Tom Cruise Signs To Star In 'Mission: Impossible 5'

Tom Cruise signs for Mission: Impossible 5This news hardly comes as a surprise, but Deadline reports Tom Cruise has officially signed on to return as Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible 5 for Paramount Pictures, Skydance Productions and J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot. There is, however, no news on who will write and/or direct the feature or who will be back from the Brad Bird-directed fourth installment, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, which brought in $694.7 million worldwide back in 2011.

Ghost Protocol introduced Jeremy Renner to the franchise and many assumed it was an attempt to have someone else step in for Cruise to continue where the fourth film left off, but after the film's success it would appear Hunt is back at the center of the action.

As for directors, Deadline says Cruise's Jack Reacher director Christopher McQuarrie is the name most often heard. A director is expected to be named shortly. [Deadline]

  • andyluvsfilms

    The only one that stands out for me is the one with the virus, the antidote and the doves, the rest just blend in with each other, much like the POTC sequels

  • Tommy Dinh

    M:I3 was the best to me; Phillip Seymour Hoffman was awesome, oh and Maggie Q.

    • Hudsucker

      I feel the same.

  • Xarnis

    I've liked all the M:I films, and I'm glad Cruise is back for a 5th. I can't see anyone else being te star of an M:I movie but him.

  • Matt

    I've enjoyed all of the "Mission: Impossible" films, and it is actually the only action series I can think of that has gotten better with each sequel. Hopefully this film will continue the tradition. Can't wait to see who is directing.

  • Ryguy815

    The fourth one was so good that I don't really want a fifth just in case it sucks.

  • The Movie Guru

    The fourth was fantastic so I'm in for five.

  • Chris

    I loved the 4th one and would love to see another, but hopefully they don't "A Good Day to Die Hard" it.

  • Sir Trey

    I've rather enjoyed the entire series and thought they've improved each entry. Ghost Protocol was one of the most thrilling pure action films I've seen recently, with one of the single best/most tense set-pieces I can think of (the Burj Khalifa scene), so I'm very interested to see how they top that.

  • Adu

    I dont care what people say about him, for me, Tom Cruise will be rememberd as the best action-movie star....wait for it...ever!

  • Winchester

    Apart from the second film I do enjoy the franchise, but at the same time he can't make too many more of them given he's now in his early 50's. He's not done yet on the action front but still he needs to think beyond them.

    And I don't think I would have much excitement for McQuarrie as a director after Jack Reacher. But I think he's going to be Cruise's 'go to' guy for this instalment. I wonder if they'll target 2016 for the release so that they can do the whole twentieth anniversary of the first film thing.

  • Just Pete

    What else could we expect after the Rock of Ages, Jack Reacher and Oblivion underperformance? At this stage of his career, Tom should be gunning for an Oscar, not more dollars. Brad Pitt is a perfect example of how to make the shift. Cruise should learn a thing or two from him. MI5 is a cashgrab, nothing more. Even if it gets a 100% rating, I won't even think about watching it.