Ten Worst Movies of 2008

Worst 10 Movies of 2008

A Worst Movies list is obviously all dependent on how many films someone sees over the course of the year. Being someone that has to write about movies for a living I see my fair share, but I also do my best to avoid as many bad films as I can. So far this year I have reviewed 134 theatrical releases, which is a personal record for me since starting this site in 2003 so I would like to think I saw my fair share of bad films. Yet, so many films weren't screened for critics and I tend to avoid films such as Disaster Movie, College, Mad Money, Superhero Movie!, Meet Dave, The Hottie and the Nottie or anything from Tyler Perry. So this list is my personal list of worst films and I am sure many of you will have a different top ten and I can't wait to hear them.

When creating the list it was terribly difficult to try and figure out what should fall into the top ten, what falls short and what exactly makes a film worthy of being deemed "Worst Of". A few films that fell short of making the list are Beverly Hills Chihuahua, 88 Minutes, Step Brothers and The Love Guru. Personally I can't believe there are ten films from 2008 I consider worse than those four and if there was ever a temptation to create a five-way tie for tenth this was it. However, I think ties are a cop-out and I have used them in the past, but never again.

So what follows are the ten films I would prefer I never hear of again and if you things go my way you can add those previous four to the list as well. After you check out my list be sure to add your thoughts and your personal horrible theatrical experiences in the comments below.


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A perfect example of what it looks like when an attempt at making a "cool" film about young teens taking Vegas for big dollars goes wrong. Non-stop aerial shots of Vegas and slow motion CGI attempts at making Blackjack action packed entertainment turn this dull dud into something akin to eye torture. While the boys and girls in 21 created hand signals to cheat at cards I had one big one left over for this one once it ended.


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George Clooney's attempt at recreating a '20s style screwball comedy falls flat at every turn. I honestly can't remember if I ever managed even a chuckle during this film which I could tell was doomed from the minute it began with an opening credit montage that only seemed to service the running time. Admittedly I think Clooney's acting style lends itself well to this kind of tomfoolery, but this was not the material to start with.

Drillbit Taylor

Photo: Paramount Pictures

There are several obvious and tasteless jokes I could make when it comes to this film, but I was actually quite happy to see this one crash and burn after Judd Apatow was part of a Comic Con preview reel shilling this one as if it was actually going to be funny a couple years back. Yeah folks, this one was produced by the Almighty Apatow... watch it crash and burn as Owen Wilson plays the street bum turned nerd protector.

  • Jerzey Jon

    How is "The Hottie and the Nottie" not here?

  • joker47

    You left off "Meet the Spartans" and "Disaster Movie". Those films were the worst this year!

  • David

    @Jerzey Jon:

    Cause he didn't see it. And you also probably haven't seen it just saying that based in the previews. I don't like Paris Hilton but no need to pick on her movies without seeing them.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/blog/brad_brevet/ Brad Brevet

    @Jerzey Jon and joker47: You guys have to read the opening paragraphs where I explain the list. Two of the three you bring up are specifically mentioned.

  • joker47


    oh, disaster movie not screened for critics, but that still leaves "Meet the Spartans"...that was released by Fox, was it screened for critics?

  • jeremy wein

    i enjoyed mamma mia because it was a fun popcorn flick in a summer filled with superheros.

  • Scott

    I think it can be unfair to include movies that may at least make an attempt to be something original and good.

    I didn't care for Be Kind Rewind, but at least it wasn't an abysmal failure and it at least had some heart to it. The same goes for Leatherheads.

    But I guess if you hated em you hated em....it's hard to make these lists because which do you rank higher (meaning worse): a movie like What Happens in Vegas which is just your generic rom com that just happens to be a piece of shit (just like every other movie like it), or movies that have some sort of expectation to them that go so far as to go into the negative direction because of your massive disappointment, even if they might've contained at least a few moments of real substance (i.e. Indiana Jones 4).

    I tend to rank the turds as worse than the disappointments, but that's just me.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/blog/brad_brevet/ Brad Brevet

    @Scott: Making "Worst Of" lists is extremely difficult. Like you said, at least Be Kind Rewind made an attempt at originality, but does that make my time watching it any better? It's all so arbitrary and it's why I dumped my Worst Of in an awful editorial slot and saving the good stuff for the beginning of next week.

    Sometimes it's just fun to get those little bits of hatred off your chest. :)

  • kassiopeia

    Mamma Mia is ace!!! There's a difference between films that are good and films that are entertaining, and I will see this countless times before I ever sit through The Godfather again. Sometimes "chewing gum for the eyes" is all you need on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

    My "Worst of 2008" would have to go to Changeling. There's only so many times you can hear Angie Jo wailing before you think "cynical Oscar bid, much?" and completely stop caring.

    Also, the Roman Emperor Hadrian did quite a good job of walling up Scotland back in 122AD...


  • LoveABBA

    Mamma Mia is not deserving of being in the top 10 worst movie much less number 2, but it could have been a lot better movie.

    This is why people love it

    1. The story is hopeful & sweet
    2. The location and scenery is gorgeous and eye popping
    3. The music is beloved, fun, happy, and catchy
    4. Amanda Seyfried is a star in the making, she was just amazing as a singer and was perfect for the role. Every musical number she was in was what made it so good
    5. Colin Firth is a great singer, who knew? Loved his solo and he has amazing comic timing.
    6. Dancing Queen, bachelorette party numbers, and Lay Your Love on Me were just the best musical numbers.

    This is what kept the movie from being perfect

    1. Pierce Brosnan's singing - gorgeous man and great actor, but Mamma Mia was that bad singing!
    2. The dancing and acting by Meryl Streep during "Money Money Money" & "Mamma Mia" were just embarrassingly awkward, but she makes up for it in "Winner Takes it All" and "Slipping Through My Fingers."
    3. That whole gay thing was just strange and forced - it could have been made much more organic or could have been ditched altogether.
    4. The Christine Braranski number on the beach and whole cougar/gold digger thing - just insulting to women w/ dignity and didn't go w/ the movie. That thing they made her do w/ her legs during the dancing was just bad and awkward. Should have cut this one out.

