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Top 10 Actresses To Replace Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Who will pick up where Jolie left off?

Top 10 Actresses To Replace Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

I tell yah, it seems like this site has gotten too serious recently with so much Oscar talk and I figured it was time to take a step back and have a little fun and with the recent news that Warner Bros. and producer Dan Lin are in early development on a reboot of the Lara Croft franchise and the rumors saying Megan Fox is being considered as the lead I felt it would be fun to do a quick rundown of a few actresses I think could fill the shoes of Miss Croft.

Of course, I am at a disadvantage seeing how I never played the game, but I did see both of the Angelina Jolie films and I think I have enough to go on to at least put together ten names to at least consider, but I admit I am more fond of my top five than I am my bottom five, but isn't that the way it should be?

From what I know Lara Croft is a beautiful and well endowed woman who likes to wear tight clothing and very short shorts. I think all the actresses I have listed in this top ten will have no problems when it comes to those attributions, but the one thing that comes into the play is the level of athleticism necessary for such a role -- that is the one thing I am still not positive all the actresses on this list can handle and perhaps is where you can help me out in the comments.

For now, check out the list and let me know what you think in the poll at the end of the article and in the comments below. Enjoy!

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed

I wanted my number ten pick to be a complete wild card and I think Nikki fills that prerequisite although I don't think she would be that bad of a choice. I originally thought she may be too short for the role, but it turns out she is only about 1.5 inches shorter than Jolie and there is no denying her beauty as we recently saw in Twilight despite the retched blond hair.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Hathaway certainly satisfies the body proportions to play Lara Croft and I would say her performance in Get Smart convinced me she has enough athleticism to satisfy the needs of the role. The only thing concerning me with Anne is that she would have to hit the tanning booth and she would have to hit it HARD because those lengthy white legs of hers may end up glowing on the big screen in Croft's short shorts. Not that I am complaining, but perhaps a few trips to Tropical Tan will do the trick. On top of all this, Hathaway is now rumored to be in the next Stephen Chow movie... a perfect chance to get some action pointers from one of the best.

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt

Here we have our first bonafide English woman as Miss Blunt was absent from theaters in 2008 outside of a few festival features, but we will get an eyeful of her in 2009 with the likes of Sunshine Cleaning, The Great Buck Howard, The Wolf Man and the potential Oscar bid in Young Victoria. Blunt is currently set to star as Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widdow, in Iron Man 2 should production schedules work out, which would be a perfect role to act as a primer for a turn as Croft. Of course the fact she is beautiful doesn't hurt either.

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  • joey

    Nice list, i think megan fox, just because i think she looks the part!

    • lana

      I think that ADRIANA LIMA would be a great alternative because she looks so much like Angelina at she is gorgeous...i think they should consider

      • http://none Brian

        I don't think Adriana Lima does not have the acting chops to helm a roll like Laura Croft. She can probably pass as a fetish model version at some convention, but not acting.
        Besides, Laura Croft is British.
        I would say put Rhona Mitra in the roll. She was the original person Laura Croft was designed after. Yes, she is older now, but still hell-a-sexy.
        If they used her, it would take tombraider in to a believable direction.
        I don't want to see a 24 year old like Megan Fox, or a ditsy model like Lima, voyage on an indian Jones adventure where it's not her wits that keep her alive, but rather dumb writing for an incompetent actress.

    • http://none Brian

      Not British. Not smart enough. Too young.

      • Torgrim

        The movie is a reboot right? I had assumed that Lara might be rather young in this one. I kinda hope she will be as I tend to enjoy seeing the heroes develop.
        In the last two films she was a ready made character without much change at all, so it would be good to see Lara Croft becoming the "Tomb Raider".
        If they do take that path I would like to see someone like Lily Collins in the roll. She's British, at least haha.

    • Bob

      Shes a bad actress and she sucks!!!!!!!!!

    • Aegean

      NO!! HELL NO!!!! She can't act worth SHIT!!! The fact that she even has a career is a sad reflection on how far modern cinema as fallen!!!

    • Max Delena

      Olivia Munn, because she is awesome and hot.

  • Pie

    Other............ANGELINA JOLIE.

    She's amazing, and in my opinion, the only one who does Lara Croft justice.

    • Bob

      Yes she is my role model she is the best and she is made to be Lara Croft forever! And they will look back at this and regret all the things they've done, taking Angelina Jolie from being Lara Croft Tomb Raider!

    • Linda p

      Angelina Jolie Is Lara Croft, period, just as Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones!!!!!! Neither should be replaced. what are they thinking??

  • Will

    Kate Beckinsale should be the next Catwoman in the next Nolan's Batman flick (K. Beckinsale and C. Bale make a cute couple).


    aishwarya roy only can replace angelina jolie, but my first concern is that thinking another actress in place of jolie is foolish

  • mihirkula

    Aishwarya Rai can't be athletic for nuts ... did u see her sword fighting in 'Jodha Akbar'?

    My choice is Megan Fox ... shes the next Angelina Jolie anyways :P

  • Nate

    Nice choices. Megan Fox would be great (cuz she's really, really hot) but I have to agree on the acting side of it. We just haven't seen enough of her yet. Considering that the difference between a great actress and an average actress could be the difference between a strong, tough, real Lara or some hollow, "girl power" action star wearing Lara's costume, I think acting ability is in many ways even more important than some of the trademark physical attributes.
    Love Kate B. I think she could pull it off.
    Adore Summer Glau, but she isn't Lara.
    Please, for the love of all that is good or even ok-ish in the universe, NOT Jessica Biel.
    Double that for Anne Hathaway

    • http://none Brian

      I think Fox is too young. Lets get compitent actresses on the screen who don't save the world one moment, but are still searching for who they are whilst watching MTV the next.
      I would like to see a believable actress, around the age of 30 years old. How about Rhona Mitra, she kicked ass in that shitty movie Doomsday. See the trailer


  • Quake82

    Look, Lara Croft was created for my generation back in 1994 - when I was a lad of 12. By the time Angelina Jolie played Croft in 2001, the moment had almost passed; however, faithful to our teenage video game fantasy girl, I and my fellow 18+ year olds turned the film into a $100+ million blockbuster.

