'Snow White and the Huntsman' Movie Review (2012)

Snow White and the Huntsman movie review
Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman
Photo: Universal Pictures

One of the biggest mistakes a filmmaker can make is to wrongly presume their film is resonating with the audience, something first time feature director Rupert Sanders does on a continual basis with Snow White and the Huntsman, a film that gets progressively worse from start to finish. The nuts and bolts of the Snow White story are here, but there is hardly an inkling of storytelling going on as one random sequence of events collides with another to create a ragged tapestry of ill-fitting pieces. Granted, those pieces may be accompanied by spectacular, big budget effects and a loud, booming score, but it all comes apart at the seams leaving a story in tatters by the film's end.

Snow White and the Huntsman
Grade: D

Snow White and the Huntsman"Snow White and the Huntsman" is a Universal Pictures release, directed by Rupert Sanders and is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and brief sensuality. The running time is .

The cast includes Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Ray Winstone, Lily Cole, Nick Frost, Jamie Blackley, Raffey Cassidy, Greg Hicks, Annabelle Wallis, Peter Ferdinando, Brian Gleeson and Johnny Harris.

Sanders' claim to fame stems from commercial work and the marketing campaign for Microsoft's Xbox game "Halo 3" and it shows. Snow White and the Huntsman is nothing more than big visual effects from worthless trolls, liquid mirror men, fairies and glass monsters with the actors reading their lines as if they must one up each other at every turn. Charlize Theron is the worst offender of the lot, playing the wicked queen Ravenna, who has killed the king and has sucked the life out of the land. Each word she reads is accompanied by a long pause, meant to instill fear but instead induces delirium as she can never seem to get out a sentence without it taking 30 seconds.

"Mirror.... Mirror.... on the.... wooooollllll... Who is fairest..... of them ooollllll?" It just doesn't end, and when she isn't stringing out her sentences, she's screaming one word commands and when she isn't screaming, she's taking random milk baths or decaying in front of our eyes before sucking the life out of young girls. All of this may sound cinematic and sinister, but it isn't a character you haven't seen before and it is all presented in such an over-the-top way that over-the-top becomes the unbearable norm.

In terms of character building, it's minimal. I think I've established Ravenna is evil, but did you know she is also a metaphor for how society treats women, treating them as if their beauty is all they have and once you lose that you may as well die. Her insecurity began with her mother cursing/blessing her with power and beauty and and she also has an axe to grind with all men, but I digress. Now she chants to a mirror on the wall, one who will help her maintain her powers, but only as long as she is the "fairest" in the land, a title now challenged by the young girl she's kept locked away in a castle all these years... Snow White (Kristen Stewart).

Snow, despite having been locked up for several years after her father was murdered, seems to have her wits about her and when summoned by the queen's creepy brother (Sam Spruell) she manages to escape, finds a random white horse just chilling on the beach (she may as well have jump started a Buick for what it's worth) and rides off into the dark forest. Here she's overcome by the malevolence of the forest seeing visions of bugs, dead animals, tree demons and what not. She collapses and, well, this is your introduction to Ms. White.

Meanwhile, the queen has now asked for the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), whom we first meet as he's fighting some guy over some money owed. Who is the guy he owes? Who cares, he's of no importance and the Huntsman is soon assigned the task of finding Snow and bringing her back to the queen so she can cut out her heart and live forever and you know the rest. Long story short, the Huntsman is double-crossed, ends up helping Snow and the story plays on from there.

One of the many problems with the film is that it's being sold as a revisionist take on the Grimm brothers' Snow White. There is hardly anything "revisionist" about this. It's still the exact same story, just the methods have changed, or, more accurate, a bunch of junk has been stuffed into a story where it either doesn't fit or makes it all too much for Sanders to manage. Snow White and the Hunstman is really nothing more than one long chase scene that ends with those being chased finally deciding to stand up for themselves. Oh boy, haven't seen that before.

Throughout this chase we stumble on the previously mentioned random horse, then there's a troll we never hear from again, the Huntsman decides to give Snow some random bits of combat training, then we meet random river people, then it's suddenly snowing, oh and there's the long lost childhood friend William (Sam Claflin), there's a magical deer and here come the eight dwarfs.

