Spoiling the End of 'Fast Five' To Talk about 'Fast Six'


I was obviously among the minority that was mildly let down by Fast Five, I enjoyed it for all the same reasons as everyone else, just not to the same extent. However, I think I'm with everyone when I say the mid-credits ending featuring Eva Mendes as agent Monica Fuentes from 2 Fast 2 Furious as she delivers a picture of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) to Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and says, "Do you believe in ghosts," it made me want to see Fast Six immediately.

How are they going to do that? Isn't Letty dead? Didn't they bury her in Fast and Furious? So many questions and so little answers... until now.

Entertainment Weekly's Josh Rottenberg spoke to Vin Diesel about the ending and just what exactly the ending means and Diesel didn't hold back:

"It was very deliberate, the way the Letty character was handled in Fast 4,.. It was very deliberate that you never saw the body. When Dom confronts Fenix, he says, 'I don't remember her face because the last time I saw her she was burning' -- not, 'I shot her in the f--ing head.' You're going to learn more in the next one."

So yes, we already know there is going to be a Fast and Furious Six, a film Diesel says will end what he refers to as a second trilogy that started with Fast and Furious. He also says fans can fully expect it to include a reunion between Dom and Letty. However, whether it will go beyond a sixth is still unclear.

"If I were going to do it indefinitely, I'd have to do it in threes," Diesel told EW. "So after the sixth, we'd have to map out the next three stories before I did the seventh. I'll never do 7 without knowing what 7, 8 and 9 looks like."

Fast Five scripter Chris Morgan is already working on the script for the sixth one and with that announcement it was said Universal plans on turning the street racing franchise into a full-blown heist related franchise with the sixth installment centered around a major robbery. Considering they got away with $100 million in Fast Five I may be a bit unclear on what the word "major" means, but if that's not major it will be interesting to see what is.

As of now it looks like the sixth film will definitely include Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Dwayne Johnson and I would expect Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster to be involved somehow as well as Eva Mendes unless she only signed on for the short scene at the end of Fast Five.

No matter how you look at it, I think the one thing we can all agree on is that the post credit scene in Fast Five was 100-times better than the lame scenes Marvel has been including at the end of its superhero films and the one at the end of Thor is no better. Sure, stick around and watch it, but it isn't nearly as interesting or enticing as what Fast Five had to offer.

SIDE NOTE: I was trying to find video of Letty's death scene from Fast and Furious on YouTube and I came across a TON of tribute videos to Letty and Dom and one of them got me laughing. I've included it to the right, but what is funny is not the video (I didn't even watch it) but the description. This guy is not going to like this news:

My tribute to the character Letty. Damn Justin Lin for writing her out of the series -.-'
I know there is only like 1 minute with Letty but it is mostly about her death and Dom's revenge

And please no "Bring her back to the fifth! The death was faked" There is no way they could have faked that and come on! How cheesy would it be with the next movie if Letty came back of some retarded reason when the whole fourth movie was about Dom revenging her?

The guy might not have the best grammar, but he does have a point... Diesel?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mizan-Rosli/100000002507197 Mizan Rosli

    OMG is Letty still alive????..........

  • Rashad

    I felt the same - jready for the Fast Six.I really liked thismovie. I think people aren't giving the movie enough credit for its plot though.

    • Joshua Allred

      Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift is the next one its kinda out of Order Han dies in a car crash in Tokyo Drift Don comes in at the end and races the main character and says he had history with Han it starts off with Don racing the main character which is where FF lets off IDk if they r going to comeout with a new one but I have a feeling if they do if will b a while from now

  • Carson Dyle

    I'm puzzled as to why people actually give a shit about this stuff at all. Rodriguez was one of the worst things about the F&F films. In fact, her quick demise was probably Fast & Furious's saving grace. Even though it was still shit overall.

    • Winchester

      I'm surprised that anyone gives a shit about Twilight, or Pirates of the Caribbean, or G.I Joe 2 based on previous films in the respective franchises.

      But guess what..........plenty of people do.

      It's the same with F&F.

      People do.

  • Jake

    Hmm.. wonder what's gonna happen with Dom & Elena? The new chick.

  • Darson

    Carson Dyle is a moron.

    • Carson Dyle

      A moron for... not enjoying the F&F franchise?

      That's a new one.

      • Larson Kyle

        Your sarcasm is admirable.

        • The Gambrell

          Larson Kyle replies to Carson Dyle? c'mon. "that's a new one" barely qualifies as sarcasm, but throw in the name.. hilarity ensues.