  • Andrew

    Great article. Negative input much appreciated! Too many afraid to slam movies into oblivion where most required. I have not seen any of these (I'm have a shit-sniffing device embedded somewhere internally) but can only imagine...

  • Arnaud

    How can you seriously put Be Kind Rewind in the list and not The Love Guru or The hottie and the nottie?? You can't seriously that BKR is worse than TLG, can you?? I can understand why people don't like the Gondry flick (personally I loved it, not as much as I loved Eternal Sunshine... though, which I rewatch on a regular basis, yes), but it's not fair to say that the recent Mike Myers is funnier than Jack Black and Michel Gondry. Oh, and if you haven't seen a Gondry's gem yet, you can watch Human Nature (maybe not a gem, but quite good), or you can watch all his videos clip he made (okay they're not movies, but they're really nice), especially the White Stripes and the Bjork ones.
    Anyway, just wanted to say Be Kind Rewind shouldn't be on the list.

  • Tyler C

    I re-watched Eternal Sunshine several times. While I wasn't too big on Be Kind Rewind his other work is great. Science of Sleep was off the wall and Human Nature is just bizarre but Kaufman wrote that also so what do you expect?

  • Ian

    I haven't worked out my entire list of the 10 worst films of the year, but Mummy 3, The Clone Wars and Fly Me to the Moon are certainly pretty high on it.

  • davidfrank

    Do I dare even start this fire. Hmm, I shall. Twilight. Not the worst movie of the year, but it currently sits number 4 on my list sandwiched between 10,000 BC and Star Wars: Clone Wars. (Number 1 is Dungeon Siege, Number 2 is Doomsday). There, have it.

  • Michael

    I might found like a total fag for saying this, but Mamma Mia! was my favorite film this year. Seriously. I love musicals. The music is great, and Meryl is as close to pefection as one can get. I want to marry the woman. I agree Pierce was not the best singer in the world, but at least he could carry a tune. Some moments of the movie were cringe worth, for sure, but it was fantastic nontheless. This movie shouldn't be on this list at all, let lone #2. If these are your least favorite movies, I am interested to see what are your favorites.......

    • Veronica Lodge

      Yes, you are a total fag for saying that.

  • Brett

    I thought mamma mia was really good. i also liked over her dead body and what happens in vegas.

  • bogus

    @Michael: #2 rank of Mamma Mia was too kind. This was a lab specimen of what Streep would be like if she couldn't act. I for one find the soulless saccharine Abba music even worse than the menopausal-chicks-find-Greek-fountain-of-youth embarrassment (still "out-zesting" the movie youth). It could have been a great satire if it was dubbed in Japanese slightly out of sync and with English subtitles.

  • Steve

    "Be Kind Rewind" is one of the most deeply flawed movies that I've ever really enjoyed. Then again, I'm one of the people who does rewatch "Eternal Sunshine" (I consider it one of my all-time favorites). And although "Leatherheads" was a massive disappointment considering how great Clooney's last directorial outing was, I still wouldn't put it on a worst of list, especially when "27 Dresses," "The House Bunny" and "Indiana Jones and the Losing Struggle to Suspend my Disbelief" are so much worse.

    That said, I agree with "Drillbit Taylor" and "Mamma Mia"

  • Leandro Dubost

    Mamma Mia is definitely the worst movie of the year!
    Man, I laughed so HARD during it, but I think I was actually laughing of despair! Everytime someone started to sing (because EVERYONE in this movie sings INCREDIBLY bad) I would scream 'No!!!' and then they would sing and dance worse than singing and pretend to be having a good time and I would start laughing again and try to have a good-bad time myself (like the actors, you know). But when the movie ended I thought 'Jesus, Meryl, you won TWO Oscars, what the f**k were you thinking?'
    I suppose the academy should make her withdraw her winnings. This is probably the most embarrassing movie a high caliber actress like Meryl has ever done.

    Yet people enjoyed.
    And it got nominated for the Golden Globes (LOL!)
    And it became the highest grossing motion picture in UK and the biggest musical of all time.

    Whoa! Thank God the world will end in 2012!!

  • Rae Kasey

    I HATED Mamma Mia and I'm still not using my real name.
    I'm THAT ashamed of having paid to see it.

  • mikey cylwer

    so i basically agree with it except for 21, it definatlly wasnt the best but it definatlly doesnt deserve top 10 worst movies of 2008. having that said, yes mama mia was not that good, but dont u think #2 is kinda harsh? i mean on top 10 ya but #2 is,well, harsh. and where is twilight and love guru? they were horrible i mean come on?

  • beautifulm

    I rewatch Eternal Sunshine a lot.

    I haven't seen any of these movies so I guess I'm lucky.

  • http://none FEB

    Any worst film list not including the words 'Hell' and 'Ride' in it should immediately be discounted! (I also think you're being a little too harsh on 'Leatherheads')

    Here's an excerpt fom Larry Bishop's classic, for your perusal:

    Her: My pu**y’s on fire. Your thoughtfulness has given me the burning bush. Glad to have the fire marshal arrive on the scene. Extinguish the fire, Mr. Fire Chief. How ‘bout we get that fire hose out? Fire drill, fire plug me.
    Him: First the fire chief takes a ride into the desert, then I put out the fire.
    Her: What kind of fire department is this?
    Him: Fire resistant.
    Her: Fire retardant, if you ask me. You ain’t the only fire truck in town, you know, maybe I got fire insurance.
    Him: That kind of talk won’t get you anywhere with me, I’m fireproof. Maybe when I get back, your fire boy might just do a little professional fire eating.
    Her: Now you’re talking, Mr. Fire Boy.