The dwarfs, like most of this film, are an exercise in excellent effects (makeup and digital), but it's nothing we haven't seen before in The Lord of the Rings trilogy where John Rhys-Davies was made to look smaller. Here it's the likes of Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone, Eddie Marsan, Nick Frost, Toby Jones, Johnny Harris and Brian Gleeson. Admittedly there is a mild entertainment factor with these guys, but it is once again all so overstated it becomes too much to bear.

It's around this time Sanders turns the corner and Snow White and the Huntsman essentially becomes a parody of the Lord of the Rings as a funeral song for a character we've known for a solid five minutes is sung. This song is the epitome of everything that's wrong with this film -- it's unearned, unnecessary and tedious. It goes on and on, and even after the funeral is over our heroes are seen wandering through majestic landscapes, the song still playing over the images as if the memory of the lost comrade is still with us. It's not. We never knew him just as we hardly know any of these people.

When it comes to the two leads, Hemsworth is essentially playing Thor with an accent, it's not bad, but the accent wanders in and out and why he had it in the first place I'll never understand. Kristen Stewart is given a little more range than in the Twilight films, but not much, and she is mostly let loose in the film's final moments to give a rousing "Let's go get 'em!" speech that falls tremendously flat, but to no fault of her own. After seeing Stewart in On the Road there is clearly talent there, but films such as Twilight and this film in particular don't bring it out of her as she just seems bored.

The screenplay by Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side) and Hossein Amini (Drive) was either never good in the first place or destroyed in the film's production, because this is a ragged feature if there ever was one, filled with over-the-top characters that never seem to take a well-deserved break from shouting, posing and moping. Lord knows about midway through I was ready to check out and by the end I couldn't get away fast enough.


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  • maja

    God damn it...now I wish I hadn't booked tickets to see this tomorrow!

    • Eva

      I am fan of Kristen's work but I had a feeling this was a stinker.

      With respect, I think she should take a leaf out of Rob's book and go the independent route again.And to think she's been talking about doing a sequel to SWATH?

      Abort program K. Brad may be blunt but he's always honest. And I really think he wanted to like it.

      • Anonymous And With Reason Looking At The Fan Rage

        Brevet, as usual, is right.

        This was a film made by money-men and someone who had a good idea, but no idea how to execute it beyond the storyboard.

        Multiple problems assault this movie: script, pace, narrative - and (this may seem a strange word) - integrity.

        Sold as a daring reinvention, actually it's little more than a game of 'dress up' with effects thrown in.

        Personally, I would like to see Stewart stop needing to be some sort of heroine in her movies and actually just be a character. Show us some of this real grit we're constantly told she has.

        Because from where I'm sitting, the hype over this girl is nowhere near the reality. And that's a shame because 'Into the Wild' showed distinct promise.

  • Jordan B.

    Wow. This is quite the damning review. I'll probably still see it, but I'm glad my expectations are low.

    Here's hoping next week's big opener (Prometheus) fares much better! .. especially after I purchased those IMAX 3D tickets.

  • kyle coley

    i'll still see it, but i just wont have high expectations

  • Joshua Griffin

    I judge movies for myself i dont go by movie reviews if i did i would not see half the movies that come out.I really dont care about the way a movie is just show me a cool story and let me enjoy it that's what movies are about just sit back shutup and watch it dont over analyse everything.

    • Ben

      Why bother reading the review then you thick idiot? Please tell me why you clicked on a page called' Snow White and The Huntsman review' just to say you don't listen to or care for reviews? What are you actually trying to prove?

      Oh yes, you've got a condition where you NEED to let everyone know that you're too cool for school and a free thinker and whatnot. Then again, if this film was given a great score you'd probbaly fall over yourself to say 'great review, man!'.

      Then again, you're most likely about 11 years old judging from your less than perfect punctuation. So i guess there's still time for you to change.