    Even Jolie couldn't salvage the gag-fest that was "The Cradle of Life." Look, people, Croft was a product of the mid-1990s - the decade has passed. Now, with access to sites such as YouPorn, even a 12-year-old needn't fantasize about buxom girls on video games.

    Still, if a threequel must be made, let it be Meghan Fox - she's hot, popular & a decent actress. Maybe with a skilled director at the helm (ala Doug Liman) Lara's new adventures might attract a new generation.

  • mandee

    @Pie: @joey: how about natalie portman? she has the natural look just like lara in the game . and lara croft is a feminine , classy, at the same time a bit edgy and , naturally beautiful. now megan fox is hot, maybe a bit over-rated for the part. lara could be all natural in hiking boots,hair tied back, no make up at all and still make u wish u could go inside the game just to see her up close . megan is beautiful don't get me wrong, but there is a limit to her beauty, natalie portman has the talent naturally to fulfill the part .there is alot more she can bring to the part, in every way needed. so my choice would be natalie portman for sure .

    • http://none Brian

      Natalie Portman??? Too delicate. too girly.

  • Brad Brevet

    @mandee: I actually thought of Portman while making this, but I came to the personal conclusion she was just too small. She's only 5'3" and can't weigh more than 110 pounds. Just doesn't really fit the mold in my opinion.

  • Rich

    I think there is no question it should be Megan Fox. I am surprised you forgot Michelle Monaghan. I would have had here in the top 5.

  • loxmang

    Im with some people that think these films are past their period. Definitely a film meant for nineties audiences, i dont know how these movies did well enough for a final installment. As for the actress, I think Olivia Wilde could be a decent choice, I dont know much about her talent level being that ive seen her so few times, or if she could pull off the accent, which i doubt. But shes definitely hot. And no love for Keira Knightley? she was badass in Domino, and the first person i thought of when i saw that picture up top. Megan Fox is the obvious pick though, but i think any woman action hero is tough to find. Theyre never as hyped as male action heros or superheros because it doesnt seem to appeal to many male viewers, which i believe to be the most prominant movie goers... whether that be a fair assumption or not. That being said Tomb Raider was the only video game i recall playing where the main character was female. So maybe my previous comment was out of line, or maybe Lara Croft is just an exception.
    My Top 3:
    1. Keira Knightley
    2. Megan Fox
    3. Olivia Wilde

  • yoyoyo

    ok first of all have all of you lost your minds? i cannot believe how shallow everyone has become. Megan Fox does not know how to act what so ever. I have been playing Tomb Raider since i was 10 years old up until now, and Lara Croft is supposed to be a very tough chick, and Megan Fox is deffinately not tough nor is she tough looking. To me and to a lot of people i know shes just pretty and she doesnt have the physical fit for the role such as (breasts, an ass and abs or a tight stomach where you can tell she does physical work out) She is just a skinny pretty girl, not a tough hot Lara Croft. I mean CMONNN Jolie is not replaceble, Angelina Jolie looks tough, is tough and she actually knowsss how to act for crying out loud. I always thought Kate Beckinsale could make a great Lara Croft, she looks like she could kick some butt, shes hot and she deffinately payed attention during her acting classes. I rest my case.

  • Michelle

    The Tomb Raider franchise definitely has passed its due time period; however, they're fun, action-packed mysteries (well kind of mysterious) that just make going to the movies a good time. It will be hard to replace Jolie (she definitely exemplifies Lara Croft to a "T"), and I personally don't see it worth the effort unless you can get someone that can act in the role too (such as Jolie).

    I agree with the list in general. I might exchange some of the lower five with Michelle Monaghan, Eliza Dushku, and/or Jessica Alba (I'd pick her over Megan Fox, and I know she's got the action abilities). Ultimately, my top picks would be pretty much along the lines of the existing list. Rhona was the first (stand-in), and I think she should conclude the movie series.

  • Brandon

    The only two women that I would actually like to see replace Jolie are the top 2 - Beckinsale and Mitra. And, I think that out of the two, I would prefer to see Rhona Mitra take over the role. I don't think she has been given the chance to really show what she's got. If anyone caught her run on Nip/Tuck, there's no doubt that she can act. And, she absolutely got the body, the accent, the look and the ability to kick some serious ass! I just think that if Mitra was given the opportunity to be a lead in a movie with an actual budget, she would definitely deliver!

    • Hypnos

      I couldn't agree more..Beckinsale and Mitra. I'd love to see those two in one movie.