  • Topy

    Wow. Didn't know there was a story somewhere in the movie. I just watch it for the action....

    Nevertheless, I think I'm gonna have to watch the fourth one again before I can move on to the sixth

  • jake

    I'm not sure what u expect brad. I agree that fast five's ending definitely has me interested in fast 6., Marvel is trying to get people excited for the avengers and make connections. No one is forced to stay for the after credits scenes.

  • Derek S

    Carson you're crazy. Rodriguez is super hot and capable of doing better action/stunts than most men. She's great, can't wait!

  • The Jackal

    I'm just shocked that noone has even bothered to discuss the fact that Han (the guy eating chips all the time) was clearly blown up in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. I mean he blows up in his car while all the main characters watch in horror. So, anyone wanna tell me how he survived?

    Again, I'm not surprised they are bringing Letty back. However, I hope they are going to at least attempt to explain how she survived. I didn't even realize there was an extra scene at the end of this film. So thanks for posting this. I'm stoked for the Sixth film.

    Also, I'm with you Brad - this film kinda disappointed me. While the action scenes were decent and the cars and women were beautiful as always - but, something was missing this time around.

    Thems the facts

    • Winchester

      Because (in-universe) Fast & Furious and Fast Five are set BEFORE the events of Tokyo Drift.

      Which is why there's the in-joke at the end when the woman asks him she thought they were going to Tokyo and Han replies something akin to 'We'll get there............in a while'.

      That's all there is to it.

    • http://www.ropeofsilicon.com/ Brad Brevet

      Yeah, like Winchester said, as far as Fast Five is concerned, Tokyo Drift hasn't happened yet. It's why I included the "aside from poor Lucas Black whose character is just a twinkle in the Tokyo Drift" line in my review.

    • Row

      Yeah and in Tokyo drift at the end when Dom races against the new DK he said to Dom "i didn't knew Han was into muscle" then Dom replied he did when he was rolling with me.. i guess in 6 you'll maybe see him traveling then at the end tokyo.. lol id like to see who wins in that race..

    • Dingo.

      Oi, if you paid attention to the others, both newest Fast we're taken place BEFORE Tokyo Drift just made after. Also if you pay attention to the ending when they are driving away, he brings up "Going to Tokyo" so he was never there yet when these movies were taken place, they were made AFTER but technically taken place beforehand. Pay attention a little more eh?

    • SophiaSinclare

      Fast Five took place before tokyo drift.
      At the end when Han is with that girl in the car driving away (in fast five) she asks where to, he says places then she mentiones tokyo n he says we will ge tthere.

      • Jim

        How is tokyo drift produced in 2006 being set after fast five show Han driving a car (lfa) produced in 2010? Unless tokyo drift is set to be a future year. In that case, why wasin't the new 370z in tokyo drift?

  • Calvin

    The film was great, brought me back to the first one. There was something missing and it was letty. She should of never have died. There should of never even been that new chick she killed it. now what is Dom to do? In fast6 letty is going to walk in on Dom and it turns into a spainsh novela? I kind of feel the movie is turning into a final distination thing to many of the oringal crew are getting picked off. Said all that to say this, I'm so down to watch more!

  • darren

    more to the point (and has noone else picked p on the fact) when they are all sitting around asking WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR MONEY? tej says that he wants his own garage (wasent the garage in 2f2f his. any answers plese????

    • Brandon

      nah that was Brian and Roman who said they were going to open their own garage but Brian went back to being a cop (F&F4) so I don't think it ever happened. But now it appears as if Tej and Roman opened a garage together.

      • Jack

        Tej says he's going to use his $11 mil from Fast5 to open his own garage.. but he already had his own garage from 2F2F (the garage with a pool on the side, the one that's so aptly named "Tej's Garage"). That has nothing to do with when Brian and Roman said they were going to open their own garage at the end of 2F2F (but they never did).

  • david

    $100 million is a lot, but ~$10 million a piece isn't necessarily an end-all amount of money, especially for characters like this.

