There's Something Dirty about 'Sucker Punch'

Emily Browning in Sucker Punch
Photo: Warner Bros.

Buzz surrounding Sucker Punch hasn't been favorable. Much of this seems based on the trailers since I don't believe anyone has actually seen the film yet. Hell, I don't even see it until 10 PM, 24 hours before it's being released (not a good sign). However, buzz and press screenings aside, I can't help but get something of a dirty feeling when I take a look at the batch of 48 new images from the film I just received, two of which I've included here.

The image of an innocent Emily Browning in her pink tank top above. Appearing as a porcelain doll, trapped behind bars on her bed. The image of Vanessa Hudgens below in a bustier and fishnet stockings with her big doe eyes and pouty appearance. I know both actresses are 22-years-old, which means Richard Roeper is probably calling them up and asking for a date, but I can't help but feel screenings of Sucker Punch will be filled with dirty old men, sitting in the back row pulling a Paul Reubens.

When Sucker Punch was first announced writer/director Zack Snyder described it as "Alice in Wonderland with machine guns." What he forgot to add is Alice and her clones would be half-naked throughout the adventure and trust me, there is more where these two pictures came from. Just click here and browse the gallery.

Sucker Punch hits theaters on March 25, a weekend I can only assume much of the male audience this film is probably geared toward will be at home watching the NCAA tournament, which is strangely ironic given Sucker Punch is advertising all over CBS's tournament brackets.

Vanessa Hudgens in Sucker Punch
Photo: Warner Bros.
  • Arjuna

    Jon Hamm looks amazing! How did Snyder not cast him as superman when in these pictures he's the perfect Clark Kent! looks like he works for the Daily Planet already!

    • Owen

      Seriously. A Superman directed by Snyder with Jon Hamm as Kent, and Carla Gugino as Lois Lane; treated as a 1940's period piece (similar to the flashback scenes in Watchmen) would have been something to see...

  • Adriano

    As long as the actresses are over 18, I don't see any problem in these pictures. On the contrary: now I'm even more excited to see the movie.

  • Yaz

    I think it'll be fine... to be honest you've picked two of the more scandalous (if that's the right word - not sure) pictures of the batch here, and so they do aid your argument, but it's not like these girls are going to be depicted like this in the whole film.

    Will they be depicted as sex objects, sure - probably. Most movies do depict their female stars as such, and I don't see anything wrong with it given they're all of age and it fits the aesthetic Snyder is goin for here.

    With all that said, I'm not expecting much from the story. Visually it might be a treat though.

  • Steve J

    Don't forget this movie is PG-13.

  • AJ

    You can get away with a lot of stripper costumes in films, but there is definitely a tipping point... and the whole "baby girl sexpot fetish" thing is probably well over it.

    I tend to believe that when it comes to marketing to the mainstream, sex sells everything but itself. Sex is a bonus as long as people can reasonably suggest to themselves (or others) that they're going to see something because of the plot, or the acting, or the action, or the music...whatever. But if a project becomes all about leering at the screen, then the public isn't going to want to show up. (Although they might not hesitate to rent it in private.)

    I think "Jennifer's Body" flopped because of this... All horror movies use sex to sell them, but the marketing on that one tipped from "come see a horror film" to "come and see Megan Fox's naughty bits", to the point where legitimate horror fans were less likely to go to a movie that seemed targeting the desperately lonely.

    I think that the more the marketing puts the creepy fetish vibe out in the forefront of "Sucker Punch", the more likely the mainstream is to have qualms about going to see it.

  • Jared

    There was a similar post in the Ebert club newsletter a week or so back and they seemed to imply that there was even an interview that Zack Snyder implied that this was about him making a movie about his fetishes. Knowing that, it does seem a bit dirty. I'm not necessarily morally opposed to it by any means but it does make the thought of sitting alone in a theater watching it seem kinda filthy. But hey, if he can do it and rake in money from it by finding an audience looking for that, more power to him.

    • Phil

      fetishes generally have a way of working themselves into a film regardless of a directors intentions, so at least he's being honest

  • Johan

    I think you are overreacting....nothing all that scandalous...just sexy stylish...and no I am not a dirty old man...

  • The Dead Burger

    Sucker Punch is clearly designed to be a shameless male fantasy. Tons of babes dressed like tramps killing dragons and robots? It's likely to be masturbation fodder, fight scene, repeat.

    I'm not normally too bothered by the objectification of female leads in blockbusters but something about this really disgusts me. I'm sure there's gonna be quite a bit of uproar when it comes out.

  • mfan

    Why can't Vanessa Hudgens do a musical. I miss hearing her sing.

    • Stiggy

      Her first movie role was actually the Thunderbirds movie. That wasn't exactly a musical.

  • Rashad

    Yet everyone seemed to go gaga over Black Swan

  • ckybltz

    I definitely disagree, but I can see where youre coming from. But personally, considering all the WOMEN in this movie are over 18, I dont see what the problem is...if this starred, for instance, Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld, Id see it worth getting upset about.

    And, given that they ARE all of legal age, and all look pretty fantastic, you wont hear me complain...

    Also, yeah, while this is probably geared more toward the teenage boy crowd, I know 5 or 6 women from 21 to 30 who cannot wait to see this movie...

  • JM

    I understand where you're coming from, Brad. But I agree not with the article's title, but its subtitle: you ARE overreacting, just a little. :)

    This doesn't look like Zack Snyder trying to sexualize a bunch of adolescent girls. I agree, that is what's happening inadvertently, but I think it's because Zack Snyder tends to glamorize everything in his films, and in the wrong context it runs over into things it shouldn't. Take, for example, the scene in Watchmen where Carla Gugino's character almost gets raped by the comedian. It was uncomfortably glamorized... but it was no different in tone from the rest of the film. It wasn't like Snyder was trying to glamorize the rape--it's simply that he didn't change tone when he needed to. I think it's a weakness of his as a director.

    That being said, I'm a gay man looking forward to seeing a film full of busty girls with machine guns. :) Though my interest mostly comes from Emily Browning starring. I've been quite attached to her since "A Series of Unfortunate Events," and I'm glad to see she's getting back into Hollywood okay after her three-year hiatus. Also, I do quite like Zack Snyder, despite my previous criticisms--"300" and his "Dawn of the Dead" remake were especially good.

  • JoshWMC

    Loving the photos looks like it will be a bit risque.

    Just seen this interview with the Choreographer on the film and he talks about the dance routines they'll have to do - Hudgens is a belly dancer and another does a pole dance!

  • Seiko

    Zach Synder directed this movie. He is one of the great filmmakers of today. This movie should be very creative, with great character, a dark tone, and a lot of action.
    It'd at least be a mild sucess-it only cost 75 mil.

  • Jack

    Wait a minute, I thought you were totally against censorship in film and filmmakers should have complete freedom? Choose a side already.

    • Brad Brevet

      Who mentioned censoring anything?