  • WOW

    I think Charlize Theron should be on that list. Come on Rosario dawson? Better yet Anne Hathaway...give me a break

  • robert salle

    these are just my thoughts in my initial first impression

    nikki reed is too glamorous for lara croft

    anne hathaway will never fit the roll...ever

    emily blunt is super hot, though still not sure if she can handle the action

    jessica beil can be a good choice since we've seen her how she handled herself in blade : trinity, but to far off to look like lara croft

    sienna miller cant handle her natural toughness for lara croft, i doubt if she can be good in GI joe, but i havent seen GI yet, so my opinion can change

    megan fox? are you kidding?!?! she's too model-ish for an action icon like lara croft

    rosario dawson has the attitude, can do action since she can commit to train hard & she got great big knockers (if you've seen her in Oliver stone's 'Alexander') & she got the skin tone. could be good, i will not be flabbergasted is she got the pick

    summer glau?! i stopped watching "...the sarah connor chronicles" because i was so disappointed at her handling her action scenes. knowing ballet that helped her actions scenes in "serenity" is different from the demands for tomb raider. plus she's too skinny

    kate beckinsale can do it. we all know the reason why right? but her looks is too square for a lara croft image

    rhona mitra can also be a good choice since she was considered before jolie came into place years ago, plus she can handle the action if she is trained enough

  • Quake82

    @yoyoyo: Of course Angeline Jolie is the perfect actress to portray everyone's favorite Tomb Raider; however, I highly doubt she would ever return for another installment of the franchise. As far as I'm concerned, I don't care if there is ever another Tomb Raider film - the series should be put to rest. But, I still think, Miss Fox would be a logical choice to play Lara.

  • Janice

    Marguerite Moreau should be the next Lara Croft in Tomb Riader!!!

  • Liana

    For one to play Lara, she has to be sexy and smart, have the body and the accent, know her weapons, and actually act. That said, Rhona Mitra's her. Hands down.

    As for Megan Fox, all she has is the body and her sex appeal. Brains and acting ability just seem to be absent ALL OF THE TIME.

  • XxxJust-mexxX

    Ill go with Kate B. She is a great actress and she has that lethaly sexy look.
    Megan Fox is the new Angelina Julie and that's why everybody is thinking for her as Lara, but that poor girl can't act and will turn out to be a fiasco.

    I found interesting to read Anne Hathaway there, I love her, and I agree she was amazing as '99', but she has this inocent face that will make people doubt of her as Lara... I think she could kick anyone's behind any day and that she could be able to pull it off, but dunno I mean after all l don't think of her as Lara (although I believe she would totally pull it off)

  • jane

    Angelina is irreplaceable for obvious reasons and I wish so badly that she'd sign up for the third installment again because she's never lost any Croft attribute she had before becoming a supermom anyway. However, if she's really not doing it, I'd like to see Rhona Mitra do it. Kate can pull of the acting part and the action stunts but her face is too vampire-ish for the role. Hell, if it's not Jolie, I may not watch it at all or maybe go see it just to compare.

  • robert


    yes she is physically fit for the roll. she's a better actress in my own opinion than fox, BUT, can she handle the action sequences at par with jolie or even better? i doubt her acting chops in this action adventure flick would be just like fox's

  • Luke

    Sandra Bullock?

  • Mattttty_boy

    odette yustman, i think would make a fine Lara Croft :)

  • lee

    no one can replace angelina jolie..................

  • wolfgang

    definitely rhonda mitra or kate beckinsale. both are total hotness and sexy as hell! thats what lara croft is all about! plus point is, both are english roses! and they could totally kick your arse!

  • Ed

    I usually don't go for this comments game stuff, but...

    +1 Rhona Mitra FTW...

    Seriously though, all WoW/1337 etc references aside, she would the perfect Lara Croft and be just right to resurrect the franchise. Angelina has all her fanbois... and was a great choice at the time... but the Rhona Mitra of today would play the down to earth semi snob english aristocrat heritage action hero to a tee, and with real panache.
    As much as I like Kate Beckinsale, she doesn't exude confidence in the same way required for Lara Croft.

    From this particular list, failing Rhona - Rosario Dawson could probably do quite an admirable job and maybe lots more.. in any case tis too short for a serious casting choice and maybe the perfect Lara Croft is just around the corner.. but Rhona is pretty close to the absolute perfect fit IMHO as well.

  • Maria

    1.- Like many people had said, Lady Lara Croft = Angelina Jolie, she's just perfect for the role. Let's just pray for her to wanna make the new movie...

    But, in the unimaginable case, that she doesn't...


    2.- Rhona Mitra, she is great, and she did it awesome in Doomsday!, and so in Underworld:Rise of the Lycans. She could be... a good Lara, the only problem is... Angeline Jolie is too Croft...

    3.- Kate, she's got the skills, I think, but, the looks, like someone said above, a little to square-ish and vampire-ish... I just don't see her as Lara.

    4.- 1.- And Jessica Alba, well, I love her in Dark Angel, but, would she do it?? I wouldn't mind having her in exchange of Jolie, but then again... It's like Angeline Jolie was born to be Lara Croft (or vice versa)

  • Natasha Dias

    Monica Belluci will make a great replacement for Lara Croft.

  • april

    i think rhona mitra will be great for the part...

    she has the looks, the moves and the accent.

    she also has this vibe like jolie's when she was playing the role of lara...

  • robert


    huwaaaat?!?!?! (again) most of her roles are to panic-ish, she doesnt fit the role, she doesnt fit the face & she doesnt have the rack :)

  • Dangerously Rad

    How about Milla Jovovich? She's statuesque, a ton more gorgeous than Angelina, she kicks butt 10 times better than Angelina, too. Do tits matter that much vs action? I don't think so, but of course I'm a woman, too. Psst, you missed one, how about Charlize Theron, ever see her in Aeonflux?

  • Omateido

    I'm going to pull one out of left field. She's an action chick (see Chronicles of Riddick) can act well, and with emotion (see Feast of Love) and once she catches your gaze she takes it, holds onto it, and turn it back on you (The Mist).

    ALEXA DAVALOS needs a big break like this, and I think if she found the accent she would bring this franchise to a whole new place.

  • Daniel

    Megan Fox already turned down the role. Her reasons: She doesn't want to be known as the next Angelina Jolie. LOL. So she's out.