  • Devan c

    I head that letty doesn't die that when fenix shot he shot the car to explode and that they faked her funeral to see if Dom comes and they had here in a witness protective program but exscaped and robed a train in Berlin

  • Feliipe

    In fact, if the Chiko allegedly said if he remembered the face of Sun and Sun has lety rrespondio not answer anything and Chiko did not remember the face of lety only thing we are in the 4 is pekeño piece when he dies after road wheel and leaves the dark to shoot opcienes would think that these 1. lety escapes car or hidden behind the dark and let you shoot the car and explodes, (but that does not explain the funeral and the police ay. 2 Toreto Mia has told Sun that if heya out letyy would ask him to stop letyy talves all this behind faked his death to escape the dark and has PTRA states do a mystery city came alive
    But of one thing if the 6 is safe stoy ke porke tokio fit that movie would stay at the end of summer and runs 6 and Toreto chuun with hope that does not leave the race cars as isieron computer animated at the 5 and 2 states do good what I wanted to make

    • Jordan

      Could not understand a word you just said. Speak english

  • Puzz22

    Clearing up the confusion of how they will bring back Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) in the Sixth installment of the Fast and the Furious Series. Everyone is over looking on the events that took place of the Fourth Fast and the Furious movie on how she died. If you go back and watch the movie you will see that actual event of her dying was never shown. It was only shown in the eyes of what Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) thought happened by going back to the scene on where the accident took place and the accident is portrayed by his vision of it. In my opinion, No one knows she was alive, The FBI or her former crew in the 4th movie. She had no choice but to leave everything behind and run because her trying to help Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel)clear his name by helping the authorities bring down a Drug Lord. She almost died therefore left without a trace when she had the chance. If you think that the FBI faked her death to bring out Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) out of hiding. It may be true but that means Brian O`Connor (Paul Walker) would have known at the time but it was never revealed in the 4th or 5th by him. So i beleive she escaped and ran to hide out because her life was in danger. This is my opinion of what I think happened. Also you can disagree with me that’s also fine but they need her to come back to have a 6th film and actually to keep the fast and furious movies coming. I’m sure they’ll start off the 6th with back Letty (Michelle Rodriguez)’s crew and what she’s doing and somehow cross paths with someone from the 5th film and contact Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) about her being alive.

  • jasmin

    OMG! Letty is coming back yayaya i love here act she is one of the best actress that i know she have too come back to the movie i know she wasnt dead cuse it dosent even became any siecens at the end of the 4th movie will i hope the mavie comes out soon.

  • Big Boy Boss

    The Ending Was Tite But Tokyo Drift is Later On I Tottaly Understand They Put The Movies That Belong After All the New Ones Out First Its Kinda Weird But Han Didnt Die Yet. Nn Letty Idk Wat To Tell You But I Cant Wait Till Fast 6

  • luis cruz

    yea you have a point with dom getting his revenge but they have to put the story line of her faking her death. so in that case they have to put the movie with letty and dom beefing they cant be all goody goody with each other because of her faking her death. (that should be the story line of the next installment) remember fast five at the end letty hijacked a military convoy with her peoples and in fast five dom has a new family so the movie should be that their beefing in some way because she shouldve never faked her death

  • luis

    puzz22 thats pretty good what you came up with but they just cant get back together remember dom is going to think she faked her death so he is going to be mad and letty is going to be mad at him because he has a new girl now u get what im saying so the best i can come up with is what i previously said they have to base the movie on her faking her death only her, not the fbi faking it for her to get dom to come back nah shit is bogust

  • Bear

    Kinda dissapointed to be honest only because if they DO go and show that Letty's death was not what it seems, that means that theres now a 0% chance that they would do that for Han after his death in Tokyo Drift.

  • Pearl

    I think the initial scenes of the 6th installment may begin something with Han and Letty bumping into each other, since they're both in Berlin (in FF5 Han is last shown with Gisele on his laps driving off in a Lexus on German Autobahn). Furthermore, something tells me that the FBI for sure didn't fake Letty's death in FF4 for Dom to come out of hiding, and even more that there will be new people cast in FF6. All that because of this clue: After FBI Agent Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendez) hands over the files of a hijacked military convoy in Berlin by a group of drivers (supposedly Letty's new team?) including information & photo of her to Luke Hobbs, she adds "Do you believe in ghosts?" pointing out that the FBI thought she was dead, or at least Monica thought so. So well! Maybe. We'll see... in spring 2013... Anyways, that's only my opinion what might happen!

    • Myke

      My personal opinion is that Han went to Berlin to help Letty with her heist. I don't think its a coincidence that they both just happened to be in Berlin after everything hppened and then Letty hijacks the convoy, so I think Han was going to Berlin to help her with the Job.

  • steve

    they need to bring back carter verone back in for fast six ,because do you remember in 2fast 2furious when he said to brian o conner and roman pearce that i ll see you soon

  • FLake

    Okay, yes. Remember that was Paul Walker's character talking about how he was working with Letty? He needed Dom's help, and the only way they could bring him in was to have Michelle fake her death. Notice the lack of remorse from Paul Walker during the film...he knew what he was doing. They did not tell Dom yet, but if I was DOM I would be pretty pissed for using me like that!!