  • kevin

    you could have been a little nicer to Eva Longoria. She has had some very emotional and demanding story-lines in Desperate Housewives.
    Over Her Dead Body was just a bad movie to begin with. totally not her fault.

  • Dana

    I'll make an effort to try to say this nicely..I'm surprised to see Over Her Dead Body nr1 on the list. I saw it recently and it's a good and funny comedy. I'm not surprised to see Mamma Mia here cause I know a lot of people hated it..but I also know a lot of people like myself who loved this film for what it is: a musical with no more aspirations than bringing the stage version to the big screen and entertaining people. But of course you can't please everyone. Neither can Meryl Streep..she's one of the most talented and amazing actresses of her age and she CAN SING as she has proved it so many times. So your top 10 is just an image of your frustrations..it's the quality of Disaster Movie if you like:-P

  • Ethan Everett

    Hey, what's with the hate on "Leatherheads"? I enjoyed it. Good performances, silly fun...

    Before I reveal the list, I should let you know that I haven't seen such famous bombs such as The Love Guru, Meet the Spartans, Hottie/Nottie, Disaster Movie, etc. WHY? Because I'm smart enough to not see them at all. You can already tell they suck, why would you waste money to make sure?

    Here are movies, that sure, you could say the same things that I said, but movies I hoped would at least be entertaining (except "Zohan". i was honestly dragged to that one). Half this list, I saw on DVD and didn't see them in the theater. But that doesn't mean they're not bad.

    This list will probably look different from everyone else's mainly because these are movies that should have at the very least been entertaining (and thats what i saw them for) but turned out to be richly stupid and disappointing.


    I hate to put this one on here but it was so utterly disappointing that it kinda deserves it. "Talladega Nights" was genius stupidity, and "Anchorman" is really funny. This should go without saying, but yes, of course they aren't Oscar winners and don't have the most original stories but hey, they're really funny and they're able to last a good hour and a half. Considering the talent involved and their past work, you'd hope that "Step Brothers" would be a comedic knockout like the other two. Unfortunately not. The premise did not last 2 HOURS. And most of the jokes, you had already seen in the trailers. Disappointing in every sense of the word. The story dies about midway, it's unnecessarily overly vulgar, and the characters just aren't very interesting. And it's not that funny. It had such potential but they didn't reach it. Weird... you'd think they could. But they failed big time. I'm not gonna say it wasn't funny here and there, but it's definitely not "laugh out loud" "oh man, you gotta watch this scene" funny. Pretty sad...

    Stupid. Just stupid. Once again, instead of trying to think up original, genuine humor, they result to ENDLESS (and Brad could back me up here too), RELENTLESS jokes about banging grandmas and large bulges. These should've been brief, throwaway jokes but NO, this is the only humor you get. Those two jokes alone. Over and over and over and over and over and over again. Pretty terrible stuff. Sure it had some funny moments scattered across the movie, but obviously, it didn't save the movie.

    Aw, come on Simon Pegg... you do such good work with "Hot Fuzz" and "Shaun of the Dead" and both of those are so funny, what happened HERE?? This movie is so awkwardly unfunny. Literally. I was watching it with my dad, and you just SIT THERE... WAITING for the jokes. Time passes. Nothing funny. More time passes. Not only "not funny", but they're actually trying to make jokes but they're not working, and it's getting BORING. I shut it off midway. Actually, I don't even think I had gotten midway...

    Look at all the movies above (including this one). You know how irritating it is to watch a comedy and NOT LAUGH? And not have a good time? Come ON! "Be Kind Rewind" had potential too, to be both funny and heartwarming. They tried but gosh was it boring. Who cares about Fats Wallace (was that his name)? Why would any audience member care about listening to a story? We came for comedy and entertainment, like your movie trailer promised... but nope, it never came. Sad, sad, sad...

    Now it's onto the disappointing action movies: this one sucked. It was just unoriginal and bland and you couldn't wait until it was over. I think I fell asleep during it (it was on DVD). The main character tries so hard to be The LaBeouf, but come on... be original, kid. Jackie Chan and Jet Li's fight was also a letdown, mainly because it was all on wires and special effects. Also, shouldn't this movie have come out back in 2002? The premise is old and the promise of seeing Jackie Chan and Jet Li fight each other would've been so epic 6 YEARS AGO, when he had his own TV show and the Rush Hours were coming out. A little late, guys. You don't care about any of the characters, and the story is annoyingly boring.

    You've probably seen it. A big waste of time (thank God it was on DVD). Cliche' and just stupid. STUPID. The performances suck, the action is nothing special... I dunno... it just wasn't very good. I don't care too much to write about it.

    You call this acting? Come on M. Night Shyamalan, you have such talent. I love "Unbreakable", "Signs", "The Village" and "Sixth Sense". But what happened to your writing? WHAT HAPPENED?? I really do want to know because this could've actually been good. But no, it came off for the most, CHEESY, PREACHY and just plain IDIOTIC. Sure, some of the terror scenes were executed pretty well, but oh man.. the rest? Cougars ripping a guys' arms off, a tank running over someone... is that the best you can think of? COME ON, M. NIGHT!!!! And you made Zooey Deschanel come off as a weirdo. And now, me and my brother always make fun of and imitate Mark Wahlberg's performance from this movie ("whattt's goiing ON? you can't do this to US!"). What a shame...

