Summit Officially Greenlights 'Twilight' Sequel, 'New Moon'

Summit Entertainment sent out a press release today officially announcing the start of production on New Moon, the second installment of its filmed franchise Twilight, the modern day vampire love story centered on Edward the vampire and Bella the human. As anyone paying attention to movies knows, Twilight hit theaters on Friday and has since made an estimated $35.7 million on opening day making it the largest opening day total for a non-sequel and edges out Iron Man's opening day total of $35.2 million.

The Summit release said nothing of cast, director, release date or an actual start of production date but it did carry a glad-handing quote from book series author Stephenie Meyer saying, "I don't think any other author has had a more positive experience with the makers of her movie adaptation than I have had with Summit Entertainment. I'm thrilled to have the chance to work with them again on New Moon."

We already know stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are signed on for three films and I can only assume the rest of the major players are as well. The question is whether or not they will decide to bring director Catherine Hardwicke back as they have already assigned screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg to continue penning the series as she is the one that adapted Twilight.

My guess is that Hardwicke is out and Summit is going to ramp up production compared to what they did with the first film. No one knew how big this thing had the potential to be and with a little bit extra spent on the sequel there is a possibility Summit could bring the entire general audience into the theater and not only a majority of fans of the book series. After all, vampires and werewolves are something plenty of filmgoers love and considering Summit already locked in the non-traditional 14-year-old girl audience for such fair, getting the regulars into the seats would be highly profitable.

  • Shannon

    I'd rather have Catherine and New Moon's bigger budget than some other dip who only cares about making it look good and making more money.

    No matter the faults of Twilight, Catherine poured her soul into the cast and the story. Which is what saved the film.

    So I'd rather see good acting and a good story in place of perfect editing and cinematography.

    Plus, the actors will pull for Catherine. And rightly so.

  • Shaun

    I think they just need a larger budget for New Moon and a better stunt coordinator. I highly doubt any other director will care as much as Catherine does. She loves these books. She loves her cast. They seem to love her too. I think a new director would just make the whole thing a negative experience for the cast and crew.

  • shannon h

    I hope they have catherine!!! she was very passionate about the movie and i think if you change directors now they might lose something. i loved twilight the book and the movie! i understood going in that you can't take everything that was in a 500 page book into a 2 hour movie, people should understand that. i loved it and can't wait for new moon!!!! way to go to the cast and crew!!!

  • Jkelly

    I hope they keep Catherine, she did awesomely with Twilight, and with a bigger budget, she would probably do better with New Moon.

  • jacob

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! I' m soooo excited for New Moon!!

    Keep Catherine director!!! And make New Moon better than Twilight!!!!!!

  • Mallory

    I hope they keep the same director. She did a really good job with Twilight, way better than I expected.

  • Fernanda

    I think that twilight (movie) was missing a lot of the little details that made me fall for Edward. However, i thought the movie was pretty good. I hope that New Moon can have a little bit more of the book, but the should totally keep Catherine. Can't wait to see the results in the movie..hope is soon..!:)

  • Chelsea

    I'd like to see the same director (and the screenwriter is already signed, I think) because she is committed to keeping the movies very similar to the books. I know just about all the fans completely adored the movie (myself included), so they should probably stick to the same formula where that is concerned. They will definitely need more SFX in New Moon because of werewolf transformations, but other than that, I think they should keep doing what they're doing. Maybe a bigger budget would translate to more general audience numbers, but I'm not sure. I'm just so happy they're making it and so thrilled how well the first one turned out.

  • Caroline

    I would prefer that they keep Catherine in for all three (or four) movies. She is one of the first people who pulled for keeping the storyline. As a teenage girl and Twilight fan--shocker, isn't it?--I can tell you that book lovers and "civilians" alike would have hated the original script. It was a box office bomb waiting to happen, if what Stephenie Meyer says is true.