      • Another Ben, formerly known as Bmac

        Not to be negative but there should be a segment on the podcast were we embarrass all the mean and mentally challenged people who comment on ROS

        • http://cineenuruguay.blogspot.com Driver

          That would be awesome. I mean, there are some moments when that happens on the podcast but we need it as a hole segment.
          How about this name for it, "Stupid People" brought you by Joshua Griffin. They should of had a especial on Cranberry a few weeks ago.
          By the way, good review Brad.

      • Sorkinfan

        I love that, on the Internet, we have begun to equate copy editing with intelligence. If you don't check your commas, obviously you must be a moron without anything valid to say. Not how I learned to argue, but hey....

    • Claudia

      Then why did you read the review to begin with? What are you doing in a site that reviews movies?

  • http://www.rabidpictures.com Yaz

    In all honesty, I'm going to see this film because Kristen Stewart is a babe. There. I said it.

    • Jer

      No..... no shes not...... at all

    • darnoc

      theron is hotter than kristen even when shes in her aged looks lol

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com Yaz

      Just one man's opinion. To each their own. And I would hardly constitute anything about Theron being 'aged'. She's in her mid-late thirties.

  • Matt

    a "D"? seriously?

    I read a comment on imdb SWATH board before and now read ur review. I think what he said is true:

    "Competitors studios having to sell their bad products want to bring down this excellent top-notch movie that is on par with Lord Of The Rings trilogy with updated CGI and cinematography for sure.
    It's just beyond disgusting to see very good products being bashed for no real reason other than greedy studios managers liars and thieves.
    When they got some good products to sell the bash-the-movie and bring-it-down campaigns just start, in favour of worse movies that have to be sold thru massive brainwashing marketing campaigns at any cost.
    Critics get paid to write their reviews and if competitors pay more the reviews get bad.
    It's as simple as that.
    Deciding to see a movie based on what critics say is just plain wrong.
    Reviews are fake and can't be trusted. People should just go and see the movie.
    But Hollywood studios managers mafia gangs unfortunately know very well how nowadays people react to reviews and ratings, just like you.
    That is the reason why they tamper with everything in order to please their goals.
    Critics reviews are a real disgrace, they are part of the game of managers. their dirty business battle in the industry. And unfortunately many excellent products like this movie suffer from all of this because the trick manages to affect people judgement like yours, you don't think with your brain, you let them think for you."

    • andrew

      You are crazy. Thanks for playing.

    • Lenano

      Well Matt, your first mistake was visiting the IMDB page. It's pretty well established that the IMDB forums, at least for big release movies like SWATH, are full of idiots who are unable to think rationally and only know how to speak in hyperbole.

      • Christopher Robin Meade

        After All, it's not like this site's full of barbaric whiny indivuals, who cry every single time some other idiot disagrees with equally idiotic opinions about films
        Am I Right?

        P.S We here at Rope Of Silicon as just as judgemental and clueless as the shiny happy people at IMDB.... Just covered in a more "intellectual" coating.

    • Arturo

      Top Notch? Shut up, Stewart stars in this

    • Claudia

      Kevin Smith, is that you?
      I'm just kidding, of course you're just a plant.

    • Matt

      He gave Mirror Mirror a "B", but a "D" for this.
      Meanwhile Roger Ebert gave SWATH 3.5 out of 5 stars.
      Nuff said

      • maja

        Well Matt, I saw Snow White last night and it was pretty poor. Please remember that I'm not paid to write this 'review' nor do I believe that i was brainwashed.

  • darnoc

    it was an enjoyable but not great movie

    i did enjoy the dwarves more than any other part of the film partly because they all great brit actors

    lets see Stewart do Henry V if she really wants to test herself doin a motivational speech to the army lol

  • Lenano

    Well Brad, looks like the crazies have started crawling out of their holes again and commenting.

    I was pretty impressed with the TV spots for the movie, it sure made it look pretty decent. I wasn't planning on watching this regardless though, I just wasn't interested.

  • Another Ben, formerly known as Bmac

    to qualify for the $50 subscription, I think one needs to take a IQ first. You know to get out some of the stupid guys here......and MRF's

  • kyle coley

    better the dark knight?