    Rhona Mitra's an awesome pick, but if you ask me, Kate Beckinsale. Rhona's voice is just a little deeper than Lara's. And besides, they're both basically the same looking actresses. It's a coin toss between the two.

    And as much as I love Summer Glau, 1) She's not... English enough looking, I guess. And 2) FAR too young. I don't remember WHO from the developers of the game, but they say that Lara is only a few months/years younger than James Bond. So what that makes her, like, early to mid 30's? Summer's in her mid 20's.

  • Rox

    I think Angelina Jolie.........shes bein there since the start so she suits the profile but otherwise i think emily blunt or megan fox

  • Chris Stephany

    i think angelina jolie is irreplaceable, because it suit her well

    she got the look....she got the style...and she got the action

    please jolie........she's so lara croft........

  • Mirza

    At all cost keep, keep, keep Angelina.

    Failing which.... Sienna Miller or Rachel Weisz.

  • Dt Shindler

    To hell with the obivous choices! If producers pick someone new (and they don't go with the obviously correct Rhona Mitra), they should cast the little Asian girl who kicks ass (without wires!) in "Chocolate."

  • stoneY

    unfortunately , I can't recognize all of these ten actresses ,but I still strongly support Kate Beckinsale to play lara croft since she showed wonderful performance among underground world . does anyone agress with me ??

  • TR fan

    Rhona Mitra is the obvious choice....
    she is sexy, has looks and she is athletic.....
    above all after jolie, she is the one that comes closest... yet

  • Bionic

    I think Jessica Alba would be perfect. The new poster for Tomb Raider: Underground (where it shows lips-below) looks exactly like Jessica.
    Rhona Mitra would have been perfect.... 10 years ago

  • Rowena

    I think Lara Croft is such a wildly popular character because she appeals to both (straight) men and women. As the cliché goes, men want her because she's smokin', and women want to be her because she's a cool, strong, intelligent, wild and free kickass action heroine who can do anything she wants. Thus, the actress portraying her should be able to appeal to both the male and the female audience, meaning that whoever plays Lara should not just look good in her tight shorts, but she should look good in her tight shorts AND have enough charisma, personality and wit to catch the audience of the female viewers, too. Women rarely identify with mere porn-star looking sex dolls. There has to be real strength to her, too.

    Out of the choices on this list, my vote would go for Rosario Dawson, who I think would be strong and charismatic enough to portray such an iconic character (not to mention that she's also hot-damn sizzlin' gorgeous). I can't really see any of the other actresses on this list as Lara. Some of them seem too inexperienced or untalented for such the role, others I just can't picture as action heroines.

    I don't see the appeal of Megan Fox - can she do anything else besides looking hot in something skimpy? I also can't picture Rhona Mitra carrying out a main role in anything else but a campy B-film.

  • forlani

    Claire Forlani I say

  • steady

    I'm sorry, i know shouldn't be getting so riled over something like this, but why is everyone so intent on Megan Fox? Personally, I wouldn't choose any of these actresses to replace Angelina Jolie. First of all, I'd eliminate all the American actresses - based on the fact I don't think they could pull off a decent English accent. Jolie did well, but I have no confidence in Fox's voice box or her acting abilities.

    Most of the actresses here are too well known - and I think that's a problem. Don't ask me why. Kate Beckinsale falls into that category too, and perhaps Sienna Miller, who I just think doesn't have the right physique. The one actress in this list I would possibly consider would be Rhona Mitra. I still think that a relative unknown (BRITISH unknown) should be cast, like Jennifer Bidall or even Claire Forlani like the bloke above me said.

  • Alex

    I think that the next Lara Croft should be Silvester Stallone because they're both bad asses (and they talk the same) =))

  • glen

    Juliette marquis from 'this girls life'

    or gemma arterton (quantum of solace, st trinnians) or kelly brook (school of seduction).
    dont know if they suit the role, but i like them:)

    never thought of rosario dawson, thats a great choice. different, but i like it

    Rhona mitra is the best choice, but as said previously a relative unknown is best, but someone late 20's early 30's. and british.
    anne hathaway and megan fox are too young for the role. they just dont come across as lara croft in personality. Hathaway lacks the confidence of lara croft and fox lacks the wisdom. Lara croft is a woman, not a girl.

  • chelsea

    Michelle Rodriguez from the fast and the furious would be brill to replace her

  • Dez

    Brandon i think your right.. kate and rhona could do the job thye have more acting skills then megan while shes hott i am not sure just a perty face can pull it off at lest these chicks have the accent down, and they have the hard core kick your ass kinda look

    and for those who think that tomb raider is about jacking off .. andis for the 90's fuck off ...

    how many chick hero's do we have ? that why they should make it and beacuse the games are totally bad ass...

  • Will

    Olivia Wilde (Alpha Dog, Turistas, House M.D.)

  • Zee

    Rhona Mitra is and has always been Lara in my mind.

  • Hrannar Baldursson

    What about Eva Green? She's a knockout who looks the part, and can act.

  • Gabi

    I would like seeing Jordna Brewster as Lara the machine gun Croft - I guess seeing her as an agent in the TV series Chuck sold it for me :D

  • Gabi

    Oh, to Olivia Wilde I agree, she's good in everything :D

  • Dt Shindler

    Nitro: Now THAT'S thinking outside the box -- video or otherwise.

  • katiewoman

    While we can all sit here and say whom we thing would fill sht shoes of Angelina Jolie if she did not make any more Lara Croft movies we seem to forget that it is the roll of an actress to ACT. If they are skinny they can bulk up. Has anyone given thought to Hilary Swank in Million dollar baby, or to Charlize Theron in monster, and please do not go on about age as Angie is no spring chicken.
    The role one plays is only determined by how versatile they are as an actor and I am sure Hollywood has many of these who are good and who are bad.

