Three Ladies up for Depp's Wife in 'Transcendence' and Peter Jackson to Shoot 'Tintin' Sequel Next Year

Emily Blunt, Rebecca Hall and Rooney Mara

1.) Three ladies are up for the role of Johnny Depp's wife in Transcendence, with the final decision between Emily Blunt, Rebecca Hall and Rooney Mara expected to be made on Friday. In any case, Mr. Depp is certainly transcending any perception of age brackets in the dating world, though I doubt that has anything to do with the plot or title. The film is the directorial debut of long-time Christopher Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister and stars Depp as a scientist whose brain is uploaded into a computer after his death. [Deadline]

2.) Peter Jackson has long been expected to take over the director's chair from Steven Spielberg for The Adventures of Tintin. Jackson's plan is now to shoot the film at some point in 2013 with a 2015 release in mind. This would give him a change of scenery in the middle of his post-production work for the second and third Hobbit movies. There's no word yet on which of the character's stories Jackson might be tackling with the sequel. [, via Bleeding Cool]

3.) Little Miss Sunshine directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris will direct the true story The Big Cigar as their next project. The source material is an article Joshuah Bearman wrote for the December issue of Playboy about Black Panthers co-founder Huey Newton and a successful covert effort to smuggle him out of the U.S. and into Cuba to avoid prosecution for murder and a second violent crime.

Bearman also wrote the article on which Argo was based. And like Argo, the escape in The Big Cigar hinges on a fake movie as Easy Rider producer Bert Schneider set up a movie around Newton called The Cigar, which provided Newton the cover he needed to get himself and his girlfriend out of the country. [Deadline]

4.) Mark Wahlberg and his producing partner Stephen Levinson have acquired a hacker thriller based on David Kushner's recent GQ article "The Hacker is Watching" for Universal. The story centers on a ruthless and anonymous hacker who targets the student body of a large suburban high school. You can read the full article right here. [THR]

5.) Fans of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy might be happy to know work on a sequel is currently underway, as confirmed by producer Eric Fellner.

We are working on another one. [Producer] Tim Bevan is putting it together as we speak with [screenwriter] Peter Straughan and [director] Tomas Alfredson, so yes it's in development... It did unbelievably well and it didn't cost hardly anything... But things take time. Tim is passionate about making sure we do another one."

The first film grossed a surprising $80 million worldwide and earned Gary Oldman the first Oscar nomination of his career. It has previously been suggested a sequel would be based on the novel Smiley's People, which sees Oldman's George Smiley called out of retirement for one last time. [Collider]

  • Josh Z

    Real happy to hear about TinTin. I know I'm one of few here in the U.S but I loved the first TinTin movie. I definitely saw what some people had issues with the animation but I still enjoyed it a lot and really glad they are moving forward with a sequel (first one made 374 million worldwide). I recall hearing that Jackson would do the second one and both Jackson and Spielberg would co-direct the third one. So time will tell, but still happy about the news.

    One last thing, is it just me or are all the new superhero posters have them hunched over looking down or something of the sort? Seems like they are all trying to emulate Batman Begins teaser poster. I love most of these movies but still try something new other than "look! This is DARK!"

    Good work as always Kevin

    • adu

      I am part of that minority too. Loved the books and look forward to the sequel!

      • Josh Z

        Glad there's company! I also am secretly hoping for another 3 minute long no cut action scene. Best part of that whole movie!

  • Andrew

    All three of those women are young enough to be Depp's daughter.

    Can Wahlberg just stop, please?

  • Fan

    I enjoyed Tinker, Tailor, Sailor, Spy I wouldn't mind a sequel.

  • Winchester

    I found Tintin unfairly maligned but I enjoyed it and am happy to take a trip down into a sequel.

    I also enjoyed Tinker so would be interested in a sequel if it was as well made as Tinker.

  • Khaira

    Yesssssssssssss for the Tinker, Tailor sequel...njoyed it immensely ....

  • MajorFilmFan

    I loved 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy', so I'm intregued to see what they can do with the sequel. Gary Oldman is always fantastic, and he OWNED The role of George Smiley.

  • MajorFilmFan

    THESE are the women they want to play Depp's wife?? I'm pretty sure they're too... young. Beautiful, yes.. But, TOO YOUNG to play Depp's wife

  • Chris138

    Good news all around here. Looking forward to seeing Wally Pfister's directorial effort. I enjoyed Tintin last year so I'm up for a sequel. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was also one of my favorite movies from last year so I'm real excited for another one.

  • SmartFilm

    I know he's committed but I really feel like a Tin-Tin sequel is a waste of time for Jackson. I'd much rather see him pursuing something original or maybe going down the horror avenue again. Now that would be interesting.