  • Randy Mussi

    wow since when did ROS become a trolling site?! anyway, Brad solid review i still will be seeing this movie and take your opinion into account. I'll be able to form my own judgments on the movie and agree/disagree with points made in this review. To me i feel like this movie is just one of those ones where you turn your brain off and just watch fight scenes and CGI monsters yell.

  • Lia

    Thanks for keeping it real. I've been seeing promos for this movie for months and I really don't think there is much left to see. I thought SW in this movie was mis-cast from the moment I heard about it. I did not see OTR but have heard it got okay reveiws - I don't think much of KS as an actress so I would not have gone to see this anyway.

    • Arturo

      Stewart is a joke

  • TheBioscopist

    For what it's worth Brad, I thought this was a good review.....proving that yet another film is not as good as the dark knight.

  • Arturo

    Not surprised, this looked average at most

  • Greg Dinskisk

    Dear people complaining:

    Usually, one is not supposed to read the review before watching the film. People are usually supposed to watch the film, then decide if they agree or disagree with the review...

    It is VERY annoying if one just says that the critic is merely giving it a bad review to gain attention or something along those line, if they have not actually seen the film. Vice versa, as well.

    By the way Brad, this was a very well-written review.

    • Arturo

      I read reviews to know what's worth watching. I don't like to spend money on crap.

      • Deena

        are you telling me that you can't have an opinion on your own? if a reviewa tells you the sky is red, that's just that? you're gonna take his word without even looking at the sky?
        I like to see movies for myself and judge them on my own.
        SW sounds like a popcorn movie. it's there to entertain not tell the greatest story of all times.
        I read reviews to see what other people think about it so I can compare. and I'm even more intrigued when a movie has a low grade from 2 out of 10 reviews.
        means two things, it's either that the one reviewing is not interested or he hates everything and everyone in that movie and reflects it on the paper.

        • Arturo

          I don't just read one review. That 2 out of 10 is just stupid. Don't know what consensus you look at but rottentomatoes has it at 50% and metacritic has it at 57%, Mr. Brevet is still giving it a better review than most. I'm sorry but I don't go to movies to watch movies in the 50s.

        • Arturo

          Enjoy your popcorn

  • Reid wright

    I can't help but feel this review was half written before the movie was even viewed. If you go into the cinema to see snow white don't expect Clarice Starling.
    This is a fairy tale made to look pretty for your viewing pleasure. I may have missed it but from my recollections snow white, sleeping beauty, bambi etc. didnt really go that hard on the character development and were told in a way for children to enjoy.
    Most other reviews of this, if not completely positive at least have positive elements. The complete denial of this film having any worth weighs heavily on the credibility of this review.if you can't be objective in your review perhaps you should think about blogging.

    • Claudia

      Yeah, that's why he's one of the guys running a site about reviewing movies that has been online for years, and you're just one person who completely missed the point.

    • Hank

      Barking up the wrong tree bro. This film has been among Brad's most anticipated for the year. He talked it up constantly for months. He has it on his list of films to do very well at the box office. You couldn't find a more fair mind to judge this film than Brad.

    • Raven

      Well said Reid!

  • Chris

    I have to say, while I could care less about the score this review gives this movie, I am slightly annoyed to have a movie's plot basically spelled out to me in a review.

    I'm looking to see if a movie is worth watching, which is the point of a pre-release review, and instead I find this article going over the steps the story takes, one by one.

    I'm not looking for a summary or synopsis, I'm looking for a review. It's just poor form to summarize to such detail.

    Again, I'm not annoyed at the D... I came here looking for informed opinions, and I got one. But I had to stop reading when I realized the entire story was going to be spelled out for me in the article, good score or bad.