    A bigger budget is a given, and better stunts. That's basically all they need. I agree with what most have said: the special effects do not matter that much to me. At all. The last few Harry Potter movies seem to be bent on dazzling fans with CGI and magical creatures, in an attempt to cover up a poorly adapted storyline. (Order of the Phoenix, anyone?) I do not want the Twilight Saga to become an action-oriented romp that is purely money-motivated. Women were the core audience, especially Twilight fans. The books were not full of video-game-like wonder, and I am positive that the core audience wasn't spending their time thinking "Oh, I wish this movie had better special effects" while Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissed. Twilight is about the romance, the relationships. It's heart--and Catherine Hardwicke gave all her heart to this movie.

  • Rossella

    I'm an italian Twlight fan, I love the saga but I didn't like the movie.
    No matter how the directors loves the story, the movie loses a lot if compared with the book.
    In the movie the characters personalities are not developed, while Stephenie Meyer builds them excellenty (Jasper seems to be the stupid vampire...). The story runs too fast and is superficial. Really, how much have you understood if you havent't read the book first?

    I agree with the director's or the scriptplayer's substitution in order to improve the sequel quality.

  • danielle

    I am a huge twilight fan and read the book when it came out. that said I completely agree with Rossella! I mean don't get me wrong liked the movie but I didn't love it. It seems like they missed the key part to the book. It was a gradual thing. The whole book almost was about them falling for each other. they didnt just meet at school one day and then boom I love you. It was like they packed months of bella and edward into five minutes. Twilight is also the book that starts bella and alice's friendship which was basically non existent in the movie. I think new moon maybe should have a different director or something, someone who understands the books and knows how to bring that to life. I would love them to keep the same director and just let her and stephenie talk the whole thing through, but I dont know if that would happen.

  • S

    God help us all

  • ali

    I am definatly in agreement i still have mixed feelings about the movie, because like most twi-hards, i set myself up. As I walked out of the movie theater I was asking myself what I just watched.(it just didn't seem like twilight) Yes the movie felt rushed, and all the details weren't perfect, but for the most part it kept to the story. However, the character development was missing. I am almost certain that if you haven't read the books the relationship seems superficial and almost stalker-like. I am hoping to see improvement with the sequel, but when it comes down to it, there is no doubt that I'll adore it anyways. After 3 days of trying to figure out whether or not I liked the movie, I have reached a decision. I absolutely LOVED it.

  • Leena

    I completely agree that there needs to be a director and/or scriptplayer change. Rosella is so right when it comes to character development, the movie fell WAY short. Maybe it was a budget thing, but I think the movie could have been loads better. Hopefully they find some new minds to make the New Moon movie AWESOME compared to the semi-decent Twilight.

  • Jessie

    I REALLY hope they keep Catherine... after all she is what made this all happen. If I had it my way the ONLY thing I would change... would OBVIOUSLY be to give the film a larger budget! Keep the cast & crew exactly as they are! Why mess with an already amazing team?!

  • Lynne

    I definitely think there needs to be a change of director. The direction in the movie was not good. The casting was perfect. It is time to get another director to deal with this storyline so the movie can at least hold a candle to the book.

  • em

    I loved the books and was really disappointed in the movie. I really hope they will get rid of Kristen as bella. I think she did a horrible job trying to act! Bella was supposed to be a cute,clumsy and sweet. Not a emotionless lump.

  • dm

    Keeping Catherine Hardwicke as the director would be a smart move for Summit...she has put her heart and soul into Twilight and a new director may not be as invested in the project. New Moon just needs a bigger budget and a better stunt coordinator...the special effects will be better with the bigger budget, that's a no brainer. Many people criticize Catherine's directing and the crazy camera angles she used...her experience is in indie films...not big blockbuster movies, so don't blame her for what she's used to doing...she didn't know how big this movie was going to be.
    Just give Catherine another chance.