    3. MAX PAYNE
    Yikes Wahlberg, two movies in a row on a WORST OF list. I really do enjoy Mark Wahlberg. He's cool. But man does his agent need to be drug out into the street and shot. No really, shotgunned big time.
    You see that this movie COULD HAVE been good. In fact, there are some moments where you go "Okay this can get good...finally" and you see the movie that could've been, but no, it drops dead again. Ugh.. it could've been so powerfully emotional and tragic, and cool-violent... but nope, they failed. Yet again, what a shame... :/

    My GOD! Ugh! How utterly BORING! And waayyyyy too childish and odd. Come on, you'd think the Wachowskis could make a family film that could actually appeal and entertain all age ranges but still entertain the tots. But they FAILED. They actually FAILED. Big time too. Even the race scenes are unimpressive... and then you switch on the display bar to see how much is left in the movie, and you have another 2 hours to go!! It's a KID'S MOVIE! Why in the world would it need to be 2 HOURS AND A HALF?? I shut it off too.

    and 1...

    I cannot even describe how disgusted, disappointing and disheartened I was by this movie.
    First thing's first: I had this one anticipated. Great cast, fun premise... could've been a classic, fun, light comedy. I love the Ocean's movies. I love the chemistry between Pitt and Clooney and the cool fun they have and the thrilling situations, etc.
    In fact, I was really enjoying the movie 'til about halfway.
    What the hell?? He was the BEST, most ORIGINAL character!! And he was entertaining us from all the other murky, annoying characters. WHY WOULD YOU KILL HIM??
    Then they kill the second best, most sympathetic character.
    And it's not funny either.
    They kill them brutally and disgustingly graphically.

    I did not know this was a black comedy. They advertised it the opposite way completely. AND DON'T EVEN SAY "Well you should expect it from the Coen's'. Well let's see... I haven't seen alot of Coen movies, in fact I've only seen ONE (NCFOM) and I'm not familar with their comedic films. How stupid. I wasted my time. The movie meant nothing.

    The Coen Bros. seem to think it's funny that they waste your time. That's not funny. Obviously from the above list, I HATE to waste my time at a movie I hoped would be good.

    Nope. This movie was so dark and so black that you feel disgusted and awful for watching it. If you haven't seen it, it's not the light, fun movie you hoped it would be... it's pitch BLACK.

    Horrible, horrible, horrible movie.

    So that's all. I'll post my BEST OF list when you guys do.

    Merry Christmas!!


  • Sebastian

    Let's see. Personally I enjoyed Mama Mia, just because the cool music and because while it isn't a good film sure it is an entertaiment one, still with that... the should have keep Brosnan's mouth shout!
    Be King Rewind is a really baaaaad movie, the only good thing about is the little originality that they had, that's all. Zohan is one of the worst movies I have seen in years! I'm a personal Adam Sandler fan but come on! He had ruin his career just with this and Bedtime Stories opening tomorow which I'm not even planning to see. 21 make me pass a good time it isn't a good movie but I wouln't put it on 10 worst movies list.

    I see that you didn't even mention The Forbidden Kingdom, maybe because you entered the "like it" group, well I am in the "not liking it" group. Because that movie is the kind of movie in which or you like or you not. Just like Borat and Benjamin Button. 10,000 BC was so fake, maybe the edning sequence was the only one in which I wasn't sleeping. I don't what was it but the backgroung looked for me like a piece of paper. What Happen in Vegas is my biggest problem, I know it isn't a good movie, maybe neither a regular one, but there were some times that I have a good laugh. And I really don't know a lot of people who didn't like it. I will clasify that movie as an Ashton Kutcher comedy, they're all the same...

    Just to conclude I'm really with you in the top worst mvies I just had a problem with 3 or 2. :D

  • http://ropeofsilicon.com Justin Casey

    why is 10,000 bc not on here that movie was unnecessasary and a complete waste of 2 hours thank god i rented it instead of seeing it in the theatre because i seriously would've walked out

  • casey

    I disagree with Burn After Reading i enjoyed it and i'm not always a fan of the Coens.

    Mamma Mia i enjoyed also but should not be taken seriously as it is ultra cheesy. It certainly wasn't perfect but not top ten worst standard

    Over her dead body i saw in cinema and i didn't like it but the 2 girls i went with did. Im not a fan of Longoria anyway so perhaps i'm biased.

    Married life really disappointed me as Patricia Clarkson is one of my favourites and it was an interesting premise. Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper are great too but Rachel Mcadams was woefully miscast. Her hairdo was a joke.

  • Scott

    I have to say a few quick things...

    1. I do re-watch "Eternal Sunshine."

    2. I disagree whole heartedly with the choice of "Be Kind Rewind." No, it's not a crowd pleaser but what I loved about it is that it was ultimately a film about what makes a community and that we should all "be kind" and "rewind" ourselves to a time when our culture wasn't so homogenized and one-note. That's just my opinion and I really thought that film was underrated.

    3. The WORST movie I saw this year was "WANTED." It was just cinematic garbage that was just and ugly, cynical, crass mash-up of "Fight Club," "The Matrix" and every Daddy issue since Oedipus without even ONE original idea at its disposal. It was worse than "Jumper." It was worse than the worst of Michael Bay's movies...and that's pretty bad! And finally, Angelina CAN'T ACT. When she begins to emote anything beyond the hollowness of her movies' one-sheets, let me know.

  • Sebastian

    I love Eternal Sunshine. One of my all time favorites. Burn After Reading is really good I rented the other day and I really enjoyed. The humor is one of the weirdest humor I ever watched, but I liked it. I don't know why but I really loved Burn After Reading. I haven't even watch Leatherheads, too bad for my eyes to see it.

  • Bri-Man

    I liked Be Kind Rewind (and I frequently re-watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). Suprised to see The Happening did make your list, I thought it was terrible all around.

  • Rose

    I totally disagree with you regarding Leatherheads. My entire family LOVED it! It was something different in the neverending parade of lookalike movies today! I get so tired of the same old, same old. Leatherheads was refreshing and fun! Even our kids loved it! Clooney and Zellweger had fantastic chemistry, as well as wonderful comedic timing! Cannot say enough good things about it!