  • Capt. America

    The scenes at the end of marvel are lame ?? are you friggin kidding me ??? a bunch of uneducated morons enjoying shite like f and f can not understand the complex buildup that has taken 5 years in making and you guys put a bunch of guys racing above it ??? seriously man....

    • Capt. America is a Commy

      "complex buildup" WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH. That's a good one Cap!

  • Jordan

    I hope they bring back Lucas Black in the sixth one just for cracks. Country boy kills me. "You know what DK stands for?" "Donkey Kong?" Haha classic!


      Your an idiot

  • Dawn

    I loved Fast Five, I cannot wait until Six comes out. I love that fact that Letty is coming back. Dom gonna be pissed and she gonna be pissed at Dom for the new girl he is with. Oh boy....gonna be great. I also cannot wait to see how the baby fits into the story line. I need to watch all of these over again. I actually did not watch Tokyo Drift...so maybe that is a good thing, my son told me about it though and tied it in with this one. The lil phrases...that linked it to that one. I am excited.

  • Southern Driver

    Jordan they cant bring Lucas Black back for ff6. Tokoyo Drift may have been the 3rd movie but in the story line tokoyo Drift is after everything happening from ff4 and ff5. If they brought Lucas Black in for ff6 then they could never go back and tie Tokoyo Drift into what their doing with the ff series now. If Han is in ff6 and Lucas Black is to then they would have already met before Black moves to Tokoyo which would then cause Tokoyo Drift to be irrelevent. If ff6 isnt the end of the series then at some point they will tie Tokoyo Drift into ff4 and the new 1s and Tokoyo Drift would and prolly will be the ending to the series. As for Letty being dead i beleive she was placed in witness protection and no1 not even O'connor knew that she had survied only the US Marshals would have known. At the end of ff4, I beleive the character was braga been awhile since i watched it, was killed Letty would have been released from witness protection setting up what seems to be a serious problem for Dom n his new girl.

    • Pearl

      You've totally mistaken Fast&Furious (FF4) with Fast5 (FF5). Braga was in FF4.

  • Jwen

    I know what was missing ACTUAL RACING! Fast Five was good and all but how about Fast Six incorporating some real racing.

  • Abbott

    These movies are not happening in cryogenic order. The movies now are showing the background stories so to speak leading up to what eventually happens to them. With that being said Letty can return in the 6th installment.

    • Bix

      HAHAHHA!! 'Cryogenic' order?!?! HAHAHAAHHA!!!!

  • Ahahaloveit

    Letty is very much alive, yes. And the seventh movie has just been approved and assured by vin diesel himself. Although the sixth movie will not be in theaters until may 24th, 2013. I'm already overexcited for the ongoing movie trilogy to continue.

  • Felicia

    Letty is alive and has been in witness protection. Dom new girl is her sister. Unsure if they are together but mu bet is no. Dom just spends time with her and they talk about letty but not a couple.

  • loc

    If the new girl is lettys sister and letty was hiding till recent and for sure is in 6 what kinda plot will the coming of seven be han or Lucas black

  • Liam J

    Think about it, it's pretty good with what they done. In the fourth F&F Dom gets into a fight with Brian after he used Lettys phone and Brian says she came to him to clear her name, you don't really know anything on the death because the guy used a gun in the flashbacks but then he says he watched her supposedly "burn" ... How would she clear her name? I'd take a stab at faking death and taking up a new identity, then maybe she's come back into the business because it was her life and she missed the adrenaline from it or something, if you use your mind, it's pretty cool with that they have done!

    • Bcilla

      u guys are thinking to hard into trying to make it make sense but letty wasnt trying to clear her name she was trying to clear doms name and she was discovered thats why they tried to kill her these are just poorly unexplained ways they are using to pull these characters back together and also a good way to make the next filmthe next film answer a lot of questions that are now up in the air and as for tokyo drift that movie is they only one that doesnt tie in so they had to tie it in oppossedto leaving it out that is hans purpose these are not prequels every event moves forward and has no indicator of things to come from something weve seen already in a previous film so dont confuse or disappoint yourselves believing that is the case

  • Callum mccoubrey

    I am so excited for fast and furious 6, but can someone please tell me if I am right , is F&F coming out in 2013? Because atm it is 2012 ? Thank you if you can reply, as I am in Northern Ireland and there is nothing to do here! No joke, thanks.