  • fourthwall


    Fox is a terrible choice, only kept current by fan boys for her looks. Yes, she's hot, but doesn't help me believe someone in Laura Crofts profession can be 22 years old.
    It's the reason we all don't want to see Shia Lebouf helm an indiana Jones movie by himself.

    • Hypnos

      I love Sienna Guillory but she's not qualified to be Lara Croft..She's Jill Valentine.

  • robert


    oh yeah, sienna can do tomb raider as well

  • Croftbest

    Odette Yustman is pefect to role as Lara Croft in the 3rd movie. :)

  • Jim Nixon


    Good one!! That is so true, and she is ultra-hot in Riddick, and has the action skills and attitude to pull it off. All she needs is the accent.

  • zappy

    OK, clearly Angelina Jolie can NOT be replaced because she is JUST THAT AWESOME!
    and like if there was any reason whatsoever that she didn't play, then definatley Kate Bekinsale, or Rhona Mitra...and thats if ANYTHING. But honestly guys, Megan Fox? not saying shes a bad actor, but shes too...well she cant pull it off, like she's toooo sexy for the role, and you can't have the brains that Croft has with those looks
    also i think Rosario Dawson might be a good choice :), and Anne Hathaway, like someone said before, looks too innocent
    PS im not trying to make fun of anyones tastes or anything so dont get offended :)
    besides, check it out :)

  • jamie

    @Maria: not quite sure what you mean about beckinsale looking squarish, but have you seen her in her other roles outside of underworld? because she looks vampirish in those movies only.

  • Matthias

    I think a good choice would be the actress called Claire Forlani..she looks a bit like Angelina Jolie and there are movies were she can fight...she is in the movie called The Medalion with Jackie Chan.
    Rhona Mitra is also a great choice.

  • Matthias

    I also think Alexa Davalos would be great as Lara Croft.
    She is in the movie Chronicles of Riddick.

  • Ben

    I seem to remember that Rhona Mitra might have actually been the model which Lara Croft was originally based.

  • destiny

    olivia wilde.

  • dragonrower


    you kidding? she's too skinny & no bumpers

  • Timstuff

    Summer Glau is perfect. She's not to young, because she's 27 (she turns 28 in July). She looks very youthful, but that just means she'd be great as an early-20's Lara, which would fit in well with Warner Bros. intention of doing this as an origin / reboot. And I don't think she's too skinny, either. She may not be as curvy as Angelina Jolie, but her ballet training means she'd be able to do a lot of amazing acrobatic feats that Jolie could only dream of.

    Voluptuous women aren't particularly nimble, which has always been one of the ironies of the Tomb Raider games, since Lara is very acrobatic on to of being well endowed. They can either get an actress with agility and grace, or they can get one with lots of curves. They already tried the latter with Jolie, so I think Summer would be a great for a more "believable" Lara.

  • Dakota deMolay

    Replace Angelina?? HUGE MISTAKE....the movie just wouldn't be worth making or watching...forget about it!!!!!!

  • Lindac7

    There are only 2 on this list that I think would realistically work, and be believable - Rhona Mitra and Rosario Dawson, but I think Rosario is more beautiful, so she'd be my first choice. Rhona has a bit of a masculine look to her; Rosario looks feminine, but has a tough core when she wants - did you see her in 'Alexander'? That performance is enough to prove her worthiness. The rest of these women are just too feminine and not tough enough.

    The one woman obviously missing from this list is Halle Berry - HELLO - did you see her in 'Catwoman'? She has the looks, the body, and the athleticism to easily pull this off, not to mention her acting ability.

    That said, though, I think Rosario is the best choice since Halle's probably not likely to sign on, but Rosario is.

  • stiff upper lip

    Well, realizing how bad the scripts of past tomb rider movies were i think any of those plastic surgery, gum tits dolls you propose would fit very well.

    But please, not Summer Glau, she's an actress with amazing talent lightyears ahead of those others, she deserves better roles.

  • clay

    I have to say that I think Cote de Pablo of NCIS fame would be an excellent choice for Lara Croft. She may not have the notoriety of the actresses listed, but Hollywood tends to overhype actors and actresses anyway. Rarely do the box office big names have anything beyond the most basic of acting talents anyway. If there ever was an actress born to play a badass, like Laura Croft, it's Ms. Pablo. And take if from someone who has spent over 10 years working in the intelligence and special operations community. Lucy Liu wouldn't be a bad choice either.

  • AJ

    Amanda Righetti from the mentalist, plays an FBI agt....bears an uncanny likeness to Lara Croft

  • Artemis

    Not convinced with Summer Glau's acting? Did you not see her in Firefly? Anyway, sure Megan Fox looks the part, but in my opinion she can't really act. She just good at...looking good. Anne Hathaway would be an interesting pic, as would Rosario Dawson. I wouldn't go with Nikki Reed even though I like her as an actress. The others, including Megan Fox, I would never consider. Oh! Except Rhona Mitra. She was good in Skinwalkers even though the movie was maddeningly awful.

  • Maxx

    Amanda Righetti is Lara Croft. She's the real deal.

  • destiny


    yeah olivia wilde is skinny, like angelina jolie isn't. no bumpers??? well, yeah i forgot about that.. haha

    but she can act and she's a beauty!

  • mike m

    I think Yvonne Strahovski (TV's Chuck) would be a great candidate. She is Austrailian (accent no problem), athletic, attractive and would only need to color her hair.

  • C

    where is jessica alba in this list? looking at Dark Angel she could do a good job at it too

  • Emillyyyyy

    KATE BECKINSALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KATE BECKINSALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KATE BECKINSALE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    or rhona mitra haha i donno

  • johanna

    @Pie: Angelina Jolie Forever is lara croft!