  • Rossella

    Maybe Catherine didn't know the movie potential, but in Summit they did, I suppose. Anyway this movie comes from an international bestseller, so don't be surprised about the success.
    The movie is ugly and among the reasons, there're the angles she used. I didn't expect a blockbuster but a well done movie as the well done book.
    New Moon (the movie) will need a higher budget, I've watched some trailers on you tube and the phazings need improvements.

  • NAB

    Don't keep Catherine. Twilight was rushed and was good, but not great. A new director could take the saga to the next level. The movie was choppy and didn't flow right. Good but not great. Catherine out.

  • Lynn

    So, I'm not gonna sugar coat it....Catherine has no clue. The acting sucked and I blame that mostly on the seems she settled on awkward, cheesy acting versus giving them better direction. Robert Pattinson didn't even come close to conveying the obsessinating (my new word) Edward from the book. You know, the one we all fell in love with and wished that such a guy existed? He seemed so cheesy in the movie it was ridiculous. Also, how is having Emmit stand up in the back of a jeep supposed to be even remotely cool OR having a little above average looking, chunky actress play Rosalie the way to go? Come on now, she has unrivaled beauty and a perfect body in the book. Couldn't you have gotten a supermodel or supermodel looking amateur to fill that role? I thought the movie was laughable and missed key elements and details like oh, Edward telling Bella that the piano song he was playing was inspired by her versus showing them in trees for a wasted amount of time, or that Jasper had only recently adapted the "vegetarian" life style explaining his pained look. Or the fact that their pale faces didn't even match the color of their necks not to mention you could totally tell they had on some sort of pasty makeup. Oh and the lipstick, OMG the lipstick! Once again, ridiculously cheesy. How about the hospital scene? Was that part supposed to be funny? No, don't think so but it was. They didn't even fake a cast on her broken leg...guess that healed by itself. I'm sorry, I'm just really, really disappointed. I think I could have done better with my personal video camera and some of my daughters friends. I'm half tempted to try for a youtube version. I wish Stephenie would have held out for a studio with a clue, like Warner Brothers. They did the Harry Potter films, you guys see the difference, right?

    I loved the books but hated the movie because it was so hard to get past the stupidity that was conveyed on the screen. Incompetence really frustrates me. I hope the box office results don't overshadow the fact that much improvements are needed for the next installment. If it were me, I'd start from scratch and would retain the actors that played Billy, Jacob, Charlie, Esme and Alice only. Everybody else from the director and screenwriter to wardrobe would be fired.

  • Caleigh

    I can't wait for this movie to come out!I loved twilight and I hope they make New Moon even better!

    KEEP CATHERINE!!!She poured her heart and soul into Twilight.I'm sure she'd do the same for New Moon!

  • Megan

    In my opinion I think they should keep Catherine. She really cares about this movie and I really enjoyed the way the movie turned out.
    The cast and Stephenie really loved Catherine as well.
    I hope Catherine can stay for New Moon.

  • lily

    if u don't like somin just shut up about and leave others in peace and with their dreams ok? cause i love twilight and anything to do with twilight even if it isn't perfect

  • Traci

    I wasn't very impressed withTwilight- I thought it was lacking in a lot of ways, though I LOVED the book. I cannot begin to explain how disappointed I am. Twilight seemed rushed and choppy. More time needed to be spent on building the relationship between Edward and Bella. When they were professing their love for one another, I wanted to laugh; it was completely unbelievable. The humor in the film was lame, when it should have been witty. I felt their target audience was a bunch of 12 year olds. Not sure if this is the screenwriter or director's fault, but whoever is to blame should not continue working on the series. I will be seeing the sequel but don't want to get my hopes up.

  • Cynthia

    I was disappointed in the movie. It lacked many turning points in the blossoming relationship. Don't even get me started on the grass that the charcaters were portrayed for Edwards favorite meadow. Hopefully, someone will pay attention to detail this time arround. Not once in the movie did I hear the word 'I Love You' come from Edwards or Bella. Maybe the sequel can have some much needed flashbacks. We were cheated, at least that is the way I felt when I left the theater. I guess the budget would explain but, as a screenwriter some of these deatils shouldn't have been overlooked.