    I would also disagree somewhat regarding Mamma Mia. I enjoyed it immensely......my husband did not! I admit that hearing Pierce Brosnan sing was tough on the ears! However, it was fun and as with Leatherheads, a refreshing change from the usual cinema fare.

  • Tyler C

    @Ethan Everett: Burn After Reading your number 1? I was shocked to see how much I agreed with your list (Great year for Mark Walhberg who couldn't act if he had to) but Burn After Reading is no way close to being the worst movie of the year. Have you never seen a Coen Bros film before? Did you not expect those things to happen (which yiou blatantly spoil for anyone who hasn't seen it yet) Maybe you should read the MPAA rating before you watch another R rated movie!

  • Tyler C

    @Rose: Poor guy....my girlfriend was considerate enough to watch it when I wasn't around to save me the sorrow!

  • Ethan Everett

    @Tyler C: Yes Tyler, I read the MPAA rating for it. I don't remember it being bad for "brutal violence" though. A light Apatow movie could be rated R for that (and no, that doesnt mean i was expecting an apatow film). I had only seen NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN before but that was a straight thriller. I never saw any of their comedies. You can't really blame me, man.

  • Burak At

    I liked Mamma Mia and yes this is my real name :) but I must admit that Pierce Brosnan’s singing was awful.

  • Tyler C

    @Ethan Everett: I suppose I can't. NCFOM strayed away from their style a little bit but I guess it worked out for them that way (Academy award for Best Pic) But BAR was right up their alley. I would stay away from the rest of the movies if you didn't like BAR because I thought it was one of their best......next to the Big Lebowski of course.

  • Gringo

    i think your wrong, 21, what happend in vegas and over her dead body was a really great movie!!

  • Larry Palma

    As a professional singer myself, I had to cringe when Pierce Brosnan sang, but I think Meryl Streep is surprisingly good. The movie is about the music anyway, and with ABBA, it doesn't matter who sings the stuff because the songs are that good and that much fun. I don't think the movie rates a "10 worst". There was nothing wrong with the acting and it was true to the plot. It could have been worse. They could have used Nicholas Cage or Tom Cruise. There's the 2 worst right there

  • lolindirisilra

    I've watched 21, deception and doomsday.
    21 is so-so but deception and doomsday are worst !
    deception is full of non-sense, doomsday has nice pictures but the story are way too far non-sense.. it's like mixing resident evil, fallout 3 and age of empire (speaking in game genre).

  • FEB

    all very, very valid points. 'Hell Ride' still sucked, though :-)

  • Dude

    Dude...the guy who made this list...You suck at choosing bad movies. Why isn't Disaster movie, Meet the Spartans, Hottie and the Nottie on here?

  • Peter

    this totally f***ing bulls*** seems like you got no idea what youre talking about?! "21"?? gooood movie, "drillbit"? not that bad you said, "over her dead body" faaar not that bad to be on top spot, you know, if your life sucks, then dont blame some good movies!
    i mean where the hell is all this stupid paris hilton s*** or date/epic movie ???
    i gotta stop, it makes me angry to read that..

  • Ethan Everett

    "You suck at choosing bad movies"

    And apparently you suck at reading. He explains why those films aren't on there in the first paragraph. Don't expect you know what these words I'm typing mean.

    Obviously, Brad wasn't forced to see any movie he didn't want to, so this is a REAL Worst list because these are movies he actually decided to go see and that he didn't like. He didn't go into the movie already disliking it and then come out, of course, disliking it. It's a real Worst list for once.

  • Kate Leyden

    I liked "Mamma Mia", I do think Meryl Streep can sing. Though I was pained by Peirce Brosnan's song, however an irish film ( he lost custody of his young children) he sang very well - Sooo - I think he was out of range in "Mamma Mia". It was a fun film, I thoroughly enjoyed, the funny thing is that I rather strongly dislike ABBA...

  • Harry

    I dont think the list was fair to be honest 21 was a fantastic film! Especially for us over in england who rarely see gambling especially suave fun and interesting and i dont know who you think you are, saying it is an example of someone trying to make a cool movie well a they succeed and b) you're probably too hung up on the shortcomings to actually care to watch the film.
    Second Be Kind Rewind!! What is going on here the film was great fun! Admittedly not funny but certainly not a waste of time.
    Admittedly there are some stinkers on this list but you missed out what i consider the wrost films of '08
    4) 10000bc - i managed to watch the first fifteen minutes before realising it was badly acyted and relied heavily on low quality cgi (i walked out)
    3) Jumper - ever heard of having a story in a film yes well these guys havent!
    2) Vantage Point - imagine watching the same low quality action sequence half a dozen times well here you can do it nearly 8 times before moving onto something that doesn't drag the plot back to the start again.
    1) Meet the Spartans - OMG i can't believe i ever thought this would be funny! It really wasn't and it ruined 300 for me, never watch meet the spartans (especially before 300)
    True you hit the nail on the head with MAMMA MIA which blew definitely for middle aged women who were around when abba were and not a decent singer in sight.
    And by the way all those peeps haating Burn after Reading are fools it was a clever film about stupid people and if you dont get that then there really is no help for the world! Just Check out big lebowski and fargo before you judge the Coens cus they're both their actual comedies (fargo a wonderful dark comedy) NCFOM was good but their earlier stuff is way better!

  • The Angry Troll

    The ten WORST movies of 2008. Not really an easy list to compile. A few of these were givens, really. And I know there are others that should be on here, but I haven’t seen them. Like the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, which should win an award for most unnecessary remake EVER. But it Has Keanu Reeves, so I automatically know it will be bad, since the best thing he has done in his career is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and it’s all been downhill from there. I also didn’t see Mamma Mia!, because I am a straight guy. And I make it a point to try and avoid anything with Mike Myers that isn’t animated.

