That Time Jennifer Lawrence Met Jack Nicholson

Oh my God!

Jennifer Lawrence meets Jack NicholsonHere's a little something that a lot of people are already posting, but I thought it was a pretty great, and genuine, reaction as Jennifer Lawrence has one of her post-Oscar interviews interrupted by Jack Nicholson. She plays it calm and cool while he's there, even joking to the point of saying, "You're being very rude," only to almost breakdown in shock after he leaves, only to have him come back for one last appearance, sunglasses on the second time of course.

Oh yeah, and the image after the video is rather priceless.

Jennifer Lawrence Middle Finger Oscars
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  • TheBioscopist

    I love her atitude. She's MY new girlfriend....back off Jack!

  • Stephen

    I love Jennifer Lawrence! She seems so cool.

  • MajorFilmFan

    Some people said that Lawrence wouldn't win an Oscar this year. The pic that you've included below the interview is her response to those people

  • MajorFilmFan

    Jennifer Lawrence: making the Finger look oddly classy

    • Cory S.

      Completely agree, MajorFilmFan.

  • Jamie

    i love jennifer lawrence. my favorite part of that whole video was the part where it stopped before anne hathaway spoke.

    • theJackal

      Agreed, Anne Hathaway has become annoying like Meryl Streep. She turns in solid performances, but I'm just not a fan of hers. Oh well, I guess its just a personality thing. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the best actresses working in Hollywood right now. I was completely blown away by her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Bravo.

      Thems the facts

  • markymark

    That old scoundrel. Cool young lady.

  • G-Man

    I'm confused - was she actually annoyed or just found it funny and playing it off?

    • Jordan B.

      My guess is the latter.

    • lalecture

      Ive seen enough of her interviews to guess she is very rarely seriously annoyed. Even at stupid idiotic questions from reporters! Usually she is mostly star struck or just plain hilarious!

  • lalecture

    Id love to know who she was flipping off...It doesnt bother me but im sure there are some media members trying to rustle up some grit about it

    • Chris138

      My guess is that some person in the press room made a joke about her fall or something. At least that is the only reason I can think up as making any sense for doing that.

    • Jennifer

      I think it was probably because one of the reporters asked her if she was nervous that all of this has happened to her at a young age and if she's afraid she's already peaked. She played it off but even while she was responding it seemed like she was irritated. I don't blame her, the guy was a fool.

      • lalecture

        I know, what an idiotic question. In fact, I was very disappointed in the questions the reporters chose to ask her. Is that the norm? Geez, I would have thought they might want to know about what it was like to make the film, or work with the actors and director. Maybe plans for future projects etc...WTF!!

  • V

    She is awesome.