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The First 2013 Oscar Nominee is Sharen Davis for 'Django Unchained' Costumes... Or is It?

Plus a look at a few of Davis' sketches for the film

2013 Oscars / Django Unchained CostumesI feel sorry for whomever was responsible for accidentally posting the page you see to the right on the official site for the Oscars, but it would appear Sharen Davis (Dreamgirls, Ray) may be earning her third Oscar nomination for Costume Design for her work on Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. Looking at my predictions for the category, I have Davis getting in, so should she get a nom I wouldn't be too surprised.

Vanity Fair stumbled upon the page you see screen captured here suggesting Davis had earned her third nomination with text that read, "This is the third Academy Award nomination for Sharen Davis. She was previously nominated for Dreamgirls (2006) and Ray (2004)." The error has since been corrected.

Of course, with Oscar nomination polls closing in less than two hours at 5 PM PST, this could simply be a situation where interns at the Academy are prepping the site for any potential nomination and accidentally set one of the placeholder pages live. Davis is certainly a contender for Best Costumes and the Academy would be smart to prep a page should her name be called Thursday morning when the nominations are announced, but I wouldn't think any actual results are in.

For now, I suspect, this was an error, but should Davis get a nomination you better believe people will begin to ask just how those nominations are tabulated, even if the speculation is unfounded and all based on an innocent mistake.

I am, however, a bit confused as to when the error took place as Vanity Fair found the time to get in touch with Davis, discuss her work in the film -- in which she says many of the characters she created costumes for never made it into the movie -- and put together a 22 picture gallery to accompany the article. It all seems a bit sketchy to me, but it is what it is, which is... I don't know.

You can check out a few of Davis' costume sketches below.

big-daddy-costume-sketch candie-costume-sketch broomhilda-costume-sketches broomhilda-costume-sketch
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  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/AS/ AS

    *Larry David stare-down* .... "Okay..."

  • David

    Not remotely believable, especially since all the ballots hadn't even been submitted yet, let alone counted.

  • Christophe

    yeah, probably interns getting carried away by their love for django, which is really surprising given how little love there was in this film.

  • Pearl Duncan

    From Pearl Duncan, Good luck to you Sharen Davis ("Django Unchained"). It's great to see fabulous costumes on African American heroes and heroines from the colonial era. And the costumes that were eliminated from the film, especially those in the dream sequence of Jamie Foxx’s character for his lady, Kerry Washington’s character, I expect to see in future films, especially in films based on my upcoming books about ancestors who fought military wars for their liberation and won. I’m still not a fan of violent films, but the reality for these ancestors was life was a war, slavery was a war, liberation was a war. But they endured, and occasionally still had incredible moments in their living and loving. The balls they held once a year tell us that.

    I was amazed to read and write about enslaved and freed African Americans in the Americas, from Louisiana to Barbados, to Jamaica to Surinam to Cuba and other places, ancestors who had the most incredible costume balls once a year, “masquerade balls” that combined their African festivals with colorful costumes and the newly imported European American costumes and fashions.

    They were the seamstresses and tailors for the whites, who once they were free, for the first time they had a chance to use the scraps to make their own, they got decked out. Not only do museums like the Barbados Museum in Barbados and the Departmental Museum of Martinique (Musée Departementale de Martinique) have photos of the decked out African Americans of this era, but some art and museums also show the history of the military rebel slave leaders. The rebel leaders had military titles and they also had elaborate military garb. Check out Touissant Louverture and other military leaders of Haiti.

    In the case of my Maroon rebel ancestors in Jamaica, their leaders, Captain Cudjoe, Captain Accompong, Captain Johnny (from the Ghanaian Akan name, Gyani), Captain Cuffee, Captain Quaw and Captain Nanny, who maintained their African names and cultures were described as being elaborately dressed, even mounting rebellions from their rebel camps in the mountainous wilderness.

    See my agent for my book-in-progres­s about our African American ancestors who were Maroon rebel slaves. I show them in their villages in medieval Africa and their Maroon rebel homes in colonial America throughout the Americas. I show the working with the abolitionist partners and white relatives. Even in my other book-in-progres­s about the 18th-century World Trade Center ship discovered in New York, I capture the African Americans.

    In 18th-century New York, there were incredibly dressed African Americans, like George Washington’s slaves, Joe (his horse groom), Hercules (Uncle Harkless, his chef), Cyrus, (another one of his horse grooms, Austin, Giles, Paris, Moll, Richmond, Christopher Sheels and others, who lived on Wall Street in that era. See my literary agent for both books in progress. It’s a new day to tell great stories that have been lost to history and to visualize new heroes and heroines we could not conceive of before. So good luck Sharen Davis. Yes, yes. Go girl!

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/profile/AS/ AS


  • Ma

    If you search through the site for the Oscars using google, dummy pages appear for Richard Gere in the leading actor category (and he's never been nominated for an oscar), The Sessions in the Best Picture and Django in the Costume Design category.

    If those pages really mean anything is uncertain, but I remember that we could find out the SAG nominations from this year, minutes before they were announced, just looking through similar dummy pages.

    I'd say that there's no way they had time to count all the ballots, since the dealine was just yesterday, but this is very interesting.

    • Ma

      Oh, and John Hawkes also appears as a nominee for an actor in a leading role

  • John

    That's so sad - she wasn't actually nominated!