    I also didn’t see all the movies on the list here. In fact, I only saw half of them. Out of that half, I only agree with one. I also didn’t see all the movies released this year. Only approximately 60 or 70 of them, so this is the worst out of that group.

    I love spoofs, and I wanted to love this. But right from the start, I knew it was in trouble. The entire “Pit of Death” scene actually hurt to watch – especially after the first five minutes of it or so. It was overkill, and NOT funny. And that pretty much describes this whole movie.

    9. GET SMART
    Seriously, when are they going to stop trying to make old TV shows into movies? Especially if they aren’t going to follow the story that made the original popular in the first place. I know Hollywood is short on ideas, but this is ridiculous. Have any of these TV to movie projects been any good?

    8. 10,000 BC
    All these months later, and I’m STILL wondering what the point was to this movie. What was it ABOUT? Roland Emmerich is really slipping lately. Some of his movies, like Independence Day, while not GOOD movies, are at least fun popcorn flicks. This was just horrible and pointless.

    7. RAMBO
    The only reason I can believe no one else mentioned this abysmal failure is that no one else watched it. I know I wish I hadn’t. Rambo III might have been silly, sure, but this is exponentially worse. The violence in this film makes the Saw movies look like Disney films in comparison. The violence in the earlier Rambo films was either understated, (the first one,) or cartoonish, (the other two.) Here, Stallone goes out of his way to make it overly gory, and it becomes mind-numbingly pointless, and in no way entertaining.

    This was NOT my choice to go to see. Has Adam Sandler actually made a GOOD movie? Ever? Okay, a few of them have been kind of cute, and it’s been a while since he’s done one THIS godawful.

    5. MAX PAYNE
    Max Painful is more like it. I normally like Mark Wahlberg movies, but this was just pure, unfiltered crap. But even more so than with Adam Sandler, has there EVER been a video game adapted into a movie that didn’t suck?

    More pointless, mindless violence. Yes, the main character is supposed to kill people. This was never supposed to be a kids’ movie, but Jesus! Talk about going too far overboard. As the title character, Ray Stevenson is even worse than Dolph Lundgren was in the first attempt at the character back in 1988. The 2004 version wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was so far ahead of this mess that it can’t even be measured.

    The only question I have is how does M. Night Shyamalan have a career? Who exactly is it that thinks this guy is some sort of genius? Most importantly, how do we get him to STOP making movies?

    C’mon! How is this garbage no on anyone’s list? This is truly awful filmmaking at it’s peak. It has absolutely no redeeming qualities. It isn’t even adapted FROM something that was good. It was adapted from crap, so it had no chance from the get-go.

    And now we get to the one no one will ever agree with, but this was truly NOT a good film. I am not going to speak ill of Heath Ledger, but his character was simply wrong for this film. He DID brilliantly portray a psychotic killer, but it WASN’T the Joker. In any other crime drama his character would have been spectacular, and Oscar-worthy. But not all the blame falls on him. Writer/director Christopher Nolan has proven through two films now that he has NO CLUE who any of these characters are. His complete mis-characterization of Two-Face was painful to see. Aaron Eckhart is a great actor, who was given poop to work with. The duality of the character was never explored, and his being there was pointless. It was just like all the other superhero franchises. With sequels, when they need to “up the ante” for the hero, they simply add more and more villains, because that’s easier than writing something GOOD. And I said it on Batman Begins, and I am sticking to it here: Christian Bale is the worst film Batman yet, and his Bruce Wayne is so completely lifeless it’s almost as if Keanu Reeves is playing the role. What’s sad is that they will keep making more of these, instead of fixing them and making them good, because so many people bought into the hype and went to see it. And that’s a shame.

    FROM BRAD: Please do not respond to this comment with a Dark Knight argument, that is not what this thread is for. Should that become the case all related comments will be edited/deleted.

  • Ethan

    Haha! I was smart enough to avoid everything that I knew was going to be terrible this year, so I can say that I didn't watch any of the movies you listed.

    Speed Racer wasn't that bad. Sure, I wanted to shoot myself during some of the more childish parts, but the racing scenes were o-awesome. I did think Prince Caspian was horrendous, though, with that obnoxious Christian message and the insufferable protagonists.

  • katieg

    i can't say i agree with your top 10 list but it is everyones opinion. the one i completly dont agree with ould be mamma mia! it was so good and it was halarious to watch. i didnt think their singing was bad but that doesnt matter because it was fun to watch. a GREAT movie!

  • JB

    I would love to address the Dark Knight slam, but I don't want to be deleted... but it was easily one of the best and the best comic book movie ... ever

    I am a huge Coen bros. fan, but am not a Lebowski fan. It never reached the comic heights of Raising Arizona and O Brother, Where Art Thou. Burn w/o Reading seemed to try to follow Fargo a little, but Fargo was amazing. Bw/oR was not funny or quirky. The Brad Pitt "final" scene was shocking, but worse, departed from the feel of the movie (Fargo's violence was a least consistent, and only escalated with the wood chipper). The only time I laughed was at the "drinking problem" accusation and Malcovich's response that as a Mormon anyone would have a drinking problem. As a Mormon, I laughed hysterically at that (easily the best Mormon joke I have seen from Hollywood). That was it. NCFOM was different for them, but had everything in their style that makes their movies typically (except Bw/oR) great. This is the R rated Intolerable Cruelty (which was better), and Ladykillers wasn't great but was better than this.

    I didn't see Mamma Mia, but heard the soundtrack and that is enough. Probably not the top 10, but didn't deserve its financial success.