  • Ileana Lopez

    There is no way Megan Fox can be Lara, she can't act. If they cast her in this movie, the movie is going to bomb just like Jennifer's Body. She is not a good actress, all she is is eye candy. They need to pick an actress that actually can act. They should keep Angelina Jolie, if they don't, the movie is going to bomb.

  • Jez

    Rhona Mitra and Summer Glau definitely fits the catergory but it would have been sweeter if you have included Charlize Theron or Milla Jovovich. I mean, Milla can kick better assess than Angie ever can I positively think.


    Janet Miranda newbie actress is a stunning fit for the role. She is actually more than just looks she is a good actress. She looks alot like Jolie in the face so she should not color her blonde locks brown, but the role should be hers. Drew Barry Moore may be another good choice.

  • VNormanhurst

    I'm with you on Kate Beckinsale, Rhona Mitra, & Emily Blunt.

    However I think Felicity Jones would be a good younger Croft, depending on how young she's meant to look...I also think Rachel Weisz would be O.K...Amelia Warner could pull off the look, but I'm not sure about the acting or the action...My other choice would be of course Natalie Portman as she looks the part, can do the accent and is a brilliant actress but like you said is too short and I don't know if she could pull off being an action star...

  • gina

    angelina jolie is lara croft can't be replace but if that happens i think summer glau cause she fits the catergory. Also she a badass and has the attitude like angelina jolie.

  • Mitchell A. Reed-Tattan

    What about Michelle Rodriguez?

  • Me

    Michelle Rodriguez should have been playing Lara from the beginning. Jolie is nice, but she's a bad actor. Lara is tough, and so is Rodriguez. The only reason Jolie has been chosen for the role is because she has bigger tits.

    Michelle Rodriguez FTW!

  • Hypnos

    Top 10 List was perfect..I agree with the #1 Rhona Mitra. No other choice.PERIOD.

    • lana

      I think ADRIANA LIMA would do lara justice because she looks a little bit like Angelina and she is a gorgeous Victorias Secret supermodel I think this could really launch her carrer

    • http://none Brian

      I totally agree with you. RHONA MITRA is the perfect choice for the character. She is older than Fox. Strong looking. Very sexy, and can dish out a fight as well as take one on.

      All these people keep wanting a 22year old Laura Croft. Lets make the character believable now.

      Rhona Mitra I can see her traveling deep in to the jungle as a skilled, well qualified archeologist.

      Megan fox would never make it to the jungle; she'd be flunking her midterms in archeology community college.

  • lana

    and besides the only thing shes ever been in was The Follow which sucked in my opinion....but i really think that she could bring lara up to speed and would be the very best alternative to the others

  • Hypnos

    I've read that they're thinking of making an origin film..If that's the case, maybe they should choose a younger actress like perhaps Summer Glau or someone. But for me, Rhona Mitra can do the origin film..I mean the power of make-up can make anyone look old or young. Just because it's an origin film doesn't mean it needs a young Lara, right?

  • GWEN


  • Ray Sheen

    Rhona Mitra . . . but have you considered Kristin Kreuk??
    In Chun Li she did some fantastic job. The picture as a whole might have not been good, ythat is the fault of director and producers. Kristin did all the Karate action herself and all the "wire" action also.

  • joe

    amy sue cooper or divini rae..... thats will bring people to cinema...definately!!!

  • DK

    I suggest you take Jennifer Garner as Lara Croft.She is sexy
    and atletic.And has surely the boobs of Lara.And she has tall sexy legs.And nice hair.She is a sexy woman.

  • lana

    adriana has a baby face

  • lana

    she would look good as a young lara because she looks so young herself

  • GWEN

    why in this earth that people want to fix something that does not need fixing? It is very elementary love, if it's not broken, why mess it up? Angelina made Lara Croft to life. Don't kill it.

  • Jade

    I picked other because I think that Michelle Rodriguez should play the part

  • rebecca

    okay its all about kate beckensale like come on now, megan fox hell to the no

    • lana

      i agree megan fox is a wanna be angelina and does not know how to act real all she knows how to do is sultry

  • gravedigger02

    Jessica Alba on No. 1! Why?: Idle Hands, Dark Angel, Honey, Into the Blue, Sin City, Fanastic Four 1+2, Good Luck Chuck Awake, The Eye, The Love Guru, Valentine's Day... She's funny, she's sexy and she a really good actress, way better than Megan Fox, who also has the same look...

  • Duke

    I think it should be Mila Kunis. Did you see her at the end of Book of Eli? All I could think of is how much she reminded me of Lara Croft.

  • http://ROPESOFSILICON David


  • deasy

    i still love angelina jolie to be lara croft. she's the best.

  • hydraventure

    Angelina Jolie all the way.I loved Tomb Raider.

  • Geoff

    Got to be salma Hayek

    • Liam Massey

      Do yoe agree, it is always better to have the same actor/actress if they are still alive

  • Liam Massey

    It is alwaays better to have the same actor/actess if they are still alive

  • Meii

    Olivia Wilde

  • Kathy

    What about Michelle Rodriguez of Resident Evil, Too Fast Too Furious, fame? Certainly likes the tough image - only doubt is perhaps the ability to come across as English. Others could include:
    Monica Bellucci
    Rachel Weiss

  • ince gortho

    Wow. The bulk of actress to choose from this article pretty much suck, except for two people. Sienna miller, which is unlikely in my opinion, and rhona mites; who would knock it out if the ballpark! Mites seems to be the only choice rugged and beautiful enough go tackle the roll IF the wanted to make laura croft someone realistic and still adventurous.
    it was great what they did with jolie but its time for new pastors to avoid redundancy.
    I believe on of these two people will actually get the part.
    Hollywood has usually gone with an unknown or obscure choice when matters of who will get the coveted part game heats up. Batman begins alice in wonderland and girl with dragon ratio come to mind without effort of thought.
    I say Kelly Brook ( austrailian temptress/ actress, co star of pirhana 3D).
    And rising star, Tanit Phoenix ( south African native jungle honey, recently in lost boys 3 the thirst, and deathrace 2.
    Disregard the projects they made as something to measure up to this, instead, visualize what they could be capable of with what's considered diamond in the rough fodderin hollywood today; a good script and compitent director.

