Three New 'House of Cards' Season 2 Trailers

house-of-cards-season-2I'm doing my best to keep up with all the television everyone seems to love. I still have the last half of "Breaking Bad" to watch, which is coming to Netflix Instant in a little under two weeks, I watched the first two episodes of "True Detective" last night, I can't wait for the second season of "Hannibal" to arrive and I'm all caught up on "Game of Thrones" and "True Blood". I know that's not everything, but I'm doing my best while also trying to watch as many old and new movies as possible.

Next on the TV list, however, is Netflix's second season of "House of Cards", which we thought was going to be the final season, but a third season has already been confirmed.

With season two set to premiere this Friday, Valentine's Day, Netflix has released three new short trailers for the next round of political intrigue as Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright return in the story of Congressman Francis Underwood (Spacey) works with his equally conniving wife, Claire (Wright) to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him.

This one I can't wait to see.

  • TheLastEquivocationofBrist

    I currently have a Netflix DVD account only, not a streaming account, so I assume I can't watch this? I tried to add Orange is the New Black to my Netflix queue recently, and it wasn't available.

    If that's the case I guess they consider DVD accounts second-class citizens? The only reason I signed up for a DVD account was to get things that aren't available for streaming at all, like Laurence Anyways.

  • Winchester

    I refuse to join the streaming bandwagon in general and only do it when it suits me, so with this I'll do what I did with season one and wait for DVD availability. I enjoyed the first season very much though so I'm happy to go straight to buying it for home viewing.

    • TheLastEquivocationofBrist

      House of Cards season 1 eventually came to Redbox so I saw it that way. Still waiting on Orange is the New Black.

      • Winchester

        This is the thing. Eventually because of the cost of making them (especially for a series as pricey as 'House of Cards' even Netflix has to eventually release them beyond purely the streaming options to maximise money making. So, it's just a case of having a little patience and waiting. There's so many films and TV shows on my to do list at least that waiting a few months is nothing at all.

  • Chris

    I love love love this show. Can't wait till Friday! Good thing I don't have a girlfriend :(

  • Sheriff__Bullock

    Really looking forward to this, which is something I don't get to say very often these days. I can't even say I'm a fan of political dramas, but I love this series; I think it transcends the genre.

  • Ron Oneal Fresh

    Three seasons of Frank Underwood scheming might push HOC into soap opera territory of a wheel spinning.

  • Newbourne

    True Blood is terrible Brad, I stopped watching this season. You should move on to something else. I think:

    • Sherlock- First one I recommend, because it's the closest to film. Each "episode" is more like a standalone 90 minute film. For the Emmys, they actually submit one episode a year as a TV movie. You should definitely check them out as they are top quality.

    • Community- The show is hilarious with its witty dialogue and creative stories, but it shines with the various film tributes, I think you'll really enjoy it.

    • Suits- The dialogue is FILLED with movie quotes. It's a delight to recognize them all every episode. The show is really witty.

    • Person of Interest- If you like TDK and Inception, you should like POI, which is Jonathan Nolan's brainchild. It's an action-thriller with biblical undertones about an Artificial Intelligence that is playing the part of God.

    • Orange is the New Black- Awesome biopic about a woman who gets sent to prison for a year as she chronicles everything that happens. It's based on a true story.

    • Louie- Funniest show on TV. It's a dark comedy about Louie living his real life. I think it's the best show on TV.

    There are a bunch of others I'd recommend. Orphan Black, Modern Family, Luther, Hell on Wheels, Mad Men (I know you tried, but should definitely give it another go), etc. But I think those above are the ones you'd definitely like above all others.

    • Sheriff__Bullock

      Don't know that I would recommend Person of Interest at this point. It started off well enough, but has gotten really hokey and repetitive; enough so that I have abandoned ship this season. Reminds me of Alias in that way.

      • Newbourne

        I am completely on the other side of the fence on that one. The third season has been the best season of POI so far. It fleshes out the mythology while keeping all the characters interesting. No show can juggle multiple antagonists as well as POI.