The First Poster for the 2013 Oscars Features... Seth MacFarlane

The Academy is certainly pulling out all the stops when it comes to targeting a younger demographic as the first poster for the 2013 Oscars has been released and it features none other than the show's host, Seth MacFarlane. Strangely, MacFarlane isn't necessarily known for his face as much as he is for his voices on "Family Guy" and as the writer/director of Ted. I wonder, would the average person even know who this is if you stopped them on the street and asked them?

Previous posters have featured the show's host, such as the 2010 poster featuring hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, but people know them by face much easier than MacFarlane... right?

Check out the poster below, the Oscars take place on Sunday, February 24. You can check out all the nominees right here and my current winner predictions here.

2013 Oscars poster
  • JN Films

    stay classy seth

  • Jack

    The Academy should not care about the younger demographic. If high school/college/mid-twenties people don't already care about the oscar broadcast, then NOTHING will convince them otherwise.

  • cinejab

    good to know someone on the inside also thinks Seth Macfarlane holding an oscar is preposterous.

  • jake

    The truth of the matter is that this year with most of the movies making over 100 million will bring in a bigger audience to the Oscar show. With the longer voting period, also means that more people will have time to catch up on the oscar nominated films as well.

  • Fox

    I think MacFarlane will do a good job. He's pretty naturally funny, even when he's not being completely offensive. Not to mention he's got an incredible singing voice.

  • Roger

    Don't underestimate the people. He's been on Comedy Central roasts and Family Guy is huge for well over a decade now.

    I don't understand, why wouldn't they put his face on the poster? Even if people don't recognize the face, they will see it come Oscar night. So I find it's logical to put him on the poster and let people see him.

    Plus I think most people know the name, so when they see "hosted by Seth Macfarlane", I think the response will be more "Ohhhh, that's how he looks like" rather than "Who's Seth Macfarlane?".

  • Kimberlesk

    I love Seth -- I think he will do well. Although he will inevitably be criticized because all Academy hosts are at first. I'm looking forward to watching the show this year.

  • DavidG

    I'm actually excited for the Oscars this year, and that never happens. What role Seth Macfarlane plays in that is to be determined, but I'm just going to go with it.

  • Dale

    Terrific poster. I think MacFarlene will be a great host - there seems to be nothing this man can't do.