbolism of her dying by the gun in Babydoll's hand and others say it exploded because that was what Babydoll shot, not her sister, and the perfect victory was simply Babydoll losing the memory of losing everyone she loved and all that may have happened in the asylum.

    Regardless of what people conclude, whether those conclusions be about elements in the story or their opinion of the story doesn't diverge from the fact that thought was driven into this movie, even if in a seemingly forced manner sometimes, and if you really compile everything that was actualy done well, you'll see that it may not be as terrible as you initially considered it to be.

  • John W

    Dammit if you didn't want me to see Twilight you shouldn't have embedded that video!

  • Krazy Joe

    Sucker Punch was great. That made my 10 best of the year list.

    People love to complain about the "lack of originality" in Hollywood. Then Zack Snyder gives us something original, and critics bash it. Sucker Punch is a truly wonderful film.

  • Tamutai

    I have read each comment from the top to the end and nearly every movie is on the list of worst movies of 2011 Isn't there even one single movie of 2011 that nearly every one liked......