    Here's to hoping the next time around will be better!

  • Cynthia

    Lynn, I couldn't agree more with anything you said. I was disappointed all the way around. Right down to every deatil that the film lacked. In the book when she first met the Cullens' she was in skirt and a blue shirt. The movie was a joke and in know way reflected the Bella and Edward that were brought to life in this readers mind. The scene that disappointed me the most was the meadow. Whose idea was a small patch of grass in the middle of a forest? And leaving his room was not how the meadow scene was supposed to transpire. She meets the family only after a gorgeous place that Edward wanted to share with his Bella. Okay, I better stop because thinking about it gets me angry all over again. I actually came home Saturday to read the novels again to erase the movie from my head! Time to read again! Hope someone is paying attention next time around!

  • Angie

    I really loved the way that Catherine did the movie. I have already seen it 4 times. The cast was perfect. I hope that they use Catherine for the next 3 movies.

  • kayley

    i am a big fan of twilight.....ive read the series 6 times! it is so addictive! but the movie was so not good! i should have been longer with more detail and i was the maddest about how edward did not play bella's lullaby! and the first time they touched was in biology! i was so was out of order and the scenes went by way to fast!

  • Rogin

    Twilight teared The Philippines' movie theatres...
    two thumbs up for TWILIGHT
    and if i have many more thumbs i'll raise them all... hahah.
    Kudos for the TWILIGHT & hopefully NEW MOON... Cant wait to watch it...

  • jennifer

    oh yeah! they are makin another one! i'm so happy cAn't wait!

    but they should put another director cuz catherine missed HUGE parts!

    n she put useless scenes like the nomads killing that's NOT importAnt!

  • priya

    the best series ever! and the movies are almost as good... these movies will go down in history! lol

  • kaylyn

    i think hardwicke should be allowed to come back and film the rest of the films. i mean this production is starting to get turned into a money competition, and i think it should be about creating a good exciting movie for all the billions of twilight series fans. i know on twilight there were a few GOOD parts missing, but if you think about it, the book is just amazing and it is filled with days worth of excitment, and movies can only run so long.. so if they would of put EVERYTHING in the movies, the love story and the whole story would have been to rushed. so im glad they took some stuff out and really got into depth about the good parts. overall, twilight was a huge success, and i definately think that is because the director and all the effort that was brought into the production. so im all for hardwicke directing the rest of the films. and it hurts to hear that shes out.

    wow. that was very long. but im a HUGEEEEE twilight fan.
    and i hope the absolute best for the rest of the films.
    I LOVE YOU ROBERT PATTINSON. your gorgeous. and amazing.
    and really all i care about is that hes in it<3 =] loove youuu.
    and the movieeee. goodddbyee.

  • jenna royle.

    twilight was amazing. and im pretty sure new moon will be wonderul too. and for everyone hatin' on twilight. get over it. and stop comparing the book to the movie. ovbiously they cant fit DAYS worth of excitment and joy into 2 hours of film. get over it. and stop complaining. twilight was an awesome success and im so proud that it did so well.
    i hope new moon is wonderul. and all the rest of the films.
    i love mr. pattinson<3
    marry meee?!&@&^!@

    haha. goodbye
    you just jealousss!!!!!

  • jennaelyn

    the books were great. the movie was great. and im just in love with robertpattinson.
    goodness. the series is just amazingly addicting.

    keep hardwicke, and give her a second chance.
    she did great on twilight. and i think she just needs a higer budget and then she can think higher. and better things.

    but its not her fault. she learned how big this is. and how much of HUGE role she plays in, in bringing all the fans a great movie.
    now she knows. so keep her=] and let her make another great movie.
    i love twilight.
    AND ROBPATTINSON.=]]]<3333 yummyyy.