    Eva Longoria can't act and her constant need to be seen and heard about is irritating. The Sentinel wasn't very good, and she still made it worse

    Leatherheads should have been better. I didn't even finish it, and I really like Clooney (Syriano, Michael Clayton). 10 mil BC I couldn't endure, nor Prince Caspian. I didn't hate Speed Racer, but I give them credit for the FX (they really haven't been good outside of the Matrix - and killed the sequels). Nailed the Zohan. The trailer was pretty funny, and that's where it ended. When did sleeping with old ladies become funny???? Drillbit was probably a low point, but I can usually always watch Owen Wilson. 21 was an okay rental. The rest I didn't see and can see I chose wisely I would never see anything with Paris Hilton except a Dave Letterman interview when he can showcase her worthlessness (and obliviousness).

  • Jake

    PROM NIGHT...? Hello that was terrible and should have made the list.

    21 was entertaining. And I did enjoy Vegas.

    The Day The Earth Stood Still should have made the list as well.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/blog/brad_brevet/ Brad Brevet

    @Jake: You do understand this is my list and not yours right? This is why I invite you to give your Top Ten Worst Films in the comments not tell me what my worst films were.

  • ekranoplan

    My Top 10 worst list is as follows:

    10. Jumper- This movie had NO story...I lost interest 1/4 of the way through. It just wasn't interesting!
    9. Semi-Pro- Will Ferrell isn't funny anymore, plain and simple. I am so sick and tired of the underdog-type portrayals he gives. His movies have become broken records.
    8. 10,000 BC- CHEESY!
    7. Prom Night- Oh buddy...this film was a precursor to another 2008 horror film that sucked...saw V.
    6. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull- HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. The ending was a total cop-out by Lucas. Once again, using ALIENS to finish a film! Anyone can end a film with aliens. Nothing special here.
    5. You Don't Mess with the Zohan- Like Ferrell, Sandler has run out of ideas. Using the same jokes over and over does not make a film more hilarious.
    4. Swing Vote- Horrible premise, and not in the least believable. Costner seems like such an idiot in this film.
    3. Mirrors- Again, another horrendous horror movie for 2008. Terrible acting.
    2. Max Payne- After watching this movie, I had to go back and re-play all the Max Payne games so that I could clear my conscience of partaking in this horrible viewing experience. The director got it all wrong...so many missed opportunities with this one.
    1. Saw V- Wow...just wow...

  • Bree

    I enjoyed Mamma Mia! I saw the staged musical, which was wonderful, and this movie really did it justice! However, I really REALLY think Pierce Brosnan needs to not ever sing. Ever.

    Other than that, and as someone mentioned - the awkward moves in "Mamma Mia" - the movie was great!

  • Joel

    My five in reverse order:

    Speed Racer: The best part of it was when they started playing Harold and Kumar 2. God. It was awful.

    Space Chimps: Worst animated movie ever made.

    Meet the Spartans: Don't meet the Spartans, Brad. Ever.

    You Don't Mess with the Zohan: Talk about soulless comedy.

    And the worst of the year (and all time)...

    In the Name of the King: Couldn't wait to get out of there. Funny story: I thought it had been about two hours and that the movie was blessedly almost over. I looked at my watch. It had been 35 minutes!! That's how slowly it moves.

  • Ethan Everett

    I would like to add "Marley and Me" to the list. Not too high on the list though, but some kind of "runner-up". I mean seriously.. what kind of depressing movie was that? Of course I didn't expect talking dogs or whatever, but really? They advertise it all happy and kid-friendly but you leave the movie bawling your eyes out and feeling down? How odd...

  • http://www.meetinthelobby.com Norm Schrager

    Couldn't agree more about '21'. What a waste of a film.

    Couldn't disagree more about 'Be Kind, Rewind'. Unique style, wonderfully warm, great performance by Mos Def, fantastic ending. Very simple and unashamedly soft. Will probably make my Top Ten list.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/blog/brad_brevet/ Brad Brevet

    @Norm Schrager: While I stand by my feelings on Be Kind Rewind a lot of the comments regarding the film made in these comments I can certainly respect. It is definitely a unique film, something we definitely need more of, perhaps next year I will take that into more consideration.

  • Twilight

    I think that Be King Rewind wasn't oscar worthy but it was so original and I agree about thedark knight comment made by the Angry Troll Two face's character was forced but that was definately the director and the writer's fault. But I completley disagree about Heath Ledger I feel that his portrayal of the Joker was spot on for the character.

  • Not a Bad Mama

    @LoveABBA: I have to agree with this post. This was a good movie, but there were definitely some parts that without, would have made it even better.

  • Mr. Semaj

    Disaster Movie is not on the list. Therefore, it's a fake.

  • http://themovieplanet.wordpress.com Mr Hollywood (The Movie Planet)

    Yes, Cameron Diaz is hot...amazingly hot.

  • Dangerman_1973

    I hate it when The Love Guru is not on the list, Brad.

  • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/blog/brad_brevet/ Brad Brevet

    @Dangerman_1973: Sorry, but if I had to make a choice I would rather watch Love Guru before any of these ten. That isn't to say Love Guru wouldn't be #11 on this list remember... not saying it is, but in a top ten there is only room for ten. :)

  • nightraider717

    I have to disagree with you on Doomsday. It was a horror/action homage to the Mad Max series. I guess you should criticize The Road Warrior also because of how implausible it is.

  • Pete in Astoria

    Regarding Michel Gondry, you ask if anyone rewatches "Eternal Sunshine" on a regular basis. It's a film that is definitely one of my favorites (somewhere in the Top 30, probably) but I do not watch it often. Why? It's too painful a film to see on a regular basis. While it might be cute and quirky, it deals with some raw-nerve stuff regarding relationships. (It actually made my then-GF cry, and I hadn't seen her cry in over a year before that, or for about a year after.)

  • Manny

    Overall, I agree with this list. I would of included 88 Minutes and Rightous Kill. It's a shame those movies had Al Pacino in them. And what's the deal with people getting mad that movies like What Happens in Vegas, and Mama Mia! are on the list? Those are just simply put, bad movies. That's just crazy to me.

