Three Unused 'The Dark Knight Rises' Posters

Three Unused Dark Knight Rises posters
Photo: Trailer Park Inc.

The second phase of marketing for The Dark Knight Rises is underway and you're also probably going to start hearing a little more about it as Warner Bros. recently sent out award screeners, mine arrived earlier today and I have to say... I wish I was a little more excited, but I'm sure I'll give it another watch before the end of the year and I expect it will hold up better than The Avengers did upon my first home viewing.

None of that, however, is the reason for this post. The reason for this post are the three unused posters for the film that began circulating the net earlier today from advertising company Trailer Park.

I actually like all three of these, the third of which is really more an "idea" than anything else and doesn't let on it's the third film in the Batman franchise, but knowing what it is actually makes it far cooler. In fact, it makes me wonder what the chances these posters could ever be sold. I have to assume fans of The Dark Knight Rises would love to have a limited edition poster like that on their wall.

Check out all three posters below and look for The Dark Knight Rises on DVD and Blu-ray on December 4.

  • Jack

    The 2nd one is great, others not so much. I, too, was disappointed by the first viewing. The 2nd time I saw it, I really dig it. Still so many flaws you could drive a truck through, but a much better experience.

    The Avengers for me loses some zing everytime I watch it, so I just pretend I've only seen it the first time.

  • Matt

    I saw "The Avengers" three times in theaters, and "The Dark Knight Rises" twice. Personally, I found "The Avengers" to be less entertaining with each viewing but still far superior to "The Dark Knight Rises." To me, the flaws I had with "The Dark Knight Rises" during my first viewing were amplified and I found myself bored through long stretches of the film. While "The Avengers" becomes less exciting as I see it more, I was never nearly as bored as I was during TDKR. But, oh well, to each their own I suppose.

    As for the posters, I love the last one. Very simple and effective.

  • V

    I can see why they were unused. All are "Meh" just like the movie itself.

  • Chris138

    I liked TDKR the first time I saw it, but I liked it even more the second time. I'll certainly buy it and look forward to seeing how it holds up on a third viewing.

    I only saw The Avengers once and haven't watched it since. I'm not really rushing back to it. I saw The Amazing Spider-Man twice, but that feels like enough. I wouldn't buy it.

    Interesting that they've decided to release these posters. I still think the best one released was the first with Bane and the broken Bat cowl.

  • Robert

    I saw Rises 3 times in theaters. Liked it the first time, and then saw all the critisizms online. Upon the second time, the scrutinized the Hell out of it, and saw that Nolan was asking audiences to make inferences based on the previous two films (How does he get back to Gotham? This is the same guy who survived 7 years without money or an identity. This is also the same guy who was able to get into and out of Hong Kong without anyone noticing. Gets dark in minutes during Wall Street heist-Already dusk, you'll notice street lights are already on when cops get there. How's BW get into Gotham? Same way the Special Forces got in. ETC). All the scrutiny made me see how tight the film actually was.

    The third go round, I loved the film. I greatly look forward to buying it for my collection, something I don't regularly do. I think that the so called backlash to the movie stems from two things. One: Not standing on its own like the previous two. Two: Expectations being sky high and people tired of hard core Nolan fans proclaiming him the Second Coming. As time passes, I think the appreciation for TDKR will grow greater and greater.

    • Pat

      I had the same experience. Additionally, for me, the film accomplishes something great in having strong meaning and arcs for Bruce, Alfred, Gordon, Selina, and Blake. I find it funny in that several people don't buy the 'romance' Bruce had with 'Miranda'. What romance? By the third act reveal, it is clear she was just using him to figure out where the reactor was and gain control of it. She could care less about him, and seeing it on subsequent viewings, you recognize slight subtleties in Cotillard's performance where everyone's doom happens due to her pressence.

      • Dan

        Agreed-It's just a shame to her the groan of the disgruntled vocal minority claim they are the majority. Several points that pissed me off these past few months.

        1. Alfred abandoning Bruce goes against everything-He's not abandoning Bruce. He's abandoning Batman. If he stays, he'll be enabling Bruce's cancer (the past/ personified in Batman), and play an active role in his death.

        2. Why would he hand over the company to Miranda Tate when he just met her? He already knows her. Bruce mothballed the reactor 3 years ago according to Fox-A project Tate heavily invested in according to Dagget. Thereby Bruce didn't become Howard Huges 2.0 the night Dent died, it happened progressively.

        3. How's Blake figure out Bruce is Batman? Does this make Gordon an idiot? Gordon is police commissioner. The nature of that position doesn't allow people to be inconspicuos. If he looked into the Batman's identity, then a large number of people in the department would know. Additionally, the Batman saved his family. One imagines that he'd do everything to protect him. As for Blake, he can see the entire playboy act is BS because of the shared experience. He figures out he's Batman because he needs massive wealth to fund himself. Additionally, further dialogue was probably deleted to hammer this home.

        4. How does Wayne lose control so quickly if he can argue fraud at the market? Do you seriously, think Daggett doesn't use the oppurtunity to remind the Board of Wayne's history of erratic behavior (dissappering for 7 years, burning down his mansion, public drunkiness, falling asleep in board meetings, spending billions on an energy project to only mothball it). In time, they'd prove fraud, but not before Dagget took control, if not for Tate and Fox.

