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Thieves Steal 2,500 'Indiana Jones 4' Pics!

Someone is in trouble, luckily it's not me

When the story spoilers for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull were let loose by an overzealous extra that forgot about his non-disclosure agreement and I referenced them in an article the LucasFilm bunch were on me like white on rice asking me to take 'em down so we didn't have to endure any threatening letters or anything along those lines. I had no problem with this, after all I had spoiled very little of what had been told since I try to keep this site spoiler free as much as I can. However, word was that Tyler Nelson, the extra that spilled the beans, was in quite a bit of trouble, understandably. So now that we learn that some thieves broke into an unknown location and jacked a hard drive with 2500 images from the production on it I can only wonder what is going to happen as Hollywood Elsewhere is reporting that the thieves are trying to sell the images online:

My source knows this, he says, "because a friend of mine sent me some of the sample photos the thieves were trying to sell him (which are pretty great...Cate Blanchett in full villain mode and Indy cracking the whip)"

I highly doubt any of my online colleagues would be dumb enough to do this considering the legal implications as HE says that "the F.B.I. is involved." Yikes, I don't want anyone in a black suit and dark menacing glasses knocking on my door! That is what they wear isn't it?

Hollywood Elsewhere asks the question "How does a studio combat this?" The only way to combat thieves is an alarm I am assuming, but I can only guess that this has to be an inside job, just as I assume all the movies that hit bootleg DVD are inside jobs. You combat it by hiring 24/7 security and then 24/7 security to watch them along with cameras and lasers. Lasers always stop criminals, that is unless you are watching Entrapment or Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Perhaps this is how the thieves pulled this off:

You know you love that scene.

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