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Smurfin' New Photos from the CGI Film

Anyone interested in this flick?

I completely forgot about this project, and why not? It isn't as if this is anything exciting, and I find it hard to believe there is a huge fanbase anxiously awaiting a feature film based on the 1958 comic strip "The Smurfs", but what do I know and do you even care? Probably not, therefore I bring you only a sampling of several images that just popped up online at Mushroom Village, a site surprisingly not dedicated to hallucinogens, featuring some behind the scenes looks at Paramount's CGI animated The Smurfs.

Take a peek at the couple of images below and click here or on any of the images for a whole slew of them.

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  • ShaneM

    I'm smurfin' that I didn't know about this... I mean... The Smurfs, which are about to come out on DVD are... well not as cool as I remembered when I was younger.