        5. How's Blake just conviently appear? He just told Bruce, he knew he was Batman (which BW doesn't confirm), and in a day Batman appears. One imagines that he'd want to approach Wayne ASAP. He gets to Wayne Enterprises because he sees in the news that Wayne is broke and the future of his company is in jeopardy.

        6. Gordon is dumb enough to send all the cops in the city after Bane and have them trapped underground. No he isn't. One: He says to the special forces folks that there are dozens of cops free. Additionally, the priest tells Blake that Bane's men are hunting the free cops. Two; who'd actually expect someone to do that. Using maximum force seems like a good idea to stabilize the situation.

        7. Why don't the cops look like Tom Hanks in Castaway after being set free? It is clearly shown they are given supplies by government.

        8. Trash cans are seen upright in Foley's neighborhood. Isn't the city under riot? Yeah, Foley is blue collar. The rioting is happening to the rich. If you looked at the LA riots of the 70s, you'd see that various neighborhoods were untouched, because they wouldn't bother going into places that were of no interest.

        9. Shouldn't Talia's knife make Bruce bleed to death -Maybe. In the previous film, Fox says the new suit is more susceptible to knives and bullets. This doesn't mean he has no protection, he's just more vulnerable. He was still able to endure the Joker's knife and Two Face's bullet. One imagines there damage, along with Talia's blade, were superficial. Additionally, it is not as if he is doing anything overtly exhausting for the rest of the movie.

        10. The cop's gangs of NY charge is stupid. Yeah it is, but not because of ploting. They have an hour or so until the bomb goes of. If they had longer I am certain they'd go with a more tactically sound strategy. As it is, they need to improvise with the time they have to let Gordon do his job.

        11. How's Bruce just find Selina when he gets back to Gotham? It's not like he didn't already know where she lived due to tracking device and having seen her home twice? Actually, it is.

        12. What's with the big bat signal-waste of time? No, the series theme is inspiring people to take action so there doesn't have to be a Batman. Witness Foley man up and join all the other cops.

        13. Shouldn't Bane already know Bruce is back due to Talia having already seen him? Why the disbelief upon seeing the bat signal? Is this disbelief, or shock that a man he broke and left in an impossible prison is free and out to stop him?

        14. Impossible prison? Where were the guards? Why is CSPAN playing on tv? The prison is meant to kill hope in that only one person has ever escaped. They see the open sky, but can never touch it. There are no guards, because people don't leave alive. It is a foreign news channel-Not CSPAN, MSNBC, FOX, the BBC, etc. A foreign news agency would cover a city of 12 million people being taken over by terrorists.

        15. How does Gordon remember putting a coat over Bruce? Surely, as an officer, this is something he has done many times? How many times do you comfort the son of one of the wealthiest families in the world? I'm sure that is a memory scotched inside Gordon's memory. He doesn't automatically say, your Bruce Wayne to Batman. He thinks, ponders the amount of money it would take to have all those wonderful toys, and has his epiphany.

        • Robert

          Also notice how people where complaining how it would be impossible to not notice Bruce and Batman dying at the same time. I'm sure the populous thought Bruce was the first to die in Crane's 'court' during the height of Bane's pograms.

          Lastly, people have claimed this as an indictment of both Occupy Wall Street and Capitalism. Both charges are BS. Bane has no one's betterment at heart. He wants the city to tear itself apart at every aspect, and have the outside world look on in horror. He just sticks the criminals of Blackgate on the one percent and creates a state of anarchy.

        • neofiles

          Well said dan.. Thanks from legion of fans out there..

        • Mike

          Couldn't have said it better myself, Dan. Well done.

        • Chris

          I'm not disputing any of those, but did you just copy a list from or something? I hope you posted all of them for the avengers too.

          • Dan

            I'm not arguing about mistakes. I'm talking about lazy criticism that people have made. Read what I wrote, and you'll see that.

    • Hamza Zain

      Thank you for this. My best friend hates TDKR because he constantly is finding "plot holes", and I could not agree with you more. Rises is being given the Godfather 3 treatment, where the first two were so good that there's no way the third could live upto them.

      • Pat

        Just remember, the first two Godfathers are 2 of the five best films ever. The drop off in quality between them and 3 is not the same as this trilogy. Rises is of a much better quality then Godfather 3. Whilst Rises isn't as good as the Dark Knight, it is almost as good.

        • Hamza Zain

          Oh I know that, I just meant the way people are treating it.

        • Newbourne

          I saw The Godfather for the first time a few months ago. When the gang takes over the toll booth and guns down one of Corleone's sons, it seemd very hoakey to me. The Italy storyline also felt like the film was drifting off somewhere else. I know it's from the book, but a book plays out differently because you don't necessarily read it in one go. A film has to have a level of cohesiveness that plays out like one story. The Godfather didn't have that. The Italy scenes were like "a story within a story". Plus, Marlon Brando's performance bordered on cartoony at times. Obviously, my opinion is definitely a minority, but I frankly believe most people are just caught up in the Godfather hype machine of the past decades.

          It also has to do with the fact that filmmaking just wasn't as advanced in the past so most of my criticisms were actually "revolutionary improvements" at the time.

          Regardless, I wholeheartedly believe films should stand the test of time and be excellent in comparison with all the newer films.

          Reminds me of Star Wars. It was a fine movie, but for its time. It doesn't really compare, to say, 2009's Star Trek for example.

  • Hamza Zain

    The design for the last one was actually put on t-shirts and given out back in December. I got one when I went with friends to see a special showing of the 6-minute prologue.