Superman Breaks the Sound Barrier in New 'Man of Steel' Banner

Did you know breaking the sound barrier creates a J.J. Abrams lens flare?

Man of Steel banner
Photo: Warner Bros.

I caught the full trailer for Man of Steel in front of my screening of The Great Gatsby last night, and I must say I like what I see. The reason I like what I see, however, has just as much with the visual elements, music, etc. as it does with the fact it appears David Goyer is tapping in to a story very similar to the one he collaborated with Christopher Nolan to write for Batman Begins.

Essentially, the outcast young boy learns he's without his true family and takes guidance from a father figure to find his way. In this case Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) is more of a father to Clark (Henry Cavill) than Alfred (Michael Caine) was to Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), but the similarities remain. Clark goes on a journey of self only to return to Metropolis with a greater understanding of who he is and how he can help serve the people of Earth.

Visually it looks like it will be the ying to Batman's yang, the light versus the dark and I have very high hopes. Apparently once Nolan gets involved people are finally able to forget about silly storytelling and find a way to ground the idea of an alien from another universe in reality. It's a tough task, but just maybe Warner Bros. has a great Superman movie on their hands and a way to continue where Nolan left off with The Dark Knight Rises when it comes to success with the DC line of comic book characters.

You can click the banner above for a much larger version and here's the trailer I saw last night if you haven't yet had a chance to watch it.

Man of Steel arrives in theaters on June 14.

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  • JN Films


  • Ryguy815

    Really excited for this!

  • John Doe Snow


  • Sir Trey

    This is probably the third place I've raved about it, but I really can't say it enough...that trailer is spectacular, if anything I'm worried now I've shifted from hesitant about the film (Snyder's direction, Zimmer's score - and not Williams) to overly excited, since the score sounds excellent and it seems like Snyder's actually grown.