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Lousy 3D Trailer for 'Star Trek Into Darkness' is Burning My Retinas

Ahhhhh! My eyes! My eyes!

Star Trek into Darkness 3d trailer
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Paramount sent out some 3D glasses to press and apparently people you signed up at the viral website for Star Trek Into Darkness and today the reason why has been released in the form of an old-fashioned 3D trailer for the film. You'll need the anaglyph red-and-blue glasses to view the trailer, but based on my little experiment with the glasses sent to me you're probably better off not even trying. I'm still not sure my left eye is working properly.

Fortunately the theatrical conversion of the film utilizes 3D as we have come to expect it, but while I won't review the film just yet, I will recommend seeing it in good old fashioned 2D... more on that down the line.

For now, here's a taste of what the film would look like with offsetting colors that never quite align. Can you believe this is how people used to have to watch a 3D movie? How could they last the duration of an entire film?

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  • Ryguy815

    I lasted 30 seconds and decided not to watch the rest of the trailer. I'm staying away from all marketing for this film. In fact 2 nights ago while I was watching HIMYM a TV spot came on and I promptly changed the channel.

    • Jake17

      Thankfully I have also avoided marketing since seeing a possibly spoiler-ish international trailer.

      • Ryguy815

        The only trailer I've seen for this was the teaser and then I was done with watching anything else from it.

        • Jake17

          I don't blame you. Were you a fan of the first movie?

          • Ryguy815

            Unfortunatley, I have a feeling that I might end up seeing a trailer for it front of Iron Man 3 when I see it this weekend and I loved the first one when I first saw it in theatres but I've found that it hasn't aged all that well. Now that I've seen it a bunch of times I just don't find it as good as everyone seems to.

            • Corbin

              If you don't want to see a trailer, 'go to the bathroom' for the exact duration of the trailer, but just hide out by the door, plug your earholes, and get as far back as you can while still seeing a tiny sliver of the trailer, so that you know when it's over and can return.

              • Ryguy815

                Great idea, I just might try that!

              • Corbin

                Glad I could help!

              • Jake17

                I did ^this last time I was at the theater.

  • Hudsucker

    Woah, I thought that was some sort of electric saw in the picture.

  • andyluvsfilms

    im trailered out for this film, its entirely my fault