  • Raven

    I've had the opportunity to see SWATH more than once in early screenings and it is a good movie! Mr. Brevet is certainly entitled to his opinion but I respectfully disagree with his "rambling mash of negative thoughts in one sentence" review. I get the feeling he wanted to be somewhere else the day he went to the screening or perhaps he's a friend of Tarsem Singh lol This is a fairy tale and doesn't pretend to be anything else. Many of Mr. Brevet's complaints about the film are amusing...too bad Rupert Sanders didn't call him for advice before the start of production. lol The movie will do well at the box office so thankfully his super negative review will not make a difference in the end. I realize these comments will probably be erased and that's okay :)) My SWATH Grade: A minus My Brad Brevet as a Professional Critic Grade: F

    • Matt

      He gave Mirror Mirror a "B", but a "D" for this.
      Meanwhile Roger Ebert gave SWATH 3.5 out of 5 stars.
      You are right when said "perhaps he's a friend of Tarsem Singh" LOL

  • jojo

    i saw the 5min preview of this, and felt like i saw the whole movie. i wasn't really impressed with it to begin with. i saw a lot of visuals, and a nice sounds score. not really surprised that from the sounds of it, it didn't go past that.

    • jojo

      whoops, meant nice sounding score.

  • Khaira

    Brad, Does this mean looking at the similar theme, you consider Mirror Mirror a superior piece than this...or am i comparing chalk to cheese ?...

    Also, i believe in a movie like this, i would cut some slack to the actors going over-the-top since its not exactly a serious drama exploring deep themes....its like shakespeare for entertainment-seeking audience ..so scenery chewing is fine by me .....

    I will still watch it though and compare your insights to what i get out of the viewing....

  • zlaja

    I respect your opinion but it's hard for me to take review like this relevant when it obviously has some flaws considering that expectations for a movie called Snow White and the Huntsman are absurd.

    You mentioned how Theron went over the top playing evil queen - what did you expect based on all those clips and trailers and the nature of her character? Yeah, she occasionally go over the top but it works here, it's a fairytale for God sake where evil must be evil, pure evil without any good in her soul. Stewart supposed to be an opposite and she is - all good and all vulnerable with addition of her warrior side..

    Speaking of story... again.. you have something based on Grimm's story and reinventing in that case shouldn't be limitless or go too far for its own good and I think that SWATH made the right moves in terms of dark and edgy tone, and generally, an epic feel to it.

    And visually.. you called it as one more worhless movie with excellent visual effects.. When you put things like that it's not so strange that many call you hater or something.. Visually, it's a gorgeous movie and I'm not talking only about great CGI.. Art direction and cinematography is top notch and there some scenes that we did NOT see (nothing even similar) in LOTR. It's much more visually interesting than Tarsem's Mirror Mirror which somehow looked cheap with all those staged scenes and artificial look.

    Like I said, I respect your opinion but there are some serious problems with expectations for his movie which makes such a huge gap in ratings between Mirror Mirror and SWATH even more absurd.

    • Flo

      You say you respect Brad's opinion and in the next sentence you are trying to tell him what's wrong with it? Very interesting!

      Can't it just be that some people like Theron's performance and others don't? Obviously not ... it's a fairytale. Really? That's your argument? That one could be made with every other movie out there: You thought "War Horse" was too sentimental? It had to be. It's a film about war and a horse. It should be sad.

      What annoys me even more are people like you comparing everything to everything. Why do you have to compare this movie to "Mirror Mirror"? Because it's based on the same source material? That's not even a valid variable. These films are made from different directors and have an absolutely different take on the source material. Again, why does every movie have to be compared to another one? Can't one just see it as a stand alone "piece of art" and therefore evaluate its pros and cons?

      On another note: I've seen several reviews with a similar grade. So it's not just Brad "hating" on it. Boy, how I "hate" this word!

      I've not seen this movie so I can't really say if I'd agree with Brad. But that shouldn't be the point here. This review is from Brad's points of view. An opinion can't be wrong or false. Either you like something or you don't. Sometimes there aren't even rational arguments why that's the case.

      I guess the whole point in people going mad about this review is that it contrasts their expectations of the movie. As if they'd enjoy it less because of several reviews. But maybe that's really the case with some people ... I don't know. I have the feeling some people go into a theater have an expectatation and that's exactly what they'll get. They paid money for the movie that's why it had to be good or at least meet one's expectations.

      One last advice: If you're interested in this movie. Go see it. If you're not. Then don't. That's as simple as it gets.

      • Khaira

        I can understand what you want to convey but you have made the argument too simplistic....its convenienent to say either watch it or dont...

