Three New 'Avengers' TV Spots Assemble Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America

The Avengers TV SpotsThree international TV spots have popped up recently taking specific aim at three members of The Avengers team -- Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans).

Reviews for the film are already starting to roll in, so I assume even more TV spots touting the already impressive response (96% at RottenTomatoes) with only one negative review so far coming from Amy Nicholson of Boxoffice Magazine whose RottenTomatoes blurb reads, "Apparently, bootleg copies of Transformers 3 made it to Asgard." Yet, her review is a 3/5, which isn't as bad as it sounds.

I've included all three new TV spots directly below and you can get more Avengers action by clicking right here. After all, did you see that new clip I just posted?

  • Winchester

    Well, there's a good portion of the main trailer strongly echoes the explodey side of Dark of The Moon so...................but jeez, haven't we all made our mind up by now if we're seeing it or not?

    • Arturo

      Early reviews are not bad, 96%. Will probably drop but I really doubt it's going to as bad as Dark of the Moon. from what I've read it has it's humor and intelligently examines the world that we live in today.

      • Winchester

        No, the content of the actual film wasn't where I was going.

        But in the trailer the action cuts used clearly took inspiration from Transformers (buildings torn through by ships, massive fireballs obliterating wide boulevards and on and so forth) in their presentation. The rest of the film is whatever it is, of course (not read any reviews yet directly) but the action choreography of the main trailer was definitely copying the Bay vibe.

        That's just an observation, not any sort of judgement on The Avengers as a film yet. Unlike, say, Battleship which also gave a Transformers vibe in the action sequences in it's main trailer but which I have seen and IS an embarrasing sub Transformers wannabe.