    Please excuse my poor grammar, this was typed from my cell phone.

  • iloveianalot:)

    i think olivia wilde looks EXACTLY like her:)

  • megmarie23

    I think Scarlett Johansson. I know what you're thinking, blonde right? But seriously look at her face! and watch Iron Man 2, plus she is young and has the body for it!! She could pull of every aspect of Lady Croft:) some of these actresses are not much younger than Jolie, might as well put her back in her role if you want Kate?. I hate Megan Fox, I was hoping she would just disappear. She literally gets offended being compared to Angelina?! Really? What kind of self-righteous person are you? And I'm sorry but Lara is supposed to be a British woman who looks somewhat like the video game character. Also, I think that Rhona looks like a man. A little too tough in my opinion.

  • Babs Sheen

    The name of Rhona Mitra has been mentioned a few times. She is british, makes these types of films (Action/drama like Doomsday and Rise of the Lycans and others) Has a FANTASTIC body, well muscled and she is BEAUTIFUL. She impreses in the intelligent way that she comes across in her acting.

    • The One

      Well spoken, Rhona Mitra was the first Women to wear the Tomb raider outfit,not long after the games release in 1996 and should get her chance to play Lara,she is so well suited to the part and looks far more like her then Angelina ever did....i thought this for a very long time..its Rhona for me and always will.

  • Stefany

    I think that Angelina suits best for the role!No one can replace her!Angelina is Tomb Raider's face and she is starring in the two parts of Tomb Raider.If there will be third it's logical Angelina to get the role.

  • hgp

    Evangeline Lilly would make a great Lara Croft.

  • kristina

    watching this tv show called the mentalist and this lady cop real name (Amanda Righetti) totally has the look for a future tomb raider this site shows a fairly acurate picture of her on the series reply and comments welcome

  • kristina

    Amanda Righetti from tv show the mentalist

  • dani

    I believe the actor with the most decent appeal to replace Angelina jolie as Laura Croft is Amanda Righetti. she may not seem as if she has the natural appeal, but over looking through few photos it seems as if she is transformable with a little professional help to become a new replacement as Laura Croft

  • fox

    Michelle Rodriguez

    • dani

      She would be a good Lara (if Angelina won't do it). Michelle has those looks that are rugged but sexy too. She could do it.

      • vincegortho

        Hell no. She needs to be british!!

  • Conrado

    Odette Yustman is pefect to role as Lara Croft in the 3rd movie. :)[2]
    She's perfect to be the muse!

  • dani

    KEEP ANGELINA JOLIE!!! She is SO not too old! Hey, she was in Salt! She was in Wanted! How about Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Oh, but she wasn't too old THEN. KEEP HER!! Angelina is one of those actresses that cannot be replaced no matter the circumstance. Adriana is EXTREMELY gorgeous but beauty won't make up for acting. I'm waiting to see how that model acts in the new Transformers. They should've kept Megan Fox. On that note - Megan is hot too, but she's definitely not actress material. OR Lara material. I've been an avid fan and gamer of Tomb Raider and the movies since I was just a kid. Anne Hathaway? Love her! But she's too innocent looking! And Emily Blunt looks mean - not sexy, like AJ. BTW Megan backed off of the role for Tomb Raider because she wants to avoid confrontation with AJ. Megan may be a "slut" to some of you guys, but at least she has common sense and the respect for AJ to let her have her role. KEEP ANGELINA PLEEEEEASE!!!

  • Gary Barbosa – Producer

    The best woman for the tomb raider role is Deidre Pagnanelli, one of the most beautiful and athletic women eve greated. How do I post a picture ???

  • Dodo

    Lyndsy Fonseca

  • vince gortho

    Forget megan fox. Im sick of hearing her name.
    How about someone in the British orient instead of pulling from the hollywood stable of dumb hoes who can't act, but look good.
    Make her a real character. Give it a good script. Find a real actress, not a celeb to back it up.
    Pffft! Megan fox!? She can barely act with an american accent, let alone a british one.

  • vince gortho

    Go with an unkown talent. Someone like RHONA MITRA and KATE BECKINSALE, but younger. Not sure how old beckinsale is...
    But someone with chops for all of us watch squirm under the microscope.

  • rick daglass

    i think new the lara croft will be olivia wilde but angelina is ok too ...

  • rick daglass

    i think the new lara croft will be olivia wilde but angelina is ok too ...

  • Leen

    Mila Kunis? She was pretty badass in Book of Eli and a awesome in Black Swan.

  • Freddy

    How about we keep the original and quit doing this to women when they hit 30.

  • Tony Greene

    I would have to go with Olga Kruylenko because she looks like a Lara Croft and second, she's 5'10" like the given height of the character.

  • Darryl Edwards

    I think Jessica Alba would be perfect. She played a fantastic action part in the series Dark Angel.

  • Areina

    There is absolutely no worthy replacement to Angelina. She's the only reason the movies got popular. I'm not saying it's her body that did but just the way she carries herself and reacts. No one can beat that. If anyone Rhona Mitra would be the only person even close to matching her.