        If you think the review is only his point of view, then you are doing disservice to the reviewer....'coz each one of us has a point of view...why dont each one of us start a blog stating our own " point of view "....

        But critics have a role which they fulfill which is to provide constructive feedback on a movie and flesh it out for the viewer to maybe enjoy it more or understand it better ....

        Thats what makes a movie critic different than general movie-going public IMO....

        Rather than simply saying thats a reviewer's personal opinion , it would be better if people take the reviewer's take into account and then consider the movie on both their own and reviewer's terms....they are free to agree and disagree with the reviewer after viewing the feature...which is also why i find your argument even weaker since you havent watched the movie and the one you are arguing with obviously has....

        • Flo

          Well... I believe a review shouldn't be more than the reviewer's point of view on a certain movie. I'd guess the majority of people is with me at this point. I really don't see the difference between a critique and a ordinary person going to the movies. Why should one person's opinion be worth more than that of another person.

          And why exactly is my argumentation weaker due to the fact I didn't see the movie. I never commented on the content of the movie. I never even implied that I saw it or rated it in any way. All I did was criticizing the way people comment on this site.

          And btw you only commented on 1/4 of my post ... so why even bother.

      • zlaja

        I just thought that he made a mistake with expectations - yeah, it IS fairytale and when you have something that's based on fairytale your expectations should be settled at right places in order to make some valid criticism. He treated this movie like some historic drama, trying to nitpick tiny details (random horse on the beach?! really??)..

  • Sorkinfan

    Brad, why do you think that SWATH(as we're calling it now) has such a high RT rating? Sounds, from your review, like the movie is pretty godawful. So, why is Roger Ebert, among others, praising it so highly? What do they see that you don't? Or, alternatively, what do you see that they don't?

    Hilarious review, just by the way, very well done.

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com Yaz

      It's actually currently at 56%... I don't think the graphic on this page uploads in real time.

      Reviews are all subjective, to be honest. It's just one persons opinion, and you're reading it for that opinion. You can agree or disagree and it's all well and fine. Just, you know, try and be mature about it people.

      • Sorkinfan


        And sorry about the inaccurate question, hadn't doubled checked.

  • markymark

    I had no idea this movie had so many fangirls and boys, so many people offended.

    • carrie


  • Raven
  • Amy

    I have a suggestion for Laremy's crooning to Brad at the end of the show: "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)"

    Also, I've been meaning to say I was disappointed that one of the Rejected Good Tweets didn't make it several weeks back - something about Laremy carrying around a gigantic cashew, or almond, or pecan - some nut. It was a very funny visual and made me laugh out loud on a crowded bus.

  • Raven

    L.A Times SWATH Review http://lat.ms/McWttY

  • Jkb

    @raven - if you'd like to go one for one, I believe i would win at this point. Go to the Awful Truth if you want support for Kristen - which is what it appears you are truly after.

    • Raven

      I support the whole cast not just Kristen...they all give good performances! This is not a contest so the one on one thing is a little weird to me lol I posted those two reviews cos they better describe the negative and positive aspects of the film. I wanted individuals on the board that are now in doubt about seeing SWATH to read the reviews and ratings from other respected media sources apart from Mr. Brevet. The Awful Truth? Oh dear...no thanks.

      • Claudia

        You know, you really seem very worried about people not seeing SWATH... that's odd.

  • Buddy

    Just saw this last night. The movie itself was "meh". Try too hard to be spectacular but not. Charlize was ok. Kirsten was all "Bella". The best of the bunch was only chris hemsworth.

    Won't have long legs on boxoffice. 300 mill worldwide max.

  • PMCM18

    I think I find myself ranting about this film A LOT more passionately than some I hated more (like Dark Shadows) because I was really hoping it would be great and maybe usher in an era of cool fairy tale re-imaginings. Brad is right, the scenes did not mesh well together, there were times where I literally found myself asking "What is the point of this scene/character?" and the ending left a few very important knots loose. I disagree with the Theron commentary though, I think that she was by far the best part of the movie and provided amazing line delivery in a few scenes. As a friend of mine put it, "I want to see whatever movie Theron thought she was in", which I guess further testifies to the sense of disjointed and sloppy storytelling. There was a lot of potential in the concept but the execution was, for the most part, horrible.

