This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: June 15, 2010

Mystery Train (Criterion Collection)
I already reviewed this latest Criterion release last week (read that here), but the short of it is to say that while I am not a fan of the Jim Jarmusch films I have seen, this one really captured my attention. I can't say it's one for everyone, but I would hope if you read my review you should get an idea if it is one for you and on Blu-ray it is a beautiful presentation for a slow-paced film you wouldn't traditionally think needs a high definition presentation, but the photography by Robby Müller is well worth it.
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The Book of Eli
Here is a decent film and I've watched about half of the Blu-ray so far and can say it's a solid presentation though it is much darker than I remember. I think religious and literary fans will have fun with this one and its religious connections as well as its connections to books such as Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451."
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Mary and Max
I am going to be giving this one a Netflix rental since I don't know the publicity firm that handles this particular film's DVD/Blu-ray release and see if it's worth a buy. I know many of you have said it is in the comments recently, but most of the time I need to see it before I shell out any money. I've been intrigued by this film for about a year now and at one time was promised a screener that never arrived. So is life, but I will certainly make sure to see it soon.
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Youth in Revolt
A decent rental and considering how awful this year has been it is actually a film that stands out a little more than the rest, but I can't say it's anything all that special as much as it is simply a satisfying comedy. I gave it a "B" with my theatrical review, so give it a rent and see what you think.
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Are we headed toward an economic apocalypse? Michael Ruppert thinks so and good things have been said about this documentary, of which I've had a screener since about September of last year and still haven't watched and I hope to give it a spin sooner rather than later.
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Apparently a lot of you are excited about this release as it has been a top preview on the site for some time. I guess it must be the cast made up of Samuel L. Jackson, Carrie-Anne Moss and Michael Sheen that has you interested, but as much fun as these direct-to-video releases can be sometimes I have a hard time getting excited over one that has stars this big and still can't find theatrical distribution.
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Showgirls (15th Anniversary Sinsational Edition)
Have money to waste? Here's an option.
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When in Rome
Have any money left over after buying Showgirls? Well, whatever you do, don't spend it on this mess.
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  • Nick

    Saw Unthinkable and it's a movie provocative and controversial enough not to even get released theatrically. Good movie, very interesting, and the acting is superb from SLJ and Sheen.

  • Kevin

    From what I've read, Unthinkable was supposed to be a theatrical release had its small-time distributer (Senator Entertainment) not gone belly up. There's a really long thread on IMDb with the movie's producer explaining the financial situation and answering all sorts of questions about the movie.

    It's a strong movie and deserves to be seen, but it features an ending that fails to satisfy. If you rent or buy the DVD, be sure to watch the "extended version" because it features the better ending of the two that they were actually able to film. Apparently they had a better, more fulfilling ending ready to shoot but the money ran out before they had a chance to film it.

  • Brad Brevet

    Well, the two of you have convinced me, a Blu-ray copy is heading my way.