    • Bcilla

      It's 2013 they just started filming in may and its supposed to be I europe somewhere

  • Bcilla

    I love the fast franchise and cant wait to see the next one but with that said all of your theories of han and letty hold no weight these are not prequels hans returnwas a fuck up being corrected seeing he was the only non high schooler in the movie he would be the only one who would make sense to roll with torretto and they killed him off to soon so take it for what its worth these are professional runners who can also fake death if it gets to hot and so the case with letty and proof these are not prequels is han smoked in drift but in 5 they make mention that he quit and remember both deaths occurred in cars so there is that as well

  • Nermz

    What's the bet the charger will be back in the sixth. it was flipped in the first, crashed and blown up in the 4th, and smashed ito by a 10 tonne gurka in the 5th. I hope Dom and Elena dont split up! i liked her! theyll all probably have different cars too, which will suck, because i like the GTR, CHALLENGER, CCX, LFA etc. but back to the point. in all the movies, they all seem to have different cars, except for the charger, which seems to no want to die.

  • CeeJayB

    Okay, six is where Letty makes a comeback... This is sweet, since her character in the series has more cahones than most guys, and burying empty coffins to facilitate someones' disappearance happens. Maybe she crawled away from the crash that supposedly took her out, assuming, of course, that Phoenix couldn't shoot any better than he could drive, or that his boss didn't trust him with live ammo at that point =). Why'd she disappear? Maybe PO'd that Dom was starting to worry about her too much and that didn't sit right. Shame she wasn't around for the 100 mil, but hey, now she's got her own thing going on, which is how any solid friendship/relationship should be, no?
    Dom and Elena?!? Elena lost her man, and according to Dom is 'the only one who understands' the mechanics of him and Letty, so yeah, she'll get a little bent, but has the class to step off IF Dom and Letty decide to reconnect, at least imho.
    And of course Dom's gonna find some basket case Charger in Europe...

  • CeeJayB

    Oops, forgot one lil' thing... We aren't really introduced to Han in Tokyo Drift, he just is... So the back story of when he and Dom actually ran together is still unknown. Fast Five has him called in for the score, but unlike everyone else in the crew, he's still an unknown quantity, so I'm guessing 7 (if there IS a 7) will cover that. Everyone else is covered.

    • Sniper

      CJ, although most of what you wrote seems pretty close, you screwed up just a bit- Remember, Han was in on the hijack in the Dominican Republic... And was already talking about heading to Tokyo when that crew went their respective ways. No real back story, but timeline-wise I'd say that's Hans' introduction.

  • Reno

    I honestly think 6 is going to happen and then Han will say he is going off to Tokyo or something like that. Then you insert Tokyo Drift. Then the 7th one will pick up at the end where Dom and Sean(Lucas Black) race and Lucas will be involved in the 7th movie.

  • Clarke Garbutt


    Is letty an agent? I swear when O'Conner is being brieft at the station in fast and furious (4) his chief is talking about how many agents have been sent in (I guess undercover) and all "came back in body bags" as he says. Letty's face came up with them agents.

  • zubayr

    hey people i got one question
    if letty is alive than diesel would be doing 2 sisters ahah
    in fast 5 the new chick is lettys sister lol

  • PDA

    Dudes nobody answered Jacks question one that has been bugging me since I saw the film Tej clearly says in fast5 that he is going to open his own garage with his money but in fast2 he has his own garage with a pool 500 naked ladies and a spare room for Pearce have we missed something?

  • superman

    i just want bryan to fucking beat dom for real already

  • Sam

    Justin Lin made this pretty good. I have a feeling that Han survived the crash in F3. If Letty managed to survive something like that, out of curiosity where it might happen in F6, Han will ask her how she she survived and he would have played the same trick. Remember we never saw Han die, only the car explode. Then Han calls dom to come to Tokyo to help him and that leads to the events of F7 that comes out in 2015. It all makes sense now. Lin had this idea since Tokyo Drift.

  • da bitch

    No no no you guys got it all wrong remember tej can't go back there because of the drug dealers and han has been has been to tokyo where do u think he came from but it does happen before fast five but the reason he's still alive is han escaped out the back when it exploded then han went into hideing so the old dk couldn't try to kill him and letty doesn't die because the bullet richoct off of the vehical and it look like she died because she pasted out from so much blood lose from the crash

  • da bitch

    Oh ya letty suppose to have sex with the bad guy but doesn't show any good stuff just her but well it shows her butt her buttcrak full and she spreads her buttcheaks apart so u can see her asshole. (A.k.a her bunghole)perfectly so all u masterbaters make sure u have the remote by u to pause the movie to masterbate to her asshole(a.k.a bunghole)