  • Andy in Cal

    "Worst Movie" lists are a bit pointless, especially with entries starring Ashton Kutcher and Drillbit Taylor. These movies you know are going to be bad before you ever walk into the cinema.

    "Biggest Disappointment" lists are more useful - movies you expect to be good which are a real letdown. Because I rent most movies through the mail, I don't see all that many current titles, and what I do see are usually decent.

    However, I would put Mongol on a "biggest disappointment" list. While it's hundreds of times better than what's currently on my TV (Mamma Mia - Xmas gift for the wife), I knew MM was going to suck. MM, therefore, meets expectations; Mongol, on the other hand, was beautifully filmed, but disappointed in many other aspects, and simply did not come anywhere near my expectations.

  • atl roller`

    how is THE HAPPENING and SEVEN POUNDS and THE SPIRIT not on this list, so disappointed with these films...shymalan has been going down ever since SIGNS (great movie) and Will Smith had a bad 2008 to me, and Frank Miller's SPIRIT was absolutely horrid! 2009 will be better...thank God for the dark knight and benjamin button!

  • Gus

    i actually liked mamma mia, 21 and what hap~.. not to say they are the greatest movies, but i find them to be good movies to watch.







  • bethany

    i love Mamma mia!! it is the best movie - me and my friends watch it all the time - while i admit the music is better than the movie, the movie is still excellent!!

  • Spike on This!

    The Angry Troll is a Brain-Dead Turd...and hell yeah Cameron Diaz is hot (way more so than the Stepford likes of Gwyneth "My shit is better than all of yours" Paltrow and Nicole "I CAN'T MOVE MY FACE" Kidman)!

  • FMejias

    Ok, here I am. I LOVED the movie "Mamma Mia". I liked the music very well, but the movie and all its stars (and no, Pierce can't sing, but it took lots of courage for him to do so) were alot of fun to watch. Meryl Streep has a beautiful voice and can sing as well as any stage actress that sang the role on stage. And yes, seeing Colin Firth strip off his shirt and dance in the water was quite sexy...that man would look sexy brushing his teeth! Your picks are your opinions and quite frankly since I haven't seen any of your other choices I can't say whether they belong on your list or not. I don't believe that just because someone gets paid to write a critique that opinion holds true for the rest of the world....your picks are your opinion and I can respect that. I would put "Mamma Mia" at the top of the best films of the year because the film is uplifting, fun and has a happy ending....and in these uncertain ecomonic times, sometimes thats what a good movie should do.

  • Michael C.

    Not Oscar material, but I LOVED Mamma Mia! Worst movie of 2008?: "The curious case of Benjamin Button"! It pretends to be great, pretending to be Forrest Gump, but fails miserably! And Brad Pitt pretends to "act" just by looking stoned faced and bored. It's just a loooong booooring mess!

  • Michael Guccione

    Everyone knows these movies were all terrible, except Be Kind Rewind. But I'd rather see the movies that disappointed but had potential... and here they are.

    7.)Tropic Thunder. I wanted to like this movie. Original premise, usually funny actors but where were the jokes? In the trailor that I saw for free. Not in the $8 movie I paid to see. Still, it wasn't terrible, just disappointing. I never thought I'd say this but Tom Cruise saved that movie(and so unexpected for him to pop in this one, too).

    6.)Quantom of Solace. I was very impressed with Casino Royale and I like Daniel Craig. This was a disappointing Bond entry. The story was confusing and awkward. That camera work? I couldn't tell what was even happening through most of the action sequences. My friend actually leaned over and asked once if Bond was chasing someone or someone was chasing him.

    5.)Indiana Jones and the Blah Blah Blah. Horrible title. Go away Shia LaBeouf. We don't like you. And aliens??? Jones is an archeologist, not an astronomer.

    4.)Hancock. I am not a big Will Smith fan but this one looked good. I am not a superhero movie fan but I am a sucker for original stories or twists on familiar ones. This was good until Theron's coming out party. The rest was typical superhero action with an unbelievable storyline.

    3.)Hellboy 2. Looked amazing in BluRay, that's about the only good thing to say.

    2.)Hairspray. They took a good original and ruined it with sappy acting and bad music.

    1.)Running With Scissors. I confess to not having read the book. I sincerely hope it was better. Some good acting and funny moments, but wasted what could have been.

  • Sandra

    @bethany: @jeremy wein:
    I also loved Mamma Mia! I am 45 years old and love to see fun, sassy, middle aged women exert their independence and free spirit. It is about time movies started showing women in this age group as sexy and fun-loving!! Pierce Brosnan may not be much of a singer, but he is still a gorgeous man.

  • ryan e

    I won't bore everyone by renaming all of the movies everyone else mentioned, but much to my chagrin, no one has mentioned "the strangers". Maybe I'm the only one who thought this movie was slow, predictable, and just disappointing in general. The end of the movie intrigued me to find out what the story was based on because the ending was so vague, and then I come to find out it wasn't "technically" based on a true story, rather the imagination of the creator when he was a child. I'm fine with imagination, but call it what it is and don't write it off as a true story. Otherwise, great list. Thanks

  • mike m

    Mamma Mia goes way beyond being a "chick flick". I have no doubt as to the sexual orientation of ANY man who says he enjoyed this movie. It was horrendous, a train wreck, painful to watch. Not only was this the worst movie of 2008. I put it in as a candidate for worst of the decade and probably century. Prisoners forced to watch this movie would turn away from crime for fear of having to watch it again!

  • chuck

    I didn't see most of the films on this list but I gotta say if you did not like Be Kind Rewind, your whole list is invalidated. I loved that movie and the packed audience I saw it with sure seemed to feel the same way.