Siskel, Ebert, Simon, 'Star Wars'

30 years later and things haven't really changed

I found this following video on Reddit in which Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert and film critic John Simon discuss Star Wars: Episode VI, Return of the Jedi on Nightline with a much younger Ted Koppel.

It's a fascinating little back and forth and particularly interesting once Siskel mentions another film, Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, which he goes on to say "was shot in 3-D and is supposed to be kind of special. The Jedi film is in 2-D, and it's a lot more exciting." I'd never heard of Spacehunter, but it's nice to know 30 years later and the conversation hasn't changed a bit.

It's unfortunate we can't hear these three debate the prequels.

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  • Mark

    Ha enjoyed watching this. Simon is a douche. Ebert was great totally got him on everything.

  • jaybob

    What Simon said about special effects seem very similar to people's arguments about CGI today. And people who argue against CGI are just as dumb as this guy. Like Ebert said, everything in film is a special effect.

  • Scott

    John Simon makes my brain hurt.

  • prowlerz1976

    I guess they will get their wish and Disney will now be making these movies.

  • Christophe

    I like that John Simon guy. He's totally right: kids should be watching boring movies. If only he was my grandfather so he could've ruined my childhood...

  • Chris

    Interesting video Brad. Thanks for posting. I think this video shows a lot about how 3D has never been something the people wanted or enjoyed. It also shows two different age groups differing upon what is entertaining or not. Simon appears a bit older than Siskel and Ebert and it was like listening to an old man complaining about how "they don't make movies like they used too." Very intriguing video.

  • Garrett the Mad

    John Simon was a pretentious dick. I wonder why he didn't have kids. My guess is because no woman could stand to be around him for more than 5 consecutive seconds.

  • Dale

    More vintage material like this from time to time would be most welcome.

  • Scott

    Taking your kid to see "Tender Mercies"?! Ha ha ha ha ha! That is priceless! I'm imagining a ten-year-old boy grumbling with tears in his eyes as he's being bored out of his mind, while all his friends are watching the speeder bike chase in the next theater, having an awesome time.

  • Kimberlesk

    Thx for posting this -- I really enjoyed watching it.
    I miss Gene Siskel.