  • Kola

    I'd go for Summer Glau, because she's the only actress that could make me watch a Tomb Raider movie. She's awesome in action scenes and her acting ability is top notch. Not to mention that she's definitely a hottie. The only problem is that she doesn't look like a traditional Lara Croft. I'd like to see what they could make out of her though. Should be very interesting.

  • Steve

    Emily Browning could have the grit to play a new, young Lara. She definetly proved herself in Suckerpunch as being able to pull off action star/heroine.

    Would be high up there on my list.

    p.s. Angelina Jolie should never have been cast as Lara Croft - FACT

  • allie

    I think that only JENNIFER GARNER could be a worthy successor for Jolie. She´s cool enough for the part and knows what she´s doing when she kicks ass :)

    Summer Glau is a fantastic actress, actually my favourite one, but she´s just not Lara...

  • Shrabani

    it must be Michelle Rodriguez

  • Alabama

    Priyanka Chopra. Some Indian Actor I guess. But she is hot!!

  • Izz

    Mila Kunis?
    maybe, she showed us all in black swan she's not afraid to do the physical work and being a European she might be able to do a convincing voice too, but lets face it, know one will really be able to replace Jolie's performances she has a unique and ethereal on screen presence.
    PS: To be honest it'd be nice to see Rosario Dawson in something the last thing I saw her in was 'kids; in 95 and I need to get that film out of my head!

  • Izz

    OR! British star Kaya Scodelario?

  • Ty

    Has to be Rhona Mitra all day!!

  • Billy

    Alison Carroll, the current Eidos model for Lara Croft is a dead ringer in terms of looks, but she is a gymnast and martial artist, not an actress though. Who knows though, maybe they should give her a shot.

  • Athanasios

    Ok guys first off Angelina said that she didn't want to play the character anymore Second I would have to go with Kate but with the new game coming out I think they are going to pick someone younger so I really think Odette Annable would be a great Lara Croft

  • Guardian452

    personally i'd like to see Amanda Tapping as Lara Croft, she already is english and proves she can kick ass(sanctuary)and has a sense of humor as Ms Croft should have other than that not only should the next lara be athletic enough for stunts and able to pull the english accent she should have a sense of humor and NEVER EVER be Megan Fox she does the screaming wench well but thats all i've ever seen from her other than looking good

  • Eddie

    Eliza Dushku?? I love her.

  • stanley

    well to be honest their not all greatesh choices but it really doesnt matter seeing as hollywood will just cast someone who doesnt even begin to fit the role anyways. but rhona mitra was the origanal pick for the first films but she turned down the role.. so jolie picked it up.. and megan fox might look god as lara but she really can not act all that well. nikki reed, emily blunt, anne hathaway, sienna miller, jessica biel, rosario dawson, summer glau are all hot and can kick butt,(BUT) they still don't quite a fit the bill,Kate beckinsale & rhona mitra are really the only two of them that are the total package.. kate as seen in underworlds 1,2,4 & in van helsing. and rhona in underworld 3 & in DoomsDay. so when casting the part they should look for someone who can act, is fit enough, and has the 4 sexy attributes of lara croft.. 1.large chest, 2.drop dead sexy, 3.a sexy british accent, 4.kickass battle battle sequences under her belt.. to be honest if jennifer lawrence wasn't busy with the whole hunger games thing.. she would fit the role to a (T) shoot even emily browning from sucker punch. would be hot and do a great job..

    but the rumors are flying that olivia wilde or kira knightly might be playing her.. of course they will ruin it.. and it will tank..

  • stanley

    sorry for all the mis-spelling my keyboard isn't working all the time.. but P.S. to my last post...

    have you ever wondered if katie perry can act, if so she would make a killer Lara Croft..

    tell me am I right or am I

  • fourthwall1

    If its a reboot. Then someone young fresh and naive. Can work. GET THECHICK FROM TRANSFORMERS 3: ROSIEUNTINGTON WHITELY. she wasn't bad. Better actress than fox and comes across as smart.

    • Stanley

      wow yeah I totally forgot about rosie huntington-whiteley.. but I'm not sure how she will look as a full blown brunette.. I've seen pics of her as a child with dark hair, but her looks have changed abit since then.. I wonder how good she would be as a gunslinging bombshell.. better question than thats really is what ancient artifact she'll be after in this one.. oh,oh,oh I know of another rosie that would look good as lara croft.. her names Rosie Jones..look her up.. she's whats the word I'm looking for, oh yeah, DAMN!!!!,She's SMOKEN HOT.. I wonder will there be any really Hot Sex scense or even a bit of nudiy ve if its very



    • Stanley

      It would have been nice back in the day but she's much to old for the part now,and their looking for a fresh young face, some one well known right now to play the part..

  • Dino

    Moon Bloodgood !!!!

  • Houston

    Olivia Wilde by far the best to play Lara Croft !!!!!!!!!

  • Anne-Perrine Couët

    Amanda Righetti !
    Looks to obvious not to be true :

  • Bunkzzz

    Gina Carano, shes the only actress i can think that really has the athletic ability to be Lara Croft.

  • Athanasios

    Recent news says that they want a young actress to be Lara Croft so that it can be like the game so Lyndsy Frensco looks just like her in the game so I think she could manage she's on Nikita so I know she can action scenes and accents she's my number 1 choice

  • Max Delena

    Olivia Munn

  • RizekCRF

    Gemma Arterton

  • janil apd

    I think jeniffer lawrence would fit the style and mechanism of being lara croft like being enigmatic...

  • Corey Shireen Knightley

    Jennifer Lawrence. Katniss and the new Lara are very similar....