Story of 'The Hobbit' Revealed In One Massive Banner

The Hobbit banner
Photo: Warner Bros. / MGM

Warner Bros. has revealed a massive banner promoting Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as they prepare to hold court down at the San Diego Comic Con this Saturday, July 14. The banner first appeared at Entertainment Weekly and you can get a much larger look at it by clicking on the image above.

I have also cut it into six separate pieces and included those directly below. Just click on the first thumbnail to scroll through all six pieces.

It's been so long since I read J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" that only pieces from the banner look familiar so I can't tell if they tell the story in a linear narrative as told in the book and indicate a specific cut-off point for this first part of The Hobbit tale and where The Hobbit: There and Back Again will pick up next December. Anyone care to enlighten me?

SIDE NOTE: Did you notice the part where Gandalf is talking to Merida's mom from Brave? Strange, eh?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theaters on December 14.

  • Aakash

    Just amazing...right now I feel however this movie turns out and the endless comparisons that will be thrown at it by most either comparing it to the book or the previous movies but in the end all I'll will be happy with is returning to Middle Earth once again for another story to tell.

  • Stephen

    So I'm not allowed to attack the author of this post for putting a MASSIVE SPOILER FOR BRAVE IN THERE LIKE SOME SORT OF INCONSIDERATE ASSHAT?

    • Snicket

      Your worried about Brave spoilers? That should be the least of your concerns.

    • reader2018

      that's not for brave stupid (she's a brunette)... He's talking to the elf queen galadrial (spelling?)

    • Stephanie

      uhm. maybe because it's NOT a spoiler? seriously, man, every review I have read has talked about this aspect of Brave - it's like saying 'So in Beauty and the Beast, when she has to go live with the Beast...'

  • Kai Sacco

    Stephen my friend ... prepare to be transported to Barsoom and thrown into the coliseum of White Apes; also known as Good Comments.

    • Jordan B.

      I'm excited to hear Brad say "asshat."

  • adu

    Yes Brad, the pictures are pretty much linear to the story in the book and that last shot definitely seems like where the 1st movie will end roughly (that picture is aptly named after a chapter). It is a pretty good mid-point in my opinion; which means they must have added a ton of stuff not in the book for the 2nd movie. The ending as suggested by the picture is well past the mid-way point of the book. More Middle Earth footage and a deeper story is just fine by me!!

  • Ian

    I agree with Adu above...I've suspected for a while now that "Barrels out of Bond" is where they'd break the two films. That would actually give them a very similar structure to Harry Potter 7...the first film as a road / quest story, the second essentially the action-based final act. The third film would then also have room for the events of the White Council, though I'm wondering how they'll deal with that and the main storyline in terms of pacing. Hopefully not by bringing them together, as I've seen speculated.

  • The Jackal

    Peter Jackson and Co. have done a fantastic job marketing this film. The excellent production diaries, stunning set pics (costumes, artwork, models), beautiful posters and that great trailer, have put my mind at ease regarding the return to Middle-Earth after a 9 year absence. I've no doubt Mr. Jackson has crafted a great film, certainly equal to his initial outings in 2001-2003. I cannot wait. Christmas 2012 at the movies is shaping up quite nicely.

    Thems the facts...precious

  • Richard Sutton

    The illustration of Bilbo and Sting is especially effective. I love how it clearly reveals how Sting was once a dagger for a much larger hand!