No Thanks Woody

Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine
Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine
Photo: Sony Pictures Classics

There has been a lot of talk lately over whether or not Dylan Farrow's open letter in the "New York Times" alleging Woody Allen molested her as a young girl would have an effect on Cate Blanchett's Oscar chances for her role in Allen's Blue Jasmine. The conversation is rather ironic given the letter expressly mentions how Hollywood's continual doting on Allen (who was never prosecuted and denies the charges entirely) and his films have made it harder for her, but at the same time many are questioning Farrow's decision to play out an age-old family drama in the media and it continues today as Dylan's brother, Moses, has now defended Allen in the pages of People.

As someone from the outside looking in, without any knowledge whatsoever as to what's true and what isn't, I wouldn't presume to judge one way or another, though the topic of conversation is certainly an uncomfortable one. When it comes to Blanchett it would appear she's drawn her line as Jeff Wells at Hollywood-Elsewhere has posted the following video of Blanchett accepting an award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival for her work in Blue Jasmine and while she thanks damn near everyone, outside of the extras, in the film's cast she leaves off one specific writer/director.

I understand this comes across as a very "gossipy" kind of post, but at the same time I think it shines a light on the award race as a whole and just how weird and fascinating the politicking has become. Santa Barbara, for example, has become the place to be for Oscar nominees as they seem to carefully plan the awards they'll hand out for presumed Oscar front-runners. So much so that Steve Pond from reported on Twitter last night, "Interesting. I hear 3 of the 7 honorees at Santa Barbara Fest tonight 'couldn't make it.' (3 of the ones who weren't nominated.)" As Blanchett says at the beginning of her speech, she'd love to return in four years if they can "invent" another award for her to accept.

Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, she thanked and praised Woody Allen at the Golden Globes after she won...

...and at the SAGs...

  • andyluvsfilms

    That does strike me as a bit odd but probably not the first time a recipient has forgotten to thank the most important person.

  • Navelkist

    LOL... Hide from the pedophile just until you can nab an already guaranteed Oscar. And guaranteed it is as everyone will be waiting to see what she says *after* she wins it.

  • Winchester

    Someone is playing safe after being namechecked.

  • maja

    I think she is just playing it safe. She is so close to the Oscar and the last thing she wants to do is to create controversy by thanking someone who has had all these allegations thrown at them recently. It's a safe move that I'm sure was advised from her PR team.

    • Art

      Exactly I think the same

  • robotsrule

    I understand politically why she might not want to mention his name but all of this has been public knowledge for twenty years. I think if you're going to act in his films then you don't hide from that fact. I think Alec Baldwin is basically correct that it's a family issue and none of his business. If there were actual criminal charges that might be a different story and actors might be smart to distance themselves. But basically if you're going to benefit from being in his films then you don't try to distance yourself from him. I suppose you can always just make the argument that you're in it for the art but I think artists have to take a moral stand in their projects and not just treat it solely as a business. I'm speaking as someone who basically believes Allen is innocent.

  • Zdickson

    When this type of discussion comes into the public forum, the preconceived notions of every participant in the conversation sully any benefit that could come from the discussion. From those involved on down to people like me, posting on the internet. I personally find the timing of the fire stoking a little suspect, but that doesn't mean the claims are untrue in the same way that their passion and sincerity doesn't mean they're telling the truth. The court of public opinion is populated by blind kangaroos, and if they all had their way all of these people would be sentenced for life.

    I've never been presented with any evidence on this case and neither have a blistering percentage of those airing their opinion on this in the public forum, so we can't even remotely make a fair assessment. Everybody out there needs to cool their jets and trust the court's decision.

  • GH

    This is nothing more than idle gossip. I don't read too much into this. Cate Blanchett has already acknowledged Woody Allen several times.

  • Beautifulm

    I'm a little confused at to why people find the timing suspicious. Wasn't Midnight in Paris and Vicky Cristina Barcelona up for awards attention as well? I thought this all started because of his lifetime achievement award at the Globes.Didn't Mia and Ronan tweet something during the ceremony, which led to all of this being brought up again?

  • lapaditte

    More gossip crap to tarnish the character and reputation of a classy, gracious woman who has nothing to do with this. She will thank Woody Allen at the Oscars.

  • lapaditte

    And she talked about Woody Allen in her sit-down interview at the festival. Didn't care to mention that eh?

  • Art

    I saw this coming. Can't blame her right now. She is on her way to second Oscar and every time she thanks Allen, people will backlash. I can see things like "How dare you thank that creep" and so on. It is such a difficult topic right now.

  • GoodMan

    She was talking about Woody Allen??? I thought it was all Toy Story talk.

  • Porfivor Nixon

    Yeah, but if she had mentioned him, it would have gone viral about "insensitive" she is at this time to Dylan Farrow's letter and it would have been seen as a slap in the face to her, so really, this is a no-win situation for her, she'll be damned if she does, she will be damned if she doesn't. If she wins on Oscar night, though, she will mention him, because the damn thing will be over- but this was the best course for her.This will get much less traction than if she had thanked him.

    • Pop Ninjas

      And I'm sure her and her PR folks are coming up with a plan on how to thank him and still remain distant from the controversy. I don't expect a gushing "You're the greatest" type tank you. It'll be something more generic.

  • Joyce Tyler

    Perhaps she's worried that the same thing that happened to her friend, Jessica Chastain, as a result of the "Zero Dark Thirty" torture controversy will happen to her. Academy voters are still voting.

  • Paul Hennen

    Why does anybody even care about the award stuff these days is beyond me, a bunch of films gunning to get an award, and they put down Michael Bay when he guns to make a multi-million blockbuster, no difference.
    "Gravity" is like the first film that deserves to win anything in many years, the last one was probably "Children Of Men", Alfonso's other film. Thank you Alfonso for actually making movies, not just trying to get an award.

  • lalecture

    Does this action, in some weird way, create doubt in the eyes of the Academy? Will they be less inclined or more inclined to award her because she left Woody's name out of her speech?

  • Mirquella Santos

    Actually, I don't care about the Oscars. To me they are all pedophiles and shameless. I heard Woody Allen said that if he bed a 12 year old people will turn against him. He took naked pictures of his girlfriend's daughter and had sex with her later on. Woody is a sick predator who preys on children. He is free because he has money and money talks in America. Mia is not a rapist, Woody is. Stop idolizing the abuser (Woody Allen) and brutalizing the victims (Dylan). Hollywood and Woody's supporters must have sex with their stepchildren and rape children occasionally. They think that molesting is a normal behavior.