'Time Traveler's Wife' Trailer and Poster

The trailer for the long delayed New Line Cinema release The Time Traveler's Wife has finally arrived online in advance of its August 14 release date. The film stars Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana, the latter of which was actually the cause of the delay as the production had to wait for the star's hair to grow back after his turn as a bald Romulan in Paramount's Star Trek before filming a few reshoots.

Robert Schwentke (Flightplan) directed the film based on the bestselling novel by Audrey Niffenegger. Bana portrays a man with a time-traveling gene who manages to appear and re-appear at different times in the life of his one true love (McAdams).

Along with the trailer a small version of the poster has also appeared online as you can see to the right. Hopefully we will have a full version soon as it actually is a rather appealing piece of art, but McAdams has that effect on me.

Check out the trailer below and for more on the film including a gallery of eight images click here.

You can check out the trailer in high definition at Yahoo.

  • Scott

    Looks good enough to see. Bana and McAdams are both pretty good actors and it looks like the time travel should be an interesting device for a romance movie.

  • JAB

    this looks great, but they literally just put the entire movie in a trailer.

  • Philip

    looks boring...

  • Susan

    It looks pretty good! The book is so incredible that I would highly advise reading it before seeing the movie!

  • Vik

    Am I the only one who is creeped out at the idea of a grown-up man going back in time and meeting his wife when she was just a child?

  • Viral

    Rachel McAdams is Goooooooooooooooooooorgeous! the movie looks good for a date night. nothing extra ordinary but not bad in teh very least.

  • http://www.surfthevideo.blogspot.com/ David

    Omg,, I'm a Bloke and I really wanna see that movie lol.. Looks like it will have a interestingly sad ending..

  • Shirley

    I absolutely love love loved the book and am so excited that this has been made into a movie! I wish I didnt have to wait 2 months till its out!

  • lola

    skip the movie. read the book.

  • http://www.aheartonawire.blogspot.com aheartonawire

    This is possibly my favorite book of all time - behind The Poisonwood Bible and Catcher in The Rye - so per usual I am weary of the adaptation. I am quite pleased with the choice of actors. However, they way Henry (Bana) disappates in the trailer when time traveling, makes me nervous. That seems a bit too clean and mild as compared to the novel. It should be violent. Henry was always beleaguered after traveling.

    Of course, I will see it anyway.

  • Moi

    I really dont like the movie poster. The trailer looks brilliant. Im going to read the book before it comes out to theatres.