  • Seonji Go

    i guess i agree with what summit did...

    if catherine will direct the movie then the production, filming, and bring the movie to the theatre would be late because catherine had signed also other films to direct prior to new moon. i guess summit will change the director in order toi catch up with the release date which is good. its good to change the director so that i can watch new moon on time than wait for catherine and have the movie watched late.

  • Kira

    katherine is no longer with the Twilight fans or Summit for directing New Moon their considering Chris Wietz(sp) the director of About A Boy and The Golden Compass to direct New Moon. The release date of New Moon is unbearable! They want to push it to the end of 09 when clearly you need a lot more time for a film like THAT. They go to a different country for goodness sake!

    And the Volturi, that will be very hard to cast some people are looking in for Dakota Fanning as Jane - she'd be good but really i think the actors need to stay unknown, Dakota is fantastic but she's too known in good movies. If she was casted I'd be happy but yea...

    Anyways New Moon will be coming out end of 09 to early 10 but hopefully they won't mess it up, it was my FAVORITE book

    :) Kira

  • Shelby

    Personally i think that Twilight the movie wasnt entirely told and i think its up to Summit to decide if they want to replace Hardwicke then thats their choice, New Moons my favorite book so i really hope that they make it way better then Twilight, also im very upset that they want to replace Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob because he has a baby face, are you kidding me! he fits Jacob perfectly, if they want to replace anyone it should be Kristen Stewert.

  • Burberry

    i agree seonjigo
    its a good decision on what summit did on removing chatherine in directing in order to catch up on the release date of the movie because they already announced it...
    i hope they will act out what the entire story in the book is..

  • Shanda

    I think they should have the actors read the story so they can understand how they are, but they did pick the perfect Characters. But I wasn't happy that they tried to make Twilight a funny romance. It was suppost to be a sad romance! Hopefully they do better with New Moon. Im excited that they've decided to keep making movies out of the series.. It would be cool if it came out this year. :)

  • LionQueen

    The movie & cast were a huge epic-fail cake. Way to have the only actress in the world best known for being completely and utterly monotone and moves like a robot cast as the warm and intricate Bella.
    Jasper looked like a scared little 10 year old looking down a dark alley.
    Alice wasn't perky,
    Rosalie was a chunky, wish-she-was-close-to-being-a-model actress who wasn't bitchy enough,
    the clothes looked as if they got them from a white elephant party,
    the movie itself was horribly sporadic and lacked a theme throughout the whole thing.
    They make it look like love bites- in the I'm-going-to-get-rabies kind of way.
    Victoria looked like a wannabe- especially with the "Kiss me I'm Irish" shirt.
    Edward sparkling looked like a bad 80's music video.
    The running- don't even get me started on that.
    It almost made me cry by the time the movie was over.
    The new director better make it better- or he'll expect muggings.

  • Phillip

    I think Catherine did great, with what scenes they had. After seeing the movie I read the books, over, and over, and over, and overoevorevorvoevroevroevroevr. I was so dissapointed with how many scenes they left out or changed in the movie that I was angry (Lol I know). I would give the movie a 6/10 just because of the missing scenes. I would not want Catherine to be the director of New Moon unless they don't cut out any scenes. I don't know if she could handle the fight scene in Eclipse though, the James vs Edward was kind of boring. With the directors aside, there is one thing I can't wait to see! I can't wait to see what they make the Wolves look like! LOL

    I agree with Shanda about the actors, they are perfect.

  • Kayla

    Honestly, I think that any movie that has Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), will be a great movie! If they keep all the original characters from Twilight, then they will have a perfect movie. They couldn't have found a better set of actors to play the parts and I hope they don't change them for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.


  • Mabe

    Well, I went to see the movie before I read the book and I thought that Catherine did a good job. UNTIL I read the book. If you just watch the movie your definitely will miss a lot of Bella and Edward moments that where very touching. Catherine was very good introducing the characters, but am looking for a lot more from Chris with New Moon and I think it will get better as always the second time around.