    I'm surprised that so many people (I'm including complaints I've seen on other sites) have come out to "defend" SWATH against Brad's oh so mean comments. I would expect this from Transformers fanboys, those movies being the ultimate example of explosions over any substance and films for which people use the "you're not supposed to take it seriously!" argument endlessly. Sorry,  even though all opinions are  to be respected and are in the end subjective, the fact is that there are some key things films need to be enjoyable/well thought of and having to "turn off" one's brain in order to be able to do so means that a movie lacks in these. Also, is posting negative reviews supposed to validate Brad's opinion, as if it's sincere because it aligns with that of more "well known" reviewers? The fact that films of all budgets receive bad ratings, even those from studios that can afford to pay off critics handsomely, goes against this theory or brainwashing and bribing (of at least major reviewers).

  • PMCM18

    *positive reviews supposed to INVALIDATE

  • dee

    Another person who does not know how to review! That's why I do not read reviews before a movie. I review them myself! I saw this movie twice! Kristen did an amazing job! She was great as the tough new version of Snow White! Why don't you all give her a chance?!!! She does not have to do movies she doesn't want to do. She choose right to do this movie. It was interesting and and unique! It was a great movie! I knew this was gonna be a great movie & I was right. We really do not need critics! Snow White rocked!!!!

  • Älskling

    "Snow White" was over two hours and it felt like it. I was B O R E D. The best things it had going for it were the production design and the costumes. The special effects were serviceable if a little spotty (don't look to closely at the White Hart or those pixies) but you can't hang a movie on special effects and pretty costumes. Even the twists in the familiar storyline are fairly predictable.

    Theron is the most interesting to watch and does a decent job not chewing the scenery too hard. Hemsworth was fine, but just about any actor could have played the role. Stewart isn't horrible, but she seems to have the emotional range of a lime. I spent more time trying to figure out the actors playing the dwarves (yes, that is Bob Hoskins) than I did caring about what happened to them or laughing at the levity they were supposedly bringing.

    None of the characters were particularly engaging. When I'm paying more attention to the brother's distracting bangs, the fact that every character is dirty no matter how much water they seem to come in contact with, or repeatedly checking the time, that's a bad thing. By the end I was rooting for the evil queen to win. That's even worse.

  • twc22

    Snow White and the Huntman worldwide box office total as of June 17 is $247,202,000! So this movie is a failure @ropeofsilicon? Just shows how biased you critics are!


    • Jkb

      Too bad it cost $250 M to produce and market.

    • VincaPink

      Just because a film makes money - sort of - doesn't mean it was a good film. See: Twilight

  • GClem

    I agree with you, Brad. Those were the creepiest dwarfs I ever seen in a fairy tale. They looked like metal heads. Kristen Stewart once again proved she can't carry a movie. I did like Chris Hemsworth but his character was always like thirty feet away from the fighting. (Maybe he was trying to leave the film.) To quote South Park, If you're going to see this movie, you're going to have a bad time.

  • Kyle Rath

    Cannot Disagree more Brad.

    Not every aspect of the film is random - the milk baths for example are there for more than simply dramatic effect. Moreover, dramatics are another medium for storytelling. The narrative of a film seems to always take preference, however, i believe it should be treated as one aspect of a good film.

    I digress. This film is not great - but definitely not "the worst of 2012 so far". Furthermore - Charlize is DEFINITELY not the worst element of this film. Her lines are incredibly cliched but, I believe, she succeeds, to some degree, in selling them.

    "Kristen Stewart is given a little more range than in the Twilight films, but not much, and she is mostly let loose in the film's final moments to give a rousing "Let's go get 'em!" speech that falls tremendously flat, but to no fault of her own. After seeing Stewart in On the Road there is clearly talent there"

    How sour did that taste coming out of your mouth? Steward is just terrible in this. The runaways and on the road fall flat simply because she is in it.

    Usually I agree with most of your reviews, however I believe this one is a little 'Give the Razzie to the Oscar winner because she is an Oscar